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Found 15 results

  1. June, June, oh miracle of months! It's June! Halfway through the year and the start of my summer break! I want to celebrate with one of my favorite genres, paranormal! So I picked a vampire story. Oooh! What could be better?! Length: 39,181 Description: Shade’s job is simple, catch the outlawed vampire, Garrett McQuinn. Can he still turn the sexy vamp over to the court, even when he starts to doubt that the man committed the crimes he's been charged with? Can Shade ever trust an outlaw with his life...or his heart? A Reader Said: Just stumbled across your story yesterday, so I´ve been reading it for the last couple of days. I´m always a bit apprehensive about reading original fantasy type stories, because it´s my favorite genre and I hate to see it not done well. I´m really glad I did try the story out though! Just finished it now and it was smokin´! I especially liked the characters´ little back stories (Garret, Maggie..) and enjoyed it all round. All I can say is good luck to them all, with their committee... ~sunsbane If you want to spread the word about KC' story, download the graphic below and add it to your signature! Make sure you come back on Wednesday to see the excerpt I chose to share!
  2. Woot! Wednesday! Excerpt day. I can't wait to share this exciting moment with you, because I think you want to read this story. You need to read this story. Did you catch Monday's blog featuring Chasing the Shadows by KC? Well if that didn't intrigue you, hopefully this will! Want to read more? Click here.
  3. Did you catch Monday's blog featuring this month's Classic Author ad choice, K.C.'s Pour Me Another, selected by JayT? If not, go check it out and get your copy of a small graphic that you can use for your personal signature if you want to share the love for K.C.'s story. With well over a thousand comments on the story, it was hard to pick just 3 to feature, but today's feature also shares JayT's favorite excerpt from the story and why he picked it. Read on to find out what it is! JayT said: This story is about love overcoming seemingly impossible obstacles, such as the person who is in love with you is straight. Or at least he thought so, and that is why I love this story. This excerpt takes place after Michael, the straight man, realizes he has feelings for Asher, the gay man. After showing up at Asher's in the middle of the night, he finally kisses Asher, only to discover that Asher was not alone when a naked man walks out of the bedroom. A heartbroken Michael then turns and runs away. This part of the story shows us how lost and hopeless Michael's life became after he decided to cut Asher out. When Michael learns that Asher was possibly shot, he drops everything and leaves work to seek out answers. Hopefully, he will find Asher alive and safe. This story shows that anyone can fall in love with anyone. It's the person we fall for, not their sex. To read more, check out the rest of the story here.
  4. I know it’s been a while since I posted a new story here, but I have been soooo incredibly busy with my story collection that is being published next month. This new story I’ve been working on isn’t finished yet, but my goal is to start posting it by the beginning of April, 2013. Let me know what you think. If you like it, let me know…If you want to see more, well comments encourage me to work harder (and faster, LOL ) “Pour Me Another” is about a bartender, Asher who works in the city. He’s seen it all. He knows how to roll with the punches until Michael Waters show up and turns his world upside down. Here is a snippet: “Pour me another,” Michael Waters shouted from the end of the bar where he had been drinking heavily all night. Several of his co-workers were contributing to his increasing state of intoxication. When the bartender, Asher Burkhart, didn’t rush over to fill up his empty glass, Michael yelled even louder, “Hey, dude, we need some attention over here!” Elegant music played in the background. Glasses clinked, people laughed, everyone was having a good time, until Michael started to raise his voice. Even after the sour glances shot in his direction, Michael continued his fuming rant. Asher glanced up from the mojito he was mixing and shook his head. Michael and his buddies were partying hard tonight. Usually their group came in after work and knocked back a few drinks before heading home for the weekend, but this time was different. Tonight, it was a non-stop river of rum, vodka, and gin. The more they drank, the more obnoxious they got. Michael was attractive; however, he was also an arrogant asshole who knew he was good looking and used it to his advantage in every one of life’s opportunities either in business, his personal life or just weaseling his way with another drink. It was the cardinal rule of bartending, know your customers, and Asher had been working here long enough to know most of these people’s dirty little secrets. Two tall skinny blonds had noticed the amount of money and alcohol these guys were tossing around and decided to join the party. While one girl nipped at Michael’s ear, the other rubbed her mini-skirt-clad hips along his thigh. “Not tonight, Michael, you’ve had enough.” Asher called over to him. The happy-drunk look slid off Michael’s cute face. “Fucking prick!” Michael had a loud mouth on him too, but he’d never actually gotten himself kicked out of Chapel Chase before. Tonight might be the exception. “Get your god damn ass over here and pour me another drink. We’re celebrating my big promotion today.” Swaying a little and slurring his words, Michael glared at Asher, casually strolling along the narrow space behind the bar. Asher took his time which only made Michael’s face flush red with anger. Wiping down a glass with the corner of a thick white towel draped over his shoulder, Asher gave a slight grin as he stepped closer. “Why don’t you go home and sleep it off?” Even with the upscale clientele of the business district, Chapel Chase had its share of belligerent drunks. Asher refusing to serve another drink had Michael shaking with rage. “Where the fuck is Ziggy?” The guy’s glassy red eyes darted around, looking for Asher’s co-worker. “Ziggy isn’t going to help you and he’s not my boss, either,” Asher chuckled to hide his building frustration, yet his handsome smile never faltered, “If I say that you’ve had enough to drink, then you’ve had enough. It’s getting late and we’ll be closing soon, so why don’t you and your friends just call it a night?” The girls were starting to lose interest now that Michael’s alcohol flow had been cut off. It only took a few glances around to notice that his well-dressed co-workers were still semi-sober and probably had enough cash in their pockets to buy a good time. Asher looked up in time to watch Michael’s “Business Bunnies” slip away with the man’s friends. He shook his head. Around this part of town, Asher saw plenty of BB’s lurking around. They were girls who thought that soliciting upscale businessmen, one day they might pull off a “Pretty Woman,” but who were they kidding? A whore by any other name is still a whore! Chuckling to himself, Asher made his way back down the bar. “Well isn’t this fucking priceless? Did you learn those lousy people skills of yours in bartender school? Run that smart mouth of yours while hiding behind the bar but--” Asher had heard enough. He bit at the inside of his cheek to keep from going off on Michael. “Thanks for stopping by tonight, Mike. You come back again, once you’ve sobered up.” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ What do you think? Thanks for reading, I love to hear from readers! Kc
  5. He's back again! K.C.'s taking over the blog this week... but now as our newest Signature Author! As you can see, if you visited Monday's feature of Shepherd's Crook on the CSR Discussion Day, you can see he's definitely earned the promotion from Promising to Signature. If you haven't read it yet, check out his very popular Shepherd's Crook or one of his many other stories! Maybe you could check out Lone Wolf one of K.C.'s many short stories. Joann414 said: This was great! Or Chasing the Shadows, one of K.C.'s first stories on GA. Sunsbane said: It was smokin´! Whatever you don't, don't forget to join us in congratulating K.C. on his promotion to GA's newest Signature Author!
  6. I've started posting my new story, Shepherd's Crook: https://www.gayauthors.org/story/kc-grim/shepherdscrook It's about this teenage boy named Gibby, he moves to a new town and quickly finds out that things are not as they seem. Check it out, let me know what you think. I'm going to be posting a chapter a week. If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them in the forum or you can always send me a PM. Thanks for reading KC
  7. From the album: Random Web

    © https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=750282305001225&set=a.223098324386295.105971.205344452828349&type=1&theater

  8. "A Roommate Wanted" ~ Book 4 in my Short Story Collection: "Bump in the Night" "A Roommate Wanted" by K.C. Grim "A Roommate Wanted" is on sale at JMS Books for $1.59 (that’s a steal!!!) Hurry the sale ends on June 9th when the book goes worldwide! Wow, I can’t believe we are almost to the end of my short story collection. 5 pieces of erotic flash fiction. It has been so much fun writing these short bites of fantasy. They are very quick and packed with a punch. ISBN: 9781611524826 PRICE: $1.59 GENRE: Contemporary • Erotic Romance • Fiction • Gay • Paranormal LENGTH: 3,818 words Blurp: With the downturn in the economy, everyone is struggling to make ends meet. Looking for someone to split the cost of living, Jordan places an ad for a roommate. The words fell in place: Incredibly Neat & Clean, Unfurnished Bedroom Unit Suite -- Roommate Wanted. What’s the worst that could happen? The new guy could turn out to be a slob or an obsessive online gamer, but Jordan never imaged his new roommate would be the man of his dreams. Sebastian is gorgeous. He’s tall, dark, and devilishly handsome. Once Sebastian moves in everything changes for the better. Could this be a match made in heaven? Or will Sebastian’s devilishly good looks be the death of Jordan? NOTE: This story won the 2011 Readers' Choice Award for Best Anthology Story at GayAuthors.org. EXCERPT: (Note: may contain sexually explicit scenes of a homoerotic nature.) Jerking the door open with as much force as he could, Jordan yelled at the stranger standing in the hallway. “What do you --” The guy’s dark eyes opened wide as he pulled away from the door. “Oh my God,” Jordan’s pale face immediately flushed bright red. Noticing that the guy had taken a second and third step back, Jordan needed to stop him before he turned tail and ran. “I’m sorry if I’m --” The guy tried to apologize, but Jordan quickly stepped into the hallway with him. “No, I’m sorry! I thought you were the old lady who lives below me,” Jordan tried to explain. He gave Jordan a curious glance. Shit, that didn’t come out right. “No, what I mean is, I thought she was coming up to complain about the noise. I was moving some furniture around.” “That explains why you didn’t answer the door the first two times I knocked.” His voice was so deep and sexy. Jordan felt his heart rate double, sending all of his blood straight to his dick. “I-I-I ... uhmmm,” he stuttered for a second before taking a breath to steady his nerves. “I must not have heard you knocking.” Stepping back into the apartment, he was glad when the guy followed him inside, instead of running away. “I’m Sebastian,” he said, holding out his hand. “The room is still available, isn’t it?” The skin of their fingers touched in a casual handshake. It should have been nothing, a simple touch. So why did it feel more erotic then an all-night bender watching gay porn? Jordan nodded his head, afraid that he would start stuttering again like an idiot or say something really embarrassing. Sebastian’s skin was a dark color, unlike anything Jordan had ever seen. It wasn’t quite brown or even a dark olive tone, it appeared to be ... almost ... red. The light shimmered on his face and bare arms. His fingers itched to touch him again. Clearing his throat, Jordan asked him, “Would you like to see the room?” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ To kick off the release of Book 4, I will be having another book giveaway. I will be giving a free copy of all 4 Books to one lucky winner on my blog! That’s a copy of: Book 1 ~ Lone Wolf Book 2 ~ Fate Drops In Book 3 ~ When Darkness Falls Book 4 ~ A Roommate Wanted To enter, just leave a comment on my blog: http://kcgrim.blogspot.com/ ( Make sure to include your email address so I can notify the winner) You can leave anything you want, tell me your favorite color, or how is the weather where you are, what you had for lunch…anything I love hearing from fans and want to thank you guys. Without you, I wouldn’t be writing. Contest ends 12pm on June 17th 2013 EST. Good luck and thanks for reading. KC
  9. A Roommate Wanted by KC Grim When Jordan places an ad in the classifieds for a roommate, what could possibly go wrong? Spoilers Below!!!
  10. Book 3 ~ “When Darkness Falls” is now on sale at JMS Books at 20% off for this week only before it goes live world wide on May 19, 2013. (All books by K.C. Grim) ISBN: 9781611524819 Price: $2.99 $2.39 Save 20% Off Genre: Centemporary~Erotic Romance ~Fantasy~Supernatural~Fiction~Gay Length: 7,467 words Blurp: Shadow Chasers are dark and mysterious creatures of the night, among the oldest supernatural beings walking the earth. Their strength and ability to manipulate the darkness makes them powerful, but everyone has a weakness. Jet is no exception. He's always used his good looks and sex appeal to his own advantage. Never being the settling down type of guy, Jet is content with loving both men and women and then leaving a trail of broken hearts in his wake. After jilting one too many lovers, Jet suddenly finds himself banished to the farthest reaches of the world, the Arctic Circle. Can a creature who has existed for centuries locked in darkness survive in the land of the midnight sun? __________________________________________________________________________ I’m overwhelmed by the success of my new story collection. 5 short stories filled with erotic supernatural romance. Hot, steamy, and full of bite. Books 1 and 2 have been hits…check out the newest installment. To kick off the release I’m going to hold another giveaway on my blog. If you want to enter to win a free copy of “When Darkness Falls” go to my blog à htp://kcgrim.blogspot.com/ Answer this one question: What are you afraid of? (I posted my answer on my blog….soooo if you want to know what I’m afraid of you have to visit my blog. ) I can’t thank readers enough for all of your encouragement. You guys give me the drive to keep writing. Thanks so much! KC
  11. Hi all. i know I have few people who try to keep with me. I do apologize. I have been without the internet for about 2 weeks nows regularly. In order to get anything sent I have had to take my laptop to work. It isn't fun sitting in the car emailing work out and hoping it will all get back to you in time to meet a deadline. That is what happened with Amber Prince and I have to thank KC, Renee, and Cia who did what they could with the author being MIA. Dad has had a busy week. On Monday he had a growth removed from his leg.. The growth was large enough that the doctor couldn't give him stitches and the wound is slowly filling and healing. That was the start of the week. He had his Capsul Endoscopy on Wednesday. Considering the doctor has called yet with results I am not sure if I should be relieved or not. Into this stressful week I did have two bright spots. I got a card from Mark and a letter from Russ. What it meant to get mail that wasn't a bill or junnk mail I can't tell you. The smile and good will was just what I needed. I had hoped to try to get a mifi today but instead preorders for the Apple I-phone 5 started and you couldn't get near the mobile department at all. The internet will have wait tired of typing on my phone but oh well. The only fun I did have was ordering all sorts of new postcards to terrorize my friends with. Beware. They should also be on the look out for Halloween cards. I send them early. So hope that answers the questions of why I am not posting. I am trying to keep up (even post the prompts by phone), but can't do everything. Miss you all. WAYNE
  12. Taking 3rd place in GA's 2011 Novella Contest, The Secrets of Pimsim Cove was written by KC Grim. Congratulations, KC! You can find the story through this LINK and comment here in the topic. Congrats again KC!
  13. For Percy, coming out just wasn’t an option. So, what’s a guy to do when secret vacation hook-ups are no longer enough? Here is chapter 1 of my new story Mr. Anonymous. Percy is bisexual leaning heavily gay, but he’s seriously conflicted. He’s lived his life in the closet and coming out just isn’t an option for him. Random vacation hook-ups have been enough until now… I’m trying to take the wonderful advice and writing tips from the fabulous authors here at GA and have slowed the pace down on this new story. It’s not my usual frantic KC speed as well as there’s no creatures here, but I hope you still like it. Feel free to comment or leave questions. The posting schedule that I’m aiming for is once a week. Thanks again, KC http://www.gayauthor...rim/mranonymous
  14. Mistletoe and Handgrenades by KC Grim What would you do if someone tossed a handgrenade into your life? No matter what…your world is going to go BOOM! Spoilers Below!!!
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