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For those of you who weren't subscribed to the "Gay Authors" newsletter that was circled around for a while last year, I had the privilege of adding a monthly article about writing online to every issue. Big thanks go out to all of the folks who worked so hard on putting it together, I had a blast doing it. 'Life' kinda got in the way for a lot of the folks involved with the newsletter, and coming up with articles, themes, story reviews, and the like every single month proved to be difficult to pull off on top of everything else. But I truly had an awesome time doing it, and for the folks who never got the chance to see the articles I wrote, I'm posting links to them down below. I don't have the 'edited' copies, unfortunately, but they're there if you wanna check them out. I hope they help out a bit! The first two were sent out with the newsletter, the second two were written but never seen, and the last one I had to finish in order to post it along with the others. So Enjoy, and keep writing!

- "The Unknown Audience"
(An article talking about the importance of reader feedback in online fiction, and how just a few words to an author can keep them going strong)

- "Love - And Other Four Letter Words"
(Talking about the actual words used to describe sexual situations, from the innocent to the extremely vulgar, and the impact they can have on your story)

- "What To Say, What To Say"
(An article discussing the fear and doubt in starting your own story, and finding a way to get past it to get those initial ideas out on paper)

- "The Claws Of The Critic"
(Discussing the positive and negative effects of hearing from tough critics on your work, and how to better use it to your advantage)

- "Ohhh Nooo!!! Not The Deadly Writer's Block!!!"
(Some possible methods that can be used to get around writer's block, and get back to finishing the stories you're working on)

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