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Found 6 results

  1. Hey Guys! Ive received requests for another community blog. I’m hoping for some interaction from this very large community! I asked for some ideas that would interest you into participation. This idea comes from similar suggestions by @Kitt and @Cia What brought you to Gay Authors? Why do you stay? The first question is kind of a fluke for me. I was following a story by an author on another site, where I lost track of story. I know you’re dying to know author. It was @Comicality. When I did a Google search, story popped up. I clicked on without paying attention. The site was completely different. TaDa! I found GA. I read here for a few years, before I became a member. Why do I stay? This question is multi-layered. I’m a typical male, sure I like porn. I however am not big into porn stories. Of course I read them. However; I’m more cerebral. I like stories with substance. Not (Yeah...Give it to me) without a plot. The majority of stories are higher quality. The authors here strive for more. . Finally, I enjoy the engagement. The site is brimming with interesting dialogue and topics. I’ve met wonderful people. Made good friends. GA allows me to interact with my favorite authors. They know I’m reading and support them. GA offers me stories with characters like me. There are some differences with straight and gay couples. It’s nice to be able to identify completely with a story. I appreciate that GA is inclusive to all though. A diverse community. Take the challenge! Share your reasoning with the GA community.
  2. Hey Guys, With today being the U.S. Thanksgiving, and Canada’s last month... Holiday season is upon us. With so many traditions, the food is my favorite. Some are seasonal, some are traditions, some are ridiculously decadent. What are some of your favorite foods? I have three absolute favorites. The first is stuffing... Yes, this boy is a carbaholic. I could easily do a meal of just stuffing, or dressing to some. The second is my nana’s homemade fudge. While I love chocolate, this fudge is just *orgasmic*. The last would be the assortment of homemade Italian cookies my nana made. Made with love. These cookies were time-consuming. Yet my nana made them religiously for over 60 children and grandchildren. Yes, 60 is correct. We’re italian, say no more! Tell GA your favorite foods and traditions... This blog is meant for the season, name Thanksgiving and Christmas faves.
  3. BlindAmbition

    GA Participation!

    Hello GA family, I'm bringing this to you, in hopes for your contribution. Since my last blog, I've been asked multiple times when next is... Well one coming shortly. I'm not going to ruin the surprise. I'm asking for assistance on future blog entries. I want my blog to be community participation. Whether I spend time talking to you. You all matter to me. I'm volunteering to be the big ole GA gay ambassador of love and community. Any ideas on topics you'd like to participate in.... I've got spirit, How about You?
  4. BlindAmbition

    Thank You GA Community!

    Thank you, A couple of months ago I posted a blog entry Who Are You? It was something to learn about people on GA. It did very well. I'm grateful for that. After that I had many people tell me they enjoyed it. People like Dodger. A presence and character I enjoy seeing. Some of you may know, he is selective about what he visits. So if he pops up I think I did good. Its the selective ones that make me nervous. Am I liked enough for people to visit. This doesn't refer to Dodger. He has always showed friendship and concern when I was about to leave GA. Not long after this blog entry I was approached by William King. He wanted me to do a blog on screen names. William was curious about the roots of my name. It was something I've considered about many names as well. William said he was busy with many things. He couldn't do it. Told me to consider doing it. I was the right person to do it with the success of first blog. This turned into What's in a Screen Name? This started the pressure for me. Not William's fault. I've had self issues for years. Doubt, hate, the list goes on. I have very good friends on GA, but still feel somewhat isolated. When I'm not comfortable I shutdown. I also have a hard time starting conversations. This is due to me being introverted and a submissive personality. I started posting poetry on GA. Something I've done for myself for years. Along with my journal. Recently many have been about lifestyle and things I've been dealing with. Topics which make some people uncomfortable. That's ok... However, for me I've felt an outsider on GA and Poetry Society. Nothing intentional.. Also just part of my doubt and sensitive nature. Anyways... My blog entry Whats in a screen name? was successful. The community involvement I wanted. I thank you for that. For the one always feeling on the outside... I'm happy you enjoyed and participated. I would love to do more to involve the community. However, the fear of rejection often appears. I've been given ideas for more. To those people, I really am considering them. I just have to build myself up again. Right now I have some personal issues that require my time and attention. The year has continued to keep me off-center. Leaving me unsettled, without focus or control. These entries and community interactions are what I would like to create more of. Much Love, jp
  5. asamvav111


    Begin by music what lyrics had shunned, Evanescent feelings that shan't be returned, Forever is a long time if you are not a friend, Every limit mortal as time's sickle bend. Yet I bequeath my heart and desire, To you and your lot I cast in my fire, A flame everlasting shall flourish in me, Like a flower that blooms only for the bee. 31/12/16 ©asamvav111 Wishing everyone of my friends, near & dear ones, far & farces, enemies & rivals A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR.
  6. Former Member

    Looking Back

    10 March 2015. It is a date that will always be remembered fondly in my heart. It was the day I found a site that I could share with people I consider more family than merely friends. Due to the encouragement of that family I was able to start expressing myself in ways I had, until that time, considered beyond my abilities. I have been reading stories such as those on this site for more that two decades. Never did I think I could craft tales such as I'd read with any expectation that anyone would like them. This past year has been one of ups and downs for me personally. I've dealt with some pretty major health related issues. The friends and family I've found here helped me to get through the tough times. They also shared in the good times. It is my wish that for each and every one of you that you have a healthy and happy year to come. May you all find all that you desire, may you all be blessed in the coming year. So, Happy Holidays to all, and may you have a wonderful and safe New year. Lenny (ATrueFan)

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