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  1. since i started this post, i have had 2 birthdays and 1 heart-attack, but i'm still here and waiting for part 3. if any of you have a e-mail address for Dan, please ask him if he would start a mailing list for "Rich Boy: Inheritance", if he is agreeable, then please pass on my e-mail address, bjl-1v@ntlworld.com i have reread RB about half a dozen times at least, and it never gets boring, so please Dan get writing and keep the stories coming. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  2. Hey there, welcome to GA! :o)

  3. Welcome to GA ~!~

  4. hi there; can anyone help me find the story titled;- "Rich Boy: Inheritance." by dkstories. i've recently came across the other two stories, "Rich Boy: Awakening" and "Rich Boy: Growing Pains." I really enjoyed them and would love to read "Rich Boy: Inheritance.". so if anyone knows where this story is located please let me know, or if you (dkstories) haven't written it yet?, get a move on and get it done, pweeeeeeeeeeese. if has been written please let me know where to find it.
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