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  1. Got it! But may I suggest that you add this nugget of information to your "How to" post please? Thanks for such a swift reply, SD
  2. Hello all! I was recently sent a helpful message by one of the admin team about adding some of my very short stories together as a series and in it there was a link to a post by Myr concerning doing so BUT the first instructions are to click the "Add story" button and then to add said series via the "Add Series/World" button. The trouble is I've only ever posted things through the "Create" button and try as I might I cannot find the "Add story" button so can someone please tell me how to find it? Cheers and TIA, SD
  3. I'm glad you enjoyed Dieter's story. I wasn't sure about having Jenny's family react badly to her being gay but at the same time I wanted to take the opportunity to mention, however briefly, that there are some in society who still believe that being gay is 'curable' and that unfortunately conversion therapy has not yet been made illegal in the UK. I think we all know that regrettably some parents still do not accept their gay sons and daughters. Just in case you weren't already aware ElDorado the 1930's Berlin club I mentioned was a real place (last I heard it was an organic produce shop!) and the numbers of gay and lesbian clubs in Berlin back then are also pretty accurate. Which I find to be pretty amazing! At this rate if I carry on with these exceedingly short stories I'll have enough of them to publish an anthology!
  4. W.T.F. Was Zum Teufel Wird Ihre Antwort Sein? Dieter’s story Was zum Teufel warden die Leute denken? In Wahreit ist es mir egal. My apologies, when my emotions are strong I speak my own language even though I have lived in England for almost ten years. And I am feeling a little nervous as I have no idea if Jenny or Cameron will be joining me. Please allow me to explain why but to do so I need to go back in time a little. Jenny and I have been together for jus
  5. Our 'adventurer' is back! His English has some Germanic traits but his lover understands him well enough however, having deciphered the question what will the answer be? There's a few moments of sadness but then there's some hot sex to makeup for them. Meeting the parents - oooo scary!
  6. To all who've read thus far - including the comments - thank-you. I simply had to tell ya'll this:- on my F/bk page I've just read an ad for WTF Notebooks! 🤣 It's true I swear - the company's even called WTF Notebooks UK should you want to check.
  7. Hi again! I think it already has! When Jenny muses on 'knowing' the adventure would end it's not a moment of self-doubt but a self-aware decision to enjoy it while it lasts. And why not?! 😉 Glad to have entertained you again, as The Rolling Stones (R.I.P.
  8. W.T.F. Do I Make Of That?! What the fuck do I make of that? I mean he hadn’t exactly said it to me, he hadn’t even been conscious when he’d spoken. Shawn, a straight man, had given me just about the best sexual encounter I could remember, not that I’d had that many encounters with different men – and virtually none at all these past months. But it was an encounter that could’ve been lost. I’d always groaned, silently or not, whenever that old chestnut was trotte
  9. Celebrating a friend's outstanding headline spot swiftly followed by their victory is just the beginning. A special friendship develops between two people who should never have got close. An unexpected hook-up was never going to be a one-night-stand - that's not really Jenny's way - if it could be helped. Christmas in Berlin is magical and doesn't only bring gifts wrapped in pretty paper, some things are better left unwrapped. There's even the juxtaposition of one who does it for the money and another who does it for real.
  10. Hi VBlew, I think most of us have surprised ourselves when it comes to intimacy! I know I certainly have 😉 I'm so glad you've enjoyed reading the three stories - I take it you waited to comment until you'd read all of them to form an overall opinion so for that. I think I've got an idea for another in the series BUT don't hold your breath - I'm also editing a follow-on to the other story I have on here both of which are substantially longer than all three "W.T.F." offerings (in truth some of the chapters alone are longer than all three of these put together!). Mind you if the new idea turns out to be about the same length as the rest it should only take a day or so to finish as I've already got about 4 pages of longhand which turns out to be a quarter of what the previous three ended up being. Best thoughts
  11. ShadowDweller

    Chapter 1

    Hello, much as I agreed with you that some things are dragged well beyond their 'sell-by' date thanks to requests (both public and private) I've ventured into writing the before and after to this. If you're interested pt. 1 is "W.T.F. Am I doing?" pt. 2 is "W.T.F. Made Him Wait?" I hope I've not pushed the story too far!
  12. I'll try but "W.T.F. Just Happened?" was actually written as a sort of house-warming gift for an author pal (his story's called U-N-I have you read it?) and I wrote the pre and sequels after a few readers asked what happened next. If I write more of these I'll it'll start with finding the next question to go with "W.T.F."!
  13. W.T.F. Made Him Wait? "Mmmnng," I groaned, stretching before opening my eyes. Then they snapped open as I remembered where I was and, more importantly, who I'd been there with - Jenny! I looked across the bed and realised that I was alone and not only in the bed, the bathroom and walk-in wardrobe were both empty too. I shot from under the duvet, wondering briefly when that had happened - the last memory I had was that we'd been on top of it - grabbed my clothes and dashed t
  14. Consolation prizes come in many guises. And some need serious consideration. There's a new friendship in the offing and a new dimension to an old one to think about but everybody's secrets are safe - for now . . . .
  15. I've always thought stepping out on stage to try and entertain a crowd in whatever manner must be terrifying full stop!! I have done it but only in a very amateur way (much as I wanted to be the drummer in a rock band the closest I got was a couple of lessons from Ian Paige during a sound check) and that was bad enough. Glad you liked part 1 of the WTF series and for letting me know you enjoyed it.
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