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The Gathering



Since the last post was a real downer... this one I promise isn't going to be... as much :P


Me and mom are back to talking after the fight we had. We're gonna be going into counseling together and try to work out the issues that bother us about each other. Till then, we promised each other to steer clear of topics that could lead to another blowout.


Secondly... I miscounted... I've been with matt (as of yesterday) for 4 months not 5... so sue me :P


Third, i've been getting the feeling that lately I feel broken inside, namely after the blowout with my mom :( I reread my journal entires (thank God I keep one cus well... it gives me an insight as to what is going on with my mind of late) and I found somethings that are bothing me and I'm gonna work on them and try to fix myself.


Fourth work is getting annoying. The gates are seriously possesed by Satan (I had to do an exorcisim last night of one... made it out alive, but the old priest and the young priest... well they wern't so lucky ;) ). My boss, while I think the world of her, she can be an idiot at times, 'nuff said.


Fifth, I know I keep saying this, but I'm getting back into writing now. I have a few distractions, but it's been helping me get out some frustrations, and seeing as how i'm a perfectionist of late, I'm gonna be posting things when I think they're ready. So if you like what I write... keep an eye out ;)


Lastly, support GA and help keep it open. Sign up for the premium content for $7.50 and trust me it'll go along way to helping not only the site, but you'll feel good about doing a good deed :)


Eric :ph34r:


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Hmmm... miss-counter! I should sue. :P I'm glad your Mommy is trying for now, hopefully it will last and some things are resolved or at least slightly more relaxed?

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