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  1. Woo.. dental exams with all 3 brats in about an hour.. 😣

    1. clochette


      *pats on the back* courageous!

    2. Krista


      I know... they're like little piranha, so I always feel bad for the dentists.. 

  2. Steven if you'd behave yourself maybe I would grace you with my presence, but you have shown that you can be a bit of a heathen. As for my plans, we're doing a lot of work around the home, as you know. The kids are in a bit of a weird age where the oldest is old enough to do a lot of things and I wouldn't have a minor heart attack watching them do it.. and the twins are not. Since I don't want to have a heart attack, probably just the usual camping, hanging out with family, might take a family trip that is more kid friendly and such. Other than that everything is up in the air.
  3. Well.. he was still a bit of a walking stick with no emotions as Cedric too..
  4. I woke up in the middle of the night... and I actually wrote a little bit. So.. goo me I guess. I'll be so cranky I won't even be able to stand being around myself.. 

  5. Check out Krista's kids :)


    1. Krista


      Steven.... there is a very necessary beating coming your way. 

  6. Haaaaapppy Birthday to my oldest little stinker. :D 

    1. wildone


      Happy Birthday Sophia :D


  7. I feel that I should remove The Best Year from view because I'm not writing anything anymore and I don't want to give people false hope of a finish at this point. 

    1. Timothy M.

      Timothy M.

      Can't you just put it On Hold ? That should warn readers.

    2. Daddydavek


      You have it marked ON HOLD.  I'd leave it up, there is plenty there for people to enjoy.  

  8. Hi Pretenders - Meet your Queen. Glad you kept my throne warm.
  9. Krista

    RIP Lacey

    Such a sad loss, he brought so much to our little GA community with his story, life, and presence. He will be missed.
  10. I know greatness when I see it.
  11. Can we just give the Penguin the crown for this statement? No? Okay, my turn.
  12. Steven, I'm going to commission for a voodoo doll in your likeness. Be prepared.
  13. I don't like fish, so Steven is in trouble.
  14. You'll be my food taster. Can't ever have enough food tasters in a highly contested race for the crown.
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