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  1. Krista

    Nice horn...

    Now that's a statue we can all get behind.
  2. I bought an e-book, "Red, White, and Royal Blue," it is about a President's adult son. It is a bit of a fast and easy read so far, with some humor. There isn't a lot of depth right now, which I don't think there is supposed to be any. There is political humor, some I have to overlook to keep reading since my political views differ from that of the author and the characters lol. My 'biggest' issue with it, is how the "Parents," and the older adult figures talk in the book. For a President of the US, even talking to their children I wouldn't have imagined a lot of swearing and such. I guess
  3. Yeah the last chapter was too full of roses and lilies and wagging puppy dog tails.. songbirds in spring time, and all that mushy garbage. I had to rectify that real quick... (Months later, but quick for me let's be honest). If it keeps snowing, I might have nothing else to do, but to write so I might start on chapter 32. No promises.
  4. Krista

    Chapter 31

    That night I ended up tossing and turning, it wasn’t an annoying restlessness that I felt though. It was something I could live with, but it did annoy me when Mom and Dad started getting ready for church bright and early the next morning. The clouds had broken overnight completely so the mid-morning sun bounced off the snow, it made my room brighter than I liked. Groaning, I pulled the pillow over my head. The rest of the day was pretty wasted as well, the snow and cold kept everyone in and Cindy kept Luke too busy doing churchy stuff that I didn’t even get a text from him until well afte
  5. Mine was something me and my friends were brainstorming when I decided I really didn't like my first name. I didn't want to be a Chris or a Christie or a Tina. At first it was Christa, but I didn't like the Chris part so I started using a Kr to shorten it instead. There were also three more Christinas in my class so shortening my name to Krista just made it easier for everyone involved, even my teachers. My mother refuses to call me Krista though, so I still had to deal with it at home.
  6. I'll be MIA for awhile. 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. wildone


      A very Happy Hopeful New Year and I look forward to hearing from you soon :hug: 

    3. Daddydavek


      Best wishes for the New Year for you and your family!

    4. chris191070


      Happy New Year 

  7. I think I need to write something broody and depressing... TBY is just too happy for my mood. (No I'm not depressed, I just don't feel like being happily-ever-after sort of story vibes creatively at the moment). 

  8. Will I finally get to sit down and write? 

    1. Sweetlion


      Yes please 😅🤩


    2. clochette


      Pretty please! Hand over the brats so you can get to work :gikkle:

    3. Krista


      Gladly. lol

  9. I'm going to need a vacation from my vacation. 

    1. Sweetlion


      ? Too much family?



    2. Krista


      I've had to retrain the brats and the husband this week, it hasn't gone well. 😣

  10. I saw that! The pooch only suffered a couple punctures. Good thing is was a smallish gator.
  11. Hush your negative talk before I slap you silly.. (I mean I may do that anyway, but don't give me a secondary reason).
  12. Yessss.. we got our work done early and I was able to make people happy by letting them go home. :D Makes up for the one time I forgot about a major holiday and scheduled everyone to work... they weren't very happy with me. 

  13. I'm sitting down to write as we speak, I gave myself a Thursday deadline.
  14. Krista


    Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed this story.
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