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  1. VBlew

    The Hunt

    Great short story.
  2. VBlew

    Damian's Wolf

    Another great chapter. Interesting way to get a mate ready for his first shift…
  3. VBlew

    Chapter 49

    Finally the intimacy that Devin had been waiting for.
  4. Great chapter. So glad Mickey and Dakota shared what had been a physically painful past with each other and seem to unconditionally accept each other.
  5. VBlew

    Chapter 58

    Fantastic story, really enjoyed the entire thing. Great ending too.
  6. Damn, sorry to see that Sean didn’t make it. We have one twisted individual tickling people to death….
  7. VBlew

    Chapter 15 Faith

    Another great chapter! Love the way that Will just snuck in the fact that he’s been making money hand over fist, and doesn’t have to work unless he really wants to. The idea of the four of them owning all of that land next to each other is fantastic.
  8. VBlew


    So a cliffhanger there. It is a great story, and has been amazing to follow the trials, tribulations, and emotional growth of everyone.
  9. VBlew

    Lost And Found

    The mystery continues. Great second chapter. Serial killers would be particularly hard to write. Keep it up, it looks like with all of the interconnection between the family that hopefully Sean will be rescued.
  10. Great explanation for that holiday and another insight to the mysterious boyfriend.
  11. Interesting way for that to come out. We’ve known that Steven has had a thing for Puppy for a long time. But with Hunter in the picture there was not a way to resolve it. Maybe they will have a good talk and get it resolved. From their last conversation when Puppy when to his parents home something was off with Steven, not being able to maintain a job.
  12. VBlew

    Chapter 2

    This is a great sequel to the initial story.
  13. VBlew

    Field of Glory

    So this is a hate group with wide inclusion. Still it was very good that Jordan saw the signs and stopped something really bad from happening.
  14. VBlew

    Chapter 1

    Great addition to the Sanitaria Springs stories. Sean just being himself, and their whole supportive environment for anyone coming to terms with their sexuality.
  15. VBlew

    Field of Glory

    Wow, the Mages definitely are spoiling to rile up something against the wolfs.
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