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The Flying Neko - 4. Melur

Itumak growled at the new machine in frustration. It was all set up and ready to use, but they were missing one crucial piece.


He had written down every food from Astara that he remembered, from roasted pigeon to laerisa, and added the recipes for every food that he could. But the device wasn’t recognising simple ingredients like apples or bread. The neko had read through the instructions that came with it, thinking that there had to be a way to fix the problem. Which had added another problem. The instructions were written in the Egaro language and the Common translation was near unreadable.

“Fuck this!” Itumak snapped, tossing the paper on the floor.

Five hours of work for something that was broken? It was ridiculous. He had wasted nearly five hundred credits on this piece of junk already. At least the recycler worked. A Faro had helped the neko set that one up, and they had tested it before he left.

Itumak stood up and left the kitchen, not wanting to risk the machines in his anger. He just needed to take a deep breath and cool down. Lian had gone to find someone who might be able to help with the replicator. The neko needed to wait for him to get back.

“Okay, relax, calm down. You can do something else…” he muttered.

Dear gods, he was starting to talk to himself. Yep, the neko was losing it. He couldn’t even go out for a run in his wolf form. That was one of the biggest things he missed from Astara. That and Aaron. Oh, and the roasted pheasant at the palace…

Shaking his head with a grunt, Itumak stepped out of the ship, breathing in the fresh ocean air. He could see Lian approaching in the distance, an Egaro walking rather close to the Daknar.

The neko scowled as the tiger bumped Lian's shoulder with her own. She seemed a little too friendly…

"Good morning Corporal," the Egaro smiled at Itumak.

The neko glanced at Lian, the Daknar standing behind him silently. His red scales were tinged with blue, the dragon catching the look Itumak gave him. A possessive look.

Setting his arm around Lian, Itumak smiled at the Egaro.

"Hello. Do you have any experience with setting up a food replicator?" he asked.

"That's what I do for a living. What is the problem you are having?"

Itumak led the Egaro through his ship, his hand descending to cup Lian's ass as they walked. The Daknar blushed deeply, visibly fighting back a yelp.

"I think I set it up properly. The instructions were a little unclear."

They entered the kitchen area, the Egaro kneeling to study the replicator. Itumak took the opportunity to squeeze Lian hard. This time the dragon did yelp.

"You okay Lian?" the neko smiled at his mate.

Lian nodded, hanging his head slightly.

"Everything looks right. You can't access the menu?" the Egaro asked, standing up.

Her eyes moved over Lian with mild concern, Itumak's hands back in his own space.

"Yeah. I can't add any recipes," Itumak replied.

"Have you added any ingredients to the system yet?"

The neko frowned.

"I don't have any," he said.

"Okay, well you should go to the market and buy some stuff. You'll have to throw them in the recycler to allow the system to read their composition, but then you'll be able to replicate them."


It seemed so obvious. It was a replicator; it needed something to replicate.

"Does this mean that I will have to rely on Egaro ingredients until I can get to my own world?"

"Yes. However, I pride myself on my cooking. Perhaps I can aid you with a few of my delicacies?" the Egaro smile, the front of her shirt opening slightly.

"What do you think, Lian? I'm not sure I can do a passable job with the ingredients on this world," Itumak said, watching his mate.

That slight quiver in the Daknar's jaw, the anxious tremble, was all he needed.

"On second thought, perhaps you could go to a culinary school for a month or two, and learn some simple recipes," he added.

"I think I would like that…"

"Okay. My apologies, but I will have to deny your offer," Itumak lowered his head to the Egaro.

"Ah well, it seems a night at the porneo is in order for me," the Egaro smiled. "If there is nothing else you need…?"

"No, you were very informative. Thank you," Itumak replied.

He felt Lian gulp beside him as the Egaro turned to leave. The Daknar knew what was coming…


Furred fingers wrapped around Lian's throat, Itumak carefully denying the reptile air.

"You were very friendly with her," the werewolf growled, lessening his grip slightly.

Lian stared at his neck, not allowed to meet Itumak's eyes. His lips were sealed; he had not been given permission to speak.

"You are mine."

He shivered at the throaty growl.

"My pet. My love. And you will not be touched by anyone without my permission. Do you understand?"

"Yes Master…"

"You will be punished. There will be no pleasure for you tonight. Instead, I will mark what is mine, so others know to stay away."

Itumak's teeth nipped at Lian's neck, tugging at a scale. The Daknar hissed at the pain, his rod twitching between the two. He…

He didn't know what he did wrong. Why was he being punished?


"No talking," Itumak growled, shoving his lips into Lian's possessively.

The Daknar was confused. He… he loved Itumak taking control, being the neko's submissive lover. But… but…

Pulling back slightly, the Daknar whispered nervously.


Instantly, Itumak's hand flexed, nearly choking him, before relaxing. The neko backed up, giving Lian space.

"Are you okay?"

Lian gave a helpless shrug.

"I… I don't know… I didn't want her to touch me. Why…?"

Itumak stepped into the Daknar, wrapping his arms around Lian.

"I'm sorry. I let my possessive side take over."

"But… but I like that part of you. I feel safe… protected."

He should have enjoyed this. What was wrong with him?

Itumak lifted the Daknar in his furred arms, carrying him to the bed. Lian felt the wolf curl up around him, an arm stroking over the dragon's chest. Itumak's arousal pressed against his tail, but the wolf made no move to push it in.

"I love you," Itumak rumbled, nuzzling Lian's neck. "Thank you for stopping."

He felt bad for using the word, making Itumak stop. But just like every other time he said the word, Itumak thanked him. For… being honest. And it helped him feel just a little better.

Copyright © 2020 Yeoldebard; All Rights Reserved.
If you enjoyed what you have read, please leave a reaction and/or comment for the author!

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