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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 

This story is for mature readers only. It depicts graphic descriptions of m/m sex and includes heavy themes of kinks and fetishes. Do not read if it is illegal for you to do so or if you are not interested in the subject matter. 

This story is a work of fiction derived from my fantasies. Some chapters will include scenes that are based on steamy, real-life encounters over my many trips to PS. 

Pig in Palm Springs - 1. Chapter 1

This is the first of many chapters to come!

I woke up with a smile already on my face. I look over at the clock and see it’s almost 9:30. I stretch out and take a deep breath.

After spending last night working until 3 am to make sure all of my work was beyond caught up for my vacation starting today, I am grateful for the freedom the day brings. Waking up without an alarm from sheer excitement to get things going. I toss the covers off and look down past my furry chest and abs to my raging, dripping seven-and-a-half inches of thick, cut morning wood jutting out from my dark bush. So tempted to grab it, I resist, knowing today has bigger, better plans. I swing my legs over the bed and stand up.

I walk into the bathroom and lift the toilet seat, aiming my softening cock towards the bowl relieving myself of a strong morning piss. As the stream trickles down, I rub the last few drips from my piss slit around my reinflating head. I grab my toothbrush and while I brush, I take a minute to admire my reflection.

At thirty-seven, I’m in the best shape of my life. Thanks to the past year or so of grueling workouts with my trainer and strict diet, I have the body I’ve always wanted. I wasn’t really out of shape before but had never taken working out seriously enough to lose the few extra pounds or get the definition and build that is now finally my reflection.

I stand just shy of six feet, with broad shoulders, big bouncy pecs, and round biceps. Tight abs, thick thighs, high calves, and my favorite part, a big, fat, round, muscled, shelved-out bubble butt.

I’ve got a thick covering of dark fur on my chest, abs, and everywhere below the waist, especially my densely furry trench. I trim a bit around my crotch and balls so my cock doesn’t get lost like a mushroom in a forest, a little around my hole for easier access, and, thanks to years of laser hair removal, my upper back is finally smooth. I usually keep my face clean-shaven but have let a few days of scruff grow to compliment the dark seventies-style mustache I had been growing for this weekend. I had also let my dark brown, wavy hair grow into a shag, really completing the vibe.

I spit out the toothpaste and rinse my mouth out. Looking back up into my green eyes, I wink. “Hey there you hot slut!” I say to myself with a smile.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I still have plenty of insecurities, but the hard work is something I can appreciate, and have been getting the kind of attention I never thought I would. It was building my confidence and I know I’ll be able to have the kinky, long weekend I have been fantasizing about.

Was all this work just for a weekend? Of course not… maybe the mustache, maybe my hair was grown out instead of cropped and tapered, and maybe I did get my ears pierced. But the body was something I promised the fat inner kid inside me for years and finally achieved.

I was going full-on “pornstar” mode and wanted the attention I normally hide from. I’m not a prude, but I definitely don’t hook up often. I’m a hopeless romantic with a filthy mind. So when I’m home, I tend to date more than sleep around. And in West Hollywood, with everyone in each other's business and worried about reputations, I keep my kinky mind at bay. With work being so busy lately, I haven’t had much time for anything. But this weekend, it’s all going to change.

I reach into the shower and turn it on. I take a quick whiff of my pits and smell a faint trace of deodorant. “That certainly won’t do!” I murmur to myself before stepping under the spray.

I love natural, manly smells. Sweaty, musky balls are my favorite followed by pits then ass. Sweaty ass - definitely, not dirty hole. I get so turned on sniffing on a used jockstrap that’s ripe with sweat, cum, and piss.

I wash my pits thoroughly to rid them of any last traces of deodorant, knowing it will be the last time they get washed for a few days as well. A quick once over everywhere else and I turn the water off.

I pat myself dry, drop my towel, walk into my closet, and squat down in front of my “special drawer.” The one that holds all my fun gear. It’s pretty empty as most items are packed for my slutcation but there is one of my favorite new(er) jocks. I purchased it, and many other items, in preparation for my trip and have worn it for the past nine days at the gym.

I can’t help but take a whiff of the crotch as I hold the used jock in my hand. The smell isn’t the strongest, but definitely not subtle either and the pouch is just starting to really show its stains. That will all certainly change soon enough.

I slide the thick, black, white, and yellow elastic band around my waist, adjust the straps around my thick furry cheeks and arrange my rapidly growing dick in the white pouch that is starting to yellow with the collection of piss, precum, and sweat previously leaked in it.

I grab a pair of black shorts, but the slutcation starts today so opt for a pair of short white running shorts. I slip them on followed by a black, stringy tank top, grab a pair of socks and my well-worn trainers before heading to the kitchen.

A quick coffee and bowl of oatmeal later, I am ready to head out and leave my apartment behind. I grab my last suitcase, gym bag, keys and practically skip down the hallway to the elevator.

As I get off the elevator I can feel the morning heat of a Los Angeles August and smile walking over to my jeep. I throw the bags in and head to the gym for a final sweaty pump before my trip.

My workout was an intense full-body circuit so all my new muscles were pumped followed by thirty minutes of cardio, resulting in me drenched head to toe. My pits starting to take on their natural manly scent, my jock is soaked and the white running shorts are practically transparent. I’m not usually such a showoff but today the slut comes out.

I timed everything out so coming to the gym at 10:30 was the perfect time when it was practically empty and I wouldn’t be looked at as obscene by the regulars. I knew too many judgy queens to bother with, but I wanted to kick the day off right. As I walk to the locker room I do notice a few other muscle patrons eyeing me up. The attention is definitely welcome.

I peel off my tank top, kick off my sneakers and socks, and throw them in my locker before grabbing a towel. I slowly peel my shorts down, my big ass framed by my jock sticking out in the air. Lingering for a moment before straightening up and stepping out of them I see someone out of the corner of my eye staring. I turn to look but only catch the steam room door shut.

I slide my jock down and head to the shower stalls. I take a quick cold rinse to cool myself down with no soap. After drying off I wrap my damp towel around my waist and walk past the steam room. I can’t see anything through the steamy glass door.

Usually, the idea of getting caught while cruising in public scares me as much as it turns me on so I avoid the steam room, but today I’m letting myself indulge. I open the door and feel the thick steam surround my body. I stand still for a second, allowing me to adjust to the foggy, dimly lit room just in time to catch two figures moving further apart on the lower bench.

I take a seat across from them to get a good view of who's there with me as I spread my legs. Within seconds the two other patrons’ towels are open wide again and both are stroking, staring at me. Nervously I stare at the larger of the two.

Tall, broad, rippling muscled, smooth, blond adonis daddy type, stroking a thick cock with a low set of heavy nuts. His tanned skin is wet and glistening, and completely smooth from head to toe, even his crotch is without any hair. A few feet away to his left is a younger guy with a similar form but not nearly as broad, defined, or smooth. He looks to be in his late twenties, with a nice average-sized cock that is curved up. I look back at the daddy who is staring at me, stroking his fat dick and I subconsciously lick my lips.

He’s not my usual type, too hairless, but the pig in me is eager to get my salutation started. He gestures at me with a nod towards his crotch and I slowly slide down to my knees and crawl across the few feet of wet tile between us.

I get close enough for him to reach out and gently pull the back of my head toward his dripping crotch. I can feel my lips rub against his slick, smooth sack and feel him stroking his thick dick across my face. I start lapping at his balls that are dripping and sagging from the steam and inhale.

I'm slightly disappointed to smell nothing but soap from a fresh wash but still hungry for his cock. I keep my tongue bath going until he pulls my head back by my hair and spits in my open mouth. Caught off guard but also totally turned on by this unexpected act of dominance, I swallow obediently.

"Good boy," he whispers as he pulls me down on his dick, forcefully guiding my head as his thick shaft slides past my lips.

I can be submissive or dominant and at this moment, I’m glad he is taking charge because my nerves and fear of being caught are gone for the moment. I have no time to think about anything other than catching my breath as he starts fucking my throat.

I open my eyes to see the younger man is no longer sitting close by. I'm not sure where he is until I feel my towel being flipped up over my ass and feel his fingers run up and down my furry damp crack, then spreading it open to expose my tight pucker.

I start getting nervous and go to pull off the Daddy dick that is pumping in and out of my mouth to protest getting fucked when I hear grunts and heavy moaning before an “oh fuck” and the sound of a thick splatter of his hot blast of cum hitting my hole. I feel another across my cheeks then another in my crack and another. I instinctively clench my ass and squeeze my hole in response and moan in delight around the cock in my mouth. I wasn’t wanting to get fucked right now but I will never turn down getting a load on my hairy hole. I feel him rub in his load, making a mess of my trench before his fingers slip away.

“Yeah boy,” Daddy says, encouraging his fellow anonymous new friend as he watches from above.

I hear the door open and close. Unsure of if the other one left or someone else came in, it didn’t matter, I wanted the muscled man's load of cum and would be happy to take a third man's too. I double down on my efforts, using my throat muscles to milk the thick member pistoning in and out of my hungry mouth. His heavy nuts slapped my chin with every thrust causing the sound of sweaty skin meeting skin to echo off the tiles with the man's deep grunts. I can feel his sweat drip down on me, mixing with the drool on my face.

“Such a good throat boy,” he whispers.

It’s true, I’ve always had a great ability to swallow a cock without choking or gagging too much. I do however throw in a few sounds to stroke this man’s ego a bit. He is big but I realized once I was sucking him down, the lack of pubes gave the illusion that it was bigger.

A few seconds later Daddy pulls me off his dick. He holds my head back by my hair with one hand and rapidly pumps his dick in front of my face.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, you want this load?” he moans.

“Yes sir!” I'm surprised to hear myself say so quickly and eagerly.

“Take it, boy. Take this big muscle god load….UGNNNNG Fuckkkkk.”

He growls and groans as blast after blast of thick cum splatters my face, hair, open mouth chin, and chest. So much fucking hot spunk! He must have blasted at least six volleys all over me forcing me to clench my eyes closed.

Once the last load dribbles out onto my chest I feel him slide and slap his dick across my face, rubbing his cum into my fave before forcing it back into my mouth.

“Clean me up.” He says in a heavy, breathy whisper.

I do as I’m told, sucking the cum off his shaft, swirling my tongue around the helmet head, and in his wide piss slit to get every last bit of his bittersweet seed. He pulls out and looks down at me with my mouth open, face splattered in his load. He smiles before spitting into my open mouth again.

“Good boy.” he chuckles, grabbing his towel and walking out.

I stay on my knees as he exits until I hear one of the showers turn on in the distance.

Fuck. I can’t believe that just happened. My towel had fallen off finally at some point leaving me panting, naked, cum all over my ass, face, and chest from two strangers, while on my knees in the steam room. I can feel my cock so engorged it’s almost painful. I reach down but decide only to wipe up the precum leaking from my head and lick it off my finger.

“There is plenty of time for you later,” I say with a chuckle, looking down at my dick.

I lick my lips and smile. It takes me a few seconds to collect my composure and as I stand up I can feel the cum in my slimy crack as my cheeks come together. I reach behind and run a finger up and down, mixing it into the sweat-slick hairs before taking my finger in my mouth.

This load is more bitter than the one dripping off my face. I rub my hand across my chest, rubbing Daddy’s load into my sweaty chest fur too. I love being covered in cum and leaving it on, letting it dry into my skin and fur, and getting whiffs of it throughout the day.

I wipe my face, licking the stranger's jizz off my hand. I grab my towel off the floor and feel bold and incredibly turned on by my slutty behavior. I walk out into the locker room only holding the towel in front of my raging boner instead of wrapping it around me.

I am equally relieved and disappointed when I see no one in the locker area, just someone taking a shower in a far stall. I wanted more fun but I was still too close to home.

I look in the mirror and see the remains of the adonis’ load on my face, mustache, and hair, and do my best to wipe it in. My eyes are extra green in contrast to the redness caused by gagging on the thick prick just moments earlier. As I take in my appearance, I catch the clock's reflection behind me and notice it’s almost 1:00.

My little adventure in the steam room has me running late. I rush to my locker. I slide my sweat-soaked jock back on over my cum coated ass and rock-hard, dripping dick. I open my gym bag and grab the pair of tight short jean cutoffs and skimpy tank top I had packed for my drive.

The tank top is white with a drawing of a Tom of Finland leatherman standing, facing away, pissing on a tree. Something I would never wear in public for fear of running into someone I knew but the conservative me has been left at home since I locked the door behind me this morning.

I finger-comb my wet hair back, pack my bag, and put on my sunglasses. I pause to take a quick look in the mirror as I walk toward the exit. Dark, wavy hair slicked back, thick mustache, stubble, aviators, vintage running shoes with slouchy white socks, gold studs, tank top exposing my big furry pecs and pits, with short shorts just low enough to show a glimpse of my jock’s waistband… I look like a total 70s porn star.

My excitement and eagerness cause me to practically run out of the gym and into my jeep. I get situated for the drive ahead of me while debating whether or not to keep the top up or down. The subtle stink from my pits, jock, and two loads of drying cum on me starts to fill the hot car. Opting for up, not wanting to get weird tan lines or roast in the sun for too long. I start my playlist, pull out of the garage, and follow my GPS saying a silent prayer that traffic won’t be too brutal.

I merge onto the 10 with a smile plastered across my face. I have been to Palm Springs many, many times before, for many different reasons. It’s a great welcoming place, one of my favorite cities in the US. This, however, is my first time going alone… and I couldn’t be more excited.

Let me know what you think!

More to be added soon!

If you want to read the additional chapters already published (and much more) check out my Patreon page - Patreon.com/adencamp

Copyright © 2023 Hryjknyk; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 
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I can't wait to see what other situations Christian finds himself in! 

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1 minute ago, AC3NYC said:

I can't wait to see what other situations Christian finds himself in! 

Thanks, more to come soon! 

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I read about half and decided to save this for a binge. ‘Still too close to home’ for this little Pig made me chuckle. Outrageous, erotic, fun read. Wonder what Christian is late for?

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11 hours ago, Dan South said:

I read about half and decided to save this for a binge. ‘Still too close to home’ for this little Pig made me chuckle. Outrageous, erotic, fun read. Wonder what Christian is late for?

Thanks, it's been fun to write (I'm up to chapter 31 on Patreon lol) Not so much late as much as has a schedule to get the slutcation started. 

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