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Found 5 results

  1. We have made a minor bug fixing Stories software patch. It corrected a number of minor issues. If you spot any bugs, please provide a link to the area you saw them (Where possible) and explain the issue you encountered.
  2. As mentioned in previous announcements, we are undergoing clean up and consolidation. As part of this, some of the temporary links that were on the forums have been removed and placed in the newly streamlined "Help" menu. Help -FAQ = a list of common questions with links to the answers. Help Topics = a database of common questions and answers Step-by-Step Guide to Authors = How to become an Author on the site. Support = Open a support ticket if you need help related to your account or other private site related issue Staff = list of staff on the site with contact information Guidelines = site rules Writing Resources = a page full of links to handy writing tools, guides, and articles About Gay Authors = a bit of history of the site. A reminder that we encourage you to have your account set to receive news email from the site: https://gayauthors.org/notifications/options/
  3. I know it's been forever! Apparently there is something wrong with the chemicals in my brain and I'm having to medicate for it at the moment, until I find out what it is. However I have started to feel my creativity come back a little bit and I've almost completed two chapters of a new story. Right now it's kind of a general high school story, same soap opera like structure with a group of characters, actually as of yet when I look at it as a reader I can imagine not seeing a clear protagonist, I know that not defining a protagonist might be a risky move but for anyone who is familiar with my stories you will know that with my style of writing and especially since I am free writing and nothing is pre-planned right now. Given I take as much passion in sub characters and sub plots and side stories as I would with the main story, it makes sense right now and the content of the two chapters, being I write in third person allows me to change perspectives and that is generally what is happening with these first two chapters, it's just that the characters aren't surrounding a central character they all seem to be of equal character status and everything appears to be dependent on circumstance, situation and happenings within their lives. So I am going to continue this and see where it goes as it builds, maybe depending on where my mind takes me during the process one of the characters will get more defined and central for those that like having a central character but I do give all of my characters pretty equal attention, it's just that this story is really open ended, I created a bunch of characters and tossed them in a high school without knowing what I'm going to do with any of it so right now I'm mixing and hopefully soon I'll be baking! I just wanted to post this update, I feel good about this and once I have more content written I will release some sneak peaks.
  4. So, I’ve read the damn chapter… now what? How many times have you said this to yourself? You find a story you like, read a few chapters, and all of a sudden, the writer just stops. He stops and after a while of waiting you say to yourself… “Why the hell did he just quit?” I know I’ve asked that question time and time again over the past thirty plus years of reading stories online. Let me give you a little insight. Authors who publish on sites such as these do so because they love writing. They love being able to express what’s in their heads. We sure as HELL don’t do it for the money. Sites rarely, if ever pay for the content they put on the site. I know that one reason I continue is that many readers take the time to leave a note for the author, either by posting comments or reviews, or by email. Those short messages tell the writer that his message is getting across… that people enjoy what he produces. Even those with less positive messages helps the writer to grow. So, next time you read a short story, or a chapter of a longer one, or even a stupid editorial like this one, take a moment to leave feedback to the writer. Express what the piece made you FEEL. If it made you think...say so! If you don’t, you might see a story you like disappear. Thanks for reading. True.
  5. Did you know Comicality had a Magazine online? A month or so ago, Comsie asked if I wanted to be involved in the relaunch of Imagine Magazine... well, if the great Comsie asks, I had to do it....Well, the relaunch happened on July 4th. It's got some great stuff in it and Turtleboy did a GREAT JOB! Anyway... here's a link! https://imagine-magazine.org/
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