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  1. For Everything You Are

    By James Matthews, in Fiction. 09/15/2021 (Updated: 09/23/2021)

    • teen
    • gay
    • under 18
    • north america
    • coming of age
    • friendship

    James Matthews' 2013 debut Novel. Now re-released in the third person, extended in several places and re-edited comes back to Gay Authors.

    Jake Stevens is waking up to a typical day when his best friend and crush reveals a conversation he heard Jake's father having on the phone. Cody cannot be sure about the contents, but if accurate, it would be life-changing. While the ordinarily astute and school loving Jake lets his mind turn in on itself, Cody insists and promises he will always be there for Jake, no matter what happens. But, he is leading Jake into a false narrative. For if the contents true, that promise will be broken instantly.

    • 7 Chapters
    • 46,677 Words
    • Mature
    • Adventure, Drama, Romance, Mystery
    • In Process
  2. True As It Can Be 1. WL's Writing Experiments

    By W_L, in Fiction. 09/05/2021 (Updated: 09/22/2021)

    • university
    • dark
    • disability
    • psychology
    • sports
    • modern
    • depression
    • holiday

    A re-interpretation of a Classic Fairy Tale:

    Brad Brooks has become isolated, self-destructive, and beastly to others around him. Beau Cocteau is a petite and kindhearted gay college student with no family and few friends. A chance encounter one night will begin a tale as old as time.

    • 7 Chapters
    • 22,213 Words
    • Mature
    • Adventure, Drama, Romance
    • In Process
  3. Serpent Mound 4. Werebears in America

    By Grumpy Bear, in Fiction. 08/26/2021 (Updated: 09/22/2021)

    • mature adult
    • were-creatures
    • north america
    • anal
    • group sex
    • oral

    Werebear mates Gary and Bill run an academy for at-risk boys, and are thrilled to discover that an orphaned youth sent to their boarding school by the state is bear kindred. But, when the mysterious boy is drawn to a remote area in the Smoky Mountains by an unknown force following his 18th birthday, the Bears must band together to save one of their own from a fate worse than death.

    • 14 Chapters
    • 48,960 Words
    • Mature
    • Thriller/Suspense, Adventure, Paranormal
    • In Process
  4. Ancalagon

    By Cia, in Fiction. 08/17/2020 (Updated: 09/22/2021)

    • aliens
    • space
    • animals
    • military
    • future

    Plants and animals were my thing. The intricacies of nature intrigued me and yet there was an elegant simplicity that I loved.

    6888 Ardra. Heavy gravity planet. Human-compatible atmosphere. Generally temperate climate; I’d aimed for the southern continent which had milder weather and a good mix of terrain.

    “Damn Sonez anyway.” He’d tried to keep me on his ship instead of letting me explore the planet with a team after the probe returned. Well I’d stopped his plotting before he could ruin my life.

    And I’d show everyone just what Essell Deray could do.

    • 57 Chapters
    • 56,550 Words
    • Mature
    • Adventure, Sci-Fi
    • In Process
  5. Rising in the Shadows 2. In The Shadows

    By astone2292, in Fiction. 01/22/2021 (Updated: 09/22/2021)

    • magic
    • were-creatures
    • gay
    • anal
    • oral

    After completing their bond, Mason and Vincent begin a new chapter in their lives. Vincent dives in to his shadow magic training while Mason confronts rising issues within his pack. The couple continue to forge their relationship to new heights, discover secrets in the town of Owensville, and contemplate on confronting Stefan Gregoro.

    Kaplan Alvey, the attorney and Beta for the New York State Pack, finds himself in a transition of power. With Alpha Scott retiring to Owensville, his new boyfriend, Alpha Cyrus Vonder, steps up to run the most powerful pack in the country. The Beta finds out that his new Alpha has much kept hidden.

    • 29 Chapters
    • 160,851 Words
    • Mature
    • Fantasy, Romance, Paranormal
    • Complete
  6. The Brilliant Boy Billionaire

    By Altimexis, in Fiction. 06/02/2021 (Updated: 09/22/2021)

    • teen
    • gay
    • casual
    • coming of age
    • abuse

    Young Adam, aka Simon, aka J.J. grew up in Southern Indiana, the victim of sexual abuse for as long as he could remember. The one thing he had going for himself was his intelligence, which allowed him to master advanced college-level material online. On his 13th birthday, however, his father left him no choice but to fight back the only way he could. Forced to run away, he began an amazing journey that would lead him to the highest corporate echelons, and more importantly, to love.

    • 31 Chapters
    • 158,589 Words
    • Mature
    • Adventure, Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi
    • In Process
  7. Disasters, Delights and Other Detours

    By Parker Owens, in Poetry. 08/22/2017 (Updated: 09/21/2021)

    • young adult
    • mature adult
    • adult
    • light-hearted
    • serious

    A second book of poetry, posted in no particular order or schedule. Maybe it's better than the first. Or not.

    • 99 Chapters
    • 17,153 Words
    • Mature
    • Creative Non-Fic, Free-Verse
    • In Process
  8. The Making of a Slave

    By and9993, in Non-Fiction. 08/02/2021 (Updated: 09/21/2021)

    • teen
    • young adult
    • school
    • bdsm
    • first time
    • coming of age

    This is a coming of age style story with a BDSM spin. It's a reflection of events in my life and an attempt to discover the impact they may have had on my current state of mind and sexuality. It contains descriptions of actual incidents but, for a better narrative, I’ve fictionalized some parts and added characters. The main characters are Andrew and his friend Zack and the journey goes from middle school through and after college.

    • 9 Chapters
    • 27,506 Words
    • Mature
    • Drama, Romance
    • In Process
  9. The Great Mirror of Same-Sex Love - Poetry

    By AC Benus, in Fiction. 08/17/2021 (Updated: 09/21/2021)

    • coming of age
    • coming out
    • philosophy
    • psychology
    • religion
    • love

    A collection of verse by other people to show we've always dared to speak our love's name.

    • 14 Chapters
    • 4,930 Words
    • Mature
    • Historical
    • In Process
  10. Stuff People Do

    By Ronyx, in Fiction. 05/26/2021 (Updated: 09/21/2021)

    • teen
    • young adult
    • gay
    • serious
    • religion

    Matt Stevens is a normal sixteen-year-old. He goes to school and makes good grades. Even though he is being raised in an extremely religious home, he manages to do well. Then, unexpectedly, his life takes an abrupt turn late one night when his best friend, Ricky, kisses him while wrestling on the bed. Matt starts to question his own sexuality, and he begins to realize he is gay. His life starts to spiral out of control, leading to many unexpected twists and turns.

    • 17 Chapters
    • 60,742 Words
    • Mature
    • Drama, Romance
    • In Process
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