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  1. My entire family were infected with it a month ago or so. My two siblings that are currently enrolled in college tested positive. They were both fully vaccinated. My mother and my younger siblings and nephews that are currently living with her all caught it as well. My Mother's two sisters that visited before any of us had symptoms also caught it, they had to be hospitalized. My Mother developed pneumonia, but received home care and oxygen at home she probably should have been hospitalized, but she refused to go and leave everyone that lives with her alone. I am fully vaccinated, I had to be for my job - Pfizer. I was one of the first of my family to develop symptoms, I thought it was a sinus infection. They told us that it was likely someone with mild symptoms or someone asymptomatic that lived in either household that brought the virus into the homes. As for me, I still have symptoms - mostly just excess phlegm, headaches, fatigue. Although I never developed a cough, I had headaches, my ears were clogged, I lost my taste/smell, I ran a fever off and on for two weeks, sore throat, muscle aches, and my mind seemed to be in a fog, I was forgetful, dizzy, etc. That could've been stress related though and I lost twenty pounds, I still haven't recovered my physical strength. Aside from my mother and her two sisters, one of my daughters was the worst hit. She had a severe cough, lost her taste/smell, sore throat, vomiting/diarrhea, some difficulty breathing. It scared her and it scared me. I also had to jump between my home and my mother's home to make sure everyone was improving, fed, bathed, etc. We thought about just turning our living room and such into one large bedroom and try to move everyone in, but it would have been very crowded. The people here who know me best, know I have a large family. I hope for no long term or hidden effects and I hope not to do this again. That is why I haven't been here or posting.
  2. Krista

    Chapter 39

    The next morning I woke up to a buzzing in my pocket. Reaching down I pulled my phone out, it was an alert. Glancing at it, my head pounding as I shied away from the light coming in from the window. Seeing the reminder about, ‘Open House,’ at Tony’s I grimaced throwing the covers off me. Looking around I had to think back to remember why I was sleeping in my parents room. The soft snoring of my father beside me also reminded me. The queen bed wouldn’t have been big enough for all three of us by
  3. Krista

    Chapter 9

    Yeah, it was a smallish prank, that Connor actually had fun with. But in the grand outcome it wasn't the smoothest of moves, especially since Luke/Cindy were there. Definitely not smooth at all.
  4. Krista

    Chapter 35

    Oh wow, I completely forgot I named their town.. hahaha.
  5. Krista

    Chapter 9

    Yes, I've read this story twice, once while I was writing it and a second time so that I could gather my thoughts on it and continue it. I was shocked at myself at times, it was kind of weird.
  6. Krista

    Chapter 38

    Yeah, him saying no to the GSA is very reasonable based on what we know he is dealing with. In small towns where it isn't normalized to be out, it is right to doubt that even someone like him would come through that unscathed. Also, it is his senior year, no one wants to make huge life changes at the close of their senior year... they just want to bask in it a bit. And yeah, maybe Luke will turn tables on Cindy, but he has to know he doesn't have much of a leg to stand on with this one too, so who knows. I was going to write a scene that would make Cindy look far more hypocritical than she is, but decided against it. It would have hurt Henry and Luke too and I didn't want for that to happen. I could probably write it as a "deleted" scene so y'all can judge. I think if the game went on, it would have turned into more or less something that would out Jackson and Luke. If Luke got drunker or Derek/Toby. I could see them asking questions only Jackson and Luke would have to drink to. I actually had them doing that, but wanted to create tension by adding BFA and Connor. Lily more or less saved them, either intentionally or what have you by not wanting to continue. Yeah, the final scene I worried about. I asked the @wildone if I was showing too much vulnerability with Jackson. I do like doing that, as I've said above, but I know some criticism I got from Cory in SIS is that he was a bit too meek. Jackson definitely is a Momma's boy, but I wouldn't say that to his face.. lol.
  7. Krista

    Chapter 38

    I remember.. lol. You were one of Jackson's hardest critics. I feared that I would finally take him too far and you would just wash your hands with him. Yet here we are. It was a sad end to what should have been a great day. It ended on a high note with Luke as far as we know... but the aftermath the next morning will definitely hit him hard and I doubt Cindy would wait for his hangover to ease. I don't know if their household is all that toxic. I think for the most part they having a loving household and honestly, before the Park and Jackson, Luke wasn't really pushing against Cindy's parenting or saw fault with it either. If this was in Luke's POV I don't think it would be as seemingly toxic, but since we're seeing Cindy blow up a lot, we can only assume it carries over all the time and not just when Luke pushes back. It could definitely get rather toxic though.
  8. Krista

    Chapter 38

    I don't know about coming out to BFA, if BFA didn't accept Jackson's coming out, I doubt Allison would be a good enough buffer to keep him quiet about it. Also, the two are rivals for Prom King, just like Emma Camp and Allison are Rivals. So I honestly don't think the rewards would outweigh the risks. Connor on the other hand, I don't think he would do them any harm. I think it might be past feelings on Jackson's side that makes him hold back on telling him, but still Connor knowing doesn't solve BFA not knowing. But yes, I can totally see people knocking on the closet doors that Jackson and Luke are hunkering down in, for sure. Like I said though, the weight of having them two know, is far eclipsed from Cindy and Henry knowing... so until those two know, they will just have to live with that fear as best they can and hope they can make it to the end of the year. I'm not sure either of them have an inkling about Luke's sexuality. Well I do know, since I'm the writer, but y'all just have to play detective. Henry does come up in the next chapter, so. Thank you! I'm glad you've enjoyed this story so far! I say if Luke wasn't in the picture Jackson could probably match those names word for word. Maybe he'll have enough and say them anyway... maybe Cindy needs to hear them. That should be a fear and I think maybe that is Henry's fear. Cindy probably thinks for the most part she's won, she just needs to smash this Jackson thing like a gnat and she'll be sailing easy again. It is easy for us to say, "yeah he won't be back," but Luke also has lived with and loved his mother for 18 1/2 years so far... She should, yes. She definitely didn't see Jackson coming either. Not in her wildest dreams, if she had, she wouldn't have allowed him at the park during the restoration. We'd also see a totally different Jackson too.. and I remember how people were really struggling to like the before-the-park-before-Luke Jackson. Also the school closing allowed for Luke to stretch his legs a bit as well, but Luke changing has only been taking place recently. So Cindy will probably be more reactionary now than she has been earlier when Jackson was something she thought would fly in and fly out just as quickly. Thank you, I do like writing these characters. The Counselor was spurred on by the prank for sure. But yeah, I don't think she was trying to guilt him, not really. She just didn't understand the stakes, but she saw the opportunity for sure. Thinking that Jackson is so popular that he is untouchable. But yeah, I really liked writing that scene. I wanted some sort of unforeseen consequence to come from the prank. I wonder if Mrs. Lane will hassle him again or go searching for someone else... Yes. I like showing vulnerability in men. I don't think we see men outwardly seeking comfort enough. They don't have to be walls of stone. Even Jackson is younger and still in high school, it is still good to portray that, I feel. Yeah, holding Jackson and Luke up side by side, as what makes a young man, would totally skew her views on who Jackson is. She should know by now that he is a Straight A student, he's a bit wild, but he's been safe, he's dedicated to his education and his swimming. He will graduate with honors. He probably has good SAT/ACT scores. But he isn't Luke... and if Luke was a total wreck, Jackson still wouldn't outshine him in her eyes. Which is fine, since Luke is also a good guy. I guess the chapter is disturbing because you can see the head-on collision coming through the entire chapter. You know if Luke makes the decisions he does all through it, that the outcome would be what it was. He had fun though. Also if Luke remembers what Cindy said to Jackson, Cindy may have more than she can handle when he sobers up and gets over his hangover. Not going to lie, I'm worried about the next few chapters after reading some of these comments.
  9. Krista

    Chapter 38

    The rest of the week the school slowly returned from forest green and cream to the royal blue and yellow. Connor surprised me Tuesday with a Trojan shirt like the one Bailey Ashton wore during his photo shoot. Seeing me wearing it Thursday people kept asking me where I got it, I told them Connor. By last period Connor sold enough shirts to pay off the debt he accumulated from the prank. The shirts sold better than the school affiliated ones though, so Welker told him he could no longer sell them
  10. Meat. Fish be Warm Tea or Iced Tea?
  11. Krista

    Chapter 37

    When you explain it like that, yeah Luke had an A+ night all around.. lol. So Cindzilla's lecture probably fell on deaf and tired ears for sure. Also, to be honest if I was Welker and saw this prank I'd be impressed as crap. Also not seeing any damage to the school or missing things, hurt students, anything that I would have to fill out forms for and answer to a school board about, I'd be tickled. lol Too bad they overdone it a bit and couldn't enjoy it without being foggy from lack of sleep. Lol, I think it was more out of respect for Luke than not missing an opportunity. Connor would probably remember the conversation about not pranking her room, he is that thoughtful. He did mess up by sending that video of Jackson sliding bare assed across the gym floor though... so The poetic justice that came out of it was just a bonus for sure, Cindy probably expected it and in doing so, she pranked the hell out of herself. Yeah, even if Jackson has to whisper ideas to that kid in Cindy's class that stood up to her while he was in the hallway. The one he saw himself in when he was a freshman getting lectured by teachers. Maybe Jackson will pass the legacy down. Thank you for reading. I agree that Cindy pranking herself via her paranoia was better than outright doing something to her. I think she would feel vindicated if something did happen with her room. It would definitely give her more of a right to dismantle everything and issue punishments. I like that you can see the growth in their relationships and the characters themselves. I do fear they've made "too much," growth for high school kids, I don't want them to be too self-realized. I want them to fall all over themselves from time to time. I don't know! The more Jackson is willing to be the bottom, the more I know there will be pressure on me to write the other side of the coin. If that happens. Maybe Jackson will always be the one who bottoms. I know it was a bit of a surprise the first time it happened and Jackson was the willing one, seeing as he is the one that is confident in his relationship with Luke, but doesn't really know who he is, sexuality wise. Thank you! I really enjoyed writing this chapter. Thank you for reading, I'm glad you're enjoying the story so far! Yeah, I think their backseat of a car relationship came to an end last night. They're both just too tall for it, at least in a mustang. lol. I know this chapter was a fast read, I might should have tacked it onto the end of last chapter, but I thought it was getting way too long. I'm glad it does seem to stand alone for the smaller things within it. Thank you! Thank you! For me, I always thought of Luke as strong. Scared, but strong despite all of that. They both had to do some growing though, but I feel Luke is standing a little more upright these days. I just hope nothing happens to erase all that.
  12. Krista

    Chapter 36

    Thank you! It is a really huge prank that probably would be too expensive and too time consuming for them to pull off in reality, but I really liked thinking up the scene and writing it. Thank you! School pranks have come under scrutiny here lately, so I feel the tradition is slowly falling out with most schools. I always thought it was in good fun as long as they didn't become dangerous or too obscene.. lol. Thank for reading and coming back to the story! Thank you! JFH doesn't sound like a bad at all. Maybe one day Jackson will be an Olympic Champion and will found a school and name it after him. I mean he probably has a good vision for how it would look now. The photoshoot was a bit scandalous there, Principals having affaires with their secretaries would be the talk of the small town for years. So them depicting it in a fake year book would be shocking. 😮 And yeah, I feel Welker would pop a vein in his forehead if/when he saw the pictures. Maybe he won't ever see them, at least not until Allison is older and shows him.. lol Part of the reason they didn't want to tell Jackson is that they wanted to surprise him as a group of friends. Also, Connor didn't really tell most of the school. Realistically I could see a lot of people just flat out not agreeing with the prank and ruining it and such, but I didn't want to write that. thank you for reading, even through all the delays. Yeah, probably the only time anybody ever looks forward to a Monday.. lol.
  13. I'm thinking about doing an 'Are You Christian' Part 2. I don't know how long it will be or what it will entail, but I did a first chapter and left it sitting to start, 'The Best Year,' because I just didn't think I had enough there for a full sequel. I don't know if I know the characters enough to find them again either. I don't want to change anything about them. 

    We'll see, after TBY I am wide open with what I want to do. Aside from me wanting to step away from Coming of Age romances. At least in the modern/high school genre. 

  14. I have kept everything. I go back and read them from time to time. I realize why much of them ended up being discontinued. One story I did delete because I made the mistake of attempting it without researching the subject matter (Law Schools). I ended up being off-base with it and just decided against continuing it. Mostly though, I discontinue a story because I started out with an idea and then shied completely away from it OR I fell out of love with the idea completely and could like the idea again if I just changed some things about the story. They are older stories as well, so me getting back into them or posting them are a stretch. They may just become my guilty pleasures that I either rewrite 100% from scratch or just continue down the road I am currently traveled and the story never see the light of day. Either way, my unfinished works are still around. You never know when going back to them can be a breath of fresh air and strike up some good motivation again.
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