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  1. Bard Simpson - I think you've pretty much nailed it on Adrien's motivation! Thank-you for the compliment, not sure I set out to 'challenge' anyone (including my characters) but if it turns out I did then that's a bonus ๐Ÿ˜€ Don't we all just write what we know - or think we do?
  2. ShadowDweller

    Chapter 17

    It may be because I've read U-N-I so many times but, trust me, (spoiler alert) it becomes clear that threesomes aren't a regular activity for out heroes. Yeah, as you said "naughty unilive'
  3. ShadowDweller

    Chapter 17

    I wouldn't exactly describe their dabbling in troilism as being a 'regular' activity!!
  4. As I said keep this up and you'll soon have read chp. 1 (and maybe chp. 2) almost as many times as I've read U-N-I in toto
  5. Perhaps he went with Theo to see if he could go along with the 'And/Or'. I think the 'why' of how come Adrien does is really explained in chp. 2; I rarely, if ever, write in 'chapters' I have to try and put the breaks in later - and trying to guess how long to make a chapter to post on here gave me some real headaches which is probably why the 'explanation' isn't in this chp. but the next.
  6. We may have a serial monogamist on our hands but it is called "First Night Seduction" after all. He-he.
  7. Carry on like this and you'll have read this chapter almost as many times as I've read U-N-I from start to finish! (I don't count reading individual chapters) There's a bit of a clue as to why Theo instinctively wanted more in their conversation with Adrien's parents ๐Ÿ˜
  8. Chapter 8 comment removed Ah, right, now I understand - it behoves me to say that I'm a techno-numpty so I'd be buggered if I mad a mistake like that!! Ask our pal over at U-N-I
  9. Just curious but why did you remove the comment?
  10. Don't bother - after all you weren't to know!
  11. Well near the end of the chapter you weren't fond of one of our heroes comments that after their sojourn at their island home thy could have enough material for a double album and you've had them writing stuff on tour - which is before one of them needs the recuperation. (This not giving things away's a bit of a pain!!)
  12. Hmmm, well there's, um let's see . . . . at least two possibly three chapters to complete and there's another three pretty much polished but no doubt there'll be some 'timeline tussels' to be had!๐Ÿ˜… It's U-N-I, it's us you just know there's gonna be a timeline issue somewhere, he-he. Oh and isn't there another album to be recorded?!!
  13. I started out to simply write about their first night! Then my pen kept on going, and going, and going . . . .
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