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Four Ways Adam and Chad Didn’t Meet (And the One Time They Did) 4. The Chosen

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Genres: Romance
Sub-genres: General Romance

Even if they were never Chosen fate and destiny will find a way— ‘cause Adam and Chad are kind of like magnets. 

A short side story of the Chosen series that explores what-ifs. Can be read after the first book.

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I'm not familiar with the Chosen series. This short or collection of vignettes was just awesome. I really enjoyed this! Each one was unique and each one was a delight. Well, that last one, it was unique too but I got lost on that one--but I suspect that was because I don't know anything about the Chosen series. With the first four I didn't think I was missing anything and they were perfectly clear. I think they were wonderfully done presented like this and I really enjoyed it.

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Chad and Adam met for the first time in a bar.

But… what if it didn’t happen like that?

What I Loved

Adam being Chad’s RA is my favourite scenario out of the bunch. I just found the whole thing so Chad! Him barging in and nerding out over TV shows is definitely something he’d do. Plus, the interactions between the two were really cute in that one.

Seeing other sides of prior events seems to be a bit of a theme with these side stories. Not that I’m complaining – it was fun to see Adam’s thoughts when meeting Chad for the first time.


That was a nice little vision of the future at the end. (Plus, the events depicted seem to be beyond Reflecting Equations, the last book in the series. Unless something changes, I’m going to interpret it as an epilogue to the entire series of sorts, haha.)

What Could’ve Been Better

No criticisms to be found here.

Miscellaneous Thoughts

Do authors write “fan”-fiction of their own stories often? I honestly have no idea.

At first, I was wondering if these scenarios take place in a world where the Chosen don’t exist, but Chad and Adam were still fated to be together. Then Adam nearly called Chad “princeling” in one of them, which cleared that up.

Some things just never change, huh? (For example: Adam’s love for Broadway musicals.)


Another cute little side story (stories?) in the Chosen series. Again, if you like the other books, you’ll like this one too.

5 stars.

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An adorable chapter in the world of The Chosen. A great story about Adam and Chad. Well worth reading.

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