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  1. Comicality


    • Author: Signature Author
    • 148 Stories
    • 37 Reviews
    • 5,647,032 Words

    Comicality's Shack Out Back The Shack Out Back tells stories of teen romance, angst, confusion, and the occasional heartbreak. Tales of love that you will hopefully enjoy and take to heart. Over 50 different stories and series are waiting for you! Stop on in!
  2. Mark Arbour

    Mark Arbour

    • Author: Signature Author
    • 29 Stories
    • 13 Reviews
    • 5,472,865 Words
    • No website available

    Mark Arbour writes historical fiction about gay and bisexual characters painted on the canvas of the past.
  3. Bill W

    Bill W

    • Author: Classic Author
    • 65 Stories
    • 7 Reviews
    • 3,373,744 Words
    • No website available

    BW’s stories present adolescent to college age young men dealing with issues and situations that confront the gay community. These stories often contain explicit sexual scenes, but the content of the various selections is about far more than the isolated sexual escapades. I hope you sit back and enjoy the fictional tales being offered here.
  4. dkstories


    • Author: Classic Author
    • 19 Stories
    • 22 Reviews
    • 2,544,002 Words
    • No website available

    Writing stories since 2000 in the science fiction, fantasy and modern genres. He's known for his strong characters and political intrigue.
  5. Nephylim


    • Author: Signature Author
    • 50 Stories
    • 12 Reviews
    • 2,228,358 Words

    If you want something a bit different then you are sure to find it here. From vampires to bondage, to rock stars with issues and a whole host of characters who jump off the page to grab you by the throat and draw you in. This is Nephy's private world where an unique mind and vivid perspective is let loose to produce stories of gay and straight love, loss and laughter set in a variety of, sometimes highly unusual situations and locations.
  6. C James

    C James

    • Author: Signature Author
    • 16 Stories
    • 10 Reviews
    • 2,061,993 Words
    • No website available

    Featuring a collection of C James' stories, including everything from action/adventure with a nuclear twist, to a tale of death on the senate floor (written in 2nd person) to a slightly tongue-in-cheek horror story, surfing, romance, sci-fi, etc. C James enjoys writing in many different styles, so each story is different in its own way. C James' stories are also known for their extensive background research, including some scenes that are set in foreign locations and researched via the author's love of travel, including recent visits to many of the featured overseas locations.
  7. JacobMillerTex


    • Author: Author
    • 5 Stories
    • 0 Reviews
    • 2,040,870 Words
    • No website available
  8. Graeme


    • Admin: Site Administrator
    • 59 Stories
    • 20 Reviews
    • 1,889,860 Words
    • No website available

    While most of Graeme's stories are drama or romance, amongst his many tales you can find a little bit of everything, including comedy and science fiction. Often these come in a different point of view: from the father or brother of a gay son, the mother of a suicide, through the guy who learns his friend is gay. The narrator can also range from a character who may or may not be insane to an alien observing a human relationship, so he has something for everyone!
  9. DomLuka


    • Author: Classic Author
    • 11 Stories
    • 13 Reviews
    • 1,748,722 Words
    • No website available

    DomLuka's Official Story Site
  10. JMH


    • Author: Author
    • 16 Stories
    • 0 Reviews
    • 1,649,055 Words
    • No website available

    In the epic Science Fiction/Fantasy tradition the tales within can take place on Earth, Mars and worlds far distant in time and space. In such fanciful settings you will find that most reflect on love that never should have been but was always meant to be. These are not short tales. They're not for the faint of heart. Even with a life filled with hardships love is the substance that glues everything together. Here you will find PLOT is king; its many lines laced together like a fine spider web.
  11. Cia


    • Admin: Site Administrator
    • 57 Stories
    • 8 Reviews
    • 1,627,487 Words
    • No website available

    Cia's writing involves stories with budding relationships. She doesn't allow herself to be boxed into one genre, instead her stories can be spread out through multiple categories, including: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Modern, and even mixes of those and more. The common thread that binds them all is the realization that you never know what is going to happen next.
  12. Sasha Distan

    Sasha Distan

    • Author: Promising Author
    • 65 Stories
    • 16 Reviews
    • 1,612,844 Words

    Sasha writes romantic fiction for men who love men, and everyone else who likes that too. Mixing the beautifully mundane with the outlandish and fantastical, Sasha generally just wants everyone to end up happy and in love, and sometimes the characters play along too. There is often, but not always, a fairly healthy amount of sex involved.
  13. AC Benus

    AC Benus

    • Author: Signature Author
    • 65 Stories
    • 23 Reviews
    • 1,585,553 Words
    • No website available

    With a degree in Fine Arts, and a long professional career in design, AC brings unflinching attention to detail to his writings and poetry. He strives for emotional realness in all circumstances, and excels at structure and dialogue. A love of history, philosophy, and the humanities informs his work, while having honed his craft from his adolescence has allowed him to delve into the workings of the human heart. He also has a wicked sense of humor.
  14. R. Eric

    R. Eric

    • Author: Author
    • 18 Stories
    • 8 Reviews
    • 1,545,495 Words
    • No website available

    The son of a Southern Baptist preacher who was married to a man I buried April 10, 2017. My husband Daniel kept here as I write. Except for one story, all stories are him and me. He will never be forgotten.
  15. David McLeod

    David McLeod

    • Author: Classic Author
    • 34 Stories
    • 1 Reviews
    • 1,534,510 Words
    • No website available

    David McLeod writes stories set both in a medieval fantasy world and in various Earth-analogues that touch that world from time to time. While admitting a debt to a youth wasted on fantasy and role-playing games, his goal is to bring fresh heroes, villains, and ordinary people into worlds different, but not so different, from our own.
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