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Heard a soundbyte on the radio today from a member of an Australian political party called 'Family First'


"All lesbians are witches and deserve to be burnt at the stake"


I was driving at the time and just shook my head. This idiot has intensified my deep hatred for all politicians who think that they are the shit and have the right to judge others. His thinking is very medievil, hes the one who deserves to burn at the stake.

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I will answer this with a song of my most favourite band, but unfortuantely it's a german band, so I have to translate a bit :rolleyes: :

i don't know if anybody here speaks german, but I will post the original text here


Lass Sie Reden


Jeder hat es ja gewu

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Sometimes you wonder how such a man attained a position of such importance! :sheep: Or whether someone built a time machine and brought this relic forward in time.


Of course, next he'll accuse gay men of being warlocks. Now if only that were true! We wish! (In truth most would probably practice white magic, not the black magik that is usually meant.) :devil:

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