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Found 5 results

  1. Dmrman

    Time approaches

    It's been a while since an update, things have been very trying and exhausting yet time doesn't stand still it continues to progress even when we are not ready, it moves. Situations unexpected, to try and spoil, dreams and Happiness. What can be done to deflect or slow down approaching disaster...??? apparently just adapting and taking the good and filter out the bad ..! It's only 11 days until My Boys wedding, they have managed to juggle and maneuver and manage their plans yet still work and prepare for college classes. I have tried my best to accomplish and finish projects for the Wedding since the news they wanted at home in our yard... while some are finished others remain to be completed. complications with My good eye after surgery slowly demanding my time, instead of allowing assistance in the completion of projects. yes, it is Frustrating and could cause one to dwell on its completion. I wanted nothing but the Best for their wedding... while dealing with the possibilities it wouldn't be finished, I had come to a major revelation...nothing new, nothing that hasn't evolved before and certainly not the tragedy my mind was generating within my head. the wedding will still happen, and just the joy of the glorious day itself will not cease because the "PERGOLA" never got finished, the garden was never completed and your eye needs more surgery. not relevant... what is relevant is that the wedding is all about Love, and new beginnings, and happiness, joy, and health for the two young one's joining together to bond in and through that love... I had to realize this is not about me... how selfish tragedy want's to steal and pillage all our happiness ... So My task is done for the moment, my focus on the Magnificent Wonder of Two people Hopelessly in Love and that is something money can't buy...!!! Hugz and love to you all, life is but for a moment...!!
  2. Dmrman

    The Importance of Life

    How to Start this, I would hope we all would have particular questions, and input on how important Life is, and what we see ourselves contributing to life ...? do we question or even ask what do we care if anything about others in this world, I mean sure we all have lives to lead and our own choices to make each day...But even at that people watch to see how we act and respond to even critical circumstances we deal with daily ( or should be dealing with) lets' face it, it is a fact people are watching in the shadows and monitoring our life' We are under the Scope of people looking for examples to apply in their own life, we need each other, and I believe were created to need each other. Everyone has something they can do or share with others that help us through daily Issues, everyone has the same Capacity to give and share Valued input to make life a little easier, or just encourage others how to move forward in their struggles, without the consideration of doom and worthlessness... My Heart Says Everyone has Value and worth and should not just be ignored because they can't see how to apply it in their life. I praised our Teens for their stands on Safety in their schools, and the Magnificent way they handled themselves! A display of honor and Integrity that they created certainly embarrassing points directed at adults and with righteous means. Our teens are our Future, Important to our lives as well as future generations... I will be the first to admit they still need Adult and senior guidance, but they are Part of the Importance of life, we need to corporately come together and listen and consider and share with an open mind not dictating, but with Mutual respect and admiration. If there is one thing I have learned when we hurt and ignore teens is when we have rebellion and confusion. the same principle works for adults and Seniors and the trickle-down effect can make or destroy a person we tend to put the fire and passion for responsibility... out before it has a chance to get some good hot coals going, and in the process discouraging others to even try again because of our results, being premature in accepting that anyone else can give proper input. We need to know it's not all about "Me" the importance of life is to mentor and guide and teach and remain Teachable and when we share these Standards with each other we form a strong "UNBREAKABLE BOND" that has been the Value of Changes of life That has been the Strength and standard of life for centuries! I have found My boys ( where I work) even though they have been to hell and back can be changed ( from Trauma ) and taught to lead in a manner that is beneficial not just to them but to society, and in doing so gives them Part ownership in the very Future they will be living in...!! The importance of life is not Complacency but One of Options and opportunities... So are we helping Each other to get there...? or are we being the stumbling block Not just to the teens, but to each other...!! I am curious about your thoughts and if you agree or disagree if you see and feel the same way, what are your feelings I encourage all ( Teens, Adults and Senior's) to get involved and work out between ourselves what the world can't seem to do... find a common ground being openminded and encouraging is the Only requirement... this is not a Gripe session... consider it E/I to all of us to learn and teach what seems to be Lacking, and why I think we may be having a lot of the Issues ... we Can change on a small scale and take it to a bigger scale we all just need to get out of our comfort zone and realize Change is part Of the Importance of Life, But means Nothing when we fail to do our Individual Parts in it. I love dealing with teens, they are serious about their passions and compassion, the only one who is not are the ones who continually are shut down and led to believe they are not important...But if we are "HONEST" with ourselves we as adults and seniors chose the same means to not have to deal with change and opportunities and options sitting right in our faces...!!!! so Talk to Me I welcome your Input...!!!
  3. stephanie l danielson

    Love by the Numbers

    From the album: book covers

  4. I am part of a team of medics and support staff and volunteers working in North America and the EU in a counseling rôle in assisting teenage members of refugee and asylum-seeking families with lifestyle issues. My team is particularly focussed on issues surrounding non-traditional sexual orientation, but within the context of everything else of course: new country, language, political and legal system, children's rights, gender equality, social system and etiquette, religious and moral norms, ethics and cultural ethos; in short, the works! So, these 11-17 year-olds are dealing with the nightmare of their raging pubescent hormones whilst all the rest of their known world has also undergone a tectonic shift. As there are currently only eight of us working as team leaders in this specialty - three in the US, and one each in Canada, Germany, Sweden, Spain and the UK - we are seeing only a tiny fraction of those referred to us and those only twice monthly. As a consequence, my colleagues and I have found good, age-appropriate stories with a strong, supportive message to be one excellent resource we can call upon between our sessions with those we call our protégés. I need your help finding these. We begun a very amateurish blog a few weeks ago seeking help from writers and others because we simply do not have time to trawl the web to find the right stuff. I am probably breaking the code of etiquette of webism or whatever by doing this, but I'm desperate. If you have time, and have a care for LGBT Asylum-seeking teens, please read some of the posts on www.daktaris.WordPress.com and either reply to me there, or comment here or email me directly. We desperately need your input. We also need simple moral support, just to feel somebody among the community cares about these kids. At present we are beginning to think we are speaking into an uncaring black hole. Blessings. Doc.
  5. Uplifted Spirit

    Knots in Our Lives

    I started writing my story Knots during November a couple years back by participating in the National Novel Writing Month. NanoWriMo. The goal is to write 50,000 words in a month. I've now done it four times. Knots was the story of two 9th graders who were best friends. The idea was to talk about the knots they tie in their lives. The odd thing is, they did tie knots, but the knots were not the ones I envisioned when I started. It didn't start out as a story about two gay boys, and in some ways, isn't. I kept wondering if there was a place for it in the regular young adult market because it dealt with young adult sex. So I took the story and began posting it here. I've been editing and revising as I go. The approach to the story is different because I wanted to be different. You'll have to read it to see if I succeeded.

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