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Story Series

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  1. 0's and 1's

  2. 0300

  3. A Charmed Life

  4. A Fairy Out of Her Tale

  5. A Maze For Three

  6. A New Life

  7. A Triumvirate of Saints

  8. Adamagika Series

  9. Adermoor Cove

    For a year Lane Hardy has been running from job to job, place to place, chased by a dark force that seems hellbent on destroying him and the opposing powerful, uncontrollable force within him. What this entity wants from him, Lane has no idea. All he knows is it possesses those around him for its bidding. When he gets a call from a woman in Adermoor Cove, a small town on an island. who offers him answers, Lane feels he has no place but to go to the place where the darkness comes from. But Lane's search for answers will not be easy, for the island is full of people determined to keep the truth about the island a secret.

  10. Admirer

  11. All We Have Now

  12. All WET

    William Elijah Thomas, WET, callsign Jammer, is one of the foremost pilots in the entire Terran Confederation. He is an empath, but more importantly a Jumper. Jumpers are the extremely rare humans that can plot a path through jump space and program shipboard A.I.'s to be able to do jumps without the need for a jumper.

  13. American Songbook

  14. Amsterdam Tales

  15. Ashes of Fate

  16. Aspects of Dawn

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    Atlantis Shift

    Shifter stories that incorporate familiar mythology in a different way. The protagonists live in Eastern Canada, but travel the world in their adventures. The first two stories were experimental exercises, subsequent ones will be in a more traditional format. Wolves, vampires, dragons, and would you believe dolphins? Additional mythical creatures will be featured in future tales.

  17. Babylon City Chronicles

  18. Bather Boys

  19. Belize

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