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Young Teens

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Hi All


Its me again with another poem, hope you arent going to bored with them. When I composing this peom I had a reason why i wrote it there so many young gay teens in the same position has the boy in the peom. I am going to try and make more people aware of the problems that faces young gay teens. As this web site is all about gay teens. I thought it would be a idea to start here. I would be interested to hear your veiws on the subject matter and of cause, what you think of the poem




A Gay Teen


Written and compose by Rainbow



As I grew up into adolescence.

I felt a change in my body.

I am concern and frighten.

For I do not know what the changes mean..


As I look around me.

I begin to realize, what they were.

I am beginning to have feelings.

Feelings, for what I am not sure ..


I met a boy with whom I liked.

As we played and laugh together.

My feelings for him grew.

For I was falling in love with him for sure.


My confusion and fear grow..

For I knew what people would say.

About the love I had for him.

Was wrong and not normal.


Why do people fear and despise me.

For I have not done anything wrong.

I can

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Guest EdwDale



Please continue with more of the same. We wont get bored with it.



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