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      Did you catch this month's CSR featured story, Self-Portraits, by Richie Tennyson? Have you read the story? It's a quick read, for all that it is more than forty thousand words. Make sure you share your thoughts about the story or Richie's other stories. But first, as always, enjoy my interview with him! 
      Are you a person who makes their bed in the morning, or do you not see much point?

      I do the most half-hearted feeble bed-making. I don’t see much point but I know I should at least try to be an adult.

      Have you ever gone out in public, realized your shirt is on backwards, and just don’t care?

      No, but recently I was out in public when I realised I was wearing a Harry Potter pyjama top.

      What’s something personal about you people might be surprised to know?

      I organise elaborate competitive Christmas Day treasure hunts for my family. The prizes are always terrible, such as framed pictures of my passport photo.

      When did you first decide to start writing?

      As soon as I could hold a pen.

      Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?

      Sometimes it’s hard to gauge how much to “tell” the reader, versus whether the reader can make their own assumptions about certain things.

      Self-Portraits has some really… vibrant characters. Did you plot them all out before you write or did they come along organically as you started the story?

      The characters are mostly based on vibrant people in my own life, so they came onto the page organically.

      When you wrote the story, did you have the whole story idea from start to finish planned or did the characters take the story in any unexpected directions?

      The general storyline was planned from start to finish, but the Harriet character was totally unplanned. She just walked onto the page out of nowhere and took the story in a lot of unexpected directions.

      Self-Portraits really seems to have 2 similar-themed stories with different generations running simultaneously, influenced in different ways by their ages and experiences, with both the teens and the adults. Was this intentional?

      I hadn’t thought of it that way. Yes, both Richard and his mother go from being in a ‘couple’ to being ‘alone’ – and this plays out so differently, influenced by their ages and experiences. But the theme of powerful friendship/family love was intentional in both stories.

      What is your favorite scene in the story?

      The self-portrait itself.

      Is there anything you’d like to share about your current work or an upcoming story?

      I’m finishing a story called Happily Ever After, Ltd, which is about what happens when Prince Charming disappears from the pages of the Cinderella story. The fairytale company has to urgently find a temporary human replacement, but they don’t realise that the guy is gay.

      Don't forget to share your thoughts about the story!
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