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  1. Boss Nanny

    By Mrsgnomie, in Fiction. 03/14/2021 (Updated: 06/15/2021)

    It's college. Matt should be worrying about classes, friends, and parties. Not a baby. At least his boss is cool when he shows up to work with his infant brother in tow. His boss's boss on the other hand? Matt's sure he'll be an issue. Except, Seamus helps Matt more than anyone.

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  3. The Brilliant Boy Billionaire

    By Altimexis, in Fiction. 06/12/2021 (Updated: 06/19/2021)

    Young Adam, aka Simon, aka J.J. grew up in Southern Indiana, the victim of sexual abuse for as long as he could remember. The one thing he had going for himself was his intelligence, which allowed him to master advanced college-level material online. On his 13th birthday, however, his father left him no choice but to fight back the only way he could. Forced to run away, he began an amazing journey that would lead him to the highest corporate echelons, and more importantly, to love.

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  5. Switching Sides

    By lomax61, in Potluck 2021. 06/17/2021 (Updated: 06/17/2021)

    Anthology Pot Luck Theme: Turn Back Time

    British born Chinese gay man Stanley Cheung wakes with somebody else's hangover.

    Not only that, but he is laid out on someone’s couch in a grungy student digs where a strange woman is telling him he smells like a brewery. The thing is Stanley rarely drinks.

    When the woman finally leaves, he finds out that not only has he woken as six-foot-three, ripped, blond-haired, straight Caucasian Don Bradley, but today is not Friday.

    It’s Thursday.


    He is reliving the same day but this time as somebody else.

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  7. Three Strikes

    By Mrsgnomie, in Fiction. 08/12/2018 (Updated: 11/21/2018)

    Donovan, a one time promising baseball star, enjoys his life and his close friends. After almost a decade of trying to forget his past, he's wrangled into joining a summer co-ed men's baseball league. That's when he meets Shane, a jerk with a great ass. They don't get off get off to a good start but will they be able to overcome their differences?

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  9. An Overheard Conversation

    By Ivor Slipper, in Fiction. 06/15/2021 (Updated: 06/19/2021)

    Fourteen year old Ethan Berenson and his family have recently moved from California to Texas. One day he happens to overhear a conversation between two of his teachers which sets off a chain of events...

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  11. Wait. What? The Devil is Gay?

    By kbois, in Fiction. 06/21/2021 (Updated: 06/13/2021)

    A little glimpse into Hell. Or is it?

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  13. Adam Blake

    By CLJobe, in Fiction. 05/11/2021 (Updated: 06/21/2021)

    A lesson in education

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  15. Tied up in Knotts

    By Mrsgnomie, in Fiction. 05/30/2020 (Updated: 11/14/2020)

    Nash Cushman had a good life. Nominated for 'Man of the Year, he had a good job, a great husband, and a community of people who loved him. Until he didn't. Through it all, life and love found a way. One man got what he never knew he wanted (or needed) while the other got the impossible.

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  17. Fabulous Pride

    By Aditus, in Fiction. 06/21/2021 (Updated: 06/18/2021)

    Dale waits for his best friend Avery at the coffee shop, and waits... When he finally arrives, Dale is in for a surprise.

    The story takes part in the June 2021 Pride Flash Fiction Challenge.

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  19. The Runner

    By Krista, in Potluck 2021. 06/17/2021 (Updated: 06/17/2021)

    Potluck Theme: National Forest

    Jace is a good kid, guy next door, dutiful to his mother, respected by everyone he meets. All that changes when he walks in on something that spurred him to action, an action that forces himself to look into the mirror and wonder just who he was. He doesn't have time right now though, right now he has to run.

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  21. Jus Sanguinis

    By Valkyrie, in Potluck 2021. 06/17/2021 (Updated: 06/17/2021)

    Rowan thought he was nuts for moving into a house sight unseen, even though it had been in Pieter’s family for generations. Oakhaven’s beauty changes his mind, and he soon finds himself on a journey of family secrets, where he learns that gods and monsters aren’t always what they appear to be.

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  23. By All Accounts

    By Aditus, in On The Road. 06/11/2021 (Updated: 06/11/2021)

    Zane is a methodical person. He’s great at making plans for work and for his life. When he discovers a rainbow sticker in the lower left corner of a window, he plans to visit a gay bar, for the very first time in his life.

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  25. Crosscurrents

    By Adam Phillips, in Fiction. 12/27/2010 (Updated: 07/30/2013)

    Andy and Matt, best friends and teammates from childhood, grow together, learn together, and struggle to remain friends when their evolving relationship outpaces their ability to understand it.

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  27. Famous Last

    By lomax61, in Fiction. 11/28/2020 (Updated: 02/14/2021)

    Late October, and Spencer K Wyrrell—Squirrel—sits hidden behind an evergreen bush, freezing his arse off in the rooftop garden of his boss' London penthouse flat. Taking a break, he is waiting with an ice bucket and a bottle of Dom for the arrival of his colleague, Bev. But when the balcony door slides open, the person who steps out is the smoking hot celebrity, Marshall J Highlander. Squirrel overhears Highlander’s call. A newspaper is threatening to publish nude photographs of him and his ex-boyfriend from a holiday in France.

    And on that night, an unexpected friendship begins to blossom during a time of Christmas lockdown.

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  29. The Darkness Between Doors 3. Doorways

    By Geron Kees, in Fiction. 04/24/2021 (Updated: 04/30/2021)

    The Doors between worlds have presented Derry Hamlyn and his boyfriend Cally with a mystery: what happened to the advanced civilization that created them so long ago? In this third adventure through the Doors, Derry and Cally, along with Derry’s granddad, Mike Hamlyn, set out with the aid of Difris and Nyf, two artificial intelligences working to solve the mystery, to explore the Door system further in the hopes of learning more about the vanished builders...

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  31. Never A Door Lost 2. Doorways

    By Geron Kees, in Fiction. 01/31/2018 (Updated: 01/31/2018)

    Derry and Caleb return to the moon of the red sun to assist the robot, Difris, in his search for the vanished civilization of the builders. This trip will take them farther from home than they - or any human - has ever been before...

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  33. Denied

    By Cia, in Fiction. 10/18/2017 (Updated: 10/30/2019)

    I endured years of experiments at the hands of sadistic aliens. Barely eighteen, I've been rescued from the tiny cell and the years of enforced sensory deprivation. Lost, with no family or friends I can remember or would turn to if I could, I'm alone in the universe... except for the humans who saved me. The Captain. Zeke. Doc. A crew of misfit Rangers, a ragtag bunch operating just this side of legal--and often on the other side when circumstances are right--are not the kind to help someone “like me” recover. Captain wants to send me away, but I can't leave. No one else can touch me.

    He's it for me, the strength I can't function without.

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  35. The Odd, Onward Door 1. Doorways

    By Geron Kees, in Fiction. 08/27/2017 (Updated: 08/27/2017)

    Summer vacation had started out well for Derry and Caleb. There was much to occupy two adventurous boys in the rural landscape in which they lived. They had the woods, and the fields, and the waterways to occupy them.

    And they had each other.

    But then they made a discovery - a strange place hidden in the forest, a pathway to lands beyond description. And suddenly, the summer was not quite so simple any longer.

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  37. The Cardmaker and the Caretaker 1. Viking Valentine

    By Timothy M., in Fiction. 02/07/2016 (Updated: 05/02/2018)

    After the death of his parents Patrick is lonely and his life unfulfilled, in spite of being rich and able to indulge in his passion for creating unique art in his card shop in London. He longs for friends and for a romantic relationship, especially while creating Valentine cards. The chance encounter with a handsome Dane and his young son pitches the shy innocent cardmaker headlong into love and changes everything.

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  39. When Opportunity Knocks

    By kbois, in Fiction. 05/24/2021 (Updated: 06/20/2021)

    Jett Anderson and Kyle Benton are starting to build a relationship. Life decides to throw in some speed bumps and hazards to make navigating the road not so easy.

    Add in some unexpected family dynamics and soon enough things get challenging.

    Can they work it out?

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