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  1. Ronyx

    Chapter 25

    @drsawzall No! Not a scene from Oliver. That isn't playing fair! 😠
  2. Ronyx

    Chapter 25

    No. I intentionally did not have them come together again because life is sometimes like that. People come and go in our lives. Ricky had moved on and started a new life in California. The same with Charles. He now had a new love, and Matt was someone he knew once, but only briefly.
  3. For those who like to wait until a story is completed, I posted the final chapter of Stuff People Do. Enjoy!

    Stuff People Do Chapter 1 by Ronyx - Gay Authors 

  4. Ronyx

    Chapter 25

    I awoke early and crawled out of bed so I wouldn’t disturb Trent. I wanted to make a good breakfast for him and Hayden. I wasn’t planning to go in at my usual 6:30. I hoped that Mrs. Thatcher would understand if I wasn’t there. Besides, Mr. London probably assumed that I would be late. I know Hayden likes omelets because we prepared them for the students and staff one day. He even asked me for seconds. I took the eggs, sliced ham, onions and cheese from the refrigerator. I also grabbed the
  5. Ronyx

    Chapter 24

    @bottomguy Thank you for a wonderful and insightful comment. From Covenant House: Statistics on Homeless Youth in America | Covenant House Every Year, More Than 2 Million Kids in America Will Face a Period of Homelessness
  6. Ronyx

    Chapter 24

    “What is that?” Trent asked as he thumbed through the papers on Mr. London’s desk. “Who were those men?” Just then, Mr. London stuck his head in the door and asked if we were okay and if he could come in. Trent looked at me and I nodded. I looked at Trent and asked, “Do you remember me telling you about the old man I lived with when I ran away the second time?” He said he did. “I left when he died and moved out. That’s when I started living on the streets.” “What does that have to do w
  7. Ronyx

    Chapter 23

    Matt Stevens- A Life of Experience by Stephanie Harding We sat on the sofa, and Trent read the article to me. Stephanie told what had happened to me after running away the second time. She wrote about my parents, and how their strict religious beliefs had made it impossible for me to remain in their home. It was difficult to listen to Trent read about my life on the streets. The drugs, alcohol and sex were a part of my past, but there were still deep and lasting scars. She descr
  8. Ronyx

    Chapter 22

    After dinner was served to the students, Trent and I got in his car and headed to his place. I still can’t call it home yet. I’m going to need some time to see if we can actually make this work. After all that has happened to me, my instincts tell me to be cautious. However, my heart is telling me something else. When we pulled out, Trent gripped my hand and squeezed it. “I still can’t believe this is real.” I smiled and replied, “I was just thinking the same thing.” He squeezed
  9. Ronyx

    Chapter 21

    We awoke at five-thirty the next morning when the alarm rang. Trent sleepily rolled over and muttered, “Damn. It can’t be time for work.” He then turned back and kissed me gently. “This has been the best weekend of my life,” he said cheerfully. “Mine, too,” I responded as I returned his kiss. I crawled out of bed and ran to the bathroom before he did. I had been holding it in for several hours. I had been afraid to get up because I didn’t want to awaken Trent. “Move it,” he pounded on
  10. Ronyx

    Chapter 20

    “Where are we?” I asked as Trent pulled up in front of small house. It was located in a neat residential area. It was an old neighborhood, and most of the homes looked to be built during the 1960’s or 70’s. I remembered visiting the home of one of my mother’s friends who lived a couple of blocks away. She had lost her father, and my mother thought it would be nice to take her a cake. The house was white with blue shutters. There were cute flower boxes under the windows filled with petunias.
  11. Ronyx

    Chapter 19

    As Trent and I made our way down the hall to his office, Mr. London opened his door and stepped outside. “Matt,” he spoke softly, “I would like to see you in my office.” I looked worriedly at Trent. He patted me on my shoulder and winked. When I entered his office, Stephanie was sitting in a chair against the wall. She smiled, and I took a seat beside her. Mr. London pulled a chair in front of us, sat down and smiled. “I’ve got to say, Matt,” he began, “I have never seen anyone talk t
  12. Ronyx

    Chapter 18

    When we finished, Trent rose from the bed, grabbed the three empty boxes and announced, “I’m going down the hall to get you a blanket.” He turned to Evan and asked, “Do you want Matt to stay with you tonight?” I smiled when he said he would like that. When Trent left, I told Evan that he should lie down and get some sleep. “It’s getting late, and you’ve had a busy day.” He smiled and replied, “Busy? I think it has been more than that.” I patted his hand and assured him that things wer
  13. Ronyx

    Chapter 17

    If you know someone in need, The Trevor Project is an excellent organization that helps LGBTQ youth. The Trevor Project
  14. Ronyx

    Chapter 17

    As we pulled off, the reporter extended her hand and said, “I’m Stephanie Harding with the Daily Gazette.” I reluctantly shook her hand. She was pretty, in a plain sort of way. She looked young, like she might have graduated from college recently. She had long brown hair which was pulled back into a ponytail. She didn’t appear snobbish like most people I’ve met with college degrees. After spending years on the street, I developed a sense of who to approach. I tried to avoid young people dressed
  15. Ronyx

    Who's In Charge

    Excellent article, Comsie. I write what I call from Point A to Point B. Point A is where the main character/protagonist is experiencing something serious that has happened in his life. He is facing what he see as an unbearable and life-changing situation. Point B is where he finally overcomes it. The middle involves taking the reader on an enjoyable and suspenseful ride with them sharing and becoming emotionally involved in the protagonist's struggle as the story moves along from A to B. The story must be realistic and relatable to the reader. This is very sound advice: Have your protagonist make conscious decisions about he wants to proceed to the next part of his journey. Don't leave him ten steps behind throughout the whole story and deprive your audience from ever feeling like he was in control of his own destiny from the very beginning. It's literary suicide.
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