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Found 10 results

  1. When I write a short story, I usually sit down and write until I'm done. Then I go back, revise, edit, remove stuff, add stuff, read it out loud to myself, fix every minor thing in the dialogue, and then, when I'm happy with it, I'll send it to a beta or an editor, or both. That is my process. When I write a novel, I can't just write until I'm done. I'll write a chapter, go back and read it, polish it, add stuff and take stuff out. Then I'll move on and write the next bit, and maybe do some research for some detail or another (and I need everything to be correct, so my research is meticulous), go back, reread, polish, add stuff, take stuff out. I fact, nearly half my word-count often comes in the editing process, because my rough draft is very stark, often just dialogue and a few tags, the bare minimum of detail and internal monologue so that I know what's going on. I add descriptions, embellish my language, fill out my characters' thoughts and actions, on the first rewrite. When you do NaNoWriMo, you're not supposed to do that. You're just supposed to sit down and write. I have a really hard time doing that. If I manage 2000 words in a day, it's often because I went back and reread and added stuff to previous chapters. At the moment I'm only a tiny bit behind, and I should be caught up by this evening, but I'm not really doing this the NaNoWriMo way. It'll be interesting to see if I make it in the end.
  2. I've been meaning to do NaNoWriMo for years, but I never got around to it. November always seems to be a bad month for me. So when I heard about Camp NaNoWriMo this year, I decided this was my chance. So, in April, I finished and rewrote Nemesis. And I won! I'm sort of giddy and very pleased with myself right now.
  3. I finished NaNoWriMo! I’m a winner! I feel really happy and accomplished and proud of myself and very happy. Look, I got a certificate and everything! Of course, this doesn’t mean that the novel is finished. Far from it. I’ve mostly finished all the chapters, and mostly done it the way I planned. But this is just a rough draft. Currently, the sequel to Nemesis (the proper title of which will be decided at a later date) is a collection of loose scenes, it feels like. That’s not to say that there isn’t an ongoing story arc and red thread, but It feels very episodic, and there are bits missing to tie the story together. It’s also full of errors (not so much the spelling and grammar kind as the continuity kind), and it’s very bare bones; I’ve written dialogue and the bare minimum of necessary description, and the language is simple and direct. Now comes the bit I like. Now comes the edit. I will read through everything that I’ve written, changing things as I go, fixing everything that doesn’t make sense, adding flourish to the language and detail to the settings, address the needs of characters who were overlooked (Chas needs more lines; Chas is funny). In the coming months, I’ll likely read through this thing a dozen times before I deem it worthy to even be seen by a beta reader. A lot of authors hate the edit. I love it. Just writing was very stressful to me (and I didn’t quite manage to do it; I kept going back, adding bits and taking bits out of what I’d already written), it isn’t the way I usually work. I always edit while I write. Now I get to take this lumpy, crippled piece of fiction and polish it and turn it into art. This is the bit that I enjoy the most. This is the part of writing that I truly love. This is the fun part.
  4. Is anyone going to tackle NaNoWriMo this year? I'm considering it, since I have a student intern till mid December, so I'll have time during the day to work on it. Any suggestions from those who have participated in the past?
  5. I couldn't find a thread for this anywhere, so I'll start! This year I've joined the NaNoWriMo, anyone else? I need to add buddies to feel loved and worth something *grin* Also, place your widget here!
  6. Ladies, Gentlemen and Those of you Who Have Yet to Make Up Your Minds.... (drum roll please) The most estimable Kitt is editing the chapters as i type them up in my cider and jerky powered frenzy, so updates will be erratic and fairly swift. Remember, in a month it'll be over. I will come and answer questions when I can, but Kitt knows everything i know, so i hope that y'all will be nice and let her be my rather more sensible voice if i can't make it on. I love story involving a young man who is a bear, a guy who is a lynx, and lots of messy and wonderful sex. All while trying not to be discovered. Did i mention that they work at an adventure campground for school groups?
  7. Calling all Artists, I want to create a front cover for my nano novel, but I have no artistic knowledge or skills whatsoever. I tried drawing a face the other day and it was an epic fail, I want to ask if someone will accept the challenge and create a front cover for me, I'll even thank you by mentioning your name in my novel on the thank you page the first page after the front cover. I'll leave a short synopsis of the novel below but the rest is up to you I hope someone will take up the challenge: Synopsis: Meet Me At The River Gareth Middleton, Stuart Spencer, Junior Carrington and Oliver Morrison tell of their lives between the age of 13 and 18 in real time, at an all-boys boarding school in the countryside. Where love, friendship, hate, alcoholism and mental illness, are all too frequent occurrence in the scary world of adolescence.also there is a river involved.
  8. From the album: Objects in my Solar System

    After i tidied in order to get ready for Nanowrimo
  9. From the album: Objects in my Solar System

    what my desk looked like before i sorted it to begin Nano
  10. comicfan


    Okay this is literally what I have as my check list this week. 1) Complete Chapter 29 of AH - Done. In fact it is one of the longer chapters. I'm nearly done with 30 now. Thank goodness. 2) Complete work on Seeon - We have successfully broken him up into chapters, expanded upon areas that were weak, and he is going for his last look over by the editor now that the beta and I have cleaned him up. Hopefully I will be posting chapter 1 later today. Remind me that prompts are supposed to be short stories. This thing kept growing, and growing, and growing. Three days and 47 pages later, a Seeon is born. 3) Try and get past the midway point on Jonas - I am up to Chapter 6. I have no idea if that is midway or not. 4) Finish 2 beta projects - Well those are both done, but I understand one of my regulars has his anthology completed and it needs a going over so one more project was picked up. 5) Nanowrimo - Okay, Granted we are presently five days into the month and the supposedly the novel. I um, well, I have only five pages done. With everything else going on I just haven't had time. 6) Complete Thanksgiving Cards - I bought them, that has to count for something right? 7) Wrap up and mail November Birthday gifts - Well one person is complete and partially wrapped, my father's is bought, and I haven't a thing yet for my sister-in-law and hers is on the eighth. Would I be a bad person if I just ordered something off Amazon and had it delivered? Oh well. Wishing all of you a good day. Keep your chin up and keep going.
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