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    • By wildone in Gay Authors 3
      Hello everyone, sounds like I finally got the recognition I deserved . You all can now call me the Grand Poo-bah  (check out the Words Of The Day). Actually I laughed when I saw that. For years and years I worked for the Calgary Flames as a rink rat, but I was isolated at the other end of the rink from the other 3 guys I worked with. They monthly had one of the three be the Grand Poo-bah. But looks like I get the name in the end .
      Speaking of being called names . I thought I would check in this week on what your childhood nicknames were? Not ones that maybe the school yard bully called you or an older sibling, but what about endearing nicknames from when you were growing up? I was always called Rooster, but never knew why? A while ago I was perusing the interwebs and found that the pro hockey team in the town I was born were called the Roosters. Also there was Stevie and when mom was mad at me, or @Krista, I was Steven . 
      So what about you? 
      Now before I start, this is a reminder that you have about a month and a half to get your Spring Anthologies in with the extension!! If you started, get 'er wrapped up and into the Anthology Review Team .
      Now back to Monday, where Renee featured another great Review brought to you by @spikey582. Make sure you check it out!!!
      Then on Friday, we had dependable comicfan come in with a few more prompts for you:
      Then to bring in some context to your lives, we had another thought provoking article by Comicality:
      So those words of the day I was talking about? Myr brought us seven new ones this week:
      Apparatchik, Poo-bah, Picayune, Bandbox, Whinge, Inordinate, Quisling
      Not so bad this week on the story goals. All in blue and no orange:

      2021 Anthology #1 Top Theme 1 - On The Road - Extended to May 31st, 2021 2021 Anthology #1 Top Theme 2- Forbidden - Extended to May 31st, 2021 2021 Anthology #1 Pot Luck Themes - Extended to May 31st, 2021  
      Anthology 101 - In the Anthology Forum. Everything you need to know about GA Anthologies Anthology 101 - In the Anthology Forum. Everything you need to know about GA Anthologies Ask an Author
      Ask an Author 3.0 - Submit a story you like and 3 questions you would like to ask the author about. Send them to @astone2292 and @Renee Stevens **Please submit so Aaron can have a  bank of stories and questions** Blog Opportunities
      Guess the Author: Open to all GA authors. PM @Renee Stevensor @wildone to participate
      Story Review: Send it in to @Renee Stevens or @Timothy M.
      Premium Updates:
      On Fire by Cia *Premium*
      Classic Updates:
      Do Over Redux by dkstories
      What You Leave Behind by Dabeagle
      Signature Updates:
      Ancalagon by Cia
      Cadet by Carlos Hazday
      Double Concerto by Parker Owens
      Flight of the Dodo by CarlHoliday
      Foolproofed by aditus
      GFD 12: Blood Ties by Comicality; Book 12 of Gone From Daylight
      My Only Escape by Comicality
      Northern Exposure by Mark Arbour; Book 8 of Bridgemont
      On Fire by Cia
      Retrospective - NaPoWriMo 2021 by Valkyrie
      Stumbling Into Spring: NaPoWriMo 2021 by Parker Owens
      tim's Bits and Pieces by Mikiesboy
      WHITE-JACKET - A Man at War - A Filmscript by AC Benus; Book 6 of The Secret Melville **Complete**
      Promising Updates:**Complete**
      Chase the Morning by Thorn Wilde
      Re-Verse by northie
      This Machine Kills the Machine by Thorn Wilde **Complete**
      When the Party's Over by Thorn Wilde **Complete**
      Don't forget.... Read, Write, and REVIEW!!!


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    • These two sentences spoke to me. A flashback isn't worth it unless you can both further the story (or perhaps fill in blanks of the story's history) AND fill a blank page. A blank page is a blank canvass, it just doesn't look right. If you slap paint on it, then you weren't being very imaginative. Put some brush strokes and a couple twirls, maybe a well-placed smear, and you got something worth posting! One thing that I appreciate about GA is the comments. You see where the reader's desires are, who their favorite characters are, and who's story should be expanded. These comments and flashbacks work in tandem, especially if you post as you write. Until I feel comfortable writing a novel w/o reader feedback, I'll use this concept as a learning tool. It's through these comments that I see what character deserves some attention, and a flashback MIGHT be needed. "How did this character get scars all over his back?" "Those two fought twenty years ago? We need to learn more!"  I don't see much flashbacks as progressive for plot-building, but they are an invaluable tool for character building. If you built a character who owns a nasty personality, but you want to provide clarification on how this came to be...flashback! Make that character redeemable and provide a learning moment to some readers. 
    • Without thinking of them as flashbacks at the time, I am guilty of this, particularly in my first story (Catering With Benefits) where most characters got a chapter of their own past.  Some stories, particularly murder mysteries, will use flashbacks to give you a clue, long after you've already decided who dunnit and then you have to think about it again. I don't like being fed information piecemeal like this, it can become annoying.  Modern TV series are particularly fond of this. To the point where sometimes it's difficult to tell where you are in the story. But back to writing. I don't mind using or reading flashbacks to tell a character's history or an event that shapes the person. But when it's done just to appear arty, you loose me. The question I ask myself - is it necessary to further the story, or is it just used to fill a blank page. One further observation to throw in - life in lineal but memory can be anytime.  
    • I read that story.  It was a good one.  Looking forward to seeing how you work things out in your story.
    • This is an excellent point.  I knew I was attracted to men at age four, and it took a couple of decades to shake off the cultural/religious indoctrination telling me that I was flawed.  It was a major epiphany to recognize that I was acceptable as I was.  No traumatic experience made me gay, either.  An observant uncle told me (years later) that he had figured me out, even before I did, apparently.  (Wish he'd said something at the time, lol!)
    • I am daily grateful that was long in the past, and that things are so much better these day.  For the most part, anyway.
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    • Some of the most enjoyable 4 hours you could ever spend. This is among my 'long drive' playlists Hasse Cleofide, dramma per musica     
    • In have no clue why YouTube recommended that video to me, but now I have an earworm. I love their vibe!
    • My thoughts on imperialism in fantasy is a bit complicated because like systematic racism, imperialism in its modern form is so evasive as to be nearly invisible, so I'm not sure I can eloquently explain it...I grew up with a very "post-colonial" education and come from an immigrant family with a turbulent political background, so I was taught to look for little nuances in our western society from early on. I'll just cut to an example to help me illustrate, the easiest one I can think of being Indiana Jones. To the mass, the movie is simply about a man trying to save the world...But underneath that narrative underlies this rather blasé treatment of another culture. It speaks about this excessive need for outsiders to own pieces of another culture for their own gain, an outright objectification of an entire people and their legacy. This drive is so great that these outsiders are ready to outright destroy generations of ancestral history and preserve only the things that they see beneficial to their own causes. I know Indiana Jones as the hero is trying to do the right thing, but I also see both him and the Nazis as prime examples of academia's long history of speaking over and silencing the real cultural bearers. It is still a problem that exists today across the entire world over, and it has very real, tangible consequences. To this day, indigenous people still have to put up a fight to convince others that they do in fact know their own culture better than an outsider who only read about their history in books. People more readily believe old white men and people in western-style suits. It's just how it's been throughout history, at least in the states. Movies and books like that are all mindless fun, I totally get it, and of course you'll find that any culture is guilty of "othering" and outright eradicating cultures and peoples outside their own, but pop culture can serve as powerful clues at to what a society's paradigm looks like. I know post-colonial perspectives/studies can be a hard concept to swallow for many. This is partly because it makes people feel like they are being accused of something or are being told they are part of the problem. I've seen full grown, adult students walk out of college classes because they get so upset over these things...But that's not at all what I am trying to say here. I would never dare tell someone they can't like Indiana Jones or write their own dungeon crawler because of blah blah blah reasons. I would never go up to someone's face and tell them they are part of the problem unless they are, in fact, part of the problem. I just think people don't always realize the power they have at their fingertips when they craft their narratives. One movie that has an incredible post-colonial narrative and handles the matter so gracefully that I don't think most people even realize how nuanced its take on it is is the live action Dora the Explorer. I know, weird, but I love it for that very reason.  I'm not sure I did any justice in trying to explain the post-colonial narrative and my take on imperialism, especially because this is a perspective that, at least for me, was decades in the making, but I hope I at least provided you with some interesting insight. Also, I'd be happy to give your story a read
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