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Apparently someone has realised that 'adventuring' suits them - but is an adventure all this really is?

W.T.F. Was ZumTeufel Wird Ihre Antwort Sein - Dieter's Story - 1. W.T.F. Was Zum Teufel Wird Ihre Antwort Sein?

Dieter continues to follow his grandmother's advice to be adventurous in life - but not in restaurants. Who's been adventuring with him? And just how far will the sexual adventure go? Yes there's sex but is there more going on?

W.T.F. Was Zum Teufel Wird Ihre Antwort Sein?

Dieter’s story


Was zum Teufel warden die Leute denken?

In Wahreit ist es mir egal.

My apologies, when my emotions are strong I speak my own language even though I have lived in England for almost ten years. And I am feeling a little nervous as I have no idea if Jenny or Cameron will be joining me.

Please allow me to explain why but to do so I need to go back in time a little.

Jenny and I have been together for just over eight months and in that time those four friends who were there the night we found out about Malcolm performing dressed in drag have seen us together a few times only.

When we were in Berlin Jenny gave me a very special gift – since then there has been no barrier between us when we are intimate; I also asked Jenny to consider allowing me to tell my friends about her secret. We have talked about it since and Jenny, when she was feeling confident, would agree we should but when she is feeling vulnerable or something reminds her of what she calls her bad choices she pulls back.

Her confidence always sinks when she has had a dream of those two men. The first time I saw this happen I was shocked and angry, shocked that Jenny could still be so upset by what they had done to her and angry that they had. I had put Jenny to bed early, she was exhausted because she had been expanding her business and in the last weeks before the opening of her new salon she had been working many hours every day; actually as soon as I’d opened my front door to her I’d told her we weren’t going out as we had planned. I had Jenny take a warm bath, set quiet music to play, the lights were low and I made her a mugful of German-style hot chocolate to drink as she bathed, when she had I dried her off and slipped her negligee onto her body then took her to bed. I held her until she was deeply asleep and after I went to watch television for a while. It was when I returned to my bedroom that I heard her voice; I knew her phone was downstairs so I did not understand, not until I was in the room where I stopped to listen for a little time.

The first word I really made out was ‘sorry’, much of what Jenny said was too quiet for me to hear as she was almost fully covered by the duvet but what I did hear made me think this was no random dream I believed in her sleep she was remembering something, something bad and that saddened me greatly .

“Please don’t” her voice told me she was pleading with someone, “only five minutes,” I walked round the bed as quietly as I could to better understand her words, “it’s my favourite, noooo,” she groaned the last word almost sobbing.

I had heard enough, I had to wake her, to stop this bad dream, so I knelt beside the bed and stroked her hand,

“Jenny, wake up Liebchen, it is just a dream.”

I said this and other such things for a few moments,

“Jenny,” I began again but got no further, even though her eyes did not open her body stiffened and she seemed more awake than asleep but still not fully so.

That was when I became angry, not with my Jenny but the man who had done this, made her dream this.

Warum – sorry, why?

Because she took her hand from mine and pulled away from me.

“No more please,” she moaned as she curled into a ball beneath the quilt.

In her state of being not quite awake she thought I was him.

“Liebchen just open your eyes. I am Dieter. It was a bad dream.”

Her eyes opened and she blinked slowly several times before she spoke,

“Dieter? Oh god!” she gasped, “Jeez! I’m,” she said but I interrupted her.

“Do not apologise Liebchen. Can I lay with you please?”

I was glad that I’d already changed for bed when earlier Jenny had fallen asleep, she still looked as if she wasn’t fully awake and if I had needed to stand to take off my jeans or to pull off my t-shirt I thought it would startle her and I wanted to avoid that; now I could slowly ease myself onto the bed until I was beneath the quilt with her. There wasn’t much room beside her but I didn’t care, just as I didn’t want to do anything that would have her flinching away from me again I also thought she would not want me scrambling over her to get to the wider space behind her and I did not want to walk back around the bed – I would be too far away from her.

“You’re awake Jenny, it was a bad dream,” I murmured, stroking her arm, “there is nothing here to hurt you.”

As if she needed to know that she was awake Jenny put a hand on my chest,

“Thank-you for waking me up, I haven’t had a dream like that for a long time.”

“Was it a bad dream only or was it memory?”

“Yes, but it’s,” I stopped her with a kiss.

“If it hurts you to tell me you must not.”

“No, it’s not that, yes it was a memory but it was all mixed up. I was dreaming about one night but not in the right order.”

“Let me hold you, let us talk about good things; do you know that Molly is going to perform at the club where we had Christmas Eve?”

“Yes, Shawn sent a text telling me this afternoon.”

“I think we should go, perhaps we could go with our friends.”

“Can you really see them in those surroundings?” Jenny laughed and I smiled.

“It would be fun to watch them, they would be surrounded by beautiful women who are not.”

“I think there, with all those others like me, they would work out what I am,” her voice sounded sad.

“Let me tell them Liebchen, I think they will have more trouble dealing with me being with you than with you being you.”

“I told you at the start that I don’t want us being together to cause trouble for you with them.”

“If you are brave enough to be who you are I must be brave enough to explain who I am to my friends.”

“I need us to talk about this another time please, not tonight.”

“When you are ready to talk and to tell, only then.”

I moved from my uncomfortably small space on the bed when Jenny was again asleep. The bad dreams I had seen twice more and both times Jenny had asked me to wait to tell our friends.

And this is why now I am nervous.

This time there would be no calling it off, it was all arranged that we would meet our friends at Shawn’s, it had been his idea that we do; he thought it would stop our friends from anticipating there being a reason other than drinking and watching football for us all to meet. I had talked with Malcolm and Shawn about telling our other four friends and it had been then that Shawn had the idea of gathering at his home and Malcolm had agreed – neutral ground they’d called it.

What Jenny didn’t know was that I would meet with our friends before she arrive d and that would be when I told them about us, about her. If they reacted badly I would leave Shawn’s house to wait for Jenny outside and she would never see my friends again – but if they accepted she would never know about my plan to keep her away from them.

“You don’t have to do this you know,” Shawn said as he passed Malcolm and I each a bottle of lager when we first arrived.

“Yes, I do.”

“Shawn I kept Molly a secret for nearly a year and it was bloody hard work making up reasons for not meeting up with you lot when I was actually out gigging. God alone knows what it’s like keeping aspects of a relationship a secret.”

Ben, Mark, Andy and Mick arrived together in a taxi as the evening would include alcohol, I wanted to wait until they were all at ease holding bottles of lager before I began.

“So what’s with getting us all here early, the matches don’t start ‘til eight at the earliest, by the way have we decided which one we’re watching?” Ben asked.

“There’s a couple of things,” Malcolm replied, “how d’ya fancy a long weekend away? I’ve been offered a few bookings in Berlin and I thought we could get some fun in while we’re there.”

“When?” Andy asked.

“I’ve been given a couple of weekends to choose from.”

In less than half an hour we’d agreed to go and support our friend. We’d also agreed to travel on the ferry from Hull rather than fly- mostly due to the amount of luggage Malcolm would need - that and the fact that these days it is a far more civilised way to travel, as well as all that we would be sharing the cost of hiring a mini-bus to travel to the ferry and then from Rotterdam to Berlin.

“Now that’s agreed can we set-to with getting hammered?” Mick laughed.

“Not yet, there’s something I want to tell you.”

“You’re not going back to Germany are you?” Andy asked.

“Nein, no I am not. What do you think of Jenny?”

“Bloody hell! Are you going to ask her to marry you?” Ben exclaimed grinning widely.

“No, nothing like that,” I told them, suddenly my heart was racing, I had no idea what they would do or say.

“Well from the few times I’ve met her she seems like a pretty good catch to me,” Andy put in.

Mark nodded,

“I’d agree with that.”

I looked at my other two friends for their thoughts – Shawn and Malcolm I obviously already knew didn’t have a problem with Jenny; quite the opposite they were in their own ways very fond of her.

Ben and Mark also nodded their approval.

“I hope you mean that because there’s something you need to know about her.”

“Don’t tell me she’s already married,” Ben did not sound happy at the thought.

The other three offered up their own suggestions, including that Jenny was pregnant.

I shook my head knowing that whatever guesses they made about my Jenny they would all be wrong.

In the end it was Malcolm who told them,

“Simmer down chaps. What Dieter’s getting at is that what I do to make people laugh Jenny lives it for real,” is all he said.

It took a moment, a long one, before anyone said anything; it was Shawn who spoke first,

“Before you ask I’ve known from the first night I met her but it’s not my secret to tell.”

“Ditto,” Malcolm added.

“Is Jenny one of, what’s it called, erm, I can’t think of the word, when a guy becomes a gal?” Ben spoke quietly but I noted that he sounded less perturbed by that thought than he had when he’d thought she was married.

“Transsexual? No.” I replied.

“Jesus Christ Dieter you’re sleeping with a man?!” Mark sounded incredulous rather than upset.

“No I’m sleeping with Jenny.”

“Well yeah I get that, sort of, but even so there’s still, I mean underneath, Jenny’s still a guy, that you’re dating.”

“Not the first,” I shot back.

“Oh come on what?!” Andy exclaimed, but I thought I’d seen his mouth flick into a quick smile rather than a look of disapproval.

My heart began to slow, unless I was vastly wrong Jenny would have nothing to worry about when she joined us.

“I have dated men before, but none were like Jenny,” I answered calmly, this had not been on my list of things to say but I didn’t regret saying it.

“But what about Sara and Vicky and all the other women we’ve seen you with, were they just a cover?”

“No Mick, I see no reason to not date someone I’m attracted to simply because of their gender.”

“My thoughts exactly,” Malcolm smirked at our four friends and Shawn coughed suddenly but I was sure it was to hide a laugh.

A night of confessions indeed.

“Excuse me! Malc are you just agreeing with Dieter ‘cos you don’t disagree or ‘cos you really agree with him?” Ben’s gaze never moved from Malcolm’s face.

“Oh I agree with him alright and I can prove it,” Malc took out his phone pressed a couple of buttons then laid it on the coffee table for all of them to see.

“That’s Phil!” Mark almost yelled.

Our friends had met him at a couple of Malcolm’s shows, on the screen was a photo of the two men in a close but not particularly intimate embrace.

“Well spotted that man,” Shawn laughed aloud.

I was sure that Shawn had been as surprised as me by Malcolm’s confession but in doing so he had taken some of the focus from Jenny, it stopped our friends fixating on her birth gender rather than her true persona.

“Jeepers! I need another drink,” Andy laughed.

“You and me both, in fact make mine a double,” Mark added.

“Fellas, Jenny will be here soon, if you do not think you can be around her tell me now and you do not need to be.”

“You know, I’m not sure I can see Jenny as a bloke,” Mick looked at me showing only curiosity.

“Funnily enough that’s what I said to her when she told me,” Shawn told them.

“Dieter, mate, cheers for the honesty but why do it? I mean apart from these two secret squirrels,” Ben flicked quick looks to Shawn and Malcolm, “I’m certain none of us had sussed.”

“Because one day you might come across the not-Jenny person, a bit like Shawn finding out about Molly.”

“Makes sense,” Ben replied, “by the way what’s the not-Jenny’s name?”

“That’s a thing for Jenny to tell,” I told them.

The four men all looked towards the hall when the doorbell chimed, I made to stand up but Shawn stood up faster,

“I’ll go, I’m closest,” he said.

“Guys, she’s not on stage, don’t look at her as if she’s some freak-show exhibit,” Malcolm told them.

Ben quickly reached for the tv remote picked a sports channel and muted the sound as if we’d already started watching the football and had not been waiting for Jenny.

“Hiya lass,” Mick called his usual greeting, “there’s beer in the fridge if you fancy one but I hope you’re not hungry ‘cos there’s precious little in the way of food been divvied up.”

“Any chance of something non-alcoholic please?” Jenny asked Shawn from where she stood in the doorway.

“Sure, come and take a look at what there is.”

I tried but could not wait for her to come back from the kitchen so I joined them.

“Bring more beers mate,” Andy called as I walked down the hall.

What I saw when I reached the kitchen stopped me in my tracks, Shawn was hugging Jenny her head was on his shoulder,

“You’re okay lass, nobody’s gone off all alarming.”

“Not now but,” she began.

“Not now and not ever or they’ll have me Malc and a few others to deal with,” he cut in.

“Thanks Shawn, I was so nervous when I got here I was sure I was going to throw up, I’ve been scared all the way here that they’d hate me or fall out with Dieter because of me.”

“Get some beers out Dieter then come and look after my special pal while I make her a brew. As you can tell she knows they know.”

The rest of the night passed without the subject of Jenny and I being a couple being mentioned; although I suspected my friends would probably bring it up with me privately after they’d talked of it between them. My friends seemed impressed that the apparent female in our midst really did understand the off-side rule which, given what they now knew, was a little ridiculous.

I had arrived with Malcolm but I left with Jenny, she was quiet – but then she was rarely otherwise – as I drove us in her car to my home.

“Bitte, tell me what you are thinking.”

“I don’t know what I’m thinking but I can’t help feeling that the you-know-what’s going to hit the fan once they’ve had time to think about it,” Jenny replied.

“I should have asked one last time that you were still happy with me, well Malcolm, telling them.”

Molly told them? Why didn’t you? Did you change your mind after all and he unilaterally decided to tell all?”

“No, things went as the three of us had planned, we had decided to tell them about Malcolm’s bookings in Berlin first, to get them in an up-beat mood.”

I told her how Malcolm telling our friends came to be, I reassured her that I had never thought about not telling them myself.

“It was simply the way the conversation took, sorry went,” I gave her a quick smile, “I was stunned when Malcolm admitted to dating men, I think he surprised himself.”

“How did it feel to tell them?”


Odd? What do you mean odd?”

“To hear Malcolm speak of you to other people when he, Shawn and I never would have.”

“What about when he had?”

“The same, it was anti-Höhepunkt, less than I thought an,” I thought for a moment, “anti-climax.”

“Do you think Malcolm told them to take the pressure off?”

“I could not tell.”

“Remind me to thank him the next time I see him, whether he did it on purpose or not I think I got off lightly because he did it.”

Jenny sighed heavily as I pulled on the handbrake when we were parked on my drive.

“Was ist los Liebchen?” a German phrase Jenny already knew.

“Nothing,” she whispered, looking out of the side window not at me.

“Jenny, bitte, what is wrong?”

She shook her head a couple of times her face still turned away from me, I took hold of her hand hoping to encourage her to talk to me.

“Come on, we need to go inside,” I said opening my door at the same time, I walked round the car to open Jenny’s door, it felt as if she wouldn’t move if I didn’t.

As soon as Jenny was sitting on the couch I went to pour drinks – large ones, this was no time to be thinking of allergies.

“I cannot help if I do not know why you are so sad Liebchen. Do you regret telling our friends?”

Jenny was looking into her glass, she again shook her head but said nothing. Then a thought struck me, was this like the bad dreams she had, was this a memory?

“Weiße ihre familie, dass du schwul bist?” at least my German words made her look at me, “does your family know you are gay?”

She nodded.

“Weiße ihre familie, das Sie ein Transvestit sind?”

The more I became worried about Jenny the more I reverted to speaking German but thankfully she managed to pick out the meaning of my question.

“No,” she was still speaking in whispers.

“They did not react well when you told them you are gay?”

“I didn’t, someone grassed on me,” she murmured and much to my surprise she swallowed almost half the vodka and lime I’d given her.

“Gott in Himmel, what happened?”

“I was ambushed basically.”

“Bitte, Liebchen tell me.”

Jenny sighed heavily again, I saw her hands were shaking this was not going to be easy for her.

“Mum called me, it was a couple of months after I opened the salon, she asked me home for Sunday lunch. My parents, brother and sister were all waiting for me and there was no smell of cooking so I guessed something was going on.”

Jenny shivered at what she was remembering, her eyes closed it was easy to think she was seeing the scene in her head.

“The four of them I could’ve handled, it was the fucking church minister that did it for me. I mean we’ve always been a weddings, christenings and funerals family when it comes to church so when I saw him I started really worrying.”

“What did they say to you?”

“Whoever told them did a really good job, gave them the names of boyfriends, pubs and clubs I went to the whole shebang but weirdly not about the cross-dressing.”

“So why the pastor?”

“Oh that was the real kicker, after they’d all gone off at me he threw his two penn’orth in. The minister said that he and his friends could help me, that he’d arranged for me to go to a place where I could be cured. In other words conversion therapy. Fortunately I was nearest the front door so I legged it, felt like I only just got out of the house in time. I’ve not spoken to any of them since.”

“How long?”

“About five years,” this time when she raised her glass she only sipped.

“I am so sorry mein Liebchen, families can be cruel. I had no idea you had suffered that way.”

“It happens, I’m not unique.”

“Yes you are, to me.”

“Do your family know you’re not exactly straight?”

“Of-course, I told them long ago, they liked Konrad, my partner in Berlin very much.”

Jenny made a small laugh with no humour,

“Can’t see them being so happy about you being with a tranny, can you?”

“Actually they are looking forward to meeting you,” I smiled.

“They know?” she looked at me with wide eyes, her words no more than a gasp.

“Since we had Christmas in Berlin.”

“Why didn’t you tell me that you were going to tell them?”

“Because I knew you would be worried by it until I had, then I told them and like tonight, for me, it became an ordinary thing. All my mother asked is if we were happy, I said I am and hope you are as well. Are you happy with me Liebchen?”

“Yes, of-course yes,” she finally smiled at me, “adventuring suits me it seems.”

War das immer noch alles für Jenny?

Ein Abenteuer?

“Tonight was a big event for you, a mountain to climb, but it turned into something small it should have felt that way with your family and I am sorry they did not see what your friends see in you. Would you like to meet my parents? I have to say I may keep you from my brother.”

“He doesn’t approve.”

“He approves too much,” I laughed.

“What do you mean?”

“He thinks like me that you are very pretty.”

“You sent photos?” Jenny’s voice rose in tone but not volume, her hand flew to cover her mouth but I was sure she had smiled briefly.

“Only two, one of you one of us.”

“You’ve scrambled my eggs again,” this time she really smiled at me.

It was one of my favourites of the odd phrases she used.

“I’d like to try to do the same another way,” I smirked.

“You always do,” Jenny sniggered.

“Then I am sorry to be so predictable,” I laughed.

“It wasn’t a complaint,” she laughed with me.

“My Jenny would you allow me to be predictable.”

“Predictably I’ll say yes.”

“Why don’t you,” I kissed her briefly, “go and get comfortable?” I kissed her again, “And if you will allow it as you do so I would like to invite my parents to come and meet you.”


“We can discuss the details later, after I have tried to scramble your eggs.”

“Just so’s you know you don’t need a whisk,” she giggled, “you’ve got one of your own.”

Now her mood had lightened I felt there was nothing wrong in taking Jenny to bed. When I knew she was in the bedroom I sent a message to my mother asking when they had a weekend free to come to Yorkshire. Her reply came before I joined Jenny.

“I’m sorry Liebchen, I need to delay the scrambling of eggs to ask you something; when my parents come to visit should we take them to see Molly?”

“Um, will they get her humour do you think?”

“I think so.”

“Okay then, why not. I’ll ask Shawn to find out when and where she’s gigging.”

I nodded, already tapping out my response to my mother, explaining that I would send possible dates soon.

“Hang on,” Jenny said suddenly just as I hit the send button, “you said when not if they come over.”

“That’s right, my mother said they will fit in with our plans.”

“Oh fuck!” she whispered and I smiled at the look on her face.

“I hear my pretty lady use dirty words usually only when she is riding my cock.”

“Or being ridden by it,” she quickly replied.

“Which would she prefer right now?”

“Be unpredictable.”

So I did what Jenny wanted. I dimmed the lights to no more than a glow, undressed and joined her in bed. I stroked down the front of her body to her knees but I didn’t touch her nipples or cock then slid my hand back up her legs to her torso; she’d wriggled but failed to get her cock under my touch.

“What do you want?”

“I want you to touch me.”

“I cannot touch all of you if you are wearing your negligée.

Jenny hesitated, we did not often begin with her naked – but that was predictable.

My mind flashed back to the first time Jenny and I slept together, to how surprised she’d been when I had more than happily used my mouth on her, so I did it again.

“Dieter,” Jenny grabbed my hair, “you’ll make me cum too soon,” she wailed.

But she wouldn’t, she’d do it as soon as she needed.

I sucked hard and used a finger to torment Jenny’s hole without mercy; I had also wrapped a finger and thumb around her cock to add to what I was doing with my mouth. Sometimes I held the tip of Jenny’s prick in my mouth to tease it with my tongue as I wanked her at others I held my fingers round the base as I moved my head quickly to suck on its whole length.

“Oh shit! Dieter don’t stop,” Jenny begged.

I wasn’t going to.

I slipped a finger into my mouth to wet it for what I was going to do next.

“Yaarrgh!” Jenny yelled when I pressed my finger into her ass.

As soon as I stroked my finger over her prostate I felt the first spurt of spunk fill my mouth and her body jerked erratically.

“Oh my god,” she moaned as her orgasm died away.

I let go of her prick and laid my body on hers, resting my weight on my forearms,

“Eggs scrambled to my lady’s liking?”

“With smoked salmon and double cream,” she sniggered.

“That usually comes with toasted bagels,” I laughed.

“Too predictable,” Jenny smiled, “and too many crumbs in bed.”

“Would it be too predictable if I said I want to feel your gorgeous cock in my ass?”

Jenny gave me another of her wide-eyed looks,

“Did I just hear you right?”

“Yes you did.”

She put her hands to her face, her eyes locked on mine,

“Sod the scrambling my eggs, just throw them at the wall, box and all, why don’t you?”

I turned us onto our sides,

“Do you not want to?”

“Dieter I’ve never dared allow myself to think about it in case I did,” she murmured.

“You have done it that way?”

Jenny nodded,

“But not for a long time.”

“With me?”

“Look Dieter, I literally can’t get my head round this,” another of her phrases I liked, “I mean have you done it that way?”

“Of-course Liebling.”

“I need to know if any of your male lovers were as not an Alpha-male as me, with or without the cross-dressing.”

“Not exactly, but yes one was almost as,” I paused, I did not want to upset Jenny by using the wrong words, “quiet and giving as you are.”

“Can you even begin to imagine what’s going on in my head? Of-course I want to but I sure as fuck can’t think of how ‘cos everything’d feel just plain wrong.”

I asked her to explain what she meant and it was partly because of her own character. She told me that the other men she’d done that with had been of her own inclination, not Alpha-males as she viewed men like me. Her two ‘bad choices’ as she always referred to them had been control freaks and taking it in the ass from anyone at any time was not on their horizon.

“He did what?” I snarled.

I had asked Jenny how she had coped with having partners who would not have sex that way and she had told me that the first of her bad choices would set her up with some random twink or another tv to have a bit of a fling with for a weekend or so every couple of months.

“This sounds so wrong I know but I didn’t mind really, I didn’t just get to fuck somebody I could get them to go down on me as well.”

“Gott in Himmel, Liebling, er was wirklich eine schlechte Wahl.”

“English please.”

I gave her the translation, that he had truly been a bad choice.

“Believe it or not he was the lesser of two evils.”

“How was the other worse?”

“He was a real bully. I could never tell what would upset him, before you ask he was aggressive but he didn’t hit me.”

“My poor Jenny, you had all that and no family to help.”

“That minister would no doubt say it was my just punishment for not accepting his cure.”

“That minister would have been speaking bullshit and you know it.”

I had no idea how Jenny had survived such behaviour from the people who should have loved her and then being treated so badly by two men.

“You are better, and stronger, than any of them,” I kissed her forehead then her nose finally her lips then smiled at her.

“Not many people know about what the first one used to do, only a few more know about how the second one bullied me.”

“I have had a thought, perhaps you should take time to think of what I said, if you can think of a way we can do it that doesn’t feel weird to you tell me.”

Jenny nodded,

“I think I need to,” she smiled.

“And I think I need to make you feel good again.”

“We could make each other feel good,” Jenny chuckled.

I reached behind me for the lube on the nightstand,

“I would like to make you feel good with this,” I wrapped her hand round my hard cock, “and it would make me feel good to do that however you want.”

“I think I’d like to do it this way,” she turned to face away from me and bent her knees a little. I made sure my dick was fully covered with lube before tucking myself behind her.

“I am all yours, use me to please yourself,” I told her quietly as I thrust my dick into her.

Jenny had been rocking her hips instead of sliding along my cock for some moments when I whispered in her ear,

“This is one way you could think about so I could do the same on your cock.”

Jenny moaned and nodded her head.

“Stay still and I can give you something different to think about.”

She did as I asked and I fucked her slowly.

“Would you move slowly and deeply or like this?” I fully withdrew then popped only the tip back in and immediately out again.

“Oh fuck please don’t stop,” Jenny begged.

“I would feel the same if you took your cock from me before you had filled me with your spunk,” I told Jenny, thrusting half my length into her, she groaned when I stopped.

“Or you could really fuck me hard and fast this way,” I did exactly as I said, holding her hip to keep her still.

“Fuck yes!” Jenny said through clenched teeth.

“But I love taking you like this,” I leaned forward until Jenny was laying on her front so that I was on top of her.

I put my legs between hers and allowed some of my weight to rest on her, something I knew she liked,

“I would like to know how it feels to have you lay on me like this,” I told her quietly, “to take me fast and deep.”

“Oh god yes, so good.”

“Perhaps you may prefer for us to be on our knees when you cum inside me for the first time,” I whispered, “let me feel you do this to me my Jenny,” I thrust myself high into Jenny’s ass as I could, my spunk racing out of my dick.

“Herr Grünwald you are very good at being very bad,” she giggled when again we could breathe normally.

“And you, my Jenny, are very good at being a temptress.”

. . . .

“Dieter, meine Junge,” my mother called as she and my father walked into the arrivals lounge at the ferry port.

I held my arms wide and she stepped close to me, we hugged and swayed a little.

“Ich bin so glücklich dass du hier bist Mama.”

“Ich bin nur dein Vater, der hier steht,” my father chuckled as our embrace continued.

When my mother finally let go I hugged my dad.

“It is good to see you son.”

“You too dad, come on my car is just outside give me your bags.”

My parents brought me up to date with everything that was happening in my family – it was good to speak German for so long as I drove home from Hull.

“Will Jenny be at your home?” my mum asked when we were only a few minutes away from my house.

“No Mama, the salon is open until six o’clock.”

“When will she be with us?”

“Jenny said before seven.”

My parents went to unpack and freshen up after their journey so I called Jenny.

“Hi,” she answered quietly.

“Hello Liebchen, I’m at home how has your day been?”

“Busy thankfully, it’s kept me from worrying about tonight. How was their journey.”

“Gut, the sea was smooth and the restaurant food was enjoyable.”

“Where are they now?”

“Upstairs, hanging clothes and freshening up.”

“Do they know it was me who wanted to go out to dinner and why?”

“They do and they understand that you are nervous, don’t be scared Liebling, just be you.”

“Dieter I’m not scared, I’m bloody terrified,” she whispered.

“What is the worst that can happen, you disagree about the wine we choose?”

“What if they just don’t like me? Not that I’m a tv but me, the person?”

“Ist das Jenny?” my father asked from behind me.

I had not heard him come to stand close to me where I was looking out of the lounge window,

“Ein moment bitte.”

I automatically spoke German, having talked with my parents since around nine o’clock this morning but I knew Jenny would understand as she’d heard me say it many times.

“Ja, warum?” I asked my dad.

“Kann ich bitte mit Jenny sprechen?”



“Jenny my dad would like to speak to you, will you?”

“Oh crikey, um, yes okay, I suppose so.”

I passed my ‘phone to my dad.

“Hello Jenny this is Günter I am pleased to talk with you,” my father began, “Sonia and I are eager to meet you but you are not eager to meet us I think.”

“No, herr Grünwald,” I heard her answer as my dad had switched to speakerphone, “I really do want to meet you and Frau Grünwald but I think most people are nervous the first time they meet a partner’s family. Add to that my German is bad to awful which means it is more likely that I will say something that could sound wrong to you.”

“Bitte Jenny, do not think that, we also do not want to upset you and please call us Sonia and Günter.”

“Thank-you I will. Dieter thinks the worst that can happen is we disagree about the wine, he’s wrong I will be driving so I won’t be drinking,” her voice was brighter than when she had answered, although to me she still sounded a little nervous.

My father laughed,

“Gut we have nothing to disagree about.”

Both my dad and I turned when we heard my mum calling for tea,

“Jenny my mum wants tea, we’ll see you soon. Wiedersehen.”


Jenny was quiet at the restaurant – I had already told my parents this was her usual way – but that did not mean that she was silent.

“Brian said that he will reserve us a table tomorrow evening,” Jenny told us as we chose what to eat.

“Who is Brian?” my mum asked.

“My cousin, Molly’s performing at one of the venues he owns, fortunately it’s one of the smaller less rowdy ones.”

Our meal came and went, with some laughter I am pleased to say much of it when we told the stories of how Shawn found out about Malcolm’s stage character the night it was revealed to the other four of my close friends and myself; we told my parents that we and our friends would be visiting Berlin when Molly performed there and they were eager to meet and spend more time with us when we were there.

“I can’t do this,” Jenny hissed hiding her words under the sound of the kettle when we were making drinks at my home.

She was supposed to be staying with me but was now doubting her decision.

“Decide when they have gone to bed.”

“Okay,” she replied sounding nervous again.

In the end Jenny went home, which did not fully surprise me.

“We will see you when you come to Berlin, ja?” my mum said to Jenny as they hugged a farewell just before my parents went to the ferry check-in.

“I’m looking forward to the hot chocolate,” Jenny smiled.

We waited until my parents disappeared beyond the door which led to the companionway.

“I’m exhausted,” Jenny murmured.

“Home time,” I told her taking her hand to walk to my car.

“Your dad really enjoyed Molly’s show.”

“Mama loved that gold shimmery dress.”

“Her and every other woman in the place,” Jenny giggled.

She dozed once or twice on the journey home, something made me think that she was emotionally exhausted not physically, and didn’t talk more about our time with my parents. Jenny hadn’t totally stopped being nervous during the weekend but she had relaxed a little, especially when we were watching Molly; although she could not bring herself to sleep at my home with my parents in the house.

We ordered a take-away supper and watched “Red”, one of our favourite movies.

“Can I take my pretty lady to bed?” I asked when it ended.

I was sitting on the sofa and Jenny was laying down with her head on my thigh, she looked up at me and nodded.

“Please,” she smiled, Jenny twisted onto her knees and kissed me, “see you there.”

As I frequently did I gave her time to get into bed.

“I want to try something,” she told me as I got under the duvet beside her.

“Tell me.”

“I want us to do something unpredictable,” she said quietly.

It took me a few seconds to understand her meaning,


“It might not work, the position I mean, well getting into it could be tricky but it’s,” she was speaking quickly, as she often did when she was anxious.

“Sh,” I put a fingertip on Jenny’s lips, if I had allowed her to continue I was sure she would talk herself out of the moment, “we’ll try your way if it does not work it is nothing. There are plenty of possible ways to try.”

A little at a time Jenny explained what she wanted us to do. I said nothing as she spoke but silently agreed that moving from how Jenny wanted us to begin to where she wanted us to finish could be a little awkward but unless we tried we would not know.

“Lay on your back, let me do the work,” I smiled, reaching for the lube.

I eased Jenny’s negligee to above her waist and spent time coating her hard cock with the gel. It did not matter to me if the second part of Jenny’s idea worked or not, I had waited many months for this, for her to be confident enough to say this was what she wanted, to feel her beautiful cock in my ass; after that everything else was a bonus to me.

“Dieter, it’s a long time since I’ve done this, I need you to go slow.”

“And I shall because I want to feel all of you sliding into me.”

Jenny wanted me to lower myself onto her dick then for us to carefully move onto our side, so that she would be, as she said, held between my legs.

Teufel!” I spat through clenched teeth – it has been a long time for me too since I did this – when I felt the tip of Jenny’s prick breach my asshole.

”Jesus Christ!” Jenny gasped.

She was looking to the space between where our bodies joined, I wished I could.

As slowly as I could I eased myself down onto the hard flesh in my ass and it was not as if it was less than average size; quite the opposite in fact, it must be around seventeen centimetres long and close to three across.

“Don’t move, please, not yet” she whispered when at last there was no space between us.

I did not try to move us onto our sides as Jenny wanted or myself up and down the hard prick inside me instead I did as she often did when she sat on me I simply rocked my hips to and fro.

“Mmm,” Jenny groaned in pleasure, her eyes closed.

I reached to play with Jenny’s nipples through the thin fabric of her negligѐe, thinking that if I pleasured her gently as we were I may not have to move us at all.

“Yes,” she gasped, her body arcing up to meet my touch.

“Just enjoy, my Jenny,” I coaxed her quietly.

Gradually her body moved in time with mine, still rocking but now a little faster.

“Dieter, I’m close,” Jenny told me through deep but uneven breaths.

I had been palming my own dick at the same rhythm as we were moving but Jenny’s words made me move my hand faster and my other teased her nipples a little harder. Suddenly it was as if a switch had been flipped inside her and her hips began to rise and fall beneath me so I raised my body a little to give her room to move. Her hands took hold of my thighs to give herself more leverage.

“Do it my Jenny, let go,” I said quietly.

“Oh god, Dieter, it’s happening!” she cried.

“Please, cum for me Liebling.”

“Now!” she yelled as she rammed all of herself into me, her body jerking as, for the first time, she climaxed inside me.

I moved my hand on my cock as fast as I could hoping to reach my peak before Jenny’s rapture passed. I had raised her negligee for just this moment, I only hoped I could keep my spunk away from it – Jenny would not be pleased if I did not!

“Jetzt meine Liebchen, jetzt,” I groaned as I felt my balls tighten and my cock throbbed in my hand.

Jenny’s body still moved beneath me but not as much as before, then my sphincter clenched around the base of her cock as my orgasm took me and she almost sat up to face me when it happened.

“Jesus H. Christ!” she yelled again as she flopped back down.

Jenny was panting rapidly as was I but I leaned forward to kiss her.

“Das war unglaublich,” I whispered before our lips touched.

She ran her fingers through my hair then down to my neck and on to my shoulders.

“If you just said that was amazing or brilliant or fabulous you’re right,” she smiled.

Close enough,” I sniggered.

“Why didn’t you move us?”

“It was never the right moment.”

“I need the bathroom,” she giggled.

“Stay there, my fault I will clean it.”

I brought a warm damp facecloth and towel from the bathroom and cleaned her skin,

“Hot chocolate I think for my pretty lady,” I smiled.

“You spoil me,” Jenny grinned.

“Because I like to,” I kissed her then went to drop the towel and facecloth in the bathroom and on to the kitchen to make our drinks.

When I returned to the bedroom Jenny had removed her make-up and still had the lights as low as possible.

“I like your mum and dad,” she said from nowhere as we enjoyed the hot chocolate.

“They liked you, my mum said you dress with elegance and dad that Sie sind ein Kredit für sich selbst, I am sorry, a credit to yourself.”

“They did?”

“Yes, Mama wants to go shopping with you when we go to Berlin, for clothes and things and Papa wants to introduce you to German wines,” I chuckled.

Our drinks were finished and we were laying facing each other, my heart was beating heavily in my chest, there were things I needed to say, questions I had to ask.

“Meine schöne Jenny, können wir reden?”

I knew she’d understand I had said this, and its translation, to her before.

“O-kay,” she answered, with a little hesitation.

“Ich möchte dass wir zussamen leben.”

Before I could translate she held up a hand to stop me.

“Wait, wait, let me try this. Ich möchte, that means you want or want to do something is that right?”

I nodded.

Jenny tried saying the words to herself, as if she were feeling her way through them,

“Zussamen, that’s together right?”

I nodded again, pleased that she was trying to work this out for herself.

“Dieter what does leben mean?”


“Did you just say you want us to live together?”

“Yes, Liebchen.”

Then Jenny asked what I asked myself when I began telling my story,

“What the fuck will people think?” she whispered.

Or as I put it,

Was zum Teufel warden die Leute denken?

“In Wahrheit ist es mir egal,” I kissed her, “In truth I do not care,” I answered her as I had myself.

There was still one question I did not know the answer to, and I could not help wondering,

Was zum Teufel wird ihre Antwort sein?

As always my thanks for sparing the time to read another of my stories. I always look forward to knowing what you think about what you've read.

Copyright © 2021 ShadowDweller; All Rights Reserved.
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I hope you've enjoyed reading about the adventures from my world of the gay, bi and tv. I look forward to knowing your views. I've done my best with the German - fingers crossed it passes muster!

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Another brilliant installment in this series. Great to see that his parents are accepting of their relationship, even though she seems to have lost her family.

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3 hours ago, VBlew said:

Another brilliant installment in this series. Great to see that his parents are accepting of their relationship, even though she seems to have lost her family.

I'm glad you enjoyed Dieter's story. I wasn't sure about having Jenny's family react badly to her being gay but at the same time I wanted to take the opportunity to mention, however briefly, that there are some in society who still believe that being gay is 'curable' and that unfortunately conversion therapy has not yet been made illegal in the UK. I think we all know that regrettably some parents still do not accept their gay sons and daughters.

Just in case you weren't already aware ElDorado the 1930's Berlin club I mentioned was a real place (last I heard it was an organic produce shop!) and the numbers of gay and lesbian clubs in Berlin back then are also pretty accurate. Which I find to be pretty amazing! 

At this rate if I carry on with these exceedingly short stories I'll have enough of them to publish an anthology! 

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