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  • Cia

    September Classic Author Excerpt: Topher Lydon's Sigil of the Wolf

    By Cia

    Hopefully you caught Monday's feature for Topher's popular 2nd novel in the Falcon Banner series. If not, check it out! For such a long story, I thought there would need to be a nice long glimpse at Darien and his mission... but will he be playing right into his enemies' hands?  Want more? Click here

My Daily Bread Crumbs 21 Sep

September 21st - Holidays and Observances (click on the day for details) Autumnal equinox observances in the Northern Hemisphere, vernal equinox observances in the Southern Hemisphere (see September 22😞 Spring Day (Argentina) Christian feast day: Ephigenia of Ethiopia Laurent-Joseph-Marius Imbert (one of the Korean Martyrs) Matthew the Evangelist (Western Church) Nativity of the Theotokos (Eastern Ortho

Book Review: London Urban Legends by Scott Wood

London Urban Legends: The Corpse on the Tube and Other Stories   by Scott Wood     Urban legends are fascinating; they say so much about our society and the stories that it runs on. Scott Wood certainly loves urban legends. Scott ran the Southeast London Folklore Society, and it shows in this absorbing book. He doesn’t only write about those common urban legends that have been circulating for years—though they have their space here—but he has also dug deep and found

Drew Payne

Drew Payne in Book review

My Daily Bread Crumbs 20 Sep

September 20th - Holidays and Observances (click on the day for details) Christian feast day: Agapitus (Western Christianity) Eustace (Western Christianity) Evilasius Fausta of Cyzicus Glycerius of Milan Jean-Charles Cornay (one of Vietnamese Martyrs) John Coleridge Patteson (commemoration, Anglicanism) José Maria de Yermo y Parres Korean Martyrs, including Andrew Kim


sandrewn in Bread Crumbs 70

September Classic Author Feature: Topher Lydon's Sigil of the Wolf

I went in the opposite direction, and I'm bringing you Book 2 in Topher's popular Falcon Banner series as this month's feature. Yes, this is a super long novel, and yes, you should read it!  Length: 173,703 Description: Darien Taine has resurrected a forgotten hope, freedom to his people, and set his sights squarely on Earth. Shadows of the Empire's dark past reach out to ensnare that hope, a fallen General strives to restore the one symbol that would unite the Empire again. The


Cia in Classic Feature

My Daily Bread Crumbs 19 Sep

September 19th - Holidays and Observances (click on the day for details) Christian feast day: Alonso de Orozco Mena Emilie de Rodat Goeric of Metz Januarius (Western Christianity) Feast of San Gennaro Our Lady of La Salette Theodore of Tarsus (Anglican Communion, Roman Catholic Church, Eastern Orthodox Church) Trophimus, Sabbatius, and Dorymedon Septemb


sandrewn in Bread Crumbs 69

Saturday Randomness

when you just sit and watch... waiting for Phil at the cafe in the grocery store while he sees the diabetic educator... why are babies so cute? especially when they are using those cute pacifiers with stuffed animals attached? i don't understand. why do you look at all the muffins? the boxes are all the same. why do you pick the pack of muffins from the one spot you can't reach? you knocked all the other boxes askew. you have one box of pastries, why did you need the sho


mollyhousemouse in member

Fall Anthology Due 10/31

Upcoming Anthology Due: October 31st, 2021 Top Themes A Winding Path An Unconventional Gift Pot Luck Themes Pick Your Poison     -     Lockdown     -     Left Behind     -     Dire Monotony     -     Mutation is Progress     -     Blood Moon Birthday Presents     -     Falling for Fall     -     Elves or Elvis?     -     Life’s Past     -     The Woods Rings of Fire     -     Plateau Wolves     -     Rock     -     Men and Women     -     A Legend Retold E


Myr in Anthology Development

Story Archive Update - 9/19/2021

Greetings all!  We have once again made some updates to our Story Archive.  There are two big ones that affect readers.  We have added "Highest Chapter Read" to the "My Reading History" page.  (For those of you that have opted-in to reading history.) There is also now a note in the reading History description, blue box as of this writing, that tells you how many stories and how long the stories will stay in the Reading History.  I also added some notes to the image as some helpfu


Myr in Site Tech News

Weekly Wrap Up (Sept. 12 - Sept. 18)

Good Morning, day, evening, night or everything in between. We are a bit late today for the simple fact that I do not know what day it is anymore  I mean, I don't usually work on Saturdays and Sundays, but for some reason I didn't recognize yesterday was Saturday. I do think I know the reason why  In four days I will be older than dirt  I'm so old that I think I forgot to tell everyone ahead of time where to send my birthday presents. Oh wait, I guess I did . Let's jump right into things no


wildone in Weekly Wrap Up

Chapter 5 of True As It Can Be is Live- Some Bonus stuff

Well Chapter 5 is now live. I want to share some South Africa Xhosa translations with you all and thoughts: "Hamba uyo bepha inja" = "Go and Fuck a Dog" "Xolo" = "Sorry" "Ndiyakuthanda"= "I love you" "umncinci"= "Little One"/"Youngest" "Intanda"= "Beloved" "ihenyukazi"= "Whore"/"Prostitute" -------- -For those wondering, I do enjoy Cajun Cuisine, the spice and sauces are some of the best representations of American combination cuisines. I've dined at Comma


W_L in Writing Stories

My Daily Bread Crumbs 18 Sep

September 18th - Holidays and Observances (click on the day for details) Christian feast day: Constantius (Theban Legion) Edward Bouverie Pusey (Episcopal Church) Eustorgius I Joseph of Cupertino Juan Macias Methodius of Olympus Richardis September 18 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics) Day of National Music (Azerbaijan) Island Language Day (Okinawa Prefecture, Japan


sandrewn in Bread Crumbs 68

Never Write in the Dark

Writing is a very solitary activity; we sit there on our own, writing away on our computer or laptop, or even doing it “old school” via paper and pen, pouring out our stories and preserving our characters there in the written word. But how do we know that what we are writing is any good? We can ask our family and loved ones, but will they give us the feedback we need? They are our loved ones and so often they want the best for us and may not give us the feedback we require, or they may not

Drew Payne

Drew Payne in Writing

Who's In Charge

When trying to put the idea together of this particular article in my head, I had to be careful to steer clear of the whole idea and philosophy of 'determinism' and 'free will', hehehe...which is an entire novel's worth of intellectual discussion that would probably ehaust all of us before I even BEGIN to scratch the surface of the point that I want to make here in terms of our skills as writers, and crafting a story of our very own. Simultaneously using one side of the argument while giving the


Comicality in Writing Tips - Character

My Daily Bread Crumbs 17 Sep

September 17th - Holidays and Observances (click on the day for details) Australian Citizenship Day Christian feast day: Albert of Vercelli Ariadne of Phrygia Blessed Cecilia Eusepi Stanislaus Papczyński Hildegard of Bingen Lambert Robert Bellarmine Satyrus of Milan Socrates and Stephen Zygmunt Szczęsny Feliński September 17 (Eastern Ort


sandrewn in Bread Crumbs 67

Wayne's Prompts #6

Well, well, well, we are back again this week with another one of a favourite prompt that Wayne presented to us.  Last week we looked at one of @Mikiesboy favourite prompts and it's partner. Here is what Prompt #500 brought us: https://gayauthors.org/story/mikiesboy/onlyprompts/5 Sorry I can't make a box like below .   This week, lets look at a couple of prompts from @Headstall. One of his favourite prompts that he wrote a story for was Prompt #801. His submission to that one can


wildone in Prompts

My Daily Bread Crumbs 16 Sep

September 16th - Holidays and Observances (click on the day for details) Christian feast day: Andrew Kim Taegon (one of The Korean Martyrs) Curcodomus Cyprian (Catholic Church) Edith of Wilton Euphemia Ludmila Ninian Pope Cornelius September 16 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics). Day of Atonement / Yom Kippur is a moveable observance that occurs on the 10 of T


sandrewn in Bread Crumbs 66

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