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The Jikkan Gogyo - Prologue. A new era

In the beginning there was no reign, only balance. It was a world of magic, inhabited by demons and other mysterious beings.
Of all the creatures the dragons were the mightiest. They were divided in four tribes to govern the elements and they were the ones who brought the balance to the world. But the threads of magic, woven for each of the tribes, had their whims. Only a few every generation were born with the ability to shift from their two legged appearance and become one of the original dragons, who soared the sky and mended the world. Out of those few, only one pair would give birth to the next Generation of the Jikkan Gogyo.

One male and one female would form the new celestial pair; They would be the opposing of everything; light and dark, male and female, water and fire, earth and air. And together they would become one with the earth and continue to weight out the differences and keep the magic in harmony with the world.

After four thousand years the circle was to be completed with water and fire; the female Mizunoto and the male Hinoe, but something went wrong. The Mizunoto never showed and the fire dragons suddenly disappeared.
The balance was tared and the consequences showed to be dire.
The offspring of lesser demons were born with very little or no magic at all. The offsprings with no magic came to be called humans, and it was soon discovered they were not bound by nature, like their magic possessive brethren. As a result here off their population quickly grew larger.
As a way of protecting them selfs they gathered in number, unlike other kinds of demons who either lived solitary or monogamous, protecting their territory.
No demon had dared claim territory to the center of the world, but the humans risked taking claim of the fertile, sacred land for their protection as well as their survival.
Though the humans were many, neither the dragons nor the demons found them a thread due to their lack of magic, hence, they left them in peace.

The humans elected a leader, to create some kind order to their chaotic way of living. The king was chosen through duels, and so the strongest and smartest among the participants came to rule over his brethren.
At first, things seemed to work well for the humans, they even came to thrive in peace with the creatures around them. However, as time passed man grew greedy.

The fifth reigning king wasn't satisfied with the power he had. He wanted magic, and with it; the chance of immortality.
He believed that by consuming the heart of a dragon he would gain those characteristics. His people who didn't know any better believed in their king and they went to war against the dragons.
Even though the dragons were strong, they could not overpower the number of humans. In their defeat, the original dragons went into hiding and in order to ensure the survival of the heredity, the shifters used their magic, to hinder new of their kind to be born into the tribe, and thus took their knowledge of the lineage with them into hiding.
For five hundred years the humans ruled without mercy. Until one day a demon stood forth, wishing to take back what rightfully belonged to them.
The demon was strong, more so than anyone had seen for thousands of years.
Demons and dragons gathered side by side, and with Sourin in the lead, they successfully overpowered the humans.
With the end of Man’s reign the era of the Demons would begin.

Copyright © 2017 Avangelion; All Rights Reserved.

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