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How do I add a chapter to an existing story?

Before adding a chapter make sure you're not submitting more content per day than allowed: Click here to go to FAQ topic


  • Save Chapter - Adds chapter to the story and makes it visible to author and staff.  If you are still in the moderation queue, this sends the chapter to moderation.  You can edit the chapter in this mode but editing an approved chapter that has not been published, it will unapprove the chapter until a moderator reviews it again.
  • Publish - This makes a chapter saved in the system visible publicly.  You can only publish 1 chapter per story per 24 hours.

Steps to add a chapter:

  1. Click on the Stories tab in the red menu bar
  2. Click on the My Stories button below the story categories and above the stories in the recent updates area 
  3. Click on the Story Title
  4. Click on the Manage Story drop menu below the story metadata and above the chapter listing
  5. Click on Add Chapter in the menu options
  6. Fill in chapter title, notes, text, and end of chapter notes.  It is strongly advised that you save to the system and publish separately if presented with the option to publish.
  7. Save (or submit to moderation)


So long as you did not choose to publish chapter, you can now edit the chapter to make sure it looks as intended.  It will be flagged as either Unpublished or Waiting Approval.  If you are satisfied with how it looks, then you can choose to publish once it has been approved. (approval is automatic if you are out of the Moderation Queue)

All chapters should be completely edited and ready for publishing before author set the Publish time. Followers are notified when authors update their content, so please do not publish and then immediately unpublish chapters as this will create what appears to be an error to readers which often results in site staff being repeatedly contacted with reports. If you accidentally publish the wrong content, or have extra chapters publish for some reason, please contact Cia via PM to have it deleted. 

If you decide to publish, you need to toggle the "Publish Chapter" toggle.


If you have not posted a chapter in less than the time shown, then you can also toggle "Publish Now" if you want to publish immediately.  Otherwise, the Chapter Publish Time defaults to 24 hours after the last published chapter or 5 minutes from when you loaded the page.  You will not be allowed to publish a chapter sooner than 24 hours that the previous chapter. 

Important: If you are just adding your Prologue and/or Chapter 1, then go to the publishing FAQ next:



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