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  1. Having a rough couple of weeks, so to escape I started reading something I wrote. It is in 3rd and I noticed that 3rd person perspective makes me use a ton of passive voice phrases. lol. 

    1. Daddydavek
    2. wildone


      Which is surprising with how aggressive of a personality you have :P 


    3. Krista


      I save my aggressive voice for you Steven, that's the only way you listen. 

  2. Ahh.. getting back to my desk in my office will be a welcome change next week. :D Working from home is just exhausting, I keep seeing non-work related issues for me to be doing and the brats be wrecking all day. 

    1. wildone


      Don't call our kids brats :o 

    2. Krista


      *My kids. :P And they be brats. 

  3. Krista

    Chapter 1

    Lol. Thank you for reading and liking the story. It was an experiment for an Anthology that GA puts on here, but I missed the deadline. It is the first time I took on anything supernatural like resurrections.
  4. Meh, she'll take the little idiot for all he's worth. She is a fame seeker that happened upon a good fish to catch. When she realizes that she is merely tabloid fodder and has no real substance to her aside from being 'Harry's Wife,' she may settle down a wee bit.
  5. On a lighter note, I run out of things to do by Noon every day working from home so I may get stir crazy enough to sit down and write. I doubt it, but I am starting to appreciate teachers.. I don't know how they deal with my brats 8 hours a day five days a week. :P Aaron is worse though. 

  6. Bah, I can't sleep. 

    1. wildone


      It's too early to be in bed :P


  7. I think a lot of that come from the fact that we demand inclusivity and diversity in 'everything,' or we decide we're going to boycott it. I do feel we've become our own worst enemy. These companies aren't blameless either though. The little segments that are supposed to satiate the, "everything has to be inclusive," crowd has only backfired. It is annoying for something to be hyped as ground breaking or whatever and it be so obscure and insignificant that there was really no point in having it in there in the first place. I think we're going to have to get over ourselves though. We can demand to be represented more, but we have to also be willing to accept that some films, shows, and books doesn't have a place for that sort of representation either and doing so hinders and restricts the makers. I wouldn't want the pressure to be on me, it would be a worry for me as a creator to attempt to suit everyone just so there isn't some sort of unjust outcry for my work to be censored or boycotted for whatever reason. There are industries out there that will represent what you wish to have represented, you just have to go find them and support them. Give them feedback to help them, etc. That is why I love Indy films over mainstream films any day.
  8. YA authors are "queerbaiting," with their older works. There wasn't much/if any evidence of anyone's sexuality in Harry Potter unless they ended up dating/married. They 'were' likely pressured by their publishers not to be so 'out' with that sort of thing. Now though we see it in YA writing a lot more (or at least what I've picked up to read lately), but I would rather J.K Rowling say, "Sorry, there just isn't any gay, trans, queer representation in my books," instead of 'creating,' narratives that are so obscure that she has to explain them to us years down the road when there is a film adaptation, a new play coming out, and/or a series. It was a different time when she was writing Harry Potter than it is today. She can say that Dumbledore is 'gay' all she wants but the writing just isn't there to support it. To edit - I don't think less of her work within the Harry Potter series and her entire world. She is a gifted author. I'm not going to boycott her just because I think she is guilty of queerbaiting either. I would have rather she stood up for her work for what it was originally. Being reactionary like she has been is why I take offense to her in general. I honestly don't find it all that offensive or an issue overall - I think it is a dying trend. No one is going to be truly happy with the quality and quantity of how they are represented in mass media regardless.
  9. Some queerbating is reactionary in nature. As the audience we may have perceived the, "breadcrumbs to nowhere," ourselves and instead of the creators clarifying, they bend to the fans and state, "well yeah, they were," or, "yeah they could be," which I think is on us. We've baited ourselves, especially with the examples listed in the Wiki. I never thought many of those shows were queerbaiting.. in the sense. If anything Glee did it though, because Santana and Brittany's relationship was platonic forever and then they just decided to begin making out with one another. But neither of them had said anything about having same-sex relationships. They were both kind of boycrazy beforehand. Merlin/Arthur I felt was just more of the fandom running wild with two straight guys being as close as they were... and that happens a lot. I actually despise what Authors like J.K Rowling are doing. There aren't that many subjective things in the books about the sexuality of Dumbledore until the later movies started being made. She "confirmed," his sexuality, but there wasn't anything for readers to go on within the written text. She has later said that Hermoine could have been black - which no, it plainly states she has fly away hair and 'pale' skin. It is annoying for authors and producers/writers to not stand behind their work and there characters and say, "No, they are not gay," I would respect that more than someone attempting to bend their own established writing/characters to be more inclusive. But there are people out there that hate that they are being left out of the mainstream and would boycott, so really we are our own worst enemies as fans. We're angry when we're not included and we're angry if we're not sure of the motives when we are. I would be like, "I'm sorry I didn't include more minorities and sexuality, etc, I will do better if the writing allows for that." And be done with it, to be honest. I think it is all an ill conceived attempt to placate people AND to force creators/writers to write for, "us," and not for themselves - both of which are bad.
  10. Krista


    It does remind me - style wise of Dragon Age 1 or 2. How long has the story been so far? I've not picked up a console controller in ages because I've played out Dragon Age and Mass Effect. I'm like you as well, I like single player story driven games over multiplayer. I get killed too easily.
  11. Krista

    Chapter 2

    You do see it happening in Teen dramas (in television and films) and such, they go to the restrooms and lock the stall doors so they're not caught eating lunch alone... instead of going to the cafeteria and sit at a table by themselves. I've not read or thought about this story for ages, so I'm guessing with this answer.. lol. I hope I don't confuse you. It is my 'first' ever writing project for fun back in high school (before we really got into grammar and writing structure) - fair warning it is a bit poorly written.
  12. Krista


    My old self would have said.. No.. he died shortly after that kiss and, "I love you's.." and the adoption and need for a family was driven by the death of Alex. My new self will answer you with, yes, they had a very long love life before the tragedy happened and Dan decided to move along with their plans for a family even though Alex wouldn't be there with him. So uhh.. ;)
  13. New school year.. new germs. All three of the little ones are sick.. :/ :( 

    1. Slytherin


      Poor little ones :( 

  14. I have a short story bouncing around in my head.. maybe this will kick start my writing again. 

  15. Woo.. dental exams with all 3 brats in about an hour.. 😣

    1. clochette


      *pats on the back* courageous!

    2. Krista


      I know... they're like little piranha, so I always feel bad for the dentists.. 

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