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  1. My dear readers.

    I have some bad news: I will have to postpone all of my writing until january because of the academic workload. This means all of the stories you are following with be put on hold for the time being.

  2. Avangelion

    Chapter 8

    First of all, thank you for the positive feedback, it is much appreciated. Second, I am amazed that you managed to point out all of my own pondering, which I haven't even solved yet, but I do guess that means even though this story is a first draft I managed to "convey the message". and you even wrote it so perfectly Thank you
  3. Avangelion

    Chapter 8

    I'm glad you liked it, and thank you, I do think I need it for this next chapter :,D
  4. Avangelion

    Chapter 8

    It's always a nice thing when you can contribute till the knowledge, so thank you I'm still trying to to work out the details of this whole 'other pack' stuff, but I've definitely put Tristan to overwork, the poor thing *LOL* But I am confident they will figure it eventually.
  5. Avangelion

    Chapter 8

    There will be more, don't worry... but you might have to wait a little before the next, academic assignments take up a lot of... well everything
  6. Avangelion

    Chapter 8

    indeed but hadn't really thought about them like that, so thank you ❤️
  7. Tristan I slowly peeled open my eyes. Everything hurt like a bitch. Memories of what had happened gradually started to flood back, and I groaned. Shit. I rolled out of bed and slowly got to my feet. I wore a pair of PJ bottoms and didn’t bother putting on more clothes, just thinking about it made my muscles burn. I made my way toward the common area in search of Asha, but the whole building seemed vacated. Down the next hall towards the wing facing towards the mountains, I found one o the youngsters staring out the window with huge eyes. “Where is everyone?” I asked quietly so not to startle him. I was not successful. “Alpha.” He greeted before pointing out the window and stepping aside. I could not make sense of what I saw. My whole council was gathered, all in wolf form except Asha, and circling two white wolfs, keeping them from coming closer to the house. What the hell was going on? I turned on my heels and headed for the door. I made my way across the small field, the movements releasing some of the aches in my muscles. “Asha?” I said when I reached him where he stood at the edge of the gathering. “I have absolutely no clue!” he said bewildered. “one of our pack members called for aid and we came. Turned out it was Sasha calling, but when we arrived at the place where he’d found you, he turned and charged at us. We managed to avoid conflict and bring you home, but he’s been like this since then. He refuses to shift so we can talk to him and attacks anyone who comes to close.” He gestured towards Sasha, who was clearly guarding over the female and her two pups. Which was indeed very odd, since they were not pack, and trespassing non the less. I took a step back and shifted, no way was I going near an agitated wolf unprotected. Turned out I didn’t need protection. When I drew nearer Sasha whole demeanour changed, he huffed and crouched down with a whine. He eagerly crawled closer, his tail swishing happily from side to side across the grass. I stopped and let him approach me. When he reached me, he rubbed his snout against me, and when I rumbled in approval, he sat up and rubbed his head under my jaw before happily starting to lick around my muzzle. For a while, I just let him shower me with love – at least his wolf acknowledge our connection. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Nadine moving closer to the white female. Sasha too had apparently noticed cause he halted his affections to lower his head and growled at her warningly. Mate or not, he was in no position to rebuke members of my council. I bent down I nipped his side in reprimand, but in the next second Sasha turned around and snapped his jaws around my throat, a pained whine escaped me. With a snarl, he jumped back, away from me, and Nadine turned to charge him. He growled angrily at her, ready to defend himself. Before any fighting could break out, I jumped in between and roared at Sasha. He’d gone from being my confused mate one moment to a direct threat towards one of my pack members in the next. I would defend my pack. The pack came first. To my surprise, Sasha didn’t attack, but he did not back down either. His stance was wide, ready for a fight, and a low, warning snarl rumbled from his throat. I took a second to look at him. Then I realized, his stance was no different from mine. His hostile behaviour towards my pack and protective demeanour over the white female was not unlike anything I would have done, had it been Nadine. Well, fuck me! I took a step back and shifted. “Your message has been received loud and clear, Sasha. You can relax.” He looked up at me then back to the rest of the group. “Everyone back down, Now!” I growled, and my council members slowly shifted back. Sasha nervously licked his lips but began to relax. He turned and went to lay down next to the female, still on guard. Asha came to my side. “What the hell is going on?” anxiety clear in his voice. “Turns out my chosen mate is not an omega… He’s a fucking alpha” I growled, not knowing what the hell to do about that fact. I had returned to my bed after all the commotion had died down. I’d ordered Asha to deal with the situation and offer the white female and her pups refuge for the time being. As it seemed Sasha would not be leaving her side; he just let him do what he felt the need to. An alpha… how could he be an alpha? Alphas didn’t pair, they certainly didn’t mate. But mates they definitely were – even though Sasha was an alpha and with the wounds on his neck to prove it, he still earned for the youngling. At least the fact that he was an alpha explained Sasha’s blatant defiance. But even so, I was hell off a lot confused. His wolf had clearly submitted when he’d first seen me, but then he had turned on me when I had reprimanded him, why would he do that if he was submissive to me? I turned over groaned into the pillow. But then, I had chided him for growling at Nadine… so, he was willing to submit to me, but not to anyone else. I tried to put myself in his shoes; however, the situation was so alien that it was as good as impossible. One thing I was sure of, I was not surprised by Sasha’s attack on me; he was alpha after all. I might have to start taking that into consideration when I was around him. Or at least figure out how to interact with him, otherwise I feared it might come to fight at some point. Shit, I was so confused. I didn’t even know Sasha well enough to make a fair judgement of his state of mind and how he might handle everything once we had to actually deal with it. After two days in bed, I’d had enough of contemplating over the issue. I needed to move to find solutions to stuff, I did think better when I was moving around. I found Asha in the common area hanging around in front of the television. Apparently, there was nothing to do when I was bedridden. “Tristan! You’re up?” Why he was asking I had no idea. “So it seems,” I stated dryly. “You want food?” He started to get up. I waved him off and grabbed an apple from the bowl on the kitchen counter instead. “How is the situation?” I asked and bit down on the fruit. “Tense. Nadine is pointedly avoiding the guest wing, and everyone else is walking around on tiptoes. I think they’re afraid Sasha might explode or something. Although he is just keeping to the area, we assigned to the female.” I sighed and rubbed a hand over my face “What the hell am I going to do with an alpha as my mate?” There were so many issues attached to the fact that my head was spinning. “How about not doing anything at the moment? I mean, seemed to me he was more than willing to submit to you, although, only you. Besides, we have more urgent matters to consider with a pack of hostile wolves crossing our borders. And the whole situation about Sasha and the female cannot really be solved until the female shifts and tells us her story. And we both know that won’t happen until her pups are big enough to make their first shift.” “Maybe we should call the council together to discuss these matters, there are too many aspects to consider. It’s making my head spin.” “I’ll let them know.” He patted my shoulder and went on his way.
  8. Avangelion

    Chapter 7

    wow, that was fast. I know the chapters are fairly short but still. anyway, I'm glad you liked it, the story will continue, I'm just a little slow due to the pressure of the world of academic writing *sigh*
  9. Avangelion

    Chapter 7

    yeah, one of the perks of being a university student... academic writing is killing my muse, and when I'm finally done with my academic writing, I'm too busted to acomplish any creative writing... But, fret not, I am working on the next chapter, it just takes a little while to get the gears going:D
  10. Avangelion

    Chapter 7

    Hehe... yeah, one might think...
  11. Sasha I jerked up from where I’d been studying. The text on modern literature in front of me: completely forgotten. Something was wrong. My stomach plummeted. “Sasha?” Connor asked, looking up. “Pack up my stuff, yeah?” I asked and broke into a run. Outside, I heard the distant sound of a wolf howling. It wasn’t the pack howl, but even so, I felt the pull of the howl in every nerve of my body, a cry for help. Goosebumps raised along my arms, I had never felt so drawn to answer a howl. As soon as I was off the neutral grounds, I shifted — my long-legged, white wolf form able to move a lot faster than my human one. The lone wolf continued to howl, and I followed the general direction of the call until it stopped. Until now it had sounded with a good five minutes in between. I slowed and stopped, waiting, but the howl didn’t sound again. I sniffed the air but didn’t smell anything but the markings of my own pack. I needed to call for them. After a few huffs to clear my airway, I howled but broke off. My wolf form didn’t perform the pack howl very well, the deep pitch always made my throat itch. Because of this, I usually didn’t like sharing my howl, but this was an emergency, and I tried again, this time managing a call for aid. At first, it wasn’t answered, and I raised my muzzle howled again, this time more urgent. After a moment, a distant response sounded from the direction of the city. I went running again, knowing they’d be coming. The lonely wolf didn’t howl again and worry twisted my stomach. I wasn’t close enough that I could pick up any smell and hadn’t been close enough that I could downsize the area from where the call had come from. For a time, I track back and forth, trying to pick something up, anything. My mind went 180 miles an hour. Then I something struck me – I had identified the call. Something had seemed… familiar somehow, not because I had heard it before, it was more like an instinctive familiarity. Maybe I could… yes, the pitch had been higher, more like my own howl when I wasn’t using pack howl. I stopped my pacing and howled like I would when on my own. No response. Maybe the pitch hadn’t been quite right? Perhaps the pitch should be higher? Like how my own howl had always wanted but hadn’t dared? I raised my muzzled and howled again. The sound escaping my throat felt so right it had the hairs along my spine prickle. When I silenced a second went by and then, an answering howl, reasonably close by. I jumped up and began running again. It didn’t take long before I picked up the scent of unfamiliar wolfs, but also… my alpha? No, that couldn’t be right. Then… Blood. I ran faster. I found him in a clearing, laying motionless on his side, and blood spattered all over the ground around him. A distressed whine escaping my throat as I darted across the clearing to his side. I whined and poked at him with my snout, there was no reaction. I started to panic. What should I do, what should I do? A fearful whine sounded from the bushes to my right. My first instinct was to defend, and I sneered. Then a white snout emerged from the shadows and two large blue eyes stared at me, huge with apprehension. Slowly the wolf stood and came into the clearing fully facing me, her head held low. Two pups shuffled unsurely after her. Clearly, she didn’t mean any harm, it had most likely been her calling. I regarded her for a while, then the wind shifted, and her scent hit me. Pack. I was pulled out of my stupor by the sound of rustling in the bushes and in the next instant five wolves stood in the clearing. Only one thought ran through my head in that second. Protect.
  12. Avangelion

    Chapter 6

    Don't worry, answers will come. But thanks for reminding me to remember the details
  13. Tristan I was in a seriously bad mood. I snapped at everyone in the house. Over a pup. Fuck, I didn’t even know where to look for him. Christ, I was in deep water. I’d meant to stop him that day, after the party, but Asha had held me back. He’d argued that my approached apparently had been all wrong and Sasha probably needed some breathing space. With that, I had gone back to my bedroom to tidy up after my run around the territory and found the bedsheets smeared in Sasha’s seeds. If I had found his scent intoxicating before, the smell of his apparent desire was spellbinding. I was lost for a good half hour before I finally had control back of my mind and body, and my need dried out. After that, I was running in circles with frustration. On the fourth day, I decided I wasn’t going to deal with it anymore and changed into my wolf form. I left the house and ran for the mountains. A good long run might help cool off my overheated brain. I reached a peak in the field from where I could see the city. For a moment, I discussed with myself if I should try and sniff him out. No, I would have to let him come to me. It didn’t seem like he could help his attraction towards me either. I had smelled the desire of him even though he’d vibrated with fury and defiance. He wanted me, that was for sure. I wouldn’t push him, I knew he would pull away if I tried to. I turned away from the city and continued my path uphill. After a couple hours, I caught the scent of a rabbit, and my stomach growled. Might as well get some food, I wasn’t planning on going back yet. I’d been contemplating bordering my territory again for some time now. Since I found myself out here anyway, I’d decided to begin the track. It didn’t take me long to sniff out the furball and take chase. Just as I was about to snap my jaws shut around the animal, I stopped short, the smell of unfamiliar wolfs suddenly in my path. I smelled the air — an unfamiliar wolfpack. I followed the trail further up the mountain for a while when I suddenly heard growling. I entered a clearing and saw a lone she-wolf, crouching protectively over her two cups – not pack. And on the other side of the small clearing, a pack of wolves were closing in menacingly. They were not wanted on my land. I roared and stepped in between. The alpha of the intruding pack seemed surprised for a second before he growled at me warningly. Yeah, he could fucking try, but this was my territory, and he had no right trespassing, no matter the reason. He could’ve changed forms and talked to me. We could’ve found a solution, but he chose to charge at me instead — He didn’t have a chance. His pack attacked me alongside him, and I took some really nasty hits, but in the end, I sent them on retreat. I wasn’t the alpha of the largest pack known till this day for no reason. When I was sure they were gone, I collapsed in the bloodied grass under me. Fuck, I was exhausted. The she-wolf cautiously came up to me and gently poked at me. I rumbled soothingly. I meant the female no harm, and she seemed worried about me. I knew I couldn’t change back; my injuries would just kill my human form, and I couldn’t get up to walk home. This was definitely not good. I needed Asha, I needed to call for him, but I had no energy. A sigh left my lungs, consciousness starting to slip away. I heard the sound of the female’s helpless howling before everything went black.
  14. Avangelion

    Chapter 5

    Thanks for loving it ❤️ I'm so happy. I had so much fun writing that scene, Sasha doing his thing and then... "Yeah, I'm pissed at you, you get to clean that up" *LOL* Hope you will keep enjoying
  15. Avangelion

    Chapter 5

    He sure is definitely not your usual omega *smirk*. Mellow? Yeah, should kind of work on that... but it's a first draft, and i'm not all that close with Tristan... yet... heh, I tend to have favorites and forget the others. But thanks for pointing it out, I'll keep it in mind. I'd say Tristan is more confused and perplexed about Sasha's behavior than angry, I don't think he knows what to do with him. I guess I'll figure it out as I go along.
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