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Story Worlds

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  1. Adermoor Cove

    In the middle of Casco Bay, Adermoor Cove is a small island town. Beautiful and touristy, the town is not what it seems. The town has a single lighthouse with a mysterious past that goes all the way back to Adermoor Cove's founding day.

  2. An Ordinary World

    Collection of stories existing in the same world.

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    Atlantis Shift

    Shifter stories that incorporate familiar mythology in a different way. The protagonists live in Eastern Canada, but travel the world in their adventures. The first two stories were experimental exercises, subsequent ones will be in a more traditional format. Wolves, vampires, dragons, and would you believe dolphins? Additional mythical creatures will be featured in future tales.

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    Boomers, Gen Xers, & Millenials

    Real-world based stories about gay men of all ages.

  3. ÉIRE

    Many of my stories take place in two fictional multiverses based on real world geography and locations. One being Éire; simply put is where all my stories that take place in Ireland are located, as Éire mean's Ireland in Gaeilge.

  4. Gone From Daylight

    Exposing the ever expanding world of "Gone From Daylight". Vampire tales told throughout human history. Their loves, their struggles, their secrets, their battles...spawning over many lifetimes, and taking hold in every part of society. Daylight and darkness have been intertwined for much longer than you may think. These...are their stories.

  5. J.A.M. Universe

    Stories that the in with the lovable Jam

  6. Leopard Tails

    A set of stories that directly or indirectly relate to the Lilydale Leopards Football Club.

  7. Melbourne Teens

    These stories take place in the same universe. Some characters might cameo in other stories, but fully realized crossovers are unlikely.

  8. My Real Life

    Collection of stories and poetry that are from my own non-fiction life.

  9. Nemesisverse

    The Nemesis trilogy and assorted shorts.

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    Psionic Corp

    Psionic Corp is the root of my science fiction writing. There is one large timeline that spans tens of thousands of years. There are a number of stories set at different eras of the world. They all tie together.

  10. Shelter-Verse

    Before the events of the "Shelter", zombie apocalypse, series...the main characters all have their stories to tell! The story of what happened, when the whole world descended into chaos! Enjoy!

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    Storms Universe

    Stories surrounding my ongoing novel Storms.

  11. The Boot

    The Boot is a fictional shelter for homeless people, it has it's own story, but so some of the characters. This to bring them all together.

  12. The Fairie

    The Fairie Universe is an Urban Fantasy that spans the Earth and the magical world of the Fairie. They are interconnected, with each other, and crossover points exist that allow travelers to cross from one world to the other. It's primarily an Urban Fantasy setting on Earth and a more Fantasy setting in the Fairie.

  13. The Snowflake and The Ember

    This is the world of my Snowflake: A Love Story universe. Lots of things in these stories are connected and share the same universe and mythology.

  14. The World of the Tampa Chronicles Series

    This collection of stories links the Tampa Chronicles Series with the non-series stories set in the same Story-verse. They are a variety of different types, and while most are your typical Drama Genre, there is a dose of Urban Fantasy mixed in.

    A dedicated photo gallery and discussion threads can be found in the forum and gallery sections of the site.

  15. TJ

    TJ and other stories that influence it.

  16. Winden Metaverse

    Winden is the middle region of two large expanses I have created in a significant universe where all my stories take place. Widen is very much like a mash of Southern England and the Western coast of the United states. The land is vast, has large mountain ranges, lush state parks, bustling cities, some marshlands and tumbleweed deserts.

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