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the Mini-Crusher-Tournie - 20. Intermission

The medical room gleamed silver as droids whizzed around with their supplies. Jane sat with her head back, dark eyes on the white tiles overhead. She hadn't sustained any serious injuries in her fight, but the radiation buzzing into her muscles was relaxing and strengthening them. In forty-five minutes she would be fighting Lyle for the championship title.

A smile made its way to her face as she realised that neither of them gave the slightest crap about winning. Of all the douchebags and psychopaths this tournament had hosted, it was the two of them who would be the remaining finalists. The idea was surreal, like a dream. Jane remembered the first time Lyle had introduced himself to her – the blonde guy leaning over her plastic chair and saying how Zorgon and Godrid crushers might be friends when the fighting was over. She wondered what was going through Lyle's head right now.

Her smile wavered. While Jane was glad to not be fighting anyone bad, she felt dread at the thought of hurting a nice guy like Lyle. He was fast, but not immune to her fire either. She was still way too scared of fighting after Evan, and she didn't know if she could fight properly. But Lyle would also be a strong opponent, and his blue lightning would be just as dangerous to her.

"She did it! She did it ~ !" came the singsong voice of Marine. Her light-brown hair bounced with her steps as she entered the med room, exuberant at her friend's victory. Following behind Leaf was grinning too, his face still pale with purplish eyes.

"You guys…" the Flame girl let out a sigh of relief. "Man, am I glad to see you two. Have I gone crazy… or am I seriously a finalist?"

"You're not crazy." The brown-haired Sprout guy told her. He seemed somewhat bemused, both Leaf and Jane were on the same page when it came to not being eager about being in the tournament.

"I hope you were satisfied with me beating Ophelia."

"Very much so." Leaf answered, and then his eyes narrowed – a personal contemplation.

Things were still a bit weird after Evan, which was to be expected. A shade of wariness in their eyes, but otherwise Jane truly was glad to have her friends with her. Marine and Leaf pulled up seats beside her while the medical droids worked. Leaf lowered himself sorely while Marine buzzed with enthusiasm. They eagerly discussed the fights for several minutes before the elementals arrived.

"Congratulations, Jane!" Zac, the younger and kinder elemental said as he walked into the room with his staff. "Now you're representing Zorgons as a whole in this upcoming fight! Tensions sure are thick."

"Indeed." The old Blake stood as rigid as Chris, both white and black elementals had their arms behind their backs. The bearded man stopped side-eying to regard his crusher "Superb work Jane. Now I expect you to give it your best. As incentive for your victory I feel it's time we tell you about the prize for this tournament. If you're ready?"

Jane looked at her two friends and back again. From behind the three elementals, the other crushers sidled into view. The Godrids: white-haired Zane, tall and black-haired Victor, both looking sullen. Dark-haired Samson and wavy-haired Helias were open-faced. Dark-skinned Ganymede was neutral while albino-white Shiro had an emptiness to his red-eyed stare. The Zorgons: clothed up Dan had his arms crossed, tiny Joy was focused and purple-haired Lorac gave a timid smile. All of the original teenagers were here except for the other semi-finalists and the deceased Evan.

Jane took a stab in the dark "Is the ultimate prize a deep pan pizza?"

"Don't be silly." The hooded Chris reprimanded. "The winner of the Mini-Character-Tournie will be awarded the prize of nine-thousand and six-hundred Cubids."

"That's ten-thousand Bronzes, in Zorgon money. Or dollars." Blake chipped in to explain.

"Wow ten-thousand Bronzes." Leaf murmured.

"You could buy a jet with that!" Marine gaped.

"A run-down one." Jane rolled her eyes.

"You could buy a hoverboard!"

"Yeah, maybe…"

Her white-robed elemental stepped forward "Just think of it as incentive to do your best… This final fight will not only conclude this tournament, but it will finally settle this competitive feud between me and Chris. At least until the next tournament."

"Jane, in thirty minutes you are to proceed to the top level." Chris explained with his finger in the air. "An elevation disc in the colosseum will raise several hundred feet into the air for dramatic effect. We have to end this with a bang after all."

"It will be quite snazzy, if I do say so myself." Blake agreed. "Now clear away you lot. Jane can't afford to be distracted before the biggest fight of her life."

Marine and Leaf started to protest and Jane wiggled in her chair "Hey, can't my friends stay? I need them here… for emotional support."

"Hmmm…" Zac scratched his chin. "Don't they remind you of John, Crystine and Jamie?"

"Sort of." Chris responded in a voice that wasn't much of an agreement.

"Oh have it your way." Blake waved like they were being silly, he turned and his robes swept after him as he left. Chris also went to go and the teens parted for them and followed after. Lorac gave a little wave to Leaf as he left.

"That Lorac guy is nice." Jane murmured thoughtfully, then eyed the back of Leaf's head. "Maybe he should've stayed too."

"Eh, suppose he is." Leaf grumbled.

The three friends spent the remaining time talking together and forgetting about the fight that was to come. Even though this would be the final fight, Jane was much less nervous about it than when she had to fight Ophelia. Originally she would've assumed Lyle and her were equally strong, now she wasn't sure. Lyle had skill, but his regular attacks could only stun and not for long. Jane's regular attacks were dangerous. Who knew what was going to come of the final fight.

It was sure to be dramatic either way. Fire versus lightning.

Copyright © 2020 Invnarcel; All Rights Reserved.

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