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The Flying Neko - 6. Switching Places

Itumak stared at his mate in shock. Lian… wanted to fuck him?

The neko wasn’t sure why he was surprised. Lian was bisexual, he already knew that. It made sense that the Daknar would want to stick his rod inside his mate. But Itumak wasn’t sure he could handle that.

Well… he could probably handle it. But Lian was bigger than him, no doubt. And probably bigger than the werewolf who had taken him when he was sixteen.

“I don’t know,” the neko said quietly. “I’m not sure I can take you. But I can use my mouth, if that would be acceptable.”

The dragon looked uncomfortable, his scales darkening at Itumak’s words.

“I… I don’t think I can sir…”

Itumak set his fingers around Lian’s jaw, forcing his mate to look at him.

“Fine. Lian, pull your cock out so your master can taste it,” the neko said, his eyes staring up at the Daknar.

Sucking in a breath, Lian fumbled with his pants, hands trembling as he lowered the fabric. His pink rod fell out limply, Itumak taking it in his own hand. He had once asked the Daknar about his lack of protection around his dick, Lian replying that all Daknar were cut to desensitize their cocks, to ensure sex would never be that pleasurable for them. Not even a health bay could repair the sheathe Lian had been born with. There were ways around the problem, lube that would help the dragon if he ever wanted to touch himself, and Itumak had made sure they stocked up on the lube every chance they could.

The warm flesh twitched at his touch, slowly growing as Itumak worked it over with his hand. He knelt, a whisper of a breath blowing across Lian.

“You will do everything you can to cum in my mouth. Am I understood?” Itumak said. “You want to fuck me, then you will fuck me right.”

The Daknar nodded rapidly, his thick tail raising as his scales grew ever more blue. Itumak waited for Lian to move, for the reptile to push his meat into the neko’s waiting mouth. When it didn’t come, he let out a quiet sigh. Reaching forward, Itumak pulled his mate against him, taking a breath before stretching his mouth around Lian’s ribbed length.

His jaws started hurting almost instantly, but Itumak pushed through the pain, burying his nose into Lian’s groin. The Daknar let out a surprised hiss, his hips pushing forward suddenly to fill the neko’s mouth. Itumak gagged as his mate hit the back of his throat, pulling back slightly with a cough before trying to fit the rigid length back in. A short give and take followed, Itumak working up to a nice smooth pace before working on his hands.

Cupping Lian’s butt, he squeezed the meaty globes appreciatively, taking in the tiny scales that didn’t detract from the luscious roundness of his mate’s ass. The neko pushed on Lian’s butt, forcing him a little deeper so he could more properly inhale the dragon’s scent, wet yet also cleaner than he expected. He would have to rectify that; maybe they were taking too many showers.

“Mmm… I need to mark you again,” he murmured, looking up at the dragon.

A finger slipped over Lian’s hole, the Daknar letting out a soft whimper as he was breached.

“Are you going to cum for your master?” Itumak smirked. “Come on, be a good boy and give me your seed.”

He slipped his lips over the length again, pulling the Daknar into him a little faster, a little harder, encouraging Lian to fuck his face. If the dragon wanted to top him, he was going to give Itumak the full experience.

Small grunts escaped the Daknar as he pushed into Itumak, fingers gripping awkwardly at the top of his head. Precum ran over the neko’s tongue, Itumak enjoying the teasing appetizer as he continued to work for the full meal. Pushing his finger deeper into Lian’s ass, Itumak found that magical spot deep inside the dragon, probing it carefully as Lian let out a keening wail, the only time the Daknar was ever loud during sex.

Seed suddenly flooded Itumak’s mouth with no warning, the neko frantically swallowing as he tried to catch up to the sweet nectar. Purring loudly into the dragon’s groin as he drank his mate’s seed, the neko let out a satisfied merf as he finally pulled his finger out of Lian. Sliding off his rod with one last lick, Itumak smiled up at the Daknar.

“You happy now?” he asked, standing up with a slight groan.

Lian nodded, though a grimace on his face concerned Itumak.

“Hey, what’s wrong?”

“It… it felt weird…” the Daknar whispered, his face glowing with a blue blush.

Itumak frowned, looking at the naked length that was slowly falling limp once more.

“It hurt?”

Lian shrugged helplessly.

“No… but… I didn’t enjoy it…” he whispered. “I should have enjoyed it; you love when I do it to you… right?”

Itumak nodded slowly, a frown on his face.

“Lian… did… did you ever have sex with Thaelin?”

Lian shook his head with a matching frown, his face burning. Itumak let out a low sigh, staring down at the Daknar’s exposed length. He hadn’t realized his mate was a virgin, the way he spoke of Thaelin had always made him think they had been intimate.

“Well fuck… if I had known that…”

“I’m sorry…” Lian breathed.

Itumak cupped the dragon’s face gently, lifting Lian’s head so the Daknar had to look at him.

“I love you Lian. You don’t have to be sorry for this. It certainly isn’t your fault, it was the people who first owned you. They did this, but we’ll show them. We can find something you enjoy, okay?”

Gently, the neko kissed the Daknar, pulling him into a tight hug.

“Now… why don’t we get the shower fixed up so I can mark you properly?”


Water cascaded over them, Lian pressing into Itumak as the neko kissed him deeply. A day’s work was done, their bathroom almost finished,and Itumak had decided that, smell or no, they needed to shower. There was too much dirt on the two, and the last thing they needed was to mess up the new bed.

He was waiting to be fucked, waiting for the neko to bend him over. At this point, it was almost a daily ritual. And yet Itumak seemed hesitant. The neko’s fingers brushed over Lian’s dick, the dragon slowly growing as he was touched, but Itumak made no real move to do anything.

Pulling away slightly, Lian leaned his forehead against the neko’s, his breath quick and his heart pounding.

“Are… are you okay?” he asked quietly. “You’ve been talking about washing me for days… don’t you want to?”

Itumak nodded slowly, looking up at the dragon.

“Yeah… but I can’t stop thinking about your cock. It’s… and I say this with all the love in my heart, but it’s broken. Damaged. And I want to find a way to fix it.”

“You… you can’t,” Lian frowned. “It’s not so bad, I just… don’t use it. I don’t need to use it. Thaelin has the same problem, she was cut too. We just… find other ways to make each other happy.”

Itumak’s hand gripped Lian’s tail, the neko’s wet fingers running over the Daknar’s hole as he reached for the bar of soap. Lian let out a shaky moan as he was played with, the dragon not sure if he was supposed to push forward or back. Itumak had never cleaned him like this before. Sure, the neko fingered him all the time, preparing him to take the werewolf’s knot, but he had never put soap up there. And he wasn’t even holding Lian like he usually did.

“Get on your hands and knees, facing away from me,” Itumak said quietly, huskily, using the same voice that never failed to stir Lian’s broken length.

The Daknar dropped instantly, his tail raised in preparation as he turned away. He liked being taken this way, Itumak always seemed to hug him from behind, giving weight to his embrace.

But when the water from the shower hit his hole, the Daknar tensed in confusion, looking back at the neko. He had expected Itumak to fuck him, or to pee on him… but he was just cleaning him? It was almost a let down.

A soft thump sounded behind him, hot breath washing over his butt.

“Wait… what… what are you-?”

Wetness hit his hole, Lian letting out a squeak as he pulled away. Itumak growled behind him, the werewolf shifting as claws wrapped around Lian’s waist, holding the Daknar in place.

“Master… that’s dirty…” Lian whimpered as the werewolf licked another stripe across his hole.

Itumak chuckled, the sound vibrating through the shower.

“What do you think I was washing you for…?”

He sniffed suddenly, Lian’s face turning near completely blue as the werewolf raised an eyebrow.

“Did you just fart on me?”

The Daknar shuddered as he nodded.

“I’m so sorry Master, it just came out-”

A hand clamped over his mouth, Lian sucking in a deep breath as he shivered.

“Good for you,” the werewolf growled in his ear. “I’ve been waiting for you to fart in my presence for the last two years. If licking your ass is what it takes for that to happen, I’ll do it gladly.”


“Shh… just let me enjoy my meal,” Itumak smirked, pulling away from the Daknar.

“Master… I can’t… I can’t control-”

“Don’t. Let them out. If you fart in my face, that’s my problem, not yours.”

“Sir… it’s gross…”

“Not to me. I get your full smell down here.”

The tongue rasped over Lian’s hole, the dragon shuddering as he clenched up. Itumak’s hands forced his cheeks apart, the werewolf diving in deeper. He pulled back a moment later, a purr escaping the wolf.

“Relax Lian, I want you to enjoy this. It’s all for you,” Itumak said, gently nipping at the dragon’s left cheek.

Teeth scraped over the small scales, catching just enough for Lian to feel the soft tugs, his rod standing almost straight up as his mate bit him. He could feel the gas escaping, no matter how he tried to keep it in, but Itumak just kept sticking his face where it wasn’t supposed to go, unphased by Lian’s crisis.

“Do it again…”

“Sir… please…” Lian whimpered, his tail trying to cover his hole.

“Do you want me to stop? Does it not feel good?” Itumak asked, his hands massaging the dragon’s ass.

“It… it does,” the Daknar admitted.

“Don’t complain about a good thing Lian. I’m enjoying it,” the werewolf chuckled. “Now, be a good dragon and lift that tail of yours. I’m not done cleaning yet.”

Don't mind the random posting, I'm trying to do some clean up on older stories :P

Copyright © 2020 Yeoldebard; All Rights Reserved.
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And now for the rest of the story's chapters.

What about finishing getting the ship ready and finding Thaelin?  And what is the ship's name and it's home port?  How is Itumak paying for everything he needs?

Please don't leave us hanging on the cliff, for if we fall we may not come back at all.

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