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  1. pondman

    Chapter 1

    If your lucky, your love for someone, finds it way back to them.
  2. pondman

    Chapter 2

    Time to get Dex out of his life.
  3. pondman

    Chapter 1

    Another set up story. What ever happened to people minding their own business? I would have tossed him out the door when I found out along with his sister. Its not like he asked the have his sister get involed. Id make them all pay.
  4. pondman

    Chapter 1

    Damn religion..........causes more bad then good. Too many boys are treated this way, when parents find out.
  5. pondman

    Chapter 32

    I think we need a part two......Love to see a double wedding of the two brothers getting married to their partners, maybe more children, and life with the raising of children of gay men.
  6. What a wonderful story of two young men finding each other, and how their love for each other grew, along with their family.
  7. pondman

    Chapter 27

    I just hope if Nick comes to stay, something is going to mess this up. I just have a bad feeling about Nick, hope im wrong.
  8. pondman

    Chapter 24

    These guys were meant to be together. Such love and care for each other. wish i had that.
  9. pondman

    Chapter 23

    I still wonder about Nick, and his hometown friends. Bi maybe?
  10. pondman

    Chapter 15

    Im glad to see all of the behind Jimmies back all of the secrets, did not blow it for Jimmy and Richie. Schemes can blow up. Im so happy it all worked out, I was worried, that it would somehow blow the chances for the two to be together.
  11. pondman

    Chapter 7

    I do not trust Nick
  12. pondman

    Chapter 8

    Great ending......love the story.
  13. pondman

    Chapter 6

    Id never go back and play. That team does not care about him. They deserve to lose every game.
  14. I was raised to not to get into others affairs, raised to MYOB. I stay out of yours, stay out of mine.
  15. People like Kelly need to stay out of others lives. Godfathers or not. It still was not her place to interfere in it.
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