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    • By comicfan in Writing Tips 0
      Hello all and welcome to another Prompt Friday. Are you ready for another set of teasers? Well, here they are.
      Prompt 852 - Creative
      Tag - First Line
      "Oh, damn. Now what?"
      Prompt 853 - Creative
      Tag - The Library
      The librarian slowly crossed the room, carefully holding the small crystal on a pillowed tray. "Here is the life you wished to see. Just remember you will see and experience their entire life in twenty-four hours. Just be aware this will become a part of you. Are you sure you wish to read this life?" You nod, shaking with nerves. Whose life are you going to read? 
      So those are the latest prompts for your consideration. Does either one appeal to you? If you do write one please list it in the prompt forum.
      There was a response to my first prompt when I returned to the site. Written by @Mikiesboy on Prompt 848. You can read it here - https://gayauthors.org/story/mikiesboy/onlyprompts/26
      Until next time. Remember to read, write, comment, and like. Stay safe and well.
    • By Renee Stevens in Anthology News 2
      I'm going to try a new feature. This year, each story will get it's own day, in the future, it will depend on how many entries we have for the previous years anthologies. Sometimes, there might have to be two entries for each of these blogs. Each of these blogs will begin with a reminder of the upcoming anthology, and then we'll take a brief look at one of the anthology entries from the previous year. So, let's get started!!!
      Upcoming Anthology
      Due: April 1, 2021
      Top Themes
      On the Road
      Pot Luck Themes
      But Wait; There’s More     -     Through a Glass Darkly     -     Of Gods and Monsters     -     It Takes All Kinds     -     Darkness Falls
      Boys of the Hills     -     You Wouldn’t Understand     -     On the Beach     -     Great Balls of Fire     -     Laughter, the Best Medicine
      Ozark Rumors     -     The Tracks     -     National Park     -     The Warmest Color     -     A Visitation     -     New Moon
      Turn Back Time     -     Chiaroscuro     -     Jump Ship     -     King of Eighteen     -     Up!
      There's your list of themes!  You can check out the full list of rules and guidelines in the anthology forum, but take a look at this entry from last year!
      The Teacup
      Author: @aditus
      Theme: The Storm
      A brief encounter at the park and a saying becomes true to life.
      Reader Comments:
      Valkyrie: I loved this story.  It packs so much into a few words. 
      JeffreyL: What an enjoyable story! I should have guessed the saying, but it caught me by surprise.
      lomax61: Lovely story. I’m reading this as the teacup being a metaphor for the relationship, once beautiful and now broken.


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    • What helps me get back into a character's mindset after I have lost the mojo; I usually take the last piece of content I have written, and I act it out. It may be funny at first, but it does help me to get into the temperament. I've asked my boyfriend quite a few times to be a stand-in character for me when I'm stuck. I even set an entire scene by setting random placeholders around a room, so it corresponds to an item in the story, if needed. Think of kids using sticks in a forest when they are having an imaginary gunfight. Writing is supposed to be fun; make it entertaining. It makes me feel like I am better involved...; I also found what works is blearing your characters' favorite music to get inspired. Most humans love some form of music, and since it is a personal thing, it can give you a better feel for the type of emotion your character might be feeling. Most interactions are irrational and are not planned. Asking questions is good, but I find the longer I worry about who they are... I find it easier to relate when you attempt to be them for a short time. At least in theory, not in real life, lol.
    • There are these dating advice things out there. They go something like: Don't commit to anyone until you've seen them sick, stuck in traffic, dealing with a major loss, until they have to deal with a situation when they are not in control, etc. I like that as a character exercise too, particularly if your character has never really been in those circumstances. Even if that writing never sees the light of day, it will inform your writing later; it also reaffirms who TJ really is to you. The other folks here have offered some good advice. Read him, take note of his mannerisms and values, check to see if those mannerisms/values shift over the course of the story - and if that was intentional or not. If the story is about his growth as a person, then they very well may shift. The trick is to show it as growth and not as drift (if that makes sense). I wish you luck. I just got back to writing again myself, so I know it's a struggle.
    • Unless they happen to be Indian, not the native American kind, but the Pakistan and India kind, who shake there head in agreement. But yes, you are right, most of the world nods yes and are not nauseous, nauseating perhaps! 🤣
    • I would read all TJ's scenes and note briefly in two seperate columns his reactions, his mode of speech. From this list you should (easily?) see TJ's common traits and how he is with people and situations. You should see how he talks, his common expressions and way of talking.  That should get you knowing about and feeling who TJ is. If you start writing from that background and you are thinking to yourself, have I got it right? Don't worry, people do change, they aren't always the same forever. Actually, people changing can put pep into a story. Example: "TJ, you never used to think like that." "I know, but after... I changed," TJ gave a little smile. "I got the right to change, don't I?" Don't give up, just put some work into re-reading when you have time. Good luck.
    • Those are all good points. Re-reading the story gets you back into it. I also find it useful to write short pieces from the main character's point of view, totally unrelated to the story. He could be remembering a day out, writing a journal entry or describing a memorable event. These help to get you back inside your character’s head.
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    • Oh my.. Letterkenny, my husband and his best friend just found that show... it is horrifying to me. The main actor would be cute if he didn't squint and have a cigarette in his mouth all the time though.   -- My Television addictions are: Bridgerton, although I binged it pretty fast and yeah, I know it is very oddly paced and not socially or historically accurate to the times what so ever. (Which I don't really care about accuracy if it is entertaining and not otherworldly different) I don't know how it differs from the books.  I binge watched Elite on Netflix as well, a very teenage-soapy series.  Tiny Pretty Things also on Netflix. (Although, I think if it doesn't improve a lot, I'll be done with it after one season).  Outlander.  
    • @Headstall and @Page Scrawler If you enjoyed Song of Achilles (I listened to the Audible version and afterward bought a hardcover version as a gift for a gay friend), I have a recommendation for you both along with others that I am starting soon: Axios: A Spartan Tale by Jaclyn Osborn The Spartans of ancient Greece were an incredibly harsh culture, but even in such ugly ground, there's still flowers of love. I'll probably get to this book next month, need to finish up some other reading
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