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  1. I kind of see the resemblance Steven, maybe that is the reason? Also, I had some not-so-flattering nicknames growing up. I didn't answer to them aside from giving people the stink eye or side-eye that typically shut them up. I guess Krista counts, but that was self-derived. Some of the unflattering ones were, 'Legs,' because I have long legs. I know, real inventive there, but boys called me that so go figure. My Volleyball coach called me, "Brick Wall," because I was a pretty good blocker when it came time to. But then again, it was easy being the best blocker when I was easily the tallest p
  2. Sometimes one has to do, what's they gotta do.
  3. Yeah, my sexuality is pretty set in stone. --- But the Rape changes sexuality trope is pretty awful to be honest. There are people who live by it, I had a guest speaker at a church event once that stated that homosexual and homosexual questioning people - should - come forward and tell their stories. (Yeah right, come forward so we can cure you more like) That they were victims of something that shouldn't have happened to them, etc. (Rape, molestation, youthful experimentation that brain washed the pleasure part of the brain) Pretty much saying that it takes a traumatic event or an
  4. But men can't hit toilets as it is and drain holes are smaller. 😮
  5. Heavens NO! the splash back, the shower walls, the shampoo/soap bottles, the shower curtain! THINK of the shower curtains!
  6. Aww, sorry to hear that my dear. Take time.
  7. Hmm. how queens relax after stealing the .
  8. I was actually thinking about starting a leisurely side-project where the main character is a Unicorn. Since it is Unicorn day, I might do just that.
  9. The Penguin army is growing.
  10. Waiting for my hugs when everyone get their vaccinations.
  11. Nah, it's a battle royal for the shiny. which is firmly in my possession at the moment.
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