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Found 15 results

  1. Emi GS

    Happy Epiphany

    Hey guys, it's me again... One of my DR friend said Jan 6th is another important day, called as Epiphany. As Christmas, it also goes with the tradition of giving the gifts to family members and friends and relatives and each other. So whoever have missed to buy my book series 'April Tulips' I wanted to give them the chance grab it for free. Just like a gift. And whoever have missed to download, now it's the chance to get it. So don't miss this time. ere are the links for both of them. April Tulips 2016 Emi's Summer Tulips 2017 Enjoy the books and don't forget to review and rate the book. Happy Epiphany guys... PS: Small problem has happened with the timings of Amazon, so the books will be available on both 7th and 8th January, 2018. Love, ~Emi.
  2. Emi GS

    Happy New Year

    Hello guys. I live a day ahead of you so the new year came early to me. So I was going to be the first one to wish on the new year eve here on GA. And I am glad and very happy because of it. Another year passes Yet here comes another, anew. All the heart full wishes To be healthy To be lucky To be happy To enjoy life And To deal with it. Happy New Year On this occasion I want to share my happiness with you guys more by offering my NaPoWriMo books to guys for free. For I have took care of the all the things with Amazon. So April Tulips series is free for the new year day. So just grab it and enjoy reading about the part of my life, NaPoWriMo. Make the January 1st the Day if April Tulips... Here are the links for both of them. April Tulips 2016 Emi's Summer Tulips 2017 Enjoy the books and have a great day. And once again 'Happy New Year'...
  3. Emi GS

    Caz's Surprise

    This is the surprise card sent by Caz to me. I was just taking care of my mom and there comes the postman to handover it to me. I was all smiles seeing the postal stamp and I was smiling all day. Thank you for always doing something for me and making me happy. Love you Caz...
  4. Hello guys I don't know how many of you guys enjoy paperbacks, but our friend @Caz Pedroso had encouraged me by telling that she would have enjoyed a paperback more rather looking into a cellphone or an Ipad. And I always plan to bring the paperback version of my April Tulips book, if there may be someone interested like Caz. And this time I tried my best bring the NaPoWriMo 2017's book earlier than I planned because of the competition and now paperback for Caz. I'll be more thankful to her for encouraging me always and surprising me all the time with her mails(posts). I am glad that I have got a friend like her. Thanks Caz. And here is the link for my new paperback, Emi's Summer Tulips. I hope you will like it more reading in hot copy and help me to spread the word. Thanks everyone... Emi's Summer Tulips - 2017 Happy news: I want to share another happy news here. Last Thursday before Christmas I have got two surprises from two important people. First it was a Christmas and New Year wishing card(on an unexpected time) from Caz. And a call from SacredLove. He said he is doing fine. And still going on with some issues though. But he is doing fine. And he said he will log in soon on GA.
  5. Hello guys... I finally got the time to post this blog entry as my sister's family went to their house today. I was all crazy this entire week with my nephews being home. And this week has been very tension filled one with, of course because of my nephews are home and, the publishing of my new poetry book for the Kindle competition. Kindle held a competition called 'Pen to Publish 2017' and I have published my new NaPoWriMo Poetry Book for the competition. I am very proud to say, it is the one of poetry books and one and only by a gay author out of 950 participants in the competition. And now I need all the support I can get from you guys. You can help/support me with anything like purchases(ok, importantly purchases) , reading, referrals, reviews and rating. Kindle is offering the book free for Kindle Unlimited members. And you can also borrow a sample of the book for free too. You can also suggest about the book in various sites if you want. Anything to help me win the competition. Rate and review must. Here is the link for My Book Emi's Summer Tulips If you want to check on the competition page/sight you can find it here. Lots of books to check on. I owe GA and so many from here. They don't just help me with my English, but they had been supporting me and my talent of ruining English from the very first moment(jk). Whatever I am now, is only because of you guys. And I made sure everyone know about that in my book. And some of you have a small surprise in the book. I am very thankful to each and everyone here. Thanks for encouraging me, reading my silly poems and stories and for helping me improve my knowledge. PS: There is a small request on reviews and ratings. You guys have to review on 'amazon.in'. Even though I have got two reviews, where reviewer reviewed from their domestic amazon portal, the list is showing no customer reviews. So don't forget about it. Here is the link to it. Reviews Love, ~Emi.
  6. Emi GS

    First Bud of my plant

    From the album: My Photography 2

    This is the first bud of my little plant I have. And the transformation been done in the time gap of an hour and a half. Three pictures got clicked today morning between 8 AM to 9.15 AM
  7. Emi GS

    A pleasure full morning

    From the album: My Photography 2

    I took it two or three days ago when I am going to play badminton. The fog and the trees set nice view to the sun. It's always nice to sunrise this beautiful...
  8. Emi GS

    Trip to the Hills 3

    From the album: My Photography 2

    A view of the waterfall's pond from the top(not the dead top though) of the hill. This is a very dangerous hill, that even the smallest stone slipped under your foot can bring down thousands along with you, obviously dead, to foot of the mountain.
  9. Emi GS

    Trip to the Hills

    From the album: My Photography 2

    A trip to this beautiful waterfall refreshed my mood and my life as well. Loved this place and enjoyed a lot. Best trip ever...
  10. Emi GS

    Trip to the Hills 2

    From the album: My Photography 2

    Another picture with sky backdrop. We are mostly surrounded by the hill like these...
  11. Hello Guys... Here is an another story I am writing and expecting to update regularly. I hope you people will love it and support me like every time. Here is the link to the story for you... https://www.gayauthors.org/story/emi-gs/firstlove_emi To tell about this story, its a love story of Tyler, the shy guy, and Elliott, the model. Tyler and Elliott are best friends, but Tyler want more than just friendship. That he will achieve? Or what will gonna happened? Actually I started this as a prompt response, but the idea ran a mile in my mind and delivered this story. I have all the idea what to say or what write, but I am gonna fully depend on the prompts given on the site. So I am following prompts in attempt to complete my story. So it will be the pain in the a*s sometimes. I hope you will blind side my faults and will support me to write and complete this story. A lot on queue. More fun, more romantic and more drama(if you like). So wait, read and enjoy. And don't forget to review though...
  12. Emi GS


    From the album: My Photography

    A Rainy Day A Rainbow Comes A Picture Taken

    © Emi GS

  13. Emi GS

    Sea Shore Again

    From the album: My Photography

    An old picture found accidentally... Got presented here with little edited

    © Emi GS

  14. Emi GS

    A Lonely King

    From the album: My... My...

    A picture taken on a mesmerising moment in a mall. Just checking on the hot guys... :

    © Emi GS

  15. Emi GS


    From the album: My Photography

    A Beautiful and Cloudy Evening...

    © Emi GS


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