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  1. Tristan “You are such an idiot,” I rumbled at Asha, the annoyance evident in my voice. “You know I hate it when you call me that in front of others.” “But is he that? Others?” Asha threw back. I gave him a warning growl. “What is that supposed to mean, how can he be anything but?” Something pinched in my gut, a protest to my own words. What the hell had that feeling been? “Oh please… you were staring at him like he was a fucking trophy kill you wanted to take down.” I snorted at his comment and turned to look towards the door again where the pup had fled through. “What was that anyway? I’ve never seen you act like that with anyone.” He eyed me with that odd look of his that said he might know something that I didn’t. I hated it when he did that. “I don’t know.” I hesitated. Could it really be… “Mate bond?” Asha offered. “Could be. But… could it really be?” Natural mate bonds didn’t occur very often. The usual way was to fall in love and creating a bond by biting your partner. The bond was binding and would last a lifetime. But to actually come across your perfect match from nature's side … it was so rare I’d never met anyone with that kind of connection. And now that there was a chance I might have that, I wanted it, badly. There was just one problem. “But seriously, I didn’t know you were into guys, when did that happen?” “Today apparently,” I rumbled. And on top of that, the pup was the lowest ranking member of the pack. “He was pretty cute. Smelled good too.” He wiggled his eyebrows at me. “You do realize he wasn’t– “ “What, a Timber, the lowest of the pack? Oh, who gives a fuck this day and age. Grey wolf or not, he’s pack, and he’s clearly smitten with you, I could tell that much.” Asha grumbled. I sighed. Yeah, not only had the pup acted completely flustered but I too had smelled it in the air – his arousal. It had taken all of my concentration not to throw myself at him, and thus, I’d let Asha speak on my behalf until I was past my inner turmoil. But damn had he challenged my self-control. I sighed and let my head fall back. Was it really a mate bond? I’d never heard of a bond form between species. Maybe because they usually didn’t mix. I knew everyone in my pack, well except for the pup, were grey wolves. Perhaps it was possible, there just hadn’t been an opportunity before, that we knew of anyway. At on top of that, an alfa male mating with another male? That I was sure of had not happened before. No offsprings would come of it, an issue that could be a significant loss for the pack. God. Nothing was even certain yet, and I was already stressing about it. Shit. The females were going to be pissed “Mate bond… how is it even supposed to feel? How do I know for sure?” I thought out loud. “I cannot tell you. It’s not like little stars start to pop out of the air announcing its presence. And I haven’t felt it myself. But the way you were acting… Never seen you like that with any of the females.” Right. But the pup was coming to the party, I would get to see him again. My wolf rumbled in satisfaction at that fact. I finished eating my food and leaned back, rubbing my full belly. “If everything fails, Asha, suddenly being into males and all, I could just mate you, or make you my first female. Then you could cook for me every day.” “You are such a fucking ass. Like I would ever mate with someone like you” trust best friends to tell you the truth no matter what was at stake. “Asha!” A high-pitched growl came from the doorway. “Nadine. How lovely for you to join us. Have some food.” Asha chirped. He was not a big fan of my first chosen female, and the two of them bickered more often than not. But she was strong and did her job well, keeping everyone on line. I hadn’t chosen a lot of males for my leadership, they were a potential threat to my position after all. The females were easier to deal with when things were getting tough. “You should really start to act like you know your place.” She strode towards me. “Nadine” I rumbled a light warning in my tone. “Asha’s my friend on top of being my beta. Cut him some slack.” She slid into my lap and leaned against my chest. My wolf wanted to growl at her to get off, but I bit it back. She was my first female, powerful in the council, and she was my friend. There was no need to start a fight over something so petty. “I’m sorry, alpha.” Gracefully showing me her neck. “I am sorry, Asha. Jealousy is an ugly thing.” She batted her eyelashes at him. “Hold onto that thought, Honey.” Asha threw back with a rueful grin. Those two were never going to get past their childish bantering. Although I could relate to Asha’s line of thought. Nadine was not going to be happy if I chose someone else for a mate. She had wooed me ever since I picked her as my first female, and most people halfway expected we would become a mated pair in the end. But I had never felt that sort of connection with Nadine. Sure she had warmed my bed more than once, but I had never wanted to bite her. I had never given her any indication as to wanting to bond with her. I allowed her a lot of things which the other females were not privileged, like sitting in my lap. Still, I had never given her any indication of wanting to bond with her. Maybe it was time to cut the ties. I gently nudged her off my lap. “Go get something to eat Nadine. Since Asha’s cooking, we might as well get the most of it.” His cooking was the best after all, and to might delight, he did it fairly often, for me that is. “But –“ she protested. “I have a lot on my mind. I’m going to retreat.” I turned and left without another word. *** The weekend was coming up, and the whole house was on the other end, everyone working on getting everything ready. When Saturday afternoon came along, I went looking for Asha for no other reason than to occupy myself from feeling so restless. I found him dancing around behind the bar on the back deck premixing drink for the upcoming festivities. “Seriously? What’s up with the pitch?” I called out, loud enough that he could hear me over the music and his own, very offkey, singing. “What, You don’t like my pitch?” he asked and continued to squeal along. Suddenly he leapt and jumped over the bar. He grabbed on to me and pulled me onto the dancefloor. I had to chuckle by his attempt to make me dance with him. He swung in, grabbed onto my shoulder and dipped himself back, trying to look graceful doing it and ultimately failed. I couldn’t keep the laughter from bubbling to the surface. I caved to his charms and joined in. Capable and loyal as he was, he could be such a child. I wasn’t old, being only 32, but him being only 27 was noticeable at times. “Asha! What are you doing? You should know better than to treat your betters in such a manner!” Ashas mother entered the room, looking utterly shocked. I didn’t know why all the females in our pack had such an issue with Asha showing friendly affection and treating me as such. “Don’t worry about it, aunt Tammy. He’s not just my beta after all.” I laughed, beginning to feel the rhythm as I let Asha swing me around. She huffed at us, not appreciating being wiped off. Females. Asha then twirled me around before letting me go, bowing as the song ended. I wondered if I had found someone already to swing around myself, that thought leading me straight back to the reason behind me looking for a distraction in the first place. I groaned and stopped in my tracks, hiding my face in my palm. The pup… “You still moping about it? Damn, you are in for one hell of a night, Tris.” I was way beyond a point where I’d even notice him calling me my pet name, and Asha actually looked at me a little concerned. “Dude, you okay? Normally you’d have ripped my head off by now…” “I don’t know why I even bother, you never call me by anything else.” I threw my hands up in defeat. “Boys,” Nadine called from the entrance to the hallway. “Our guests have arrived.” Finally! I let out a sigh. Now I just had to find him. Which turned out to be harder than I’d anticipated. If I had been aware of the hell I would go through, I would never have willingly participated. The party wasn’t only for introducing youngsters and leadership, it was also intended for those who didn’t usually mingle, to test the waters for a possible mate. Still, I had never intended myself as one of those potential candidates. However, every female at the party seemed to think otherwise. The youngsters had hesitantly approached me, testing out their chances. Still, they had respectfully retreated once I let them know I was not seeking to find a mate. I was looking for one in particular, yes, but not in general. The females of my council, though, did not take the hint. A few had only tried one time, but most of them kept coming on to me as the night strode forward. Nadine, the one with the highest rank, had been the worst. I realized she was intentionally ignoring my rejections. She had finally caved when I had turned and roared at her. It seemed only one female had not tried to chat me up, the one who was, at the moment, writhing in the arms of the eldest Jason brother. Something gnawed at my consciousness, what was it about the Jason brother. Then I remembered. The pup had mentioned his friend going to woo the eldest Jason brother. I sniffed the air, trying to catch her sent. Definitely not pack, and another smell hung by her, fading but familiar. If she was here, so was he. I was now a man on a mission.
  2. It is not harsh at all, all kinds of feed back is highly appreciated, so thank you for taking the time to comment 🥰 You are absolutely right, I should probably have sent it past my editor 😰 one of the perks of being too eager, and so I am very sorry that you did not enjoy, not that I can say I blame you, yikes... and I will see to that the mistakes are corrected and make sure I reread everything before posting. However, I did type a note about this story being a first draft and there were bound to be errors along the way, so you should not have expected the read to be flawless. But I completely understand you, I too have skipped stories because of errors. Feel free to come by again, once I have the errors fixed and hopefully you will stay with me. Thank you again for taking your time Loves and hugses🤗
  3. Avangelion

    Chapter 1

    It's my first serious attempt to write a "wolf" story, so maybe that's the reason it seems different? I'm happy you liked it, thanks for reading 🥰
  4. Avangelion

    Chapter 1

    Well... I actually have a bit put down, but only posted the first chapter in order to get this kind of feedback, so thank a million for sharing your thoughts. I hadn't really given this aspect much thought, definitely something to consider before my next post. I'm glad you enjoyed, thanks for reading 🥰
  5. Avangelion

    Chapter 1

    I'm very happy you like it, I can only hope I won't be disappointing further on. thanks for reading 🥰
  6. Sasha I groaned and slumped over to rest my hand upon my arm on the table. This was the tenth time during the first hour of my study session with Stella. “This is getting ridiculous. Tell me what’s wrong?” She put her pencil down and leaned back in her chair. “I feel deprived,” I answered, now realizing how stupid it sounded. “Deprived – Of what?” “Sex… I’m sex-deprived!” Silence… Then Stella burst out laughing. “What are you talking about? You’ve never been missing partners?” “Yeah. Someone kind of caught my eye, and now I’ve lost interest in everyone else. It’s so frustrating.” Stella studied me for a moment. “So why don’t you do something about it?” “It… It’s someone kind of out of my league…” and that was the core of my problem. I was part of a pretty big pack of wolves, too big for every pack member to know everyone. A result of our alpha not wishing to turn away strays that sought protection, but it also meant peace. No one dared to stand up to challenge the leadership, the pack was simply too great in number. Enough so that the neighbouring pack, which Stella was a part of, had chosen to bend on their rights for territory. The campus grounds and town centre were now neutral grounds, which allowed pack members from both sides to mingle, join alliances and fall in love. Each a winning point for both our packs, although pack law still needed to be upheld within one's own grounds. “What, you fell for one in your alpha group or what?” she said sarcastically, “Well, I don’t actually know… I know it’s one of the leadership, though.” I looked at her, a distressed look on my face, her eyes went wide. “What, for real? How did you even get close enough for that to happen?” She huffed, and I slouched in my seat. “I didn’t… I was at the field the other day, studying, when they returned from a hunt. The wind carried their scent to me before I even saw them… The scent was… I don’t know how to describe it, mouthwatering, euphoric, the kind of smell you’d want to roll around in, trying to make it stick to your skin? And GOD, it made me fucking horny, walked around with a raging hardon for the rest of the day…” I trailed off, feeling my dick twitch with just the thought. “So… did you find out who it was?” she asked, swallowing. I swear, even though Stella was a female and definitely straight, she was such a perv. She found it utterly hot that I was gay, and I had found myself quite embarrassed when she, after each and every one of my past encounters, had begged for details. “I have absolutely no idea. I stood up to get a visual of the party and found like… ten in their group. I only recognized the alpha, the beta and some of the leading females, though. Could have been any of them, really.” Stella snorted. “Maybe it was one of the females…” She suggested an evil grin on her face. “Oh fuck god, I hope not.” We were both silent for a moment. “Could be the alpha.” Her tone was casual, and I almost choked on my own saliva on an inhale. “You’re fucking nuts… like that would ever happen,” I croaked, trying my best not to commit suicide. “But you don’t know. He was part of the hunting party,” She sauntered. “Even if it turned out to be him. He would never pick one of my status anyway.” I hadn’t been born into the pack, which automatically placed me at the bottom of the hierarchy. Furthermore, I was an outsider on more than one level. Don’t get me wrong, I was a wolf, but not a grey. My wolf form was a pure white timber wolf. Even though human scientific didn’t think there was a big difference between our species, they were downright wrong in their assumptions. And in my world, species did not mingle, not even subspecies, that much I had figured out. I could be used for one-night stands, sure, Sex was Sex after all, but mates were a completely different story. If I had known where I had come from, I would have left my pack to seek them out, but I'd been left with the former alpha as a cub 22 years ago. Despite everything, they had taken me in and found a female willing to raise me. And now, at the age of 23, I was sitting at the local university, studying with my best friend Stella, moping about my hopeless sex life. “That shit is just bullocks. How can you know that? You ever talked to him? How do you know he’s not open minded?” “Okay, let's just say he opened minded, fair enough, but I don’t even know if he’s gay, or even bi. It’s not like I can just go to the packhouse and ask him.” Well, I couldn't go to ask him that particular question, but I would soon find myself on his doorstep anyway. Three days later, I ran frantically through the halls of the university to meet Stella as she exited her first lecture. “Sasha! Jeez, breath. What’s the hurry?” She hauled her bag further up her shoulder and waited for me to catch my breath. “There’s a guild party, at the packhouse on Saturday night.” I stood up, taking a deep breath. The guild party was a party for the youth of the pack. It was foremost for the sake of the leadership to meet and greet with the next generation, but also for the youngsters to find a suitable partner or introduce one they had already found. “Yeah? What does that have to do with me?” “It’s open for newcomers?” I winked at her. Knowing she had found interest in the eldest of the Jason brothers but hadn’t had a chance to chat him up, since he was in his final year and a different faculty than us. She’d carried a torch for him for a few years now, and he had yet to find an interest in one of the females of our own pack, not for their lack of trying. So I was not going to deny her this chance to change things up a bit. I had to agree with Stella, he was quite the catch; tall, broad shoulders, golden hair and a spec of freckles bridging his nose, he was handsome, but not really my type. Stella squealed with delight as she fell me around the neck. “I take that as your acceptance to come with me?” I grinned “Hell yes, I’ll go!” And that’s how I found myself standing on the porch of the packhouse the same afternoon. The door didn’t look very different from any other entries, but damn was it imposing. I raised a shaky hand and pushed the bell. Why was I so nervous? A few moments went by. I almost had time to talk myself out of the visit when the door was opened, and a female greeted me with a smile. I have no idea why I had expected to be met with opposition. “Hello, little one. What can I do for you?” The second female asked in a friendly tone. “I’m – I’m here to ask for an audience with the alpha,” I said, my voice trembling. “Of cause.” She chimed and gestured me inside. “He’s occupied right at this moment, but I’m sure he has time for you in a little while.” She closed the door behind me and led the way inside. “Asha, we have a guest.” She announced as soon as we entered the living area; a massive room with floor to ceiling windows lining the whole back wall and an open kitchen to one side. Asha looked up from where he’d been stirring something in a pan that smelled amazing. His eyes fell on me, his nostrils flaring. Then he smiled. “Welcome,” He said. “Our little friend here wishes to speak with our alpha.” The female informed. “Ah, he’ll just be a little while longer. Please, come in and wait.” Asha gestured toward the chairs by the kitchen island. “I’ll leave you with Asha, honey.” And then she left the room. I writhed my hands and didn’t move from my spot. Even though Asha, the beta himself, had offered me to sit, I was still hesitant. I was very much aware of my pack status and didn’t feel I had the right to be here in the heart of the pack territory, let alone relax. “So, how's school?” Asha asked. A default question since it was demanded all members of our pack was educated, and I was still young, so I had nowhere else to be other than in school. I opened my mouth to answer, but nothing came out. I cleared my voice and tried again. “It’s — “ I didn’t manage to finish. The scent from the other day in the field hit me in the face like a bowling-ball off track. “Asha, did you use my shampoo again? I told you to get your own….” His deep husky voice was dripping with sexuality, sending a shiver down my spine. I was completely frozen on the spot. I couldn’t help my eyes from travelling over his half-naked form, bare chest and towel drown over his neck. I was shocked with the realization of who I was looking at; his feet were bare and the faded jeans he was wearing hung low on his hips, letting the dimples at his lower back show. They also cupped his ass in a way that made me want to drop to my knees and worship it. My dick twitched. “Tristan, we have a guest.” I heard Ashas say, at the same time my pack alpha spun around and spotted me, his nostrils flaring. My eyes flickered to his face, and I swear his pupils dilated as he took in my scent. However, the next second it was gone, and I blamed my state of shock for making me delusional. I quickly lowered my gaze, uncertain, just to get caught by his naked torso; his tight abs, the taut skin of his pecs. God, his body was perfect. I could feel the saliva pool in my mouth. “I’m…” the alpha cleared his throat. “I apologize for my attire. I wasn’t expecting guests.” My eyes flicked back to his face at the strained tone in his voice. There was something in his gaze that had my breath caught in my chest – My brain literally ceased to function. He wasn’t as old as I had thought, he couldn’t be more than in his early thirties. His hair was dark and just long enough to get a firm grip on. His beard was nicely trimmed and kept, covering his strong jawline and framed his gorgeous mouth. And his eyes. His eyes were gonna haunt me in my sleep, I just knew it. I’d heard rumours about the eyes of an alpha but had never had a chance to come close enough to confirm them. He stared at me with steel grey eyes, the iris circled by a ring of black, definitely not an eye colour that you’d find in the human species. They almost glowed from within. His nostrils flared again, but his face gave nothing away to what he might smell on me. He kept staring at me, and I just stood there, in a complete stupor. After a while, Asha cleared his throat. “What did you wish to speak to the alpha about?” “Rats of piting…” I said, still not able to take my gaze away from the alpha, who cocked an eyebrow at my words. I frowned, what the hell just came out of my mouth. “Pights of rassing…” Nope, brain still not working. “Rights of passing?” Asha asked from the kitchen when his alpha chose to stay silent. “Yes,” I said and was finally able to tear my gaze away. Silence — Then the alpha spoke. “For whom? I guess it’s not for you since you smell like pack.” My gaze turned back to his, and the whole situation finally caught up to me, and I had to look away, blushing fiercely. “Uhm… Stella… She’s my best friend, part of the blossom pack, daughter of the second female.” I fell silent for a second, looking at the alpha with uncertainty. There was the tiniest twitch at the corner of his lips, was he annoyed? “Your female?” he asked, just the slightest bit of a growl in his voice. “No… I’m not… I don’t… have any interest in females,” I said in a small voice, rubbing the tip of my foot into the ground. I looked up at the alpha through my lashes and continued when he seemed pleased by that fact. ”She has an interest for the eldest Jason brother and wishes for a chance to woo him.” I had no idea how these formalities worked or how much information they would need for them to grant me my wish. But I had already fucked this up royally, so just to be on the safe side, I went all out. “And will you be present as well?” the alpha asked. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Asta giving him an odd look. “Yes, sir, that was the plan.” I ducked my head again and stared at my feet, at least they were a safer choice that the alphas naked chest. “Rights of passage will be granted. Asha, will you make sure Stella of blossom is added to the list?” “Sure thing, Tris.” He chuckled but went eerily quiet when the alpha turned and growled at him. For what reason, I had no idea, but the sound plummeted right into my balls, making my semi hard dick twitch to life. I couldn’t help the small gasp that escaped me, and the alpha turned to me again. I grabbed the hem of my shirt, pulling it down as I started to fidget. I really needed to get out before he noticed my hardon. “Can… Can I be excused?” I piped up. “Sure thing, pup, you can leave.” The alpha rumbled soothingly. Oh god, had he noticed? Or did he think I was scared of him? “Thank you” I turned on my heels and all but fled from the house.
  7. Being at the bottom the pack hierarchy, Sasha is conflicted on an everyday basis. He does not feel like he belong, being a different species, being gay. His wolf wishes to protect but his human side wishes to surrender, only adding to his confusion. When he finds out he is drawn to the pack alpha, it only complicates things. Tristan knows how to run his pack, even though is has a lot of members, he is respected and no one dares to defy him. Until he comes across Sasha, the lowest ranked pack member who defiantly growled at him.
  8. Oh... I cried a little in the end there LOL. I wasn't sure how Arik felt about Einar, my perception of their relationship a little off key maybe, but to think that he cares to such an extent is just heart warming. Arik is definitely my favorite person so far, and I can't wait to read more... Just saw that a knew chapter comes out today? Damn you time-zone-difference, I will have to wait for tomorrow to read,since today is like, 22:00... sigh. Thank you for the story so far. If it will ever become an e-book or something, I will Pre-order the damn thing...
  9. oh my GOD!!! this is such an interesting story.... I am absolutely loving it. But I would like to point out that there is a small issue woth the editing, which has caused me to not catch everything while reading. Obviously, it didn't ruin the total picture since I have fallen in love with your story, just wanted to let you know
  10. Avangelion

    Chapter 3

    Oh, my heart hurt at the end... I was starting to wonder whatr had happened for Kiorl to be the way he is about love... I want to cry for him....
  11. Avangelion

    Chapter 2

    Maybach Exelero... I admit, after the first comment I had to google... and then I figured out who jethro is!!! Batman... he drives the batmobile... that is so awesome, damn it's a nice car... I'm really liking the story so far... I'm looking forward to seeing how their relationship is going to turn out, I don't really dig Honey's character, I find him a little too meek and wanting to please everyone but himself, but perhaps this trait will come in handy later on?
  12. Avangelion

    Chapter 22

    I am so hoping for all four of them ending up in bed together for hot stuff... I love this story... Thank you SO much ❤️
  13. Avangelion

    Chapter 20

    I'm becoming real curious about whatever the sifts did that sentenced them all to be wiped out, I wonder if it has anything to do with Mick... but as long as things will go back down a hot sexy path at some point i'm happy 😅
  14. Avangelion

    Chapter 17

    Okay... I have to admit that I semi followed your advice to skip those few chapters... But, I'm a sucker for this story and had to know what went down, so I skimmed. Icky... but very well written. I'm just happy that those three will come back into the picture, kind of outdid the fact that his glamour cracked... I'm one sad sucker for love
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