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Ticklish Descendants - 6. Part 6

"Holy fuckin' shootin' stars. If I'd'a known yer kisses were that amazin', I'd been lockin' lips with ya long before now, Country Boy."

Dale panted and wiped his brow after he and his newly reacquainted high school dream boy released each other. Cody's blush was very pink, and its natural shade would've made some cosmetic company a lot of money. The guys sat in silence, lost in thought over what their reunion meant to them and where to go next.


"Yeah, D?"

"It feels like we're movin' kinda fast, ya know, but also not really," Dale shook his head, smacked his forehead a couple times, then continued, "That didn't sound right... What I…"

"I...I know what ya meant, babe, and I'm feelin' the same." It's like we're blowin' around in a Texas tornado, an' can't see the ground, and somethin's also keepin' us from spinnin' outta control."

Their legs entwined, with their boots touching as the guys stroked and caressed each other's hands and arms, which made them softly giggle, and they lightly rubbed their heads together.

"I meant it when I said I love ya, Cody," Dale whispered.

"I know, Dale, I felt the emotion inside ya. I was just as sincere when I said I love you, also."

"However, I wanna take this slow and not burnout or ruin our chance at a happy ever after," they said in unison.

Their eyes glistened with unshed tears as the realization of being on the same wavelength hit them.

Cody smiled and leaned into Dale's body when the brunette ran his fingers through the silky blonde locks sprouting from his head. "I love havin' my hair played with, especially because it's you doin' it, D," he said before softly purring out of pure satisfaction and bliss.

"Then, I reckon it's gonna be somethin' I'll be doin' as often as possible, baby boy," Dale whispered. He lowered his head and gently nibbled along the edge of his boyfriend's right earlobe. His heart filled with love and joy when he heard light kitten-like mewls mixed with soft boyish giggles and felt the slight twitch of muscles against his upper body it elicited.

Cody smiled, then lifted his head to look at his man's face and asked, "Where are ya stayin'?" Since his head was tilted, he ever-so-gently nibbled on a spot where Dale's neck connected with his chest, close to his bobbing Adam's apple.

Dale's eyes rolled back, and he almost squealed like a little girl when he felt what was being done. Strangely enough, he'd never been nibbled or even touched there before, and very quickly realized that particular spot was not only incredibly ticklish but also hardwired to his manhood. That spot also made his body writhe in agonizing ecstasy, and his toes scrunch inside his socks and boots.

Cody gasped when he felt Dale's dick rapidly plumping and couldn't help chuckling. "Okay, so that's going into the adorably cute tickle spot to make Dale horny folder," his chuckles became boyish giggles as he kissed the darker-haired man's chin. "That was really cute, babe."

"Jus' ya wait, I'm gonna tie you down so's ya can't move an inch, includin' yer wiggly cute toes, then find every torture spot on yer hot little body and make ya my willing sex boy," Dale playfully threatened as he lightly nipped the tip of Cody's nose with his teeth.

Cody's eyes sparkled and widened as he gasped, and his manhood was clearly outlined in his jeans. He smacked his lips together a couple times and swallowed twice before he could even fathom how to create a proper response. "I'll need that promise in writin' and notarized by Stevie." His best friend was also a Notary.

After a moment of complete silence, laughter burst from the two pairs of quivering lips, and the men shared a short but loving kiss when they calmed down.

Dale finally remembered his playful mate's original question. "I'm livin' with Maxie, but it's not somethin' I want long term. I love my brother, but he can be a handful, and when he goes into protective older brother mode, fuck, ya'd better run fer whatever cover ya can find."

Cody threw his head back, laughing. "I know, and he's so flamboyant ya'd never expect his right and left hooks can knock a fella on their ass without breakin' a nail."

"Or a sweat," Dale added between his laughter.

"Umm, I don't wanna put ya on the spot or any kinda lock down, and of course, I'd hafta ask Steve, but would ya wanna consider livin' in the guest house behind the duplex?"

Dale grinned and shook his head. "I'm movin' in on Wednesday if the weather's permittin'."

Clarity hit him, and he could see all the dots connected. Cody narrowed his eyes and said, "I'm gonna kill 'em. Ev'ry dang blasted one-a-'em, kill 'em dead," before another word could be spoken, he was laughing again.

Dale was a bit confused. "Who ya gonna kill," he asked.

"We've been totally set up, not just the reunion, but yer already movin' into the guest house, and Steve never breathed a syllable 'bout that happenin'."

"Wait! How'd..." Dale was finally catching on. "Maxie, and yer/my Aunt and Uncle," he and Cody said in unison.

Dale sat up, unbuttoned his shirt, pulled his boots off, and then his slightly damp grey athletic low-cut socks. Cody licked his lips as he watched the strip show with much appreciation for the brown-haired model. The sight of his boyfriend's chiseled six-pack abs, wiggling plump toes that looked like dum-dum lollipops, and his soft-looking soles were getting him hard and speeding up his heartbeat.

Dale could feel the desire coming from the blonde. He turned his head, then with a boyish grin, he said, "Like what ya gawkin' at, Cowboy?"

Cody's eyes were wide as he remained silent and excitedly nodded. He was so mesmerized by the earth angel that he didn't realize his boots and socks had been removed until he felt an arm wrap around his left ankle, followed by one fingertip slowly stroking up and down and drawing a circle in the center of his curved arch. "Holy shit, that tickles," he squealed. His giggles flew from him as his toes flexed and scrunched, and his soles wrinkled while his feet wriggled in the teasing tickler's grasp.

"There's those sexy feet I've been dyin' ta tickle, which makes the Cody giggles I longed ta hear," Dale said. He continued the playful tickles, his dick plumped from the knowledge that it was him causing the adorable reaction. Laying on his side while keeping hold of the ticklish foot, he kissed and suckled each toe pad, then licked each base of the twitching toes.

Cody squeezed his eyes shut, and his head shook side-to-side as the giggles got louder and higher-pitched. "Fuck, that feels amazing, and it tickles like crazy, Cowboy," he moaned while still giggling. His body writhed, and the trapped foot turned left to right, and then it flexed back and forth, making his sole wrinkle and smooth out. All the while, he never told his tickling guy to stop and continuously giggling.

Dale finally released the ankle. He slipped out of his jeans, revealing his Scooby-Doo boxer briefs. Then, he removed the other pair of jeans and giggled with his mate when he saw the pair of playful puppy-decorated underwear. Next, the brunette crawled up to his blonde man's upper body. While removing the shirt, he kissed and nibbled the sweaty neck and shoulders. Cody's head tipped back, and moans of pleasure mixed with the never-ending stream of giggles. Their lips gently connected as two hearts pounded a perfectly synced rhythm, and the pair inhaled and exhaled each other's hot breath as their fingers pressed into warm, bare flesh.

Dale pulled back and got to his feet. With a boyish grin, he wrapped his arms around his blonde mate's waist and hoisted him over his shoulder. Cody shrieked from the sudden movement, and the smack his round ass received made him yelp. He tried to growl at his grinning carrier, but the giggles took over. The brunette whooped and hollered as he ran into the pond. His bare feet splashed water, causing them to squeal from the cool droplets that fell. When they were close to the middle, Dale giggled as he launched his passenger into the air. Cody screeched as his body landed in the water with a wave-creating splash.

When he surfaced, Cody wasted no time in chasing the squealing brunette. The guys cupped their hands and swept their arms across the pond to send walls of water at each other and screamed their threats of retaliation when they got wet. They laughed, jumped at, noogied, dove under the water to swim under their legs, knocking each other over, and took turns grabbing each other's shoulders for a good dunking. They also took moments to hold one another, lightly tickle random spots, and share loving kisses along their glistening skin. By the time they were ready to get dry, the guys were totally spent and exhausted.

Cody went to the supply house, which had an assortment of blankets, towels, two bathrooms, two showers, and extra swimwear. He grabbed one of the blankets and placed it on the ground, and then he and Dale, wrapped in each other's arms, closed their eyes for an afternoon nap.

"Our nephews are so cute together, aren't they, Papa," Carrie said. She kneeled down and kissed the guys' foreheads.

They thought the guys would be a bit hungry from their ride and time together, so they followed the tracker embedded in Starlight's ear to find them and brought the pair a basket with a note tied to the handle, a couple of sandwiches wrapped in plastic and placed in a small insulated lunch bag with an ice pack to keep the ham, cheese, and mayo from spoiling, a bag of chips, and some fresh squeezed lemonade. Barry chuckled as he did the same thing as his mate. He kissed her and took pictures of the peaceful scene with his phone. He pocketed the cellular device and wiped the tears of love and joy from his eyes.

"Our boys are more than cute, Mama, they're freakin' adorable."
The husband and wife smiled as they mounted their steed and rode back to the house to start getting ready for their guests and working on preparing dinner.

Cody's eyes shot open, and tears shined like diamonds as they trailed down his cheeks. He sat up, cradled his head in his hands, heavily breathing as he looked around. He finally calmed down when he saw and felt Dale peacefully resting beside him. He was afraid that everything that's happened was all a dream, which caused his distressed wakening. He moved slowly so his napping mate didn't wake, then stood and stretched. Cody walked to the gently lapping water to release the yellow liquid that filled his bladder. When he returned, he finally noticed the basket and note addressed to him and Dale. Even though his stomach decided to announce its hunger with a rumbling growl, the Mason male left them both alone despite dying to know what was written on the light pink stationery.

Looking up at the sun's position, he judged it to be about two o'clock or a little after, then he gazed down at Dale's slumbering form. The brunette was on his stomach, with his head resting on the ground, in the crook of his right arm. His left leg was straight, and his wrinkled sole faced the sky. His right knee was bent, and the edge of his right foot's curved arch was on the blanket, its toes occasionally twitching. Deciding it was time to wake his boyfriend was one of the easiest and most fun decisions the blonde made to date. The soon-to-be tickler got on the blanket, on his stomach, and constantly told himself not to giggle as he gently grasped Dale's right ankle. His index finger traced a circle around the pale ankle bone while he nibbled and licked the pinkish heel of the size twelve sole.

Dale's foot twitched and wriggled as his legs slid back and forth across the light pink blanket. It took a second for his eyes to open and his senses to register the incredibly ticklish sensation coming from his foot. He twisted and turned his head just before the boyish giggles flew from his lips. "Cody," he squealed, stretching out his boyfriend's name.

"Wakey, wakey, Sleeping Beauty," Cody said. He giggled as he tightened his grip and rapidly strummed all five fingernails up and down the bare, writhing sole. "Coochie coochie, Dale."

"Fuck! Not the coochies," the brunette screeched as his fists pounded the ground and his free foot pushed against and tried to get his other leg free.

Cody grinned before grabbing the other ankle and now had both feet trapped. His tongue licked the entire terrain of the soles and slipped between Dale's ten flexing toes. Dale's eyes squeezed shut as his laughter became silent gasps, and his body writhed around. He released his mate's ankles, straddled the lower legs, and his fingers kneaded and wiggled along the place where the brunette's ass met his legs, a spot he remembered drove the taller man berserk. True to the memory, it still had the same result. The ticklish man's eyes bulged, and his body thrashed as wild shrieks of hysterical laughter floated into the air, echoing and bouncing off the trees.

"Holy shit, D. I think ya got more ticklish there over the years," Cody observed.

The former tickler massaged and caressed his man's back and shoulders and kissed and licked Dale's neck and ears. He chuckled when it caused shivers and soft giggles accompanied by light mewling and squeals.

“I’d totally forgotten ‘bout that spot.” Dale turned onto his back and gazed into the bright, loving, joyful eyes that filled him with a sense of belonging and warmth. "Ya know, yer gonna end up gettin' me used to wakin' up like that if ya keep it up, sexy." He got up to go relieve himself at the pond and smiled when he saw Cody unpacking the picnic basket. "Where'd the food come from?"

Cody smiled and handed him the note. "Courtesy of Auntie and Uncle," he said as Dale sat beside him.

"Did ya read it?"

"Nope, since it's fer both-a-us, I wanted ta wait," he paused and smirked, "I done waited like a good boy. Now, c'mon, let's read it. I'm dyin' ta know what's written."

Dale shook his head and giggled as he unfolded the note slowly, earning him the blonde's puppy stare and whimpers. He snickered and petted his mate's stomach, which resulted in their boyish giggles. Dale read out loud, "Nephews, your Uncle and I thought you boys might like something to nibble on... besides each other. We'll see you when you get back. Love always, Uncle Barry and Auntie Carrie."

Dale and Cody looked at each other with tear-filled eyes and blushes, coloring their cheeks.


"Your Aunt and Uncle are freakin' awesome."

"Babe, didn't you notice what Auntie wrote," Cody paused and placed his hand gently on Dale's cheek.

"She addressed it, Nephews, as in more than one. She and Uncle B have already adopted you into the family."

Dale smiled and kissed his mate's cheek. "Our Auntie and Uncle are freakin' awesome."

After the guys finished eating, they looked at the sun's position and decided on a quick trail ride before heading back to shower and change their clothes. Since Cody often stayed the night, he kept some spare clothing in the guest room, and Dale always kept a spare set of clothing in his truck for emergencies. They got dressed and worked together cleaning what little mess there was, and then the pair saddled and untied the steeds from the post. Shimmering Star whinnied, and as Dale was about to mount him, he quickly grabbed the Stetson off the brunette's head.

"Hey, Star boy, what ya doin'? C'mon, give it back." Dale started giggling and jerked to the side. "Shit, that tickles, Starlight,” he said when the horse snuck up behind him, nuzzling and pressing the top of his nose into the man's side.

The two horses seemed to have planned this out because they began to play keep away with the hat. When one had the prize, the other would distract Dale by tickling him.

Cody was doubled over, laughing at the scene.

"Ya could help me," Dale whined just before Shimmering Star took his turn tickling his best human friend. "Damn, Star boy, yer not playin' fair."

The brunette sat on the ground, pouting. However, this didn't last more than a minute because the two equines abandoned the game and approached Dale. Next, the horses launched a double-sided tickle attack and had the man squealing and kicking the air as he rolled from side to side.

Cody was still giggling as he took hold of both horses to give his mate a reprieve. "That was just the cutest thing ever," he kissed the equine children, then giggled and squirmed when they nuzzled his cheeks and neck.

Dale got to his feet and chuckled. "You two brats," was all he could say before he got ticklish kisses from the horses.

"Hey Star boy/Starlight, are we your Papa's now," Cody and Dale asked.

Shimmering Star and Starlight nodded and quickly neighed.

When the boys got back, they put the horses in their stalls and took turns hugging and kissing them and reminding their boys to behave for their Aunt and Uncle while they were gone. They walked hand in hand to the house and found Steve and Max waiting on the porch with big smiles.

"You two are soooo dead," Cody threatened. He and Dale gave the guys hugs and kisses on the cheek.

"Why Sug, whatever do ya mean," Max responded.

"Yeah, we ain't done nothin'," Steve said while chuckling. He giggled and squealed when he was placed in Dale's headlock while Cody gave him a noogie.

"Right, and just when were ya gonna tell me about Dale movin' into the guest house?"

Steve grinned and said, "Umm, I'm pleadin' the fifth for fear of retaliation by getting a random night of Cody chili dog farts."

"Awe, shit, they's definitely toxic. I remember 'em from 4h camp." Dale agreed.

The three men giggled as Dale and Steve dodged Cody's attempted head slaps. They were all giggling as they went inside. Dale and Cody got hugs from Barry and Carrie the second after they closed the door.

While eating, Dale looked at the eldest of the group and said, "Thanks for the lunch, Auntie Carrie and Uncle Barry, and for accepting me as yer nephew."

"You've always been like a nephew when you boys were youngin's," Carrie said.

"Now, don't none-a-ya be gettin' too big fer yer britches, boys," Barry said with a smirk, "All-a-you guys are still youngin's."

The table erupted with boisterous laughter. Everyone smiled when Dale and Cody snuck kisses.

"Ya know, Cody told me I was the best Cody tickler in the state, other than Steve."

Cody glared at his mate as he received a stare from Barry.

"Well now, I guess we'll hafta put that statement to the test next time the family's all here, then me, his brothers, and his dad can see if that's true."

Cody cringed, "Yer soooo gonna get it, Dale," he said with a boyish giggle.


Timmy's eyes slowly opened as consciousness returned to him. He shook his head to clear the strange grogginess and haze from his mind. When the fireman tried to get up, he realized he was nude and that his wrists and ankles were tied to the bedposts. A chill ran up and down his spine when he saw the two men in the room with grins on their faces.

This chapter totally became longer than I anticipated, but damn, was it worth it.

I loved seeing the guys continuing their reconnection, and actually taking the time to talk about what they were feeling and the shared desire to take things slow as they can.

Of course one of my favorite parts was the keep away game Shimmering Star and Starlight played with Dale's hat. For three days I've had that scene playing in my head, and while there was more banter than what got written, the scene turned out just right, at least in my opinion. Hehe.

Aunt Carrie and Uncle Barry are just amazing with how loving and playful they are with the younger guys.

Thanks for reading, reacting, and commenting.

Love y'all
Copyright © 2024 Ticklishboy30; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 
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Now what this horrible cliffhanger, Timmy tied up and two unknown people. Hope Timmy doesn't get hurt.

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9 minutes ago, chris191070 said:

Awesome chapter full of love and tickles, Cody and Dale make a cute couple.

@chris191070 :hug:

They are just too adorable. I'm having fun with things going a little slower than usual in my stories. 

Starlight and Shimmering Star almost stole the chapter again. It was so cute when I kept seeing it in my head that I was actually hesitant about putting it in because I didn't know if I could adequately describe the scene. 

I loved the note, especially the jab at then nibbling on each other. Their way of letting the guys know they're not doing anything that wasn't approved of or known about. 

And, of course, I had to get Steve mentioning Cody's retaliation, since he's not ticklish, Cody has to get creative with how to get his friend back. Chili dog farts just seemed like that perfect thing. LOL

Edited by Ticklishboy30
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7 minutes ago, chris191070 said:

Now what this horrible cliffhanger, Timmy tied up and two unknown people. Hope Timmy doesn't get hurt.

C'mon, @chris191070, did you really expect me to go anymore chapters without at least mentioning Timmy's situation? You, @Paladin, @Greg, and @BoyLove would gang up on and tickle the hell outta me for leaving you guys hangin'. And you all know my tickle spots. Hehe :gikkle::hug:

  • Love 4
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I'm adding @akascrubber to the gang. He'll probably be the one nominated to sneak up on and kidnap me because he's so stealthy and silent. :gikkle::hug:

I'm always appreciative seeing his reactions. 

Edited by Ticklishboy30
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AB…you write like a sure as shootin cowboy author.  One would think  you weren’t an BackEast  City Slicker.

Great story and the attraction to your characters is genuine. 

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43 minutes ago, Greg said:

AB…you write like a sure as shootin cowboy author.  One would think  you weren’t an BackEast  City Slicker.

Great story and the attraction to your characters is genuine. 

@Greg, thanks, Daddy-Greg.

Hehe a lot of the dialog is due to my love of Dukes Of Hazzard.

Since the guy in the pic resembles John Schenider when he portrayed Bo Duke, I crafted Cody with him in mind. 

Then for the family elders, I fashioned them after Uncle Jesse.

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That was enough sweetness to put me in a diabetic coma 🤣🤣🤣! Love how the story is going though.

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Another fun chapter, loving the tickling boyfriends at the pond, and the horses even got in some playfulness😀

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46 minutes ago, VBlew said:

Another fun chapter, loving the tickling boyfriends at the pond, and the horses even got in some playfulness😀

@VBlew, the horses are always fun to work with.

I love how Dale and Cody are having fun together. 

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3 hours ago, BoyLove said:

That was enough sweetness to put me in a diabetic coma 🤣🤣🤣! Love how the story is going though.

@BoyLove LOL I told ya it was tooo cute and adorably sweet. Hehe

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Yes @Ticklishboy30 the chapter is much longer than your usual but well worth it. The boys are taking it slow but in the most affectionate and loving way. Being set up can me annoying because of the secrecy but this was well worth it in the end. Loved all the loving interaction between all the family and then you up throw in a brief and worrying reference to Timmy. Damn! 

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I had to, @Paladin, you'd have tickled me either way. Hehe

Maybe Timmy'll have to endure endless farts. LMAO! I know, good Andy, bad pizza. LOL 

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