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Found 7 results

  1. Who W/we Are First if I am out of bed at this god-forsaken time something is on my mind. Right now, it is the feeling I must defend who and what tim and I are, and how we live. I likely don’t. This will likely be repetitive. But I don’t care. Better out, than in! I am a Dom. A Dominant man. I have a boy … who is my submissive. That does not mean only that I take the dominant role in sex. Our lifestyle is one of Dominance and submission, it is a partnership. tim, my boy, is the most important person in my life. My role is to care for him, mentally and physically. I love and cherish the person he is. tim is submissive because it is natural for him to be. To him, I am his teacher, his lover, caregiver, I give him shelter from the storms of life. he knows he can run to me and I will protect him. I make most of the decisions in our life. tim and I discuss things, but the ultimate choice belongs with me. My responsibility. If the truth be told, tim does not want the responsibility. I do things, expect things that I know make him grumble mostly to himself, sometimes to his friends. That’s fine, he a human being. For example, I usually select his clothes, tell him when to get a haircut and how I want it. Why? tim is an introvert. If left to his own devices he’d grow his hair to hide behind and wear clothes two sizes too big. he is a handsome man, I am proud of him and enjoy having him beside me, so I care how he looks. he likes that I make these decisions for him. tim is quiet, he stammers when he’s forced to talk especially to strangers. Writing is a different thing. Writing frees his mind and makes it easier for him to communicate. It is tim’s nature to care for others. he is empathetic, but often takes on too much of other’s hurt. Until he is hurting. His past most of you know about, the abuse he suffered during those years still haunts him. It left him with PTSD, nightmares, depression and HIV. Conflict is difficult. Before I was diagnosed, tim worried about symptoms I was displaying. Over and over he asked me to see a doctor. I told him there was nothing to worry about. This went on for a while, until it became too much for him. tim my quiet, beautiful husband finally raised his voice to me. Told me, didn’t ask, in no uncertain terms that if I was his Sir, his Dom that it was my responsibility to look after myself, so I could look after him. That few minutes cost tim a lot. It was totally out of his comfort zone, not who he is at all. In that few minutes, I was shocked, slightly angry. But then I saw, I had messed up. I had forced him to do this thing. I hadn’t paid attention. tim saw a huge empty, black place ahead, if something happened to me. Which I never thought about. He was so afraid, he yelled at me. I went for tests, brought him with me for the results. I have diabetes. his bravery likely saved my life. subs are brave, loving people. I am grateful for mine every day. As a Dom what do I get out of this? I am fulfilled because I look after tim. I protect him, let him be who he is. D/s is about control. But it is rarely loud. Our D/s scene/play is quiet. Quiet because being quiet takes control. Breathing is controlled, there is no moaning, groaning or begging. There is silence as much as possible. Sometimes sex is involved, often it is not. Being a Dom means you are aware, flexible, you need to be able to read your sub and understand them. Here is where things become murkier. D/s can involve S&M, bondage and other fetishes. It depends on the couple. For some those things are never part of their lives. That is why when people who have zero idea about D/s write it, they get it wrong. They do not see the interactions, do not understand the little everyday things that make us who we are. Sex? We have sex like all Gay couples. I am a top, tim a bottom. Because I am a Dom I normally control things. Sometimes that includes allowing tim to come or not, it includes what we do, how we do it. But sometimes I let tim decide. I know he enjoys exploring my body so I let him. It’s fun for us both. Finally, we do not choose to be what we are; we do not turn it off and on. Like being Gay, it is NOT a choice. We simply are. Just a little more … tim wrote this about a trip to the store .. in it he refers to me.. but it really says so much about him. Out Today we went shopping you and me. We met an older man. He was not pretty, but I won’t be if I live so long. You talked to him like You do, so easily so openly; while I stand quietly afraid to trip over my tied tongue. You said something about, my husband, and he looked at each of us then. I am so thinking, here it comes. - me with little faith in my straight brothers - He smiled and said: Oh, how wonderful! And we stood, the three of us in Best Buy, speaking of English TV and detective shows. As you do.
  2. i am grateful for many things in my life. i have been Michael's collared sub for nearly ten years. i am grateful for that. i am grateful for all He does for me and for us. i am truly grateful. i am not very good at showing that i am. i am not very good at telling Sir that i am. my rules have become blurred, and lazy and i do things by rote. i am working to correct this. many subs greet their Dom in the same way ... we kneel and our Dom pulls us close into their body and holds us there. there may be more but not always. it is a time to reconnect and part of that is their scent. when i am upset or distracted, Michael's scent can calm me as much as the hug. it is home and safety. Touch is part of that too. Most subs like to be close. i have ensured lately that i thank Him, while i kneel there, before He releases me. He does much so i do not have to; things like laundry, shopping, and prepping dinner. He looks after me, thanks me for cooking, or washing His back, or for making His tea. I asked Him once why, saying he shouldn't need to thank me. He smiled at me. "Of course, I must, boy. you need to know you are loved and that I am grateful for you too." That He is is very humbling to this boy. i love this Life. That i am in it, is because of Him. thank You, Sir, this boy is properly grateful.
  3. Hello to whomever is reading this! I've been a member for a couple of years now, but only recently realized I wanted to write. I'm hoping that someone is able to help me find the "add story" button, or just help me submit my work. I followed all the steps, up to the "add story" button on the stories tab, and I just don't know what to do! I can't find it! So, if anyone could help, it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  4. We talk often together about our lives, about D/s and what it means to all of us here who have chosen this lifestyle. I say choose, but is it a choice? I could never choose to be submissive, just as tim could not be a Dominant. But as we are, we are two halves, and only together are we whole. as always, for my sweet boy, I leave you this; This Dom’s Pledge As days tumble into years you are still with me. A gift, as precious to me as any treasure More, since you come to me on your knees Into my hands you place your heart and mind And body. Trusting I will keep you safe, protecting you always As is my wont and my duty I promise you now, as I promised you then To be all for you, to care and protect you Until I am no more **********************
  5. Just a bit of background... As I went through my younger years I found that other’s seemed to naturally follow me, and look to me for direction. As sex came into the picture, it was the same in the bedroom. I learned that I liked to lead play there, liked my partners to be submissive. I thought simply that I was a top, I am, but I am more. I am what is known as a Dominant, a Dom. It is not about being a brute or sadist (well it is if you are a sadist). It is about honesty, control and you must believe that mistakes are unacceptable. I do not mean mistakes made by the submissive; I mean mistakes made by myself. Mistakes made by a Dom can be dangerous for the submissive so open two-way honest communication is paramount. I learned about BDSM and D/s and read about these lifestyles and the more I read the more I knew what I wanted from life and from my future partner. As a young man, I also met the man who would be my mentor in the D/s lifestyle, John. He taught me much, showed me much and I developed into who I am today. Before tim, I had other subs, some interested in long term, others only in D/s in the bedroom. From these experiences I learned for me D/s would extend beyond the bed, into nearly all aspects of my life. I’ve never been one to shy away from the fact I am different from most and wanted different things. I do not hide I am gay, when we are out of the house, tim’s hand is in mine. I will hug him, or touch him and give him a kiss out there in the world. I do not care what other’s think about that. We are as human as they and if they take issue, then look away. tim I was fairly sure was submissive when I first met him; and he was who I wanted. It took time to ensure this was the case on both counts. After several months I was positive and I methodically went about making tim want me too. Once we decided how we would live we had the usual vanilla marriage ceremony. I wanted more however, a D/s ceremony, where I would collar my boy. The collar can be a simple chain, to a leather collar or metal ring, it is up to each Dominant to determine what they want. tim’s collar is simple box chain in silver, with a flat silver ring with the word Forever on it. There would be friends of ours, John and his boy and some other Dominants and their subs present but I also wanted my parents there. They didn’t know about this part of me, well not formally, but how to tell them? I did it as I do everything, straightforwardly and honestly. I took tim one night to see them and told them about my life, our life. My father listened quietly and my mother was rather more animated. She wanted to know if I beat tim, how could I hurt him if I loved him. tim surprised me then by speaking up. “Michael does not beat me. There are deep reasons for what we do but He does nothing i don’t want Him to.” We spent another hour talking about D/s and what it means to us both. Since the ceremony, I know both of them have looked into D/s and have a better understanding of what it is. tim and I have lived this way for nearly eight years. We’ve had ups and downs, but tim is the most important thing in my life. tim has paid dearly for the right to live, he has given me the greatest gift anyone can offer, he has given me himself. I cherish, love and protect that with all I have because nothing will ever mean more to me. Just a bit of background.. questions if you have them, are welcome. M
  6. I, dressed only in black denims and boots Watch you strip down to nothing You are always unclothed, baring all to me For you belong to me, you are mine You stand at room’s centre, in submission Rising for my chair I circle you, gaze at you When my hand caresses your back you flinch The skin there still soft, unscarred, sweet You utter no sound as I walk around you I want you, desire you, control you My own manhood, hard, wanting And I could take you, but I too must wait I take your hand and pass it over my hardness No sound from you, but I see you swallow “Control it, boy,” I whisper As your own member betrays you You breathe deeply in your concentration In your scramble for control of your body “On your knees, boy. Eyes on me.” You gaze up at me as you comply I retake my seat as you kneel There is disappointment in your eyes You will learn patience, control And learn I know what’s best **********************************************
  7. You requested a poem .. here you are Submission You kneel before me unclothed Like you’ve done a thousand times Knees spread apart So you’re open to me, vulnerable I walk around you saying nothing Your head is bowed in submission Hands on thighs You know to whom you belong Your back marked from our play Pain you will carry for days Borne with dignity Your strength a source of pride You are my boy and I your master I draw you up into my embrace Lean on me Your place is here, always *********************************
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