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  1. pondman

    Chapter 13

    Im waiting to see who gets in the way of this relationship
  2. pondman

    Chapter 10

    Will Luke and Erin make it? Will his friends, and the teams get in the way of a good relationship?
  3. pondman

    Chapter 4

    Julie is a pain in the butt
  4. What a wonderful story of love.
  5. Id love to see a update on this wonderful story.
  6. “You knew the film was up for the award.” “I did. I asked everyone to keep it hush since I knew you would win.” Why do people do that to someone who has a problem with being in the spotlight? Damn warn the guy. If he did it to me, he would have a major problem when we got alone. It would not work out well for him, love or not. ************************************************************************** “Seriously...how are you all here?” I asked Meg. “Hector said we needed a reunion for your sake. So we are having one.” I looked back at the satisfied, smug grin on his face. I pulled him into my arms. “😠You're in trouble...”
  7. pondman


    A house full of secrets, even Grandma knows. Eddie is gay and living with his lover. If Luke was any kind of friend, he would have told Rory the secret. Instead he is worried about losing his place to live, if he violates the promise. Stop pushing Rory to talk to Eddie. Its up to Eddie to come clean and should have told him before Rory even went to AZ.
  8. pondman


  9. pondman

    The First Night

    I cannot believe a gay kid has not worked out his father is gay with his BF.
  10. pondman


    Looks like a house full of gays. thats why mom sent him there. At 16 he had something to say about going to a man he did not know.
  11. pondman

    Chapter 24

    Is Tim a closet case? Or just a hating SOB.
  12. pondman

    Chapter 21

    Tim will have something to say or do.
  13. pondman

    Chapter 18

    After all the crap, why still do a big party? It should be just the two of them.
  14. pondman

    Chapter 17

    Tim, needs to be sitting in a jail cell.
  15. pondman

    Chapter 16

    I never understood why people allow themselves to be pushed into doing something they do not want to do. Why go to places that would be a problem to your lover?
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