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Found 23 results

  1. For discussion of themes and topics. The book can be found here: https://www.gayauthors.org/story/dodger/thecockneycanuck After 47 chapters and lots of drama I think it's time this story has a discussion topic where readers can interact with the author and each other. There are certainly plenty of situations, characters and emotions to bring up, and of course most of all Robbie the Cockney Canuck. Dodger has kindly given me permission to start this thread and has promised to be part of the discussion, so now is your chance to ask questions and make comments. I'm sure we'll have fun.
  2. Hey everybody--wanted to create a discussion forum for my new story, "The Best Four Years of Adam Becker." Adam Becker wants out. Out of the shadow of his popular big brother, out from his stifling D.C. prep school, out from the political spotlight of his high-ranking Republican father. So when he heads off on his own to college in New Orleans, one year post-Katrina, he gets more than he bargained for: four years of friendship, love, secrets, hurricanes, and debauchery--his best four years yet. I started writing this story about two years ago. I was going through a difficult breakup--my boyfriend had moved to New York, and I had no intention of leaving D.C. I was also leaving my first job out of college, at a political nonprofit, and I intended to write a novel about my experiences in the 2012 election cycle. But I couldn't get past the first chapter. And, after writing the same iteration of the same opening scene over and over again, I figured I'd rewind a bit--and write a fictional series loosely based on my memories from college, and what was going on in my life. I never intended anyone to read this: this was my way of creating on on-ramp to the eventual novel, sharpening my skills, and getting words on a page. I've written the story through the beginning of senior year--but over the last six months or so, I felt my energy beginning to wane. So I figured I would edit it, chapter by chapter, and put it online here--find an audience, and feel like I'm writing for someone, rather than into the abyss. So far, no one's read this but me--even my college friends, who provided a lot of character and plot inspiration, have read only brief excerpts--but I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for reading!
  3. Dmrman

    Time approaches

    It's been a while since an update, things have been very trying and exhausting yet time doesn't stand still it continues to progress even when we are not ready, it moves. Situations unexpected, to try and spoil, dreams and Happiness. What can be done to deflect or slow down approaching disaster...??? apparently just adapting and taking the good and filter out the bad ..! It's only 11 days until My Boys wedding, they have managed to juggle and maneuver and manage their plans yet still work and prepare for college classes. I have tried my best to accomplish and finish projects for the Wedding since the news they wanted at home in our yard... while some are finished others remain to be completed. complications with My good eye after surgery slowly demanding my time, instead of allowing assistance in the completion of projects. yes, it is Frustrating and could cause one to dwell on its completion. I wanted nothing but the Best for their wedding... while dealing with the possibilities it wouldn't be finished, I had come to a major revelation...nothing new, nothing that hasn't evolved before and certainly not the tragedy my mind was generating within my head. the wedding will still happen, and just the joy of the glorious day itself will not cease because the "PERGOLA" never got finished, the garden was never completed and your eye needs more surgery. not relevant... what is relevant is that the wedding is all about Love, and new beginnings, and happiness, joy, and health for the two young one's joining together to bond in and through that love... I had to realize this is not about me... how selfish tragedy want's to steal and pillage all our happiness ... So My task is done for the moment, my focus on the Magnificent Wonder of Two people Hopelessly in Love and that is something money can't buy...!!! Hugz and love to you all, life is but for a moment...!!
  4. stephanie l danielson


    From the album: book covers

  5. Hey everyone! I'm posting here to hopefully try to generate some more interaction between myself and people about my story. I'm a very inexperienced writer, and any honest advice is appreciated (but that's not why I'm posting this). I'm hoping to spark up a conversation about how you feel so far about Muscle Memory. As a writer, my readers' thoughts and feelings are a big part of what fuels me to continue this story. Feel free to share anything, whether it's relating to a certain character or their experiences, how you feel about a certain situation, or just if you want to ask me anything about Muscle Memory specifically or even my writing general. So, to try and get the ball rolling, here is some random thoughts I've compiled about how this all came about: Muscle Memory is my very first attempt at writing fiction. Like, ever. Besides some poetry a few years back, I've never sat down and just written anything more than a few paragraphs, so starting this book was a bit daunting. Especially since I was just out of freshman year of highschool. I started the first chapter not really having any idea where it was going, but soon, a story started to take shape in my mind. Very quickly, I realized how much I loved characters. At times, I worry that there are so many in my book that they seem flat, or that there are too many for my readers to keep track of. It was definitely a risk going into my first writing experience with like 20 characters to juggle with, not to mention that I've basically made each character have something they are struggling with. Again, I worry that I'm losing depth by having so many different story arcs intertwining in my mind, but I also kind of love it. It's what I like in books. Another thing I wanted to mention is that somehow, I unexpectedly fell in love with the villain of my story. I love writing her, and I had lost hope for this story after, say, chapter 6, until one quiet night in late December, around 11 or 12, I was walking down this road and the song DNA by Lia Marie Johnson started playing through my earbuds. The song resonated deeply with me, and I also felt it tugging at something that I had put towards the back of my mind for 5 or so months. I realized that it was a newfound inspiration to give my character Alexa more depth. To do this, I felt as if she needed her own POV, which wasn't planned whatsoever. I've gotten pretty much only negative feedback on this, which saddens me, but now she is very important to the story as a whole. I've had people complain that it takes away too much from Wes and Ethan's story, which I disagree with. This is more than a romance to me. It's deeper. I feel that people who skip the Alexa chapters are missing an integral part of Muscle Memory. So regardless of how my readers feel, I still have a few more POV chapters planned. Anyway, I could go on for days about this, and that's enough rambling for now. Now it's your turn. What are your thoughts?
  6. stephanie l danielson

    For the Heart of Phillip

    Version pdf


    Phillip Marnier; a sweet, loving, wonderful boy who knew he was gay from the age of 12. He was also very shy, until he met Andrew, a similarly shy boy at school. As they grew older, the feelings deepened and surfaced. Andrew had fallen for Phillip! However, all was not well. Phillip had found another, Robert. Devastated, Andrew dismissed the friendship and stays away. The couple stays together until college, even talking about marriage! Then, who shows up? Andrew! He has forgiven Phillip and wants him back in his life. Then fate intervenes on one stormy night and shakes up everything! Suddenly Robert is out of his life, Andrew is in! Two years later, Phillip’s guilt catches up with him and he makes one last attempt for the now married Robert, but cannot get Andrew out of his mind. Is it too late? Can their love be resurrected again?


  7. I don't wanna seem too pretentious but I figured I'd start a thread for my story "A Frigid Grasp" since I'm continuing the series. [sharedmedia=stories:stories:4876] A Frigid Grasp covers the story of Arden as he lives out his life in the city-state of Bosefestung as a traveling healer aimed for public service. Because of his advocacy, he ends up tangled in the politics and drama of the city, something he wished to avoid. I'd appreciate it if you guys could tell me your thoughts and speculations and whatever you think of the story. I'm really aiming to complete this thing along with a few others.
  8. Hey, guys! So, as you know, so I'm a newbie here. Unfortunately, I can't post anything on the website, here, because the update that will let me post stories from my iPhone hasn't gone live, yet. So I devised a solution that will hopefully let you guys read the project I'm working on, right now. It's called Greytones, and it's supposed to be set up like a soap opera, complete with seasons and episodes. I've posted it on its own WordPress page, which I will link at the bottom. Hopefully this is allowed, linking outside GayAuthors. If not, just tell me. I'll try to post 3 times a week, but I can't guarantee that. I'll try to post pretty often, however. Tell me what you guys think! Thanks, guys! <3 Atheu Email: atheugoreistories@gmail.com Greytones URL: greytones.wordpress.com
  9. Hey guys, seeing as Gemini is going slow, and I needed a break to get some new inspiration, I decided to translate one of my favorite stories to English. A huge thanks to Amon, the author of "Die Maschine", for giving me permission! And let's not forget MrM, LillyLee and Nostic, who have helped me make this work. Thank you! This is the bittersweet tale of a German teenager's coming of age. When I was translating this story, I quickly realized I was hitting my limits. Some things just cannot be transferred from one language to another without loss. Instead of trying to rewrite the the whole story, I decided to in doubt go with Amon's way to express things. Therefore at times (or maybe all the time), this story might seem like a foreigner is narrating it. I quite like how it turned out and I hope rather than irritate, it will add to the story. This is the place to discuss the story, but also to ask questions about the background or in case you didn't understand anything (be it language or story related). Sadly, the original chapters are short-ish for GA standards. I will try to make up for it with more frequent posts. Have fun! Sammy [sharedmedia=stories:stories:5261]
  10. Milos

    die catfish, die

    From the album: Story Covers

    Cover image for the new story I'm working on.
  11. First of all, I want to thank all of my readers, from those who read the first chapter and ran away screaming to those of you who re-read every chapter when I post new ones. I know it's going at a blistering pace, but I promise that once it goes up, the sequels (yes, sequels are coming!) will be a much slower pace of production. So, have at it. If there's anything you like, don't like or just want to get off your chest about The Last Out and its soon to be posted sequels, let it all out here. Most of you you will already know that I try to respond to every comment as soon as I can, so I look forward to interacting with my readers. Ciao, at least until the next batch of updates!
  12. This is a story forum for readers of lomax61's first story Uninvited Guest to discuss themes and topics of the story with each other and the author. For those of you who may have tripped on this thread and not yet seen the story: https://www.gayauthors.org/story/lomax61/uninvitedguest The setting is partly rural England and partly London, and Iomax has introduced us to several interesting characters, mysteries, and dramatic situations in the eight chapters posted so far. And I apologize to lomax for spelling his name with capital I instead of l. It was only as I wrote him a PM I realized my mistake.
  13. Hello everyone! Just a quick heads up that my next story, "A Cook's Tale" is close to being ready to start posting. This is the second book in the "Ship Logs of the Santa Claus," effectively making it a sequel of sorts to "The Luxorian Fugitive." This is a stand alone story about Erron, A new crew member on board piecing his life back together with the help of the crew and the chef, Gamin, a long time family friend. You don't need to read "Luxorian Fugitive" to read this one, but you have a little extra background as the timelines mix slightly. Either way, the easiest way to know when it posts is to watch the forums and update lists like a hawk or "follow the author" from my profile page. Looking forward to seeing you all, Mann
  14. Here's a forum for discussing any part of the story that doesn't fit the review format. Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy!
  15. Welcome to the discussion forum to Like a Trainwreck's sequel Trigger The Years Past! here you can check for updates from me or leave comments or ask questions. I hope you enjoy the story!
  16. Sam and Jeremy were created in a story called What's Inside for the 2013 Fall Anthology. They were young boys and because I liked the characters, I wrote another story for them called The Difference Between Me and Me that showed them as teenagers. A new Sam and Jeremy story posted today . . . [sharedmedia=stories:stories:4327] Best friends do everything together; best male friends wrestle, tackle each other, and roughhouse with one another. They go fishing together, hiking, and camping. They plan together. Or maybe one just plans and the other goes along with it no matter what, because it’s his best friend. Sam and Jeremy are these types of best friends. They are inseparable; they've been best friends since childhood, and now at the ripe old age of fifteen they're getting ready for Jeremy’s favorite holiday: Halloween. Jeremy has it all planned out. Sam and he spend hours and hours working on their costumes and that’s where the fun really begins. It starts with creepy crawly fake bugs, screaming kids, crazy dogs, burly football players, and it ends with one angry mom. But Jeremy’s not worried, because he has the rest of the night all planned out. ~Lisa
  17. J.L. Alberto


    I created a place for people who love reading Outcast to have discussions here about the story.
  18. advocatus diaboli

    Life So Hard

    I've got Chapter 1 done so far, but I decided to split it into two parts since it was over 9,000 words. You can find 1A here: https://www.gayauthors.org/story/advocatus%20diaboli/lifesohard/1 and 1B here: https://www.gayauthors.org/story/advocatus%20diaboli/lifesohard/2 Chapter 2 is in progress and should be out soon! I appreciate all the reviews and if you have any requests/comments/etc post here.
  19. SPRING ANTHOLOGY 2013 HOLDING ON TO HOPE Summary: Brad finally meets the man of his dreams on the Valentine’s Day. He even loses his virginity to him. But the problem occurs when he wakes up the next morning and realizes he can’t remember anything about the guy – not even remembering what he looks like. His best friend, Leslie, thinks he has imagined it all. But was it a mere imagination? or was there something more dangerous to that story? Read the story HERE You can discuss the story under this thread. Hope you guys like it. Don't forget to leave a review!
  20. ♀♂ Јŭνёήίlε ₣έєlïņğş ¡‼ "Juvenile Feelings" is a story of six friends, who start their highschool with a promise that they won't let anything affect their friendship ever. Summary: A tight group of six friends have been together forever, unknown to the little secrets each one of them keeps. May it be a secret crush on the other, a secret affair or a secret past. As they begin their exciting journey of high school, they make a promise to be there for each other no matter what. Link to the story: https://www.gayauthors.org/story/sidlove/juvenilefeelings You can share your views, compliments, critics or if you wanna discuss the story, post under this thread
  21. I thought I'd jump in here and start a discussion of Wildheart's story titled Among us. The basic synopsis of the story: Damon's aunt calls for him in the middle of the night asking him to get a book. After she disppears he goes on a hunt for her and the book. He meets two mysterious strangers who neither are what they seem.It is a fantasy filled with romance and drama, suspense and love. So far I have enjoyed reading the story and jumped in as Wildheart's editor because I found the story to be panoramic and engaging, and, after all, to be engaged, to live with, love or hate the characters, is one of the rewards an author seeks in his writing. I think Wildheart has this, and more. Drop in and tell us what you think.
  22. Illuminated is a journey, an awakening, a discovery. It is Logan Blake's search for a truth that will set him free from the chains that bind him to a lie. And, in order to survive this journey, those around him will experience a bitter betrayal, but will he experience deliverance. MEET THE CHARACTERS: You can read the story here => ILLUMINATED Please read and share your views on it either in this thread or in the story reviews. Thank you!
  23. advocatus diaboli

    Breaking Bad

    I didn't see a thread on this already. The show's amazing. The seasons just kept getting better and better. Season 5 part 1 is playing right now and each episode thoroughly wows me. Without giving away spoilers, what they did in episode 1 was freakin' bad ass and episode 2 made me go "oh snap" like 6 times. Discuss what is quite possibly the best drama show ever made.

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