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Found 25 results

  1. The Scandalous Affair of His Honorable Beofred of Chauserley is a very light and fluffy RomCom which I spent relatively very little time writing (I watched way too many British dramas, so the dialogues come naturally). I am hoping if there are people who are interested in beta and editing such story. Someone who is very well-versed in Jane Austen type of language (Regency English) is preferred as the editor. Beta reader doesn't need to be, as I want to see if the language is too confusing to general audience or not. Right now there is only one (10-page) chapter, with rough idea of a second chapter. It's kind of soapy at this point, with potential to serialize. I will only write more if there are interests. The story is not super serious historical fiction, but I did a little bit of research, particularly on costume accuracy and hierarchy of peerage and service staff (think Downton Abbey). It's something I write to take my mind off my other project, so some details might be a little anachronistic. People's names are intentionally corrupt and funny (MC is called Beofred. Beo from Beowulf to mean intelligent, and -fred suffix to mean peaceful ruler). The story is more accurately described as a generic fantasy setting, but the characters happened to be speaking and dressed up appropriately to the Regency Period. It is not meant to be 100% historically accurate. There will be some reference to Austen stories (particularly Pride and Prejudice and Persuasion), Vanity Fair, and Othello (which I know..., is Shakespearean, not Regency). Any resemblance of Jane Austen characters, Becky Sharp, and Iago is ABSOLUTELY INTENTIONAL. LOL It is a parody after all. There is no graphic depiction of sex "in front of the screen." Main character happens to be gay and his parents don't give a flick about it, but somehow everything is still blown out of proportion big deal. LOL Please consider joining the team. If you know someone who might be interested, please let them know as well. (*curtsy*)
  2. I am halfway through a novella about coming out, set in the present day. I’m planning on it being twenty chapters long and I’ve already written the first ten chapters. It’s about 31,000 words long so far. I was planning on publishing here a chapter a week, and starting publishing it now will really push me to finish writing it. I am dyslexic and often make very simple or silly spelling mistakes, and that is one of the reasons I need an editor. Examples of my writing can be read here: I have worked with editors on GA before, and have regularly worked with editors on other publications and websites. I do not mind how I receive the feedback but I am used to using the Track Changes function on Word. Naturally, I would credit you as editor when I post the story on GA. Yours, Drew
  3. Heya guys, I made a post on the lounge forum before I notices there is a specific forum for this, so that's why I'm also posting it here. Recently, I started writing another story. As English isn't my native language, I often struggle with the sentences and stylistic choices. I don't want my story to be full of mistakes, that's why I'm looking for an editor. Even though I'd love to have someone who can get rid of all those mistakes ( believe me, there are a lot), I'm also looking for someone who could look at my style and give feedback on how to improve. Just looking at whether sentences feel/sound right and maybe offering alternatives on how to phrase it. Thing is, I feel like I am somewhat proficient in the language, but this is on a communicative level. When writing and especially when describing things in stories, just getting across the message in a plain and easy way doesn't suffice. You often want the sentences to sound right. You want to create an image for the reader. That's my struggle and I hope someone could help me with this. As for the story, I'm quite happy about it (story-wise), but I always appreciate feedback on that level as well. Things like how a character feels, what you miss in them or what you think is too prominent. Whether you like the things that are happening etc. Just general feedback. In the end I want to improve my writings, so any feedback is welcome. I love learning, so knock yourself out! So, if you want to consider helping, let me know. You can have a look at the first (two) chapter(s) and decide whether you feel the story or not. A short synopsis of the story Police Trouble (name under review): Jake (16) is the son of the local police captain. Lately he's been failing some classes, so his dad ordered him to come to the station after school every day so he can do his homework in peace and supervised. Jake didn't like this at all, as it meant he couldn't go out with his friends, but was grounded instead. His relationship with his dad isn't really good anyway. Dad is always trying to keep his son on the right track, everything has to go according to the rules, which only works counter-productive. Their relationship is one of constantly challenging each other on a verbal level through banter. (this means that on the one hand I'm trying to show the struggles within the family and with Jake being a teenager, ready to leave the nest, but also the way his parents care for him, even though he himself doesn't see this all the time). At the precinct, Jake sees a boy his age being brought in. Apparently, this guy is a regular. Jake is doing his homework when the guy is being transferred to a holding cell. The guys - Brian - sees Jake and smiles at him. It's a mysterious or maybe even a creepy smile, resulting in Jake wanting to find out what's behind that. He wants to know what the story of this boy is, why he is regularly arrested, what he'd been through. In short, he is on the verge of becoming obsessed. These are going to be the two main topics in the story. Thanks for reading, Stannie Ps, there is no rush. I don't need someone to be able to edit within a few days. I write irregularly, so I don't mind if editing takes a week or longer.
  4. What determines the order in which editors and beta readers are listed in stories ? It's not the order in which you add them, nor is it alphabetical order. Is it by the seniority of the GA member (the date they joined) ? In my Anthology stories I usually have two editors listed, because I want to credit both my primary editor and the Anthology Team editor. However, they don't end up in the order I list them, and I'm wondering why. You can see an example in this story and also in my contribution for Snapped. Is there any way to set the story system so the listing order becomes the one we enter ?
  5. I need an editor/proofreader for my 9,400 word story that I want to post to GA as a six-part story, it is written in six different scenes. The narrator a gay man who was involved in the ex-gay movement as a teenager. The story is about the effect the ex-gay movement has had on his life and how he comes to terms with it. In a way, it is a follow-on story from my short Keeping the Faith, though it has a different narrator. Keeping the Faith can be read here: I need someone to proofreader my spelling and grammar, as I am dyslexic. The story is complete and finished. It is in a Microsoft Word Document file, but I can easily change the format. I am British so it is has been written using British spelling and grammar and I wish to retain that. I have worked with one editor on GA, but have regularly worked with editors on other publications and websites. I do not mind how I received the feedback but I am used to using the Track Changes function on Word. Naturally, I would credit you as editor when I do post the story on GA.
  6. I'm looking for a beta reader or an editor for my story
  7. I have run into an issue a couple times this week. I believe a new introduced bug. I know if you type in editor and don’t clear, it saves until you clear, or post content. I posted a comment on @Cynus new story. I went back to post another comment. The first comment that posted was still in editor. It didn’t clear after posting. This was on iPhone 8, running Safari. iOS version 11.2.6. @Myr
  8. Hello The not so shocking, though slightly longer, version is; I could really do with an editor. I have one and a bit stories already posted up here on GA, so please have a look and see if it's the sort of thing you're happy with. The content isn't particularly challenging, but it would be useful if you 'get' the general style and sense of humour. There are plans (mostly partly written) for more stories, an anthology entry, and an entry in the 2018 novella competition, so I'm hoping for a longer term relationship with regular(ish) work, rather than a one-off job. I've never worked with an editor before, and write in Scrivener, but I'm sure that both of those issues can be worked through relatively easily. I'm very confident that my writing can be improved, and this seems like a good place to start. I'm not desperate to rush into this, so please, take your time, read what I've already posted, and get back to me if you're interested or have further questions. If you've edited other work on here, I'd also like to read it. Thanks Sam
  9. Hi, it's been a while since I have been last active here on GA. And I have been magically revived from the dead. Don't ask me how and who summoned me from the Netherworld. But I did have a lot of stories and ideas after chatting endlessly with Hades. Sadly, it didn't really improve my language skills. So to keep things short, I am currently looking for an Editor and a Beta reader who can put up with me. As of now, I have posted the raw chapters of the current projects I am doing Gateway: Into the Oblivion. Genre is Fiction and focuses on magic. Offers so much lore and world-building. I was having so much fun, I create my own world while writing this. It is currently a reboot and I have revised everything from the very top. I think this will be a very long project (I am seeing more than a decade, given the right flexibility of time and body) because I also have spin-offs in mind. Prophets of Tomorrow: Mentally. Genre is Sci-Fi Offers military stuff and many experimental humans. Not sure if you'll find that offensive. Also, a "dual" fanfic project is underway which will also feature separate stories for Robin (Damian Wayne) and Superboy (Jonathan Samuel Kent) for the DC Rebirth's Super Sons. I am keeping them separate because their stories will converge every once in a while. It is so because I am planning to insert more DC characters over the course of the project with separate storylines. Possibly, I'd be creating my own super-hero kid. Here are my current projects: Just to let you know, my subject and verb....disagreements are very awful. My previous editor gave up on me. So I guess I was a pretty bad boy. I have a very informal writing style. And have a variety of them, depending whose POV the chapter is being written in. If you are interested, please hit me up on my inbox. But if you want to spank one of my butt cheeks, you may also do so. Just don't forget to ask politely first. No one wants to get spanked without permission. Thanks! -Solus
  10. I would like to ask two simple questions: 1. Are you able to copy and paste your story chapters without losing the original format? 2. Does the GA editor function normally as you would expect it to, including changing fonts and font size? My reason for asking is because it doesn't work for me, it never has, either before or since the update.
  11. Hi there. I am in search of an editor for the third book in my Homestead Pack series. I do some self editing, but I always miss the small things. Contact me if you are interested. thanks all
  12. Looking for a beta and/or editor for a summer anthology piece, which is due on 26 May 2016. It covers a gay man who makes a game out of dating straight men or convincing them to one-night stands, but one of them ends up being more open to a homosexual relationship and pursues him. They are, coincidentally, working for the same office in the same building. The new guy pursues the player. So yes, I need help writing this and would appreciate suggestions on how to go about it and judge what I have right now. Like many artists, I have a good idea and don't know how to press it further. Also, I want to bring out my characters' personalities more. For editing, I feel working with a Google docs file would be as much a possibility as passing an attachment back and forth would. The former might be more ideal. Comments are more ideal but in-line edits are welcome. Snippet:
  13. Hi All, Usually I am all about sharing and letting people read what I am in the middle of to see if they want to help. No can do on this one. I've written a piece for the Secret Admirer Contest and am looking for help in a beta and possible editor. For those who have worked with me you know me. I am easy to get along with. I want help to make sure this is as easy to read and makes sense. If you say expand, I expand, You need less, I cut, and if you need explanations, I will do my best to explain whatever it is. Because this is a contest I can't go into detail about what the story is. I do follow the theme and therefore you know it is a romance story. Beyond that, my lips are sealed. If you decide to work with me, it means you are silent on the details as well. The story presently stands at just over nine pages, is written in word. I prefer comments and corrections. I was a teacher so the red pen means nothing to me, feel free to comment. Thanks in advance. Wayne
  14. I am working on a science fiction/romance story involving a marine shifter (merman). It is currently about 20K words and is maybe half done. I was looking for someone who has beta'd before who could let me know how it flows, as well as hopefully point out typos/errors. I have worked with editors/betas before, and I prefer to use Word 'track changes' where you can mark line edits as well as 'comments' where you can add notes/questions/etc. As long as your suggestions/edits/remarks are highlighted in some way, that would be fine. I often will send several chapters at once so that you can work on them as you have time. I would like to have a turnaround of a week or less if possible. It would probably be another couple weeks at least before I'd have the rest of the story done (hoping for the end of March, but might not make that) There is a preview of the story on one of my blogs here: https://www.gayauthors.org/forums/blog/591/entry-15251-so-whats-next/ It is part of the prologue. Thanks for looking. Let me know if you are interested.
  15. My first story chapter 1 is ready and I'm in need of an editor. I'm in need of an editor going forward. I'm still learning your tags, so, basically it's about 2 14 year old high school students, both gay but nobody knows, not even the other. They develop a friendship externally while internally having to deal with growing feelings they're having for the other. The story culminates with them coming out to each other. Plans are for the story to end there with a sequel to go from there. I expect 10 to 15 chapters for this one releasing 1 or 2 a week. I'm using one office so just about any format works for me. In line edits work best in my opinion but that's not a requirement. PROLOGUE FOLLOWS: Things CAN Work Out Prologue Tommy From what I've read, approximately 10% of the world population is gay. That means that one of every 10 people you know is probably gay. My Dad likes to gamble a little and he says that only a fool thinks he can win on a 10 to one shot. So, I guess that means I'm most likely going to lose. I'm Tommy. I live in your typical middle class neighborhood. I just turned 14 about a month ago. Back when I was 12, I came to the absolutely terrifying conclusion that I'm that one in 10. I'm gay. I didn't necessarily WANT to be gay, it just happened. Do you have any idea how hard it is to accept that I'm different than my friends? To be scared that they'll find out? That they might tell anyone? That they might tell EVERYONE? I guess I'll have to do what just about every other gay boy has to do to at least survive high school. I'll have to lie. To act in a way that is just so against how I'm actually feeling. To be someone I'm not. Just because... I'm afraid. I wonder sometimes what it would be like if everyone knew. I've heard stories. Kids getting kicked out of their homes because their parent or parents can't accept having a 'freak' for a son. Having people who were supposedly your friends beat the living shit out of you. People who told you that they'd have your back no matter what tell you that they never want to even think about you again. I'm sorry, but I don't think I could deal with that. So, for now, I'll play the game. I'll pretend I'm someone other than I am. I still wonder how I'm going to pull that off for 4 more years until I move out or go to college. If only things were different. If only I could find ONE person who would understand. Someone I could talk to. Someone I could confide in. That would make all the difference in the world. Andy You know, moving sucks. I had to leave everyone I knew, everyone I grew up with, everyone I cared about. Now I have to start over. No friends. Making friends is difficult enough if you're normal, but it's almost impossible when you're gay. Not when you're 14 and in High School. Most High School kids are SO homophobic. They're afraid that if you're gay you'll infect them somehow. Back where we used to live I had just told my best friends that I was gay. I'd actually built up enough trust to tell them, and they were cool about it. Well most of them were. Now, I've got to start over, so, for safety's sake, I'll put myself back in the closet. Maybe, Eventually, I'll get close enough to my new friends to feel safe coming out... again. School starts in 4 days. I'll be hopeful that it won't be that bad. But I'm not holding my breath.
  16. I would prefer to develop a long term working relationsip with and editor and a beta as I have several projects, but if not I still need two works that need to be looked over right now. 1. short story for a writing event. About 6K right now may go up to around 10 k Must be turned into organizers by May 1st so I need feed back before then 2. Contemporary novella 36k words. Not so strict a deadline, but would like to head to publishing within the next couple months. I'd like both read for plot, connections of characters, typos, grammar, and advice on the stories. both are complete or in last revisions. Microsoft word compatible, Track changes turned on for line edits and/or comment bubbles accepted. Story example: Rob just nodded until he realized that he was still on the phone and Steve couldn’t see the gesture. “Okay, but I’m not going to talk about Adam and Chris tonight to the media. I need to figure some things out before I show up.” Despite his personal insecurities, Rob knew his appearance at this event was important for his professional image and he needed to make sure Adam didn’t throw him under the bus. He figured that if Adam could change his plus one, then so could Rob. Now all he needed to do was to find a new date. Rob finished the call and turned to his driver. Marc’s Native American heritage—from his mother’s side— shone brightly. He would look striking at Rob’s side. His shimmering, long, black hair, dark-brown eyes, and darker skin tone would complement Rob’s shorter black hair and lighter olive skin. Rob knew that Marc wouldn’t be offended if Rob asked him on a date, but he also knew that it was finals week. Marc would probably have to go home and study. On the off chance that he would know someone who was free for the evening, Rob said, “Apparently I need to find a new date for this evening. My boyfriend went behind my back, and is bringing someone else. You wouldn’t happen to know anyone who would like to go see a movie and pretend to date a movie star for a day?” Marc’s face brightened. “I just happen to be free for the evening. I’ve finished my last final this morning. I’ve always wanted to go to a premiere.” Then his face dropped. “Jason won’t be too happy about it though.” “You’re still seeing him? I thought you guys broke up a couple weeks back.” “He did, but then he came back and wants to try working things out. Let me call and run it by him first.” “Thanks Marc, I appreciate it.” Marc drove him home where they met up with Rob’s agent. Steve arranged for a car and a suit for Marc. Soon they were on their way to the theater. He closed his eyes and flopped his head against the back of the seat. Rob tried to calm his mind and think happy thoughts, but it didn’t seem to help. He was exhausted and overwhelmed by the events of the day.
  17. ISO: Editor, Genre science-fiction, gay fiction. Length: 1500 words. Commitment: Long Term. Story title: The Portal 1500 words Turnaround expectations: within one week Previous experience: I have worked with editors, line editors, and proofers in a professional setting prior to the release of my published works for about two years now. What I need: someone who can help me gain insight on the reader perception of the stories. Which characters are engaging, which ones aren't, etc. What I expect: feedback on how the ebb and flow of the narrative is perceived, as well as what the final impression of the reader is. Feedback on setting choice and emotional character buildup. How much have I done: the story is completed. Software I use: Microsoft Word 2013, OpenOffice Writer. I prefer comments and changes using the Track Changes function in Microsoft Word. The Portal by Albert Nothlit snippet Brett Riley leans on the railing of the bridge overlooking the freezing river. It is early January, and when Brett leans forward he sees pieces of ice floating on the current. He climbs onto the railing. Behind him cars speed past, their headlights illuminating Brett's crouched shape before disappearing down the freeway. A few drivers catch a glimpse of a young man perched precariously on the edge of the bridge, wearing a rumpled suit that is soaked from the morning's icy drizzle. None of them stop. Brett ignores them as well. His eyes are fixed on the swift waters of the river below, his thoughts darker than the overcast sky. He clutches a wet piece of paper in his left hand. Laboratory tests. He has already read the results and his mind is chasing itself in circles as he shivers where he crouches. He thinks of Samuel, who used to be his best friend until Brett decided to stop hiding. He doesn't know why Samuel comes to mind just now, but he decides it is fitting. Everything in Brett's life has gone downhill since he confessed to his best friend how he felt about him. Brett had been prepared for rejection, but the end result of his confession had been worse than he had imagined. Samuel stopped talking to him. He spread rumors about Brett which the entire school believed. Brett's family had reacted with complete denial. The eldest son, the pride of the family, could not possibly be gay. Brett left for college seeking acceptance, and he found it, but there was no true companionship in endless parties and casual sex. He started feeling empty inside. Now he is almost thirty and nothing has changed. He still feels lonely, no matter how hard he tries to find the one. Lately he has even stopped hoping he ever will. Brett straightens up, barely keeping his balance.
  18. On behalf of the Editing Team, I'd like to introduce, and welcome our newest Proof Reader Jaro_423 I'm sure Jaro will make a valuable contribution to the Editing team. Jaro is a teacher with a degree in English and understands the value a proof reader brings to the story. He likes drama, romance, thrillers and coming out stories. He'll accept all drafts, from 1st to 3rd, depending on what the author sends him. It's heartening to discover that Jaro also hails from that deepest, darkest continent, filled with mystery and adventure, not just the continent, but is also a fellow South African (Zimbabwe), who loves reading, writing, nature, drawing, cooking and amateur photography among other things. A great all rounder with a great outlook on life. I'm sure he has many tales to tell, and I would love to sit in a boma, beside a large fire, on a deep African night with Hyena's laughing and Lions growling in the bush, listening to all of his adventures. Welcome to the team, Jaro Happy Proof reading (Hope you do some editing for us too)
  19. On behalf of the Editing Team, I'd like to introduce, and welcome our newest Beta Reader vick99 I'm sure Vick will make a valuable contribution to the Beta team. Vick is a writer too, so he understands the value a beta brings to the story. He likes drama, romance, thrillers and teenagers coming out stories. He'll accept 1st and 2nd drafts. He understands the word Beta to mean reading a written work in progress, before the story is released, that Beta readers must look over the story and give any suggestions to improve the story itself. Both character and plot play a big role in developing a story. If the author focuses more on the plot, the story will be flat and the characters will be ‘locked in’ and fail to excite the author or reader, basically the characters will not ‘come to life’. If the author focuses more on the characters than the plot, the character will never realize his/her potential because the plot is too slight. The stakes aren’t high enough, the outcome predictable and the storyline is worn. Having a clear balance between the two will alternate each other and a more exhilarating storyline will progress, making it ‘a want to read’ story. Welcome to the team, Vick Happy Beta Reading.
  20. It gives me great pleasure to introduce, and welcome our newest editor /proof reader, Coastguard I'm sure Coastguard will make a valuable contribution to the GA Editing/Beta team. She is all set and ready to take on new authors. Her favourite genres are romance and drama, thrillers and teenagers coming out. She doesn't mind editing 1st, 2nd or 3rd drafts. Whilst editing, Coastguard will fix it, while spelling corrections would be self explanatory, but she would insert "SP" where appropriate. Grammar, context and tense would be corrected and appropriately noted. Welcome to the team, Coastguard. Happy editing / proofing
  21. On behalf of the Editing Team, I'd like to introduce, and welcome our newest editor / beta reader Kev de Cauchery. I'm sure Kev will make a valuable contribution to the GA Editing/Beta team. He is all set and ready to take on new authors. His favourite genres are romance and drama. He doesn't mind editing / beta reading 2nd drafts. He fully understands that Beta Readers are paramount to spotting logic, plot problems and consistency of character traits among other things. When asked what comes first, plot or character his opinion was that there is no hierarchy there, but characters are the ones who push the plot, and the plot should be aligned with character traits. Welcome to the team, Kev. Happy editing / beta reading. But, mostly, happy writing.
  22. Our members are stepping up and it gives me great pleasure to introduce, and welcome our newest editor / beta reader, scotchirish87 I'm sure Scotch will make a valuable contribution to the GA Editing/Beta team. He is all set and ready to take on new authors and all genres. His favourite genres are romance and drama. He doesn't mind editing 1st, 2nd and 3rd drafts. Whilst editing, If the issue is a clear academic error, he would likely fix it and make a note. If the issue is something that could be a stylistic element, he would make his suggestion to the author but leave it as it is, except for perhaps highlighting the particular text referred to. Welcome to the team, Scotch. Happy editing / beta reading. But, mostly, happy writing.
  23. Hi Members, The GA Beta/Editing process is vital. So important that many a writer simply would not be able to continue a story without our help. They say a writer writes, and an editor edits, that is true to an extent. However, I know of some writers who are able to edit, and some editors who are able to write. Of-course there might be members who disagree completely, but then that's all a matter of subjective belief, or, as some might say; opinion. Personally, I feel that if you are good at catching common grammatical and usage errors in a story, then you are the person we seek to assist us in our program. But we're not only looking for editors, we would dearly love to meet proof-readers. Many stories require a proof-read to iron out typo's and spelling errors. We won't put you through a test, the proof, as they say, is in the pudding; as long as you make your writer happy, then we're happy. Simply put - we need more. Why? Well, it's GA's Beta/Editor program, amongst many others, that sets GA apart from similar sites. The Beta/Editor program has stagnated far too long. Having said that, I would like to echo sat8997's request (one which she posted 18 months ago): If you are part of this program, would you be so kind as to drop me a PM letting me know which authors you are currently helping and in what capacity, along with whether or not you are available for any assignments. Your preferred genres would be helpful too. Also If you are not part of this program, but are interested in volunteering some time and experience feel free to PM me... We're looking for people who want to help. How do you become an editor? You can buy the title (for free), from the store. Then PM me or Joann414 and we'll add you to the list. When you have done this, you may answer an ad found in the Writing Request Subforum of the Editor’s Corner. Once you have responded to the ad, please inform me or Joann414 that you are "booked", so to speak. Tell us the name of the author, and the project title. This will help us collate who is and is not available to edit/proofread/beta. Since March 2013, the following writers have requested assistance: Authors, please PM me or Joann414 if your request was, or was not, successful. Ryan Jacobs - seeking Beta/Editor - for details see post dated 02 Mar 2013 and 11 Feb 2013 JMH - seeking Beta/Editor - for details see post dated 15 March 2013 Johnathan Colourfield - seeking Beta/Editor - for details see post dated 06 April 2013 Vaniley - seeking editor - for details see post dated 05 April 2013 Rosenkrantz - seeking Beta - for details see post dated 19 April 2013 scotty94 - seeking Beta - for details see post dated 19 April 2013 Billy Brat - seeking Editor - for details see post dated 30 April 2013 comicfan - seeking Beta - for details see post dated 15 May 2013 W_L - seeking Beta/Editor - for details see post dated 17 May 2013 scotty94 - seeking Editor - for details see post dated 24 May 2013 Thorne Wilde - seeking Editor - for details see post dated 28 May 2013 I ask for your assistance in helping out our new and established writers, and if you can, it will be greatly appreciated. You can PM me: LJH or Joann414 Look out for some exciting Beta/Editor announcements and fun in the next couple of weeks. Also, if you have any fun ideas for the program, please let us know. Hugs all
  24. Hello, Looking to collaborate/commission a talanted ghostwriter to edit/rework a short story for my new photographic work (still & moving images). Not sure how and where to start looking for right person, any link or advice will be much appreciated! Kobi
  25. Trials and Tribulations is being received a lot better than I ever imagined when I began the story. I know the heart of the story is coming from within me, my experiences, love, and desires; but without the work my editors and beta reader have put into this story, I fear a lot of what makes the story what it is, would be missing. When I first decided to try writing a story, I asked people I had met in the chat room and other people I knew online if they would edit for me. Believe me, I definitely needed one. Of all the people I asked, only one offered to help, and that was Trevor. Trevor was as excited about the story as I was, if not more. He was always there pushing me for more and more. He was exactly what I needed. I felt like I was taking too much of his time and decided to find another editor to help to take a little of the work load off of Trevor and give him more time to be young and in love. However, finding someone I could depend on proved harder than I thought it would. After the story started to have a following, more people offered to help, but I never heard back from them when it came time for the actual work. I guess that's the way of it in most endeavors. Yet, in their defense, I'm not all that good in the english department, since I've had no formal training since grade school. So, the task of editing for me is never a easy job. Which makes me appreciate Trevor all the more. In fact, I was right about taking up too much time from Trevor and he asked to be released so he could spend more time with someone. So the search was on to find a new editor. But I did find a really good editor in Fitz. He does a really smashing job. However, because of all the corrections he has to make, it takes a while before getting each chapter ready to publish. Just remember, it's my fault the delays that comes up, and not Fitz's fault. I think I do a pretty job at writing the meat and bones of the story, but what gives the story the twinkle is Wayne, aka ComicFan. He has been my beta reader since chapter 5. I'm sure if you read back or think back, you will observe a mark improvement from that time forward, Wayne is always there to bounce ideas off of and to help me make the story a little better, I can never thank him enough for all the help he has given. Trevor, Fitz, and Wayne aren't the only people that have helped me with this story. Others have helped me with medical terms and legal terms as well. I'm sure those of you that will read this will have read chapter 12 by now and noticed the introduction of the Druids in Andy's family history. I have also had some help from a friend here at GA in learning the history of the Druids and other 'old traditions'. For the time being, I will be posting chapters prior to editing and update the chapter when the editing is complete. However, if this proves to be an embarrassment to me and/or GA, I will discontinue this practice. I owe so much to Trevor, Fitz, and Wayne. Thank you guys from the bottom of my heart. Don't forget to vote for your favorite authors and stories in the 2011 GA Readers Choice Awards
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