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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 

Coming of Age - 2. Chapter 2

Later that evening, Thomas was sitting in his room working on a psychology paper that was due on Monday. He had known about the paper for over three weeks, but had just started it today. Coming to terms with his own sexuality had helped Thomas focus more on school. He seemed to whiz through the writing, thinking about why he hadn’t done all this earlier. The paper, ironically enough, was supposed to be on Human Sexuality. He had learned earlier that semester that 80% of human beings were bisexual. Based on a scale, only 10% of the population was truly homosexual, while only 10% were totally heterosexual. That made him feels much better about his situation. Based on that scale, four out of five of his friends have had some type of same sex encounter. His paper went on to state that if the numbers were that high, why were there so many homophobic people in the world today. That was something that he was going to have to just accept. In other cultures homosexuality was looked at differently than it was in the United States. Even stuffy old England had legalized gay marriage. Thomas didn’t know where he stood on those issues yet. One day he would have to study and see exactly what “Being Gay” meant besides just liking the same sex.


The cell phone in his pocket vibrated, giving Thomas a jolt. “Hey dude”, Jason said as soon as Thomas opened his phone. “I am going out tonight with Ally, Kimber, and Jessica. Want to come?” Why was Jason going out with three girls if he was gay? That made no sense to Thomas.

“Where are you going, and how late are you staying out? I still have that stupid psych paper to write.” Thomas answered.

“Well there is that new club in town I wanted to check out. They are having a teen night tonight and thought it would be fun.” Jason acted as though he hadn’t had his lips around Thomas’s cock not three hours ago. “The girls put me up to it so I feel kinda obligated to go. If you don’t want to I understand. But I was thinking that we could have some fun tonight to celebrate.”

“And what exactly do you want to celebrate? We both agreed not to tell anyone. Besides, you are going with three of the hottest girls in school.” Thomas was starting to get upset with Jason’s attitude.

“Um… We aren’t telling anyone anything; I was just told that I was nominated for Prom Court. I know that as a junior I can’t be King, but I can still be happy can’t I? The announcement was made this afternoon after you hauled ass from Ms. Kline’s office. You might be interested to know who else has been nominated.”

This pissed Thomas off even more. Why did Jason have to be so fucking smug about everything? So he was good looking, so he was popular, so the fuck what. And who cares who else was nominated. It’s not like Thomas would be going to prom with any girl in the school now that he has accepted himself.

“Dude, are you still there?” Jason asked.

“Yeah I’m here. So now I guess that you are going to Prom with one of the happy hoes? Take Kimber; I hear that she puts out on the first date.”

“Why so harsh? I was going to tell you that your name is on the list as well. You were nominated for court as well, asshole. But if this is how you want to talk to your friends I guess I’ll just call Randy and invite him.

“Randy? Fucking RANDY??? I see how you are man. Go out with the three hoe-migos and enjoy yourself! I think I will just stay home tonight.” He slammed his phone shut and dropped it in the wastebasket next to his desk. He was so pissed off. Did Jason throw Randy’s name in there because he was out of the closet? Did he really care? Was this what being gay was all about? Thomas couldn’t handle the anger that he was feeling. Where did it come from all of the sudden? Was he going to become one of those militant fags that his father is always so fired up against? Thomas just needed to calm down. He decided that he would take a shower, and try to relax.


Twenty minutes later, after a shower, Thomas lay on his bed stripped down to nothing but his gym socks. He was thinking about earlier in the day with Jason and the great time they had at the pond. His cock was starting to twitch with the memory of Jason’s tongue. Slowly, he ran his hand up and down his rod. Taking pleasure in his actions, Thomas didn’t hear the tentative knock at the door. Jason walked in and coughed to get Thomas’s attention. “You really should lock your door when you are beating your meat, man.” Thomas immediately grabbed his shorts and covered himself up. “Don’t stop on my account” Jason quipped.

“What the fuck assmunch? Don’t you knock? My family went to see my brother at college. I thought I was alone. That is why the door isn’t locked.” Thomas could feel the rage come back. Why did Jason all of the sudden get him so riled up?

“I did knock, but apparently you were too busy to hear. I came over to talk to you. You seemed to get really pissed over the phone. I really don’t understand why.”

“Well, let’s see. You totally ignored the fact that something happened this afternoon; you asked me to go out with your cheerleader hussies, and then told me you would rather ask Randy. Does any of this ring a bell with you?” Thomas was now so upset that he was red in the face, for the third time today. He really needed to get a grip on more than just his cock.

“I told you earlier today that I needed to keep everything quiet. I don’t have the courage that you have. Hell, you told me first, and I have known about myself for about two years. Besides, I had “the three hoe-migos”, as you called them, in the car when I was on the phone with you. I dropped them off to come talk to you.”

Thomas was again embarrassed over his reactions. “I’m sorry. I guess I wasn’t thinking straight.”

“You stopped thinking ‘straight’ this afternoon when you came out to me.” Jason had a knack of making you smile even when you were highly upset. Thomas, still in nothing but his socks, sat on the bed and tried stared deadpan at Jason and his lame jokes. “Throw me a bone here. I’m trying to make it up to you.”

“I got a bone for you right here.” With that Thomas stood up and wagged his now flaccid penis in his best friends face.

“It looks dead man. I think it need mouth to mouth” Jason had that sly look in his eyes again. He leaned over and took Thomas’s slowly hardening penis in his mouth. Immediately Jason became rock solid. Thomas grabbed Jason by the back of the head and began to slowly and methodically thrust his pelvis forward. Jason took all that Thomas had to offer, never once trying to slow the movements. Thomas tried to make this one last. It did help that he had already shot his load twice today.

Jason slowly withdrew Thomas’s treasure from his mouth and stood up. Kicking his shoes off, Jason took Thomas’s hand and rubbed it against his now stiff jeans. Thomas wasted no time. He quickly opened the front of Jason’s jeans to release the pulsing, throbbing beast that was Jason’s cock. Stripping down to nothing, Jason slid down Thomas’s frame again until he was seated on the bed with Thomas standing in front of him. Thomas took charge. He shoved Jason back onto the bed, forcing his friend to lie down. Thomas then straddled Jason’s chest, hard cock protruding toward Jason’s now quivering chin. “I want to try this at least once.” Thomas whispered. He leaned over toward his nightstand and grabbed the baby oil he kept in there. Jason did not try to fight him. Thomas drizzled the oil onto Jason’s chest. He then rubbed his hands in the oil, taking pleasure from the feel of Jason’s pecs under his hands. Leaning back, Thomas took hold of Jason’s manhood with his well-oiled hands and began to unhurriedly massage the pulsating shaft. Sufficiently lubricated, Thomas raised his lower half and seated himself on Jason’s waiting cock. He worked himself deliberately downward onto the mass of muscle that awaited him. Jason moaned with pleasure as Thomas began to rock up and down. Faster, the two young men began to move as one. Their bodies intertwined. Jason reached up and pinched Thomas’s stiff nipples, eliciting a satisfied sigh of pleasure from Thomas. Jason’s hands slowly worked down Thomas’s chest, toward his pleasure stick. Jason grabbed Thomas’s twitching cock in his hand and began to stroke in time to Thomas’s movements. Quickly, Thomas could feel the sensation welling up in his sac. Jason was thrusting faster and faster. Thomas let loose his seed on Jason’s chest while Jason spewed into the welcoming hole of Thomas’s ass.


They both collapsed on the bed side-by-side, breathing heavy, with satiated looks on both their faces. “That was unexpected” Jason said. “ I didn’t think that I would ever move that fast with anyone.”

“We’ve been friends for years. That is pretty slow ion my book” Thomas answered. “More to the point, I didn’t even know that I wanted you like that until we got going. I mean, not every guy thinks about having another guy shove his dick in his ass.”

“Wait a minute, I didn’t shove anything, you took it upon yourself to drop yourself on me.”

“I know, and I loved it. How about you?” Thomas was looking for some kind of sign that Jason enjoyed it as much as he did. Self-doubt started to creep into Thomas’s mind. Jason just lay there staring at the ceiling, not saying a word. Thomas looked at Jason expectantly.

“That was the best sex I have ever had” Jason finally responded. “I mean that was nothing like sex with any girl I have had.”

“How many people have you had sex with?” Thomas asked, starting to feel that all too familiar anger begin to well up in side. “That was the first time for me. Well, not counting the pond today. You sound as though you have had sex with lots of people.”

“Why are you getting so angry? You weren’t my first. I had sex with Jessica last weekend. I told you that Sunday. And no, you weren’t the first guy I had sex with either. I mean you are the first guy I penetrated, but I have touched a few other cocks in my time.” Jason was getting defensive.

“What other guys have you been with, and why didn’t you tell me??” Thomas tried to stay calm and not let his anger take hold.

“I can’t tell you who I have been with. Just like you don’t want to tell anyone that we had sex. Besides I didn’t tell you because I was keeping it to myself, my own little secret, remember? I have only had two other guys, so don’t think I am a tramp or anything.” Jason was treading on thin ice here. Thomas was visibly upset, but Jason didn’t understand why.

“Ok. Forget I asked” Thomas was little by little calming himself. “Let’s take a shower. You still have splooge on your chest and I can feel a little nastiness leaking from my ass.”


Thomas stood quickly and ran to the bathroom before Jason had a chance to answer him. Luckily, Thomas’s older brother was away at school and he had a bathroom to himself. Thomas had two younger sisters that had to share a bathroom, and his parents had their own as well. The only problem was that everyone else had a bathroom off the bedroom. Thomas and his older brother had to use the one at the end of the hall. This was only inconvenient when Jake, Thomas’s brother was home. Jake always beat Thomas to the bathroom in the morning. On the rare occasions that Thomas did beat his brother, Jake would walk in and spring open the shower curtain to shout, “Are you almost done, LITTLE MAN?” That was humiliating, especially since Jake always looked at Thomas’s smaller, less matured body while saying it. Thomas learned that having to use the bathroom after his brother was a small price to pay for his dignity.


Thomas started the shower and stepped in before Jason had even made it out of the bedroom. With wild thoughts running through his mind, Thomas lathered up his body. His movements, mechanical, were the only sign that Thomas was aware of his surroundings. Jason had stepped into the shower, watching Thomas go through the motions. He snatched the washrag from Thomas’s hands. “Wake up” Jason chided.

“Sorry. I was lost in thought.”

“More like lost in space.” Still trying to get a smile out of Thomas, Jason continued with the lame jokes.

“I don’t know why I keep getting so upset over nothing. I am sorry dude. It must suck to be my friend sometimes”

“Who you tellin’?” Jason grinned. Thomas splashed water onto Jason’s still sticky chest. Thomas just didn’t understand the sudden bursts of rage that kept overcoming him.


Together, the pair showered, toweled off and walked back to the Thomas’s bedroom. “Now I understand what they are talking about.” Thomas said to no one in particular.

“What are you talking about” Jason asked.

“When people say ‘that outfit would look great on my bedroom floor’, I finally get it.”

“You are so lame sometimes.” Jason laughed at his friend.

“Well I learn from the master” Thomas responded.


They got dressed in silence, Jason with an anticipatory look on his face. “So are we only going to not fight when we have sex from now on or should I expect this kind of behavior from now on?” Jason tried to broach the subject of Thomas’s anger in a lighthearted way. This was nothing new for Jason. He seemed to be able to bring out the best in everyone, including Thomas. Jason was one of the most popular guys in school. Even the seniors seemed to want to hang out with him. Like they say, women love him, men want to be him. Of course “they” didn’t know that Jason loved men. Thomas looked at his best friend and again wondered why they were still friends after all these years. It’s not like most people even know Thomas’s name. Since he had given up on the soccer team last year, he seemed to lose his connection with the other students. ‘I really have to try harder to be more outgoing’ Thomas thought to himself as he watched Jason slide his gray dress shirt into place. “Damn, you are one sexy mother fucker!” Thomas said out of the blue.

“Thank you. But where did that come from?” Jason looked bewildered. Another man had never given him a compliment like that.

Copyright © 2011 Imbk4; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 
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I think this was written very well but I think it needs more chapters where Jason finally comes out and Thomas turns out to be more than best friends. Thomas gets back on the soccer team and finds out the whole team is gay 

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