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  1. Avangelion

    Chapter 9

    Don't worry, there will be more, although my process is somewhat slow during school periods. I am working as fast as I can to upload new chapters
  2. Avangelion

    Chapter 9

    I'd say "running all over the place" is somewhat of an understatement... Even I have issues keeping up and keeping them in line 😅
  3. Avangelion

    Chapter 9

    I am on it.... although a bit slow
  4. Sasha Pacing. I needed to stop pacing. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t relax. This whole situation had twisted itself into a knot that I could not untwine. I promptly stopped and flopped down on the ground. I immediately regretted it. I’d barely hit the ground before yelping and grunting surrounded me. The two white pups were so full of energy. They climbed up on my back, pulled my ears, my tail. And every attempt I made to warn them of lasted for all of three seconds before they were at it again. How did the female survive this? I couldn’t help the grunt from escaping. I got back
  5. My dear readers.

    I have some bad news: I will have to postpone all of my writing until january because of the academic workload. This means all of the stories you are following with be put on hold for the time being.

    1. Philippe


      Hopefully the a academic workload has not hollowed nor weakened the writer spirit; as that would be a black eye on education! 😝 

      I hope the new year finds you well. I look forward to your next update for our intriguing white wolves. 😊 

  6. Avangelion

    Chapter 8

    First of all, thank you for the positive feedback, it is much appreciated. Second, I am amazed that you managed to point out all of my own pondering, which I haven't even solved yet, but I do guess that means even though this story is a first draft I managed to "convey the message". and you even wrote it so perfectly Thank you
  7. Avangelion

    Chapter 8

    I'm glad you liked it, and thank you, I do think I need it for this next chapter :,D
  8. Avangelion

    Chapter 8

    It's always a nice thing when you can contribute till the knowledge, so thank you I'm still trying to to work out the details of this whole 'other pack' stuff, but I've definitely put Tristan to overwork, the poor thing *LOL* But I am confident they will figure it eventually.
  9. Avangelion

    Chapter 8

    There will be more, don't worry... but you might have to wait a little before the next, academic assignments take up a lot of... well everything
  10. Avangelion

    Chapter 8

    indeed but hadn't really thought about them like that, so thank you ❤️
  11. Tristan I slowly peeled open my eyes. Everything hurt like a bitch. Memories of what had happened gradually started to flood back, and I groaned. Shit. I rolled out of bed and slowly got to my feet. I wore a pair of PJ bottoms and didn’t bother putting on more clothes, just thinking about it made my muscles burn. I made my way toward the common area in search of Asha, but the whole building seemed vacated. Down the next hall towards the wing facing towards the mountains, I found one o the youngsters staring out the window with huge eyes. “Where is everyone?” I asked quietly so not to s
  12. Avangelion

    Chapter 7

    wow, that was fast. I know the chapters are fairly short but still. anyway, I'm glad you liked it, the story will continue, I'm just a little slow due to the pressure of the world of academic writing *sigh*
  13. Avangelion

    Chapter 7

    yeah, one of the perks of being a university student... academic writing is killing my muse, and when I'm finally done with my academic writing, I'm too busted to acomplish any creative writing... But, fret not, I am working on the next chapter, it just takes a little while to get the gears going:D
  14. Avangelion

    Chapter 7

    Hehe... yeah, one might think...
  15. Sasha I jerked up from where I’d been studying. The text on modern literature in front of me: completely forgotten. Something was wrong. My stomach plummeted. “Sasha?” Connor asked, looking up. “Pack up my stuff, yeah?” I asked and broke into a run. Outside, I heard the distant sound of a wolf howling. It wasn’t the pack howl, but even so, I felt the pull of the howl in every nerve of my body, a cry for help. Goosebumps raised along my arms, I had never felt so drawn to answer a howl. As soon as I was off the neutral grounds, I shifted — my long-legged, white wolf form able to move
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