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  1. Check out Krista's kids :)


    1. Krista


      Steven.... there is a very necessary beating coming your way. 

  2. Haaaaapppy Birthday to my oldest little stinker. :D 

    1. wildone


      Happy Birthday Sophia :D


  3. I feel that I should remove The Best Year from view because I'm not writing anything anymore and I don't want to give people false hope of a finish at this point. 

    1. Timothy M.

      Timothy M.

      Can't you just put it On Hold ? That should warn readers.

    2. Daddydavek


      You have it marked ON HOLD.  I'd leave it up, there is plenty there for people to enjoy.  

  4. Hi Pretenders - Meet your Queen. Glad you kept my throne warm.
  5. Krista

    RIP Lacey

    Such a sad loss, he brought so much to our little GA community with his story, life, and presence. He will be missed.
  6. I know greatness when I see it.
  7. Can we just give the Penguin the crown for this statement? No? Okay, my turn.
  8. Steven, I'm going to commission for a voodoo doll in your likeness. Be prepared.
  9. I don't like fish, so Steven is in trouble.
  10. You'll be my food taster. Can't ever have enough food tasters in a highly contested race for the crown.
  11. No sneaky sneaks for you today..
  12. I do think Tom Brady is the best modern quarterback surrounded by a lot of top talent money could buy. As for the best NFL Quarterback - ever, I wouldn't go that far, but still you cannot leave him out of that conversation regardless of anything surrounding his career. I am too young and too... not in the loop with the NFL. I personally think Peyton was a purer quarterback, so I would lean towards him - maybe because out of all the quarterbacks I've watched in my limited experience with watching the league I've saw him play the most. Aaron Rogers gets my vote for best looking though.
  13. All will be well in the world when I am queen and Steven a jester.
  14. Share the art, read everything. READS
  15. I'm a free agent for whomever gives me the best presents. Last night Steve said he wasn't going to comment in hopes I won, so I have to be nice for at least another hour or so before new offers can be brought to the table.
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