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  1. Ronyx

    Chapter 23

    That wasn't me. I told them to go with Over the Moon...MOO!!!!! 🐄🐄🐄
  2. Ronyx

    Chapter 23

    Thanks, PS. When I began writing, one of the first people to write me was a reader with Asperger's. He was an interesting fellow, and we became good friends for many years. At the time, I had never heard of AS. I did some research so I could better understand him.
  3. Ronyx

    Chapter 23

    @Page Scrawler No!!!! LOL. Actually, one of the things that motivated me to attempt to write over 12 years ago was a story I read online about a disabled teen. I was moved so much by it that a few months later I wrote my first story. I've always resisted writing about a disabled person because I don't think I can relate. I've never had experience with a disabled family member or friend. Several years ago, a blind college student wrote and asked me if I could write about a blind person. At first, I declined because I didn't think I could relate. However, a year earlier my nephew was involved in a serious car accident and lost an eye. Through that experience I was able to write Down a Darkened Path. I agree that disabled people should appear in more stories, but I'm sure that someone disabled or is the caretaker for a disabled person could write a much better story than I could. (Although I did end one of my stories with a teen who became disabled, but it appeared only briefly in the last chapter.)
  4. I have just posted the final chapter of It's Not Easy Being a Tree for those readers who like to wait to read the completed story. 

    It's Not Easy Being a Tree

  5. Ronyx

    Chapter 23

    I went straight to my room when I got home. I didn’t want to be anywhere near Dad. It’s an awful feeling to dislike someone who you’re supposed to love. Dad and I had never really been close. Jon was always his favorite son. Now that he’s getting older, Dad is starting to turn his attention to Glenn. Me? I’ve just always been caught in the middle. But now, I was starting to not like him. Hate is too strong a word. I’ve never understood why he didn’t give me the same attention he gave Jon. I lived in his world, but I was never a part of it. It’s sort of the same way my brother has always treated me. I’m someone he shares a room with, but I’m never really there. He’s always called me runt, which just about sums up how he sees me. It’s a weird feeling living with two people and them not seeing you for who you are. Now, I guess, they are going to see me only as being gay. Ross already told me Jon doesn’t care. It’s not because he doesn’t like gay people. He just doesn’t care enough about me to even think about my sexuality. It’s sort of like someone telling him Elton John is gay, and he replies, “Who cares.” I heard the phone ring a couple of times. A few seconds later I would hear Dad slam it down and start ranting. I guess we were still getting calls about my involvement at school. I had to hold back tears when I heard him holler once, “Fucking kid.” He said it at the bottom of the steps, so I know he wanted me to hear him. Glenn and Glenda came home a little later. Glenn ran to this room and started playing MY video games. He left his door open to make sure I could hear him squealing as he played. I was beginning not to like him, too. I walked over to the window when I heard car doors slamming shut. I looked down as Jon, Connor and Ross exited Jon’s car. Several minutes later they came upstairs. “Hey, Buddy” Connor said as he came over to my bed and sat down. Jon cast him an angry glance, but he said nothing. I guess he was afraid if he did, Connor might blacken his other eye. Ross walked over and sat down on the other side of me. “I thought you guys had football practice?” I asked. “Coach called it off tonight,” Connor informed me. “He was pissed he had to attend that meeting after school.” Ross started laughing. “He was a little more than pissed.” He looked over at Jon, but he was lying on his bed watching a soccer game. Connor stood and stretched. “I’m bored.” He walked over and smacked Jon’s dangling foot that was hanging off the bed. “Let’s go do something?” Jon turned on his side. “Do what?” “I dunno,” replied Connor. “How about we go to the mall and walk around. I could use some new sweats.” Jon got off the bed. “Sounds good. Let’s go.” He put his gym shoes on and tied them up. As they were leaving, Connor stopped and looked at me. “Come on, Woody. You’re going, too.” “No!” Jon barked. “That homo’s not going anywhere with us.” Connor balled up his fist, but Ross grabbed his hand before he hit Jon again. Connor stepped back and threw up his arms. He stood defensively before Jon. “Okay,” he said angrily. “I’m a homo, too.” “No, Connor!” Ross screamed. “Don’t do this! Now’s not the time!” Connor turned to Ross. “No,” he adamantly replied, “I’m doing this.” He turned back toward my brother. “You heard me, I’m a homo, too.” He walked over and put his arm around my shoulder. “If you can’t accept Woody, then you can’t accept me.” Jon just stood in the middle of the floor staring at us. It was obvious a million different thoughts were running through his head. Ross stepped over and stood in front of his brother, in case Jon decided he wanted to fight him. Jon started laughing. “You ain’t no homo. You’re just saying that because Woody is.” Connor stepped around Ross and stood in front of Jon. “I’m gay, Jon,” he said softly. “I’ve always been gay.” Jon’s eyes widened and he looked over at Ross. Ross nodded his head. Connor stepped back and stood beside me, putting his arm around my shoulder. “It’s who I am, Jon.” He looked down at me. “It’s who Woody is. If you can’t accept that…then…” There was a deafening silence as my brother stared at his best friend for a moment, then he sat down on the side of his bed, burying his head in his hands. Ross grabbed my arm. “Come on,” he said as he pulled me from the room. “They need to talk.” As we were leaving, I watched as Connor sat down beside my brother. “You think they’ll be all right if we leave them alone?” I asked Ross as we descended the stairs. I envisioned them fighting like they had two nights earlier. “They’ll be all right,” Ross assured me. “Connor has wanted to come out to Jon for months. He just didn’t know how to do it. I guess you gave him the reason he needed.” We went out to the backyard and sat on the patio. I got up and went into the kitchen to get us something to drink. When I returned, Ross surprised me again. “Connor came out to Mom and Dad last night.” “What!” Ross laughed when he saw the astonished look on my face. “Yeah,” he smiled. “They took it pretty good. Better than I thought they would.” “Why did he do that?” “Because of you.” “Me!” “He didn’t think it was right that you were going through all this alone,” Ross explained. “He felt he was partially to blame.” “It wasn’t his fault,” I insisted. I never blamed Connor for the situation I was in. Indyboi91 could have been anyone. It just happened to be Connor. “He felt it was,” he replied. “That’s why he decided to come out to our parents, and then Jon right now. He says he’s tired of living a lie.” “I know that feeling,” I replied. “He’s actually pretty proud,” Ross remarked. “He said he slept better last night than he has in years. It was like a big weight had been lifted off his shoulders when he told Mom and Dad.“So, they weren’t upset?” He laughed slightly. “Sure they were upset. But after he talked to them for a couple of hours and explained how he was feeling inside, they kind of started to understand.” “I wish Dad would understand,” I replied sadly. “Give him time,” Ross assured me. “He’ll come around.” “I doubt it.” We sat quietly as we drank our soda. I couldn’t believe Connor had come out to his parents. He said was going to wait until he went to college to tell them. I was also worried about what was happening upstairs. Connor hadn’t come down yet, so that was a good sign that things hadn’t gotten too out of hand. A few minutes later, the patio door slid back, and Connor and Jon emerged. Both their faces were drawn and taut, but neither had any bruises as if they had been fighting. “We’re going to the mall,” Connor announced sharply as he stepped off the patio and headed around the house. The rest of us trailed behind and got into the car. Just before we pulled off, I shouted excitedly, “I can’t go! Dad will kill me! I’m supposed to be grounded.” Connor turned and put up his hand. “It’s okay, Woody. Jon talked to him and your dad said you could go.” “He did?” I stared at the back of Jon’s head. I couldn’t believe he had talked Dad into letting me go with them. No one said anything as we rode to the mall. I could feel the tension between Jon and Connor. Connor would occasionally glance over at my brother, but he said nothing. Just before we arrived at the mall, Connor’s cell phone rang. He answered it and then handed it back to me. “It’s your mother.” “Mom?” I couldn’t understand why she would be calling me on Connor’s phone. Then I remembered that Jon still didn't have a phone. “Woody,” she said. “Could you call Lucas? He’s called here several times worried about you. I thought you were still at school. Your father just told me you were with Jon and Connor.” “Thanks, Mom,” I smiled. “I will.” After getting Connor’s permission, I called Lucas. “Where are you?” he screamed into the phone. “I thought something had happened to you!” I assured him I was safe with my brother, Connor and Ross. Connor turned in his seat. “Ask him if he wants to join us.” I noticed that Jon glanced quickly at Connor. I wasn’t sure, but it appeared he rolled his eyes. Lucas tried to protest, but Ross grabbed the phone and convinced him we would like him to join us. After getting permission from his father, he told us he’d be waiting outside the church. Jon grumbled when he had to turn around, but he didn’t say anything. Ten minutes later, we pulled up outside the church where Lucas stood nervously waiting for us. I scooted into the middle as he climbed in beside me. Connor and Ross immediately spoke to him. Jon looked at him in his rearview mirror. I know he was trying to figure out why we were picking him up. He had only seen Lucas a few times at church, and he didn’t know that Lucas was involved in the mess with Mr. Dewberry. When we got to the mall, we strolled around looking in store windows. Ross and Lucas seemed to enjoy it. They were quickly becoming good friends. I would have gotten jealous, but I knew that Ross was no threat. Now if it had been Connor… Jon and Connor walked together, but they didn’t talk. Connor kept glancing over at my brother, probably trying to figure out if he was still his best friend. Ross got excited when we passed the Arcade. “Let’s go in,” he said as he grabbed Lucas and me by the arm. “I don’t have any money,” I protested. He dug into his pocket and pulled out some money. “I do,” he grinned. “I mowed three yards this past weekend. Come on!” We had a lot of fun. Since Lucas didn’t get out much, he was like a kid in a candy shop. He ran from game to game watching other people play. The times Ross insisted on paying for a game, he didn’t do very well. It really didn’t matter, though; he was having fun. Once when I was watching Ross and Lucas, Connor stepped up beside me. “He’s really cute.” I looked up into his smiling face. “You like him, don’t you?” “Yeah,” I remarked embarrassedly. “We’re kind of like boyfriends.” Connor nudged me in my side. “Good, you deserve someone nice. You’re a great guy.” I laughed when I looked over and he said disappointedly, “You could have waited for me.” I nudged him back. “You’re graduating in a few months. You’ll forget all about me.” “I doubt it,” he smiled. “You never forget your first crush.” “Shut up,” I giggled as I elbowed his side. “I won’t forget you. either.” He started to say something, but Jon walked up and stood beside him. When they started talking about football practice, I knew that things were going to be okay between them. They were talking like they always did. It seemed like nothing had changed. After several more games, we finally decided we’d had enough. We went to the food court and ordered two large pizzas. Lucas sat close beside me as we ate. Jon sat across from us and he would occasionally look over at us. “So,” Jon asked as he pointed at me and Lucas. “Are you two like boyfriends?” I looked at Lucas and he nodded. “Yeah,” I said as I looked back at Jon. He simply said, “Okay, cool.” He then shoved an entire slice of pizza into his mouth. Later, as we left the mall and headed to his car, Jon put his arm around my shoulder and pulled me into him. He held me tightly as we walked side by side through the parking lot. It felt good being me. THE END Epilogue Wow! Where do I begin? The past three months have been a roller coaster ride. There have been a lot of ups and downs. I guess I’ll start with the ups… Things are better at home. Jon and I are actually acting like real brothers. I guess his mind works differently than others. I thought after Connor told him he was gay, Jon would turn his back on him, but he didn’t. If it’s possible, they are closer now than ever. I think it’s my brother’s mission to make Connor straight. It’s fun to watch them interact. Jon tells Connor he needs to find a girlfriend, and Connor tells him he should swing both ways. A few times it appears like Jon is considering it. I’d laugh my ass off if someday I came in the bedroom and saw them making out. After the incident with Mr. Dewberry, Connor really became protective of me. I think it made Jon realize how he’d been a real dick over the years. They include me in a lot of things now. I’m even beginning to enjoy lying on Jon’s bed and watching football games with them. I don’t know how he did it, but a couple of nights after we went to the mall, Jon convinced Dad to return my computer and video games. I came home from school one day and it was back in our bedroom. He installed a parental control device, though. I thought about removing it, but I didn’t. I don’t go to any porn sites anymore. Jon’s tried to get me to change it so he can visit his ‘t and a’ sites. Maybe I will. After all he’s done for me, I should do something nice for him. Connor and Jeff are seeing each other. We were in the cafeteria one day when Connor came over and sat down at the table. Jeff was telling everyone about the time I spent the night and how I hated the smell of the barn. Connor made some comment about how cool it would be to grow up on a farm. Jeff asked him if he would like to spend the weekend sometime. Connor agreed, and a week later he did. Neither will tell me what they did, but I think it involved a lot more than what Jeff and I did. They are a good match- boyfriends with no strings attached. Connor didn’t want to become involved with anyone because he was going to graduate and go off to college. And Jeff, he still wants to get married and have kids someday. So, I guess it works for them. They’re just having fun while it lasts. Ross is dating a cheerleader. She’s really pretty, and everyone at school thinks they are a perfect couple. He’s also having a lot of sex with her. Connor is always teasing him because he has to buy condoms for him at the drugstore. Ross looks cute when his cheeks turn a bright red. I’m also growing taller!! I had Jon measure my height a couple of weeks ago. It’s been ages since I last marked the door frame to see if I’ve grown. I’m two inches taller than the last time! Now if I can just gain some weight, I’ll look like a normal teenager. I go downstairs a couple of times a week with Jon. He’s put me on a special program to build up my muscles. Maybe someday I’ll look as good as him. And Lucas. I’m saving him for last. We’re getting closer each day. Dad and Mom lifted the punishment and let me start spending the weekends with him. I had to promise, though, that I’d go to church on Sunday and return home with her. Lucas still gets nervous before he has to sing, but I’m there to comfort him. We go downstairs to the bathroom and make out for a little while. When he’s singing, he’ll look down at me and blush. I’m really starting to fall in love with him. I even told him that last week. He told me he loved me, too. We haven’t really had sex yet. We’ve both agreed that after what we’ve been through, we should wait a little while. We do get naked in his bed and jack off together. We are sixteen. We’ve touched each other a few times, but that’s all. When we do finally have sex, I want it to be perfect. So, we’ll wait until that special moment arrives. Right now, I just enjoy it when he holds me and tells me he loves me. And now the downs… Things with Dad haven’t improved much. He looks at me like I’m a freak or something. I suppose the whole gay thing is something he’s never experienced very much. I think Jon’s acceptance of me has helped a little bit. I’ve noticed him smile a couple of times when my brother and I are bantering back and forth. Maybe someday he’ll come around and realize I’m not such a bad son after all. I blame myself for his attitude toward me. I put him and Mom through a lot. I didn’t think of the consequences when I started my involvement in the chat room. For months I’ve drug them into a dark, perverted world that no parent should have to face. They’ve had to ward off reporters and inquisitive friends who want to know why they didn’t monitor my behavior better. They weren’t to blame, but they still feel guilty that they weren’t more aware of what I was doing. Things at school got really ugly for a while. For days the paper began to report more details about Mr. Dewberry and his involvement with boys over the past several years. After a lengthy investigation, it was determined he had sexually assaulted more than fifteen boys. Most had been from the church camp in the summer. Many of the boys were from our school, so everyone tried to guess who might have been involved. Lucas became a prime suspect because his father’s church sponsored the camp outing. However, after months of wild rumors, no one is really sure. Mr. Dewberry was charged with multiple felony counts of rape, aggravated sexual battery on a minor, forcible sodomy, coercion and enticement. They also found numerous pictures of young boys on his home computer, along with the ones he had of me and Lucas. As a result, he also faced numerous charges of possessing child pornography. The prosecutor even charged him with kidnapping since he refused to let me leave his classroom that day Lucas showed up. Everyone at school knew I was involved. I did manage to protect Jeff, though. The police showed me pictures they had found on Mr. Dewberry’s computer. They asked me if I could identify anyone, especially the pictures of me with Jeff, but I told them I couldn‘t. They didn’t believe me; but since they had enough evidence on Mr. Dewberry anyway, they didn’t pursue it. Things were embarrassing for the first month. I couldn’t walk down the hall without someone giggling or making a comment. I think most students were afraid of Mr. Calloway’s reaction if I would make a complaint; therefore, no one threatened or intimidated me. Ross also told me that Jon and Connor were going around warning other students that there would be consequences to pay if they did mess with me. I always enjoyed going to lunch because I was with my friends- and they were my friends. No one deserted me when I was outed. Jeff wasn’t embarrassed to walk with me, even though rumors spread that we were probably ‘doing it.’ Kate was great. She would meet me at my locker before school and after school. She was like a protective mother hen. I heard she even threatened to claw another girl’s eyes out because she called me a fag in front of some other students. And Anna. Anna is Anna. I think God threw away the mold when he made her. If only everyone could be so innocent. She just goes through life in one mode. Nothing bothers here. Well, maybe algebra tests. After Brandon Metzger’s arrest, no one saw him again. The police charged him as an accessory to Mr. Dewberry’s sexual assault on me. He was also charged with disseminating sexual material. Detective Davis told Pastor Sparks that Brandon had basically acted alone. Mr. Dewberry told him how I was rejecting his advances, so Brandon took it upon himself to try to intimidate me into having sex with him. Brandon was immediately suspended from school for ten days and Dr. Chavers later expelled him. The last rumor I heard was that his parents had worked out an agreement with the prosecutor. They shipped him off to some military school in South Carolina instead of him spending time in a juvenile facility. The school was abuzz three weeks ago. Mr. Dewberry pled guilty to most of the charges. I guess he struck a deal with the prosecutor. I was happy because I was told that Lucas and I might have to testify against him if the case went to trial. The most serious charges against him, rape of a minor and kidnapping, were dropped. He was still sentenced to sixty years in prison for the other crimes. The judge also took away his teaching license. I found that ironic since he would be in prison for almost the rest of his life and he wouldn’t need it. Things are slowly returning to normal. The stares and comments are becoming less frequent. I can walk through the halls without people looking at me like I am some carnival sideshow. Through all this, though, I learned a valuable lesson. A moment of fun can have a lifetime effect. My life changed dramatically since that time I registered as Elmer Fudd. Then I was a shy, skinny sapling looking for someone. Today, I’m stronger. I walk a little taller. I don’t see myself any longer as Charlie Brown’s sickly, little Christmas tree. Today, if Mrs. Chapman asked the class to write what it’s like being me, I could probably write something I would be proud to read. However, there was a price to pay. I have to live with that the rest of my life.
  6. Ronyx

    Chapter 22

    @droughtquake I have actually started a new story. It's taking forever to write, but at least I'm giving it a try. My muse is broken, but not gone.
  7. Ronyx

    Chapter 22

    Thanks Asher, but I don't eat desserts. How about a nice fruit salad instead? 😋
  8. Ronyx

    Chapter 22

    No one was home when I entered. “Mom?” I hollered out, just to make sure. I then made my way upstairs to my bedroom. I stopped at the door and peered into the room. My computer was missing. I hurried back downstairs to look for it. It wasn’t in the family room or kitchen. I then went back upstairs and looked in Glenn’s room. It was on a table next to his bed. A stack of my video games was beside it. “This isn’t right!” I shouted out as I walked over and collected my games. My parents had given me the computer, but most of the games I had bought with my allowance money. Others were given to me as birthday and Christmas gifts. Glenn had no right to them. As I was heading back to my room, I heard the phone ring downstairs. I went into the kitchen to see who was calling on the caller ID. I didn’t recognize the name, so I waited for the person to leave a message. The phone made a loud tone, and then a woman spoke. “Marion, I’m so sorry,” she said to my mother. “My daughter told me about that awful picture. You must be heartbroken. Call me if you need someone to talk to.” She hung up, and I erased the message. There were six other messages, most to my mother or father from friends who were ‘feeling their grief,’ as one friend of my mother stated. One message was from an anonymous caller who wanted me to suck his dick. I was glad I was able to erase it before Mom heard it. I turned off the messenger so it couldn’t receive any more messages and then went upstairs to my room. I sat on the edge of the bed and looked around. “Will this still be my room tomorrow?” I wondered. I had no idea what the future now held. Mom and Dad could send me away to a relative’s house. My dad had a brother and two sisters. Mom had two brothers. I guess they could probably talk one of them into taking their wayward son. I looked over at Jon’s unmade bed. His sneakers were strewn about, and a couple of tee shirts were lying on the floor. Even though we had never really gotten along, I would still miss him if I had to go someplace else. I tried not to cry, but a few tears managed to escape my eyes. I jumped when someone started pounding on the front door. I slowly made my way downstairs to see who it could be. When I peered through the curtains to the front porch, I could see Ross pacing back and forth. “It’s about time,” he said as he barged in when I opened the door. He stood before me and asked, “Are you okay?” “Yeah,” I replied sarcastically. “Things couldn’t be better.” He followed me to my room, and then he explained what happened earlier at school. His eyes sparkled with excitement. “Man, you should have been at school.” “What happened?” I asked nervously. “First,” he began, “they locked the school down right after lunch.” I nodded as I waited for him to continue. “I have history fifth period with Mrs. Henderson.” Again, I nodded. “Someone looked out the window and shouted that cops were outside. We all hurried to look out just as a bunch of police entered the building.” “What happened then?” “Kids started calling their parents on their cell phones,” he said excitedly. “They thought someone had gotten shot.” He walked over and sat down on the bed. When I sat beside him, he continued. “About fifteen minutes later they took that bastard Metzger out of the building in handcuffs and put him in a cruiser.” “Really?” “Yeah,” he grinned. “Cindi Roberts videoed it on her cell phone. Anyway, about ten minutes later, they brought Dewberry out in handcuffs and put him in a cruiser.” He started grinning. “You should have seen the look on everyone’s face. Even Mrs. Henderson was shocked.” “Then what happened?” “We had to stay in our fifth period until school was out,” he explained. “No one was allowed to leave the room. If you had to go to the bathroom, the teacher had to call for a security officer to escort you there and bring you back to your class.” “No shit?” He giggled when he saw the surprised look on my face. “Yeah,” he said. “Everyone was wondering what happened. It was kind of cool that I knew and no one else did.” “You didn’t say anything, did you?” “Of course not,” he assured me. “But I think some kids were starting to piece things together by the end of the day. You know, your picture and their arrests.” I asked worriedly, “Did a lot of our students see it?” His mood became somber. “Yeah,” he replied with a sad expression. “I think before all this happened, most kids had seen your dick on either their phone or someone else’s. It was the talk of the school most of the morning.” “Oh, God!” I moaned as I buried my head in my hands. Ross began gently rubbing my back. I looked up at him. “Maybe they won’t believe it’s me.” Ross looked quickly away. I could tell the news wasn’t going to be good. “A couple of girls called Brandon and said they didn’t believe him,” Ross explained. “Brandon sent them the picture of your face from the chat room. They sent it out to some other students.” “Shit,” I mumbled. I was screwed. There was no way I could deny it wasn’t me. We looked at each other when we heard a door slam downstairs. I glanced at the clock on my desk. “That’s Dad,” I said with a quivering voice. He was the last person I wanted to see. I held my breath when a few minutes later I heard him coming up the steps. He opened the door and peered in. His eyes narrowed in anger when he saw Ross sitting beside me. “You have to leave, Ross!” he barked angrily. “Woody isn’t allowed any visitors.” Ross stood and told me he would see me at school. Dad didn’t even move when he tried to go walk past him. He stood a few seconds and looked down angrily at me before finally going back downstairs. I knew from the angry look in his face that he couldn’t deal with me any longer. I was relieved that he didn’t order me to pack my bags. However, going somewhere else to stay might be better than living under his roof until I left for college in a few years. He never really liked me. Now he hated me. I lay across my bed and tried to get some sleep. I wasn’t particularly sleepy, but I had nothing else to do. Without my computer, it was going to be a boring life. It had always been, but now I would have to face just how miserable my life really was. Again, I would have to face the real me- that scrawny, suffering, little tree. For just a few minutes the past couple of weeks, I had started to come out of my empty shell. Now I was being drawn back into it. I guess nothing really changes. It’s not easy being me. I could hear my family downstairs as they began to come home. Glenn came running up the steps and went into his bedroom. A few minutes later, he poked his head in my door. “Hey!” he shouted. “Did you take my games?” “They’re not your games,” I shouted back. “I bought them.” He turned and I heard him holler as he went downstairs, “Dad!” Minutes later, Dad appeared at my door with Glenn peeking in behind him. “Give Glenn the games,” he ordered angrily. “But they’re mine!” I insisted. “I bought them with my allowance.” He didn’t say anything as he walked over and took them from where they were beside me on the bed. For a second, I considered snatching them back from him, but I was afraid of the consequences. He handed them to my little brother. Glenn turned and stuck his tongue out at me before leaving. Dad closed the door and didn’t even look back. “Woody!” My mother called up the stairs about an hour later, “Dinner is ready.” I didn’t want to go downstairs to eat, but I was sure Dad would come up and get me if I didn’t. Everyone, but Jon, was sitting at the table when I entered the kitchen. Mom had fixed fried chicken, mashed potatoes and corn. She already had a plate ready for me when I sat down. Even though my father would never speak to me again, it appeared Mom was going to ignore that anything had happened. She was trying to make everything seem normal. I knew if wouldn’t be long, though, until Glenn and Glenda began to hear rumors about me since many of my classmates had brothers and sisters their age. We ate in eerie silence. Glenda started to talk a couple of times, but my father quieted her. I mainly pushed my food around on my plate as I listened to Glenn chomping on his food across the table from me. When he and Glenda got up from the table, I left without saying a word and went back upstairs. I took a quick shower and got into bed around eight. There was nothing else for me to do except try and sleep. I was ten-years old the last time I went to bed so early. I was awakened a little after eleven when Jon came into the room. I squinted my eyes so he would think I was asleep as I watched him undress and go across the hall to the bathroom. When he returned, he sat on the edge of his bed and peered over at me. “I know you’re not asleep,” he muttered as he crawled into bed. Before turning out the light, he added, “By the way, you owe me a new phone.” I lay awake most of the night listening to him snoring loudly. I knew when the alarm went off and my eyes were wide open that it wasn’t going to be a good day. There’s a saying that goes, “Today is the first day of the rest of your life.” I guess it’s supposed to mean something good. However, what if it is the first day of the rest of a horrible life? That was my thought as I dressed for school. I was surprised when I entered the kitchen and Dad was reading the paper. He didn’t even look up at me. I looked over at Jon. His bruised eye was beginning to lighten, although it was still a dark yellow. Mom was placing bowls of cereal in front of Glenn and Glenda. When she noticed me, she prepared a bowl for me. Like dinner the night before, no one spoke. Glenn kept looking at everyone, wondering why no one was speaking. He started to talk about something that happened in gym the day before, but Mom told him to tell her later. He shrugged his shoulders and continued eating his cereal. When Glenn and Glenda finished eating, my mother told them to go to their room and stay until the bus arrived. When Jon rose and headed to the door, I got up to follow him. “Sit down, Woody,” my father said harshly. Jon turned, looked at me and then headed out the door. “Your father has to take you to school this morning,” my mother explained. “Mr. Calloway has scheduled an appointment for 8:45.” “Why?” I asked. I didn’t see why I had to meet with the principal. I had already been questioned by a detective. “Pastor Sparks has requested it. He’s afraid for your safety, Dear,” she replied as she sat down and took a sip of her coffee. “My safety?” “Yes,” she said. “He’s worried how other students might treat you now.” Dad grumbled something, but I didn’t understand what he said. I could tell by the worried look on my mother’s face that things might be worse than I expected. I knew students would talk about me. I had certainly given them enough to talk about. By now, the entire school had seen my dick on a phone. I was also sure that most students had probably figured out that I was responsible for Mr. Dewberry and Brandon’s arrest. When Dad got up from the table, he made sure that he left the front page of the paper facing me so that I could read it. LOCAL TEACHER ARRESTED ON SEX CHARGES Under it in smaller letters was printed: AT LEAST TWO STUDENTS INVOLVED I started to read the article, but Mom snatched it off the table. Mr. Dewberry’s picture and name appeared, but I didn’t see Brandon’s name or mine. At a little after eight, Dad walked out the door without even saying anything. Mom told me I should grab my book bag and go with him. She gave me a quick hug as I was leaving. The ride to school was eerily quiet. I could hear Dad breathing heavily as I’m sure he could hear me. Not once did he look over at me or say anything. When we arrived at school, I followed a few feet behind him to the office. Thankfully, first period had begun, so no students were in the halls. Lucas and his father were waiting in the lobby when we arrived. Pastor Sparks rose and shook Dad’s hand, but no words were exchanged. I sat beside Lucas as Dad sat several seats away. He stared ahead, watching the secretary as she typed something on the computer. I wanted to reach down and hold Lucas’s hand, but I knew that I couldn’t. We looked at each other and smiled nervously. Mr. Calloway came out of his office and motioned for us. As we took our seats, he walked around behind his desk, sat down and thumbed through some papers. After a minute he looked up and scowled, “You Boys have sure put the school in an awkward position,” he grumbled. Pastor Sparks spoke angrily, “I don’t believe we are here to talk about the school’s image. We’re here to discuss these boys’ safety.” The principal mumbled something under his breath as he rearranged the papers on his desk. Finally, he looked up angrily. “Fine,” he growled. “I’ll do what I can to provide for their safety.” “That’s it?” Pastor Sparks asked, throwing up his hands. “You’ll provide for their safety?” I glanced over at Dad, but he didn’t say anything. “What more do you want?” He looked angrily at me and Lucas. “These boys got themselves into this mess.” “What!” Pastor Sparks stood and shouted down at Mr. Calloway. “My son and Woody aren’t responsible for what one of your perverted staff members did to them.” Mr. Calloway stood and banged his fist on the desk. “Now wait just a minute!” I jumped when Pastor Sparks hit his fist on the desk. “No!” he screamed, “You wait a minute! You’re the principal of this school, and it is your responsibility to see that my son is provided safety.” He looked over at my father expecting him to come to my defense, but he didn’t. He sat watching the exchange unemotionally. Pastor Sparks sat back down. He leaned toward Mr. Calloway and said threateningly, “I sit on several committees and boards with Dr. Chavers, the superintendent of this school district.” “I know who Dr. Chavers is,” replied Mr. Calloway angrily. Pastor Sparks informed him, “Then you’ll be interested in knowing that I called him last night and told him that you might react this way.” He looked at his watch. “He should be here in a few minutes.” Pastor Sparks sat back and folded his arms. “I have nothing else to say until he arrives.” Mr. Calloway’s eyes narrowed in anger. He and Pastor Sparks stared challengingly at each other until Mr. Calloway looked away. I thought it was pretty cool that a mild-mannered preacher could hold his own against a gruff, ill-tempered principal. Several minutes later, a very distinguished looking gentleman entered the room. He was dressed in a three-piece suit. He was tall, and his gray hair was beginning grow bald. Mr. Calloway jumped from his seat and attempted to shake his hand, but Dr. Chavers ignored him as he began speaking to Pastor Sparks. “Hello, Pastor Sparks,” he smiled. He looked down at Lucas and me. He extended his hand toward us. “You must be Lucas and Woody.” I nodded as he gripped my hand tightly. He then walked over to my father. “You must be Mr. Fields.” After shaking my father’s hand, he then sat down. Mr. Calloway looked frustrated as he returned to his seat. Dr. Chavers spent the next half hour discussing the situation at school and how students might react to us. He instructed Mr. Calloway to have a staff meeting after school to discuss how they should handle situations that might arise. The principal grumbled but agreed. Dr. Chavers said he would be present to answer any questions they might have. He also apologized several times for what Mr. Dewberry had done to us. He said because of a pending trial, he could not allow us to discuss what had happened. He also warned us that we should not discuss it with any other staff members or students. He tried to get my father to talk, but Dad remained silent. Except for an occasional yes or no, he said very little. At no time in Mr. Calloway’s office did he look over at me. As we sat there, I knew that I no longer existed in his life. He was going to ignore me. It hurt, but I was used to it. It was not much different than how he had always treated me. As long as I didn’t have to leave home, then I guess I could survive a few more years. We didn’t leave Mr. Calloway’s office until the middle of third period. He had his secretary write us a pass to class. As my father stood to leave, Dr. Chavers asked him and Lucas’s father to remain behind. Reluctantly, my father sat back down as Woody and I left the office. We were walking to class when Lucas stopped and turned toward me. “Do you ever sometimes wish that you weren’t here?” “What?” I didn’t know what he was talking about. “You know,” he replied as tears welled up in his eyes. “That maybe things would have been better if you just weren’t born.” A single tear fell down his cheek. I looked around the hall before taking his hand and leading him to a restroom down the hall. Once inside, I wrapped my arms around him. He collapsed against me, and I was afraid his weight would send us both crashing to the ground. “I can’t do this,” he cried. “Sure you can,” I said soothingly. “I’ll be here with you.” I began to hum Seasons of Love into his ear. After a minute, he giggled and stepped back. He looked so cute with his eyes filled with tears. “I guess that is going to be our song?” He smiled as he leaned down and kissed me quickly. “I guess so,” I replied as I returned a quick kiss. He walked over, pulled off a paper towel and wiped his face dry. “You know I wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t for you, don’t you?” He turned and smiled at me. “I’d be home and Mom would be home schooling me again.” “I know,” I replied as I took his hand. “I’m glad you stayed.” He smiled, “Me, too.” After a quick kiss, he said, “Let’s go do this.” We left the restroom and I walked him to his class. After he entered, I headed to mine. The room was rather rowdy when I entered. The teacher had given an assignment, but it didn’t appear many students were doing it. A hush fell over the class as I walked over and handed her my hall pass. I hung my head as I walked back to my desk, knowing that everyone was watching me. A couple of girls started giggling, and I heard a couple of snickers from a few guys. When I sat down, everyone had turned to look at me. I tried to ignore them as I took out my book and began doing the assignment that was written on the board. They began talking again, and I heard my name mentioned frequently, along with Mr. Dewberry and Brandon’s. I assumed the entire morning had probably been spent spreading one rumor after another. It was an agonizing half hour until the bell rang. I waited until most students had left before I got up. As I exited the class, Jeff was waiting against the wall for me. “Hey,” he said timidly. I knew it must have been difficult for him to decide if he wanted to remain my friend after all the talk surrounding me. If it were me, I’m not sure I would have had the courage to remain his friend. “Hey,” I smiled nervously as we began walking down the hall toward the cafeteria. “Aren’t you afraid to be seen with me?” “Fuck ‘em,” he replied as he put his hand on my shoulder. It felt good to know that one of my only friends in school hadn’t abandoned me. As we walked through the cafeteria, everyone stared at me. If Jeff hadn’t tightened his grip on my shoulder, I would have left. When we headed to the food line, Lucas was standing off to the side waiting for me. He smiled nervously and said, “Hi.” He threw up his hand and gave me a quick wave. We went through the line, got our food and headed across the cafeteria to where Kate and Anna were sitting. The tables we passed got quiet until we had made our way past them. The students would then giggle or whisper something. Kate stood and hugged me when we approached. “Are you all right?” “I suppose,” I replied. She knew I wasn’t, but what else was there to say? Anna looked over and waved. I didn’t know if she was aware of what happened, or if she was clueless to the events of yesterday. With Anna, it is hard to tell. I sat down and Jeff and Lucas sat on each side of me, pressing their bodies close to mine. I knew they were trying to protect me, but I was beginning to feel smothered. Anna was the first to speak. She looked over at Lucas and asked him if he had completed the homework assignment in algebra. She couldn’t figure out the answer to one of the problems. Good old Anna. Lucas seemed relieved at the distraction, and he quickly began helping her with the problem. Kate, however, kept staring worriedly at me. “I’ll be okay,” I assured her. She smiled, but I knew it didn’t alleviate her concerns. After lunch was fifth period- Mr. Dewberry’s class. It would be the most difficult class to attend. When the bell rang, I hesitated before I got up. Jeff grabbed my arm and pulled me to my feet. “You okay?” “Yeah,” I said worriedly. “I got Mr. Dewberry’s class next.” I left the cafeteria with Lucas, Kate, Anna and Jeff surrounding me. When we stepped out into the hall, Ross was waiting against the wall. “I thought I’d walk you to class,” he grinned as he stepped beside me. Everyone, except Lucas, told me goodbye as they headed off to their classes. “You guys okay?” Ross asked as we walked toward my class. “Yes,” I replied. “Everyone’s been staring at me, but no one has said anything yet.” “You come get me if they do.” I nodded as I walked up to Mr. Dewberry’s door. I glanced over at Lucas. “Can you make sure he gets to class, too?” Ross smiled, “Sure thing.” He grabbed Lucas’s arm and they headed off toward his class. I took a deep breath, turned and opened the door. A young woman was sitting at Mr. Dewberry’s desk. She was hollering at students to take a seat, but my classmates were ignoring her. Instead, they were talking excitedly about the police coming into the room and removing Mr. Dewberry from class the previous day. Several students looked over and pointed at me as I sat down. “Class! Class!” The young woman shouted. “Please sit down!” No one paid any attention until the door opened and Mr. Calloway barged in, crossed his arms and scowled. There was a flurry of students rushing to their seats. He waited until everyone was seated before standing authoritatively in front of the class. “This is Ms. Williams,” he said harshly as he turned and pointed to the embarrassed teacher behind the desk. “She will be teaching this class the remainder of the school term.” He surveyed the class. I met his eyes, and then looked down at my desk. “You will show her the same respect you showed the former teacher.” I found it interesting that he didn’t even mention Mr. Dewberry’s name. “If she reports to me that any of you have misbehaved in this class,” he paused a second, “then you will be suspended for five days.” He paused again as he scanned the room. “Any questions?” “No, Sir,” several students replied. He then turned, nodded to Ms. Williams and then took a seat in the back of the room. He remained there the entire period as the young teacher nervously lectured about the effects of global warming on the environment. One student turned and looked at me, but he quickly faced the front when Mr. Calloway very loudly cleared his throat. He did the same thing sixth period. After I entered the class, most students started talking about me. The teacher was having a hard time getting students to quiet down. Ten minutes into the class, Mr. Calloway dramatically entered the room, stood by the door and glared at students as they scurried to their stations. He didn’t say anything, but he remained in the room for about a half hour, walking around as we completed our assignments. He didn’t say anything to me, or even acknowledge that I was in the room. However, every student knew why he had come in to observe the class. It was his way of demonstrating that he would not tolerate anyone harassing me. He left fifteen minutes before the end of class. A few students whispered to one another, but I think everyone was afraid he might return. A few minutes before class ended, he made an announcement that all teachers were to meet for an emergency meeting in the cafeteria immediately after school. It was a mandatory meeting, and no one would be excused. Many students looked over at me when he finished. When class ended, I hurried to my locker. Jeff and Kate were waiting for me. “How was your day?” Kate asked. “I survived,” I sighed. “I guess that is something.” I put my books in my locker. “Listen, Guys. I gotta go. Dad is probably waiting for me.” I turned and hurried away. When I exited the building, Dad was sitting in his truck. He didn’t even look at me as I approached. We rode home in silence.
  9. Ronyx

    Chapter 21

    Pastor Sparks led Lucas and me down a narrow hall to what appeared to be a conference room. The wall facing the hallway was made of glass with thin blinds. The blinds were opened, so anyone walking past could see us. Lucas’s father had us sit down at a long table, and he scooted a seat beside his son. There was a briefcase opposite us, so I assumed that was where Detective Davis would sit. We waited for about five minutes for her to arrive. She entered, smiled at us and then took a seat. “Welcome,” she said smilingly. She looked at Lucas. “You are Lucas Sparks?” She appeared to be about fifty. Her hair was cut short, and she made no attempt to cover the grey hair that was beginning to appear, unlike my mother. She seemed rather pleasant and friendly, not what I was expecting a detective to be like. I had been expecting someone like Mr. Calloway- big and mean. “Yes, Ma’am,” he replied politely. She then looked at me. “And you are Woodward Fields?” I glanced over at Lucas when he started giggling. “I’d like to be called Woody,” I requested as I cast Lucas a nasty glance. “Very well, Woody,” she replied. She then looked over at Pastor Sparks. “Reverend Sparks has been asked to be present to represent you.” She looked at me. “Do you object? Your mother waived her rights to be present and agreed to this arrangement.” “Okay,” I replied sadly. Even though I didn’t want to have my mother present, it still hurt to know that she didn’t want to be. Since Dad hadn’t even bothered to show up, I was certain they both now resented me. “For the record,” she stated firmly, “I need you to state clearly if you agree or disagree.” “I agree,” I replied. She opened her briefcase and took out a folder. After thumbing through it for a minute, she sat back and stared at Lucas and me before speaking. “I jotted down some of the information your father provided me last night on the phone.” She glanced over at Pastor Sparks before leaning forward. “I don’t have to tell you how serious these charges are. Lives are at stake here. I don’t want any innocent person to be subjected to false accusations.” I gulped, and in the silent room it echoed off the walls. Even though her demeanor was friendly, it was obvious that she took her responsibility very seriously. “I don’t want you to say anything or accuse anyone of something that you are not sure of beyond a doubt.” She stared intently at us. “Understood?” “Yes, Ma’am,” we said in unison. “Very well,” she replied. “Let’s begin.” She pulled out her phone and called someone. “You may come in now.” A minute later, the secretary at the front desk entered carrying what appeared to be a tape recorder and sat down beside Pastor Lucas. Detective Davis looked over at her and nodded. The secretary turned on the recorder. Detective Davis then looked at us and ordered, “Raise your right hands.” Lucas and I looked at each other and raised our hands. “Do you swear that the testimony you are about to give will be truthful and it is being given without any duress or force?” “Yes, Ma’am,” we again said in unison. “For the record, Ms. Ortega, a court secretary, is present and will record your testimony. We looked over at the young secretary. “Also for the record, Mr. Jeffrey Sparks, father of witness, Lucas Sparks, is present. Mrs. Fields, mother of Woody Fields, a complainant, has waived her right to be present.” And the interrogation began. She questioned Lucas first. For the third time I had to listen to him explain how Mr. Dewberry had been molesting him since he was twelve. Detective Davis was thorough, and much came out that he hadn’t told his father or mother earlier. It was particularly difficult to listen to him relate tearfully how he had first been forcibly penetrated when he was fourteen. He reluctantly gave the names of other boys that Mr. Dewberry had forced him to have sex with at summer camp. A few of the boys’ names I recognized from church, although none I considered friends. His testimony was emotional, and Detective Davis had to stop several times until he could continue. His testimony took about forty-five minutes. It was almost 10:30 when he finished. “I think we should take a break now,” Detective Davis declared. “There’s a coffee shop downstairs if you’d like to get something to drink or eat.” She looked at her watch. “Let’s meet back here at 11:00. I think we can wrap this up by noon.” She then left the room, followed by Ms. Ortega. When we rose, Pastor Sparks held Lucas tightly. “Are you all right, Son?” Lucas nodded and then looked sadly at me. “Let’s go downstairs. I think we all need a break.” On the way to the elevators, Lucas grabbed my hand and pulled me toward the restroom. Once inside, he locked the door, turned to me and opened his arms. “Hold me, please?” He looked like he was about to break. I rushed over, took him in my arms and held him tightly. It felt strange because he was much bigger than me. “I’ve never been so scared in my life,” he uttered mournfully. He then pulled back and looked tearfully at me. “Why did he do it, Woody?” Tears were falling down his cheeks. “Why did he have to do those horrible things to me.” I couldn’t give him an answer. To say that bad things happen to good people sounded shallow. Mr. Dewberry was a monster. What he did was much more horrific than being bad. He asked sadly, “Why didn’t I have the courage to stop him?” I pulled him into me and hugged him tightly. “I knew what he was doing was wrong, but I couldn’t tell him no.” I couldn’t understand it, either. Lucas wasn’t small like me. Perhaps when Mr. Dewberry started messing with him, he was too small and scared. But now, he was no longer a child. He was almost a man. I had been wondering why he didn’t tell Mr. Dewberry to stop. However, Lucas was ashamed of anyone finding out what had been happening. Over time, Mr. Dewberry had convinced him that telling anyone would lead to embarrassing consequences. I had almost been prepared to follow the same path. Ironically, Lucas, who could not save himself from Mr. Dewberry, was the person responsible for rescuing me. We jumped when someone pounded on the door. “Are you boys all right?” Pastor Sparks shouted out. I walked over, cracked the door slightly and assured him we were okay. He tried to peer in, but I closed the door and locked it. Lucas was at the sink drying his face with a paper towel. He looked in the mirror and smiled. I remembered back several weeks ago when we had been in the restroom in the church basement. I smiled at him when he stared at me and said, “I’m such a baby.” He blew his nose and then stepped over to the urinal. As he unzipped his pants, I walked over to the sink to wash my hands. I took a quick glance at his cock. Like I had done earlier in the morning, he took a slight step back so I could get a better look. I could tell he was nervous, because he was straining hard to piss. His cock appeared rather small as he pulled on it. “Must be a grower, not a shower,” I thought to myself. He looked over, then stepped back toward the urinal so I could no longer see him. “I’m pee shy,” he announced embarrassedly. “I can’t go if someone is watching me.” I laughed and told him I’d be outside. “Is Lucas all right?” His father asked when I entered the hall. “He’s really upset,” I informed him, “but he’ll be all right.” Pastor Sparks smiled warmly. “I’m glad he’s got a good friend like you to help him through this.” “Thank you, Sir,” I replied just as Lucas came out of the restroom. We then took the elevator to the first floor. After finding the small café, Lucas and I ordered hot chocolate and a doughnut. His father had coffee and a bagel. I was too nervous to eat. I nibbled on my doughnut, but I was too afraid I would get sick if I ate much. After watching how upset Lucas had been during his testimony, I was afraid I would never make it through mine. My hands were shaking so bad, I could hardly take a sip of my chocolate without it spilling on me. “Relax,” Pastor Sparks said after I had put my cup down after a second attempt to drink. “You’re going to do just fine. Perhaps it would help if you got up and walked a bit.” “Do I really have to do this? I asked. “Doesn’t she have enough on Mr. Dewberry without me saying anything.” After seeing the hurt look on Lucas’s face, I regretted making that statement. He had helped me from the sexual advances of Mr. Dewberry; now I was ready to abandon him after he had put so much on the line. I hung my head shamefully. “I’ll do it,” I muttered softly. I looked up when Lucas touched my hand. He smiled gently and said, “You don’t have to if you don’t want.” “No,” I assured him, “I’ll do it. If you can, then so can I.” His father sat back and smiled at us. Detective Davis looked at me as we sat around the large conference table. “Ready?” she asked. I took a deep breath and nodded. It wasn’t as bad as I expected. Detective Davis was a good interrogator. She didn’t seem surprised at anything I said. She asked me a lot of questions, however. She wanted to particularly hear about how Mr. Dewberry had shown his cock to me, and how he had reached out and stroked me. “Now, Woody,” she asked in a professional tone. “This is extremely important.” She leaned toward me and stared into my face. “Did Mr. Dewberry at any time forcibly make you do anything you didn’t want to do? Did you ever feel you were coerced into doing something against your will? You also said he blocked the door when you tried to leave. Did you feel that he might hurt you if you did attempt to do so?” I thought for a second and then related how he had forced me to my knees and pressed his cock against my lips just before Lucas started pounding on the door. I told her how scared I was and that I felt he might hurt me if I didn’t do as he asked. I also told her that I was afraid he might hurt me if I did try to leave the room. She nodded, sat back and wrote something on a form in front of her. She then questioned me extensively about Brandon’s involvement. She wanted to know exactly what he had said to me and the tone he used. I told her how he had sent pictures to my brother and the reaction he had when he received them. “He only sent pictures to your brother?” I glanced quickly at Lucas. “No, Ma’am.” I then explained how he had sent out the picture to other students. I told her about Ross, Kate and Jeff receiving the picture. She looked at Lucas. “Did you get it?” He looked quickly at me and nodded. “May I see?” she asked as she held out her hand. My face reddened as Lucas took out his phone, brought up the picture and handed it to her. Her expression didn’t change as she looked at the picture. She then looked at me. “Do you have it on your phone, as well?” “Yes, Ma’am,” I replied as I took out my phone and handed it to her. She handed the phones to Ms. Ortega. “I’m afraid we’ll be keeping these as evidence.” Lucas and I exchanged worried glances. My heart stopped beating when she looked at Ms. Ortega and said, “Prepare an affidavit for the seizure of Jon Fields’s phone.” “Do you have to?” I asked nervously. Jon would kill me if someone took his phone. I also wasn’t sure if he deleted the pictures I had taken of him that he sent to Debbie. She nodded her head. “From what you have told me, it contains some incriminating evidence.” She shuffled some papers together and looked at me and Lucas. “I think we are finished here, unless you have anything else to say.” We looked at one another and shook our heads. “What will happen now?” Pastor Sparks asked. Detective Davis looked over at Ms. Ortega and nodded. The secretary then rose from her seat and left the room, carrying our cell phones. Detective Davis sat back and sighed. “It’s going to be a very busy afternoon.” I looked up at the clock. It was 11:48. “Ms. Ortega is now going to fill out affidavits for arrest warrants for Mr. Dewberry and Brandon Metzger. We will also prepare search warrant affidavits for Mr. Dewberry’s cell phone and his school and home computers. Brandon’s cell phone and home computer will also be seized.” As an afterthought, she looked at me and added, “And your brother’s cell phone.” “You’re going to arrest Mr. Dewberry?” I asked excitedly. “Of course,” she replied sternly. “I will personally take the affidavits to a judge as soon as Ms. Ortega has them completed. After the judge has signed them, then I will make a call to police officers who will be waiting outside the school to immediately take Mr. Dewberry and Mr. Metzger into custody.” “What?” I exclaimed. “So soon?” “Yes, Woody,” she replied. “If we don’t act quickly, then important evidence can be compromised.” She looked at her watch and then rose from her chair. “They should be in handcuffs in about an hour.” I looked over at Lucas. His expression must have been as surprised as mine. “An hour?” I asked. “An hour,” she stated assuredly. “Time is extremely critical.” We stood and she shook our hands. “You boys are very brave,” she said smilingly. “Your testimony is very reliable. I don’t think we’ll have any problem getting a felony conviction against Mr. Dewberry.” “What about Brandon?” Since Brandon was sixteen, like me, I wasn’t sure what they would do to him. “He’s an accomplice in this matter,” she said. “I guess it will be up to the prosecutor how he wants to charge him.” She looked at her watch. “I must be going.” She turned to Pastor Sparks and asked, “Can you keep these boys in your charge for at least the next two hours.” He nodded his head. “And don’t let them make any phone calls.” She looked at us and added, “To anyone.” She then hurried from the room. Pastor Sparks took us to a nice restaurant downtown. The owner was a member of the church, so we received special treatment. We were seated at a table nearest the street window so we could look out. “I’m proud of you boys,” Pastor Sparks remarked as we were eating a spaghetti lunch. I had already eaten a large salad and three bread sticks. After all the emotional turmoil of the past week, I was finally able to eat without feeling I was going to get sick. “I don’t feel very proud,” replied Lucas. I looked at him and started laughing. He had a piece of spaghetti hanging on his chin. He sucked it into his mouth with a big slurp. “Well, you should,” his father responded with a smile after watching his antics. “You did the right thing by putting a dangerous man behind bars.” “What will happen now?” Lucas looked anxiously at his father. “If they arrest Mr. Dewberry, won’t it be all over the news tonight?” My heart sunk when he said that. I had only been thinking about the interrogation with Detective Davis. I hadn’t even had time to think about what the next few hours could bring. The clock on the wall read 1:20. We had left just a little after noon. She said they could have the warrants signed by a judge in an hour. If everything went according to plan, Mr. Dewberry and Brandon would now have been arrested…at school. Rumors would be flying, and by school’s end, everyone would know what happened. I wondered how long it would take people to piece everything together. Sensing what I was feeling, Pastor Sparks reached for my arm. “It’s going to be a rough couple of days.” “Thanks,” I remarked sarcastically as I glanced over at a worried Lucas. “I’ve helped many people through a crisis,” he assured me. “I’ll be with you all the way on this.” I nodded appreciatively, but I was still scared. How could I even begin to walk down the halls of school with everyone knowing that I had been the one responsible for getting Mr. Dewberry arrested. Brandon was one of the most popular boys in our school. People would hate me for telling on him. There were two women seated at a table beside us. I noticed them when we sat down, but I hadn’t paid much attention to them until one of their cell phones started to ring. Suddenly, I heard her exclaim loudly, “Oh, my God!” “What’s wrong?” her friend asked worriedly. The woman on the phone raised her finger to silence her. A minute later she closed her phone. “You won’t believe this!” she said excitedly. “That was my daughter on the phone. She’s in class at the high school. She says the place is on lockdown and police are everywhere!” I looked worriedly at Lucas when the other woman asked, “What’s happened?” “I don’t know,” she said as she threw her napkin on the table and stood up. “She says no one is allowed to leave their classroom. I better get over there.” “Oh, Dear!” exclaimed her friend. “I hope it isn’t one of those school shootings.” They went to the cashier, paid for their meal and hurried from the restaurant. When I looked back at Lucas, he was visibly upset. After lunch, we returned to the church. I guess, being a minister, Pastor Sparks felt it was necessary for us to pray about what had happened to us. We quietly entered the sanctuary and followed him. We sat beside him on the front pew. It was eerie to be in the church with no one around but the three of us. I could hear the gentle wind blowing against the stain glass windows. “You’re going to need a lot of strength,” Pastor Sparks said in a whisper, “to face the evils of an unjust world.” He turned to us and gently smiled. “I don’t want you boys, however, to think that everyone in the world is bad.” He reached out and held Lucas’s arm. “I’ve taught you that the world is filled with wonderful, marvelous people.” Lucas nodded his head. “Unfortunately, I never prepared you for people like the Nathan Dewberry’s of the world.” I watched as tears filled his eyes. “I was hoping you would never have to experience their evil.” He turned toward the front, bowed his head and began to pray. I didn’t know what to do. It seemed like such a personal moment for him. I sat quietly as he put his arm around Lucas, pulled him into his chest and held him tightly. A few minutes later, he said, “Amen,” and they both sat up. Lucas reached over and took my hand, squeezing it tightly. His father looked down at our entwined hands. “You boys need to be careful,” he warned. “It’s obvious you are becoming close. This has brought you together.” Lucas nodded at his father as he squeezed my hand again. “Most people today understand that love doesn’t have boundaries,” he said. “That has been my main message as a minister of the Lord’s word. Jesus, our Christ, told the world to love each other as I have loved you.” He sighed deeply. “However, some people pervert the word of God to their own standards.” He looked down at our entwined hands. “Some people won’t accept your love.” We both nodded our heads. “So be careful,” he warned again. “If you need me, I’ll always be here for you.” He stood and opened his arms. Lucas and I stood as he pulled us into an embrace. After a minute, he pulled away. “When this thing is over,” he said as he looked into our eyes, “I want to sit down with you and discuss what is beginning to develop in your relationship.” He stopped and gave us a puzzled look. “I’m assuming that a relationship is forming between you?” Lucas looked down into my eyes. He squeezed my hand as I smiled and nodded. "Good then,” his father replied when he saw us staring at each other. “I will talk to you as I would if a young man and woman came to me wanting advice.” Lucas released my hand and hugged his father tightly. “I love you, Dad,” he muttered softly. His father looked at me and motioned for me to join them. For the second time, we hugged each other tightly. We broke our embrace when his cell phone started ringing. He looked at who was calling and walked toward a side door. After he left, we sat down and held hands again. “You okay?” I asked as I looked over at Lucas. He looked beautiful as a stain-glass window as a sun ray cast a glow behind him. “Are you?” he asked. I nodded my head. “I think so,” I replied as I took his hand in mine. “Did you really mean it when you said you wanted a relationship with me?” His face reddened. “Yeah,” he replied as he smiled gently. “I do.” “Me, too,” I giggled slightly as I squeezed his hand. I was starting to lean in to kiss him when his father entered the sanctuary. He looked down at us worriedly. “Is everything all right?” Lucas asked as his father sat down on the pew. “I was just on the phone with Detective Davis,” he informed us. “Mr. Dewberry and Brandon Metzger were arrested just a little while ago. She says that detectives are questioning them now. She couldn’t tell me much, but it appears that Brandon has confessed to everything.” “Good,” I responded. At least no one would dispute what I had told them. One of my biggest concerns was that everyone would think I had made the whole story up and they would try to protect Mr. Dewberry. He turned toward me. “She says it is probably safe for you to go home now.” “Do I have to?” I asked nervously. I wasn’t looking forward to facing my parents and Jon. Mom’s reaction at the police station indicated that I was probably not going to be welcomed. In fact, I was scared they might not want me to stay after everything I had done. Pastor Sparks smiled and put his arm around my shoulder. “I’m afraid so,” he said. “If things become too difficult for you, you can always call me and I’ll come get you.” Lucas grabbed my hand and squeezed it. “Great,” I thought. His remarks didn’t assure me that my parents would accept me. If he thought they would, he would have said so. Instead, he told me to call him if it became difficult. I was more disheartened than ever. On the way home, my heart was pounding. I was sitting in the back of the SUV, and Lucas kept turning around and looking at me worriedly. When we pulled into my driveway, I was afraid to exit the car. At least I didn’t see Dad or Mom’s car in the driveway. Sensing my fear, Pastor Lucas got out and came around to the passenger’s side door and opened it. “You’re going to have to go through a lot of things the next few days that you won’t want to,” he said as he took my arm and gently pulled me from the car. “This will perhaps be the worst.” “Thanks,” I remarked sarcastically as I stepped out. “Just remember,” he replied as he gave me a hug. “It is times of adversity that makes us stronger.” I waved to Lucas as I headed to my house. “I’m a little sapling,” I said softly to myself as I walked onto the porch. “I’ll never be strong.”
  10. Ronyx

    Chapter 7

    Thank you for sharing a wonderful story, GanymedeRex -Ron
  11. Ronyx

    Chapter 20

    Lucas kissed me! As I followed him down the narrow hall to the kitchen, I put my hand to my lips. The lips that Lucas had just put his lips on. It was so quick, I’m not even sure he meant to do it. Nevertheless, Lucas did kiss me. It must have meant something. It wasn’t just a kiss- was it? It couldn’t have been one of those your grandmother gives you at Christmas. He must have felt something- right? After all, isn’t that what a kiss is? I mean, if you think about it, it is just someone putting a part of their body against yours. He could just have easily pressed his finger to mine to show me he liked me- right? But Lucas Sparks kissed me. And now as I trail behind him, looking at his blonde mane that touches the collar of his shirt, I can’t help but feel that something happened. Something special. It wasn’t sexual, either. If it had been Connor, I would probably have stripped him naked and taken his big cock all the way down to his pubic hairs. But with Lucas it was different. Even now as I let my eyes wander down his body, I don’t feel that usual tingle just before my dick starts to harden. “Wait!” I had to know. I pulled him into the small bathroom on the right and closed the door. He gave me a curious look as I leaned in and kissed him. He tentatively put his arms around me and held me gently as we kissed more passionately. Then the tingle. I pulled away and looked into his sparkling blue eyes. “Wow!” I said astonishingly. “Yeah,” he smiled. “Wow!” We leaned our heads to the side and kissed again. Stronger. More passionately. “Boys!” His mother hollered out from the kitchen. “Where are you?” Lucas kissed me again before opening the door and stepping out. He extended his hand to mine and we held hands as we entered the kitchen. His mother looked down, smiled, but said nothing. “I opened a can of spaghetti.” She placed a bowl before us. She looked warmly at me and smiled. “I’m sorry it’s not homemade, but it is rather late.” I looked at the clock. It was after seven. “Mom makes the best spaghetti,” remarked Lucas as he shoveled a forkful into his mouth. “You’ll have to invite him to dinner sometime,” suggested his mother as she walked to the sink and dried some dishes. After we ate, Lucas looked nervously at me. He then turned to his mother and said in a serious tone, “Mom, can we talk?” She put down her towel and sat at the table. “Perhaps, I should go,” I remarked as I started to get up. I knew what he was going to tell her. It wasn’t like it was when he told his father. He had to tell him what was going on. Telling his mother, though, would be more personal- and heart-wrenching. He reached down and took my hand. “Please, stay,” he said pleadingly. “I feel stronger when you’re with me.” I nodded and looked over at the worried look on his mother’s face. He then related his story to her. Unlike his father who had remained quiet, she cried most of the time. She moved her chair next to him and held him as he tearfully told her how he had to silently endure Mr. Dewberry’s sexual advances. Not once did he release the tight grip he had on my hand. When he finished, the three of us were emotionally drained. Lucas and his mother had cried often, and I had fought back tears several times. It was especially difficult to listen to him relate again how Mr. Dewberry had taken his virginity when he was fourteen. It had happened one night during summer camp when Mr. Dewberry had Lucas spend the night with him as he so often did. Lucas broke down when he told how he had left his cottage afterwards in search of rope. If he had found some that night, he said he would have hung himself from a tree. “That horrible man!” exclaimed his mother. “I hope your father goes to the police. They should lock him in jail and throw away the key.” She got up and fixed us a cup of hot chocolate. It had been years since I had drunk some. It tasted even better when she dropped some small marshmallows in it. After sitting down across from us, she looked at me and asked, “Has he done the same to you?” “No, Ma’am,” I answered. “But he wants to.” “I see,” she replied as she studied me. She kept looking back and forth between her son and me. Just then, Pastor Sparks entered. He looked tired. His tie had been loosened and his hair was unkempt. He shook his head and sat down at the table with us. He looked over at Lucas. “Did you talk with your mother?” Lucas nodded his head. My voice began to quiver when I asked, “Did you talk to Dad and Mom?” He looked worriedly at Lucas, then over at me. “Yes,” he replied. I waited for him to say more, but he got up from the table, went over to a cabinet and pulled out a bottle of gin. He turned to me as he poured some into a small glass and said, “I know you think I’m an alcoholic, but I’m not.” He attempted a grin as he sat down. “Today’s been particularly stressful.” He peered over at Lucas. I had been waiting anxiously for him to tell me how my parents had reacted to the news. “So?” I finally asked. “What happened?” He started to stand. “Perhaps we should discuss this alone in the living room.” “No,” I insisted. He looked down when Lucas reached over and took my hand. “You can tell me here.” “You sure?” I nodded my head. “Very well then.” I held my breath as he took another swig from the glass. Finally, he sat back. “I don’t have to tell you that they didn’t take all this very well.” Tears welled up in my eyes. “They don’t want me to come home?” Lucas gripped my hand tightly. “No,” smiled Pastor Sparks. “I didn’t say that.” He cleared his throat and took another drink. “It’s just that something like this was quite a shock to them. It was hard enough to tell them that one of their sons is gay.” He took another sip. “But to try and explain to them what you’d been doing on the internet and the trouble it was causing was even more difficult for them.” Lucas’s mother glanced quickly at me but said nothing. I looked worriedly at Lucas. I was afraid once she found out, she might not let me see her son anymore. “So, what’s going to happen?” “They wanted you to come home tonight,” he explained, “but I convinced them to let you spend the night here.” I nodded my head. In a way I was glad I didn’t have to face my parents right away. Pastor Sparks still hadn’t really told me what they had actually said. He leaned forward. “As I told you at the church, tomorrow is going to be very difficult. You will have to give a sworn statement to Detective Davis at nine in the morning. You’re going to have to tell her everything.” He then asked, “You haven’t called anyone, have you?” “No, Dad,” replied Lucas. “We’ve been talking to Mom since we got home.” “Good,” responded his father. He looked up at the clock on the wall. “I think you boys should get ready for bed. Lucas, go out into the garage and get that air mattress we bought last year when your cousin visited. Woody can sleep on it in your room.” Lucas nodded, got up and opened the door to the garage. When he left, Pastor Sparks leaned toward me and said softly, “Woody, I want you to help Lucas get through this.” I nodded my head. “He’s led a rather sheltered life. His mother has home schooled him since he was little. “I know, Sir,” I replied. “He told us.” His mother reached over and grabbed my arm. “He’s not very strong. He’s going to need your help.” I started to laugh but stopped. “I’m not the strongest person in the world.” “Yes you are, Dear,” she smiled warmly. Just then, Lucas entered carrying a deflated mattress. “Ready?” I nodded my head, and after saying goodnight to his parents, I followed him down the hall to his bedroom. Both of us kept glancing at each other as we prepared my bed. I wasn’t sure what he was thinking, but I was still remembering our earlier kiss. A few times, we would bump into each other as we moved around the small room. Once when he bent over to put the sheet on the mattress, I ‘accidentally’ pressed my dick against him. When he stood, his face reddened as he smiled at me. “We only have one bath,” he announced after we had finished. He was sitting on his bed, and I had thrown myself across the air mattress. “You can take your shower first, if you’d like.” He stood and opened a dresser. He held up a tee shirt and looked over at me. “This should fit you. You’re awfully small.” His smile disappeared when I sadly replied, “Thanks a lot.” “No,” he said quickly. “I didn’t mean it like that. I think your body is cute.” His cheeks reddened when he realized what he had said. He turned and rummaged through his dresser again, this time pulling out a pair of athletic shorts. He held them up and then handed them to me. “My body, cute?” I looked down at my skinny features. “You must need glasses,” I giggled. He rolled his eyes and said, “Go take your shower.” I followed him out of the room and down the hall. When we entered the bathroom, he got a clean towel and washrag from under the bathroom sink. When I pulled my shirt over my body, he stood and stared at my tiny, pink nipples. I laughed and covered my scrawny chest with my shirt. “Do you mind?” He raised his head and stared into my eyes. “I’m sorry,” he apologized embarrassedly. “It’s okay,” I replied as I removed my shirt, once again exposing my bare chest. A few weeks earlier I would never have considered showing my thin body to another boy. However, since I had now had sex with Jeff and Connor, I felt a little more comfortable doing so. Neither of them seemed to have had a problem looking at me naked. I grinned mischievously. “You wanna watch me take my pants off too?” I laughed uproariously as he stammered out a nervous “No!” He then left the bathroom, closing the door behind him. When I finished, he was sitting on his bed in a blue bathrobe pulled tightly around him. “Aw, shucks,” I joked. “Did I miss the show?” His face reddened as he stood, pulled the robe tighter around him and said, “It will cost you.” As he left the room, I laughed and shouted, “How much?” He returned about ten minutes later. I was hoping he would remove his robe and let me see his body, but he appeared really shy. He slipped his underwear and pajama bottoms on, and then he removed his robe and quickly slipped a tee shirt over his head. All I saw was his smooth back. He climbed into his bed, rolling over to face me. “Are you scared about tomorrow?” “Yeah,” I replied as I lay down on the air mattress and pulled the cover over my body. “Scared shitless.” He giggled, “I’m scared shitless, too.” We lay down on our beds and faced each other. We talked about what would happen in the next few days. Both of us agreed, however, that it wouldn’t be good. “I’m afraid of what could happen at school,” I said worriedly. “What if someone decides they don’t like gays and wants to beat me up?” “That wouldn’t happen, would it?” He had a scared look on his face. “They will when I get the most popular teacher at school arrested.” Lucas asked as he rose up on his elbow, “How will they know it was you?” “It was my picture that Brandon sent out,” I explained. “People will know I had something to do with it.” “What about me?” “No one will know,” I said. “I won’t tell anyone about you.” Lucas shook his head. “That doesn’t seem fair,” he replied. I smiled as tears filled his eyes. “I don’t want to see you get hurt,” I said. He rolled over on his other side, turning away from me. I heard him sniffling softly. I got up, turned out the light and crawled back into my makeshift bed. I tossed and turned for about a half hour. I could tell that Lucas was also having trouble falling asleep. Suddenly, I heard his covers rustle above me. Seconds later, he lifted my covers, lay down beside me and wrapped his arm around me. “Is this okay with you?” he whispered softly. “Yeah,” I replied as I grabbed his arm and held it tightly. “I sometimes can fall asleep faster if I sing.” He then very quietly began singing, “Five thousand, six hundred, twenty-five minutes, how do you measure, measure a year?” I wrapped his arm tighter around me. “In daylight, in sunsets, in midnights, in cups of coffee? In inches, in miles, in laughter, in strife?” I fell asleep when he started humming the chorus. When I awoke the next morning, Lucas was no longer beside me. I rolled over to see him smiling down at me from atop his bed. “Sleep well?” “Yeah,” I replied as I stretched out. “I was a little boy the last time someone sang me to sleep.” I looked up as his face reddened. “Thanks.” He pulled back his covers and stood. I immediately noticed the small bulge in his pajama bottoms. I was going to make a joke about popping ‘morning wood,’ but I knew him well enough to know it would embarrass him. He pressed it with his hand against his body as he let the room. I was pulling on my pants when he came back in. He watched intently as I arranged my semi-hard cock into my pants. I had begun to harden when I had noticed his erection poking through his pajamas. He started to blush when he looked up into my face. He knew I had caught him staring at me. “We’d better go get breakfast,” he stammered as he put on his robe. He reached inside and rearranged his hardening cock before we left the room. His mother and father were already sitting at the table when we entered. Pastor Sparks was reading the sports section of the paper while Mrs. Sparks read the front page. She smiled as we sat down. “Sleep well?” We both nodded our heads. She then got up and prepared us a bowl of cereal. Pastor sparks placed the paper on the table and looked at the clock on the wall. It was almost seven-thirty. “You have to be at the police station at nine.” My heart beat rapidly when he said police station. After a good night’s sleep, I had almost forgotten that we were to be interviewed by Detective Davis soon. “You sure we have to do this, Dad?” Lucas asked worriedly. I looked anxiously at Pastor Sparks. “Can’t you just talk to Mr. Dewberry and tell him to stop what he’s doing?” His father smiled sympathetically. “It’s just not that easy, Son. If we let him get by with what he’s done to you,” he glanced quickly at me, “and Woody, then he’ll think it will be all right to prey on other boys.” We ate quietly until Lucas finally broke the silence. “Mom?” “Yes, Dear?” She put down the paper and waited for him to continue. “Can you home school me and Woody?” He looked over at me for my approval. “I don’t think I want to go back.” I looked over at his father when he issued a very stern, “No.” “Why?” Lucas was looking pleadingly at his father. “Everyone is going to hate us when they find out what we’ve done.” Pastor Lucas reached out and gently squeezed Lucas’s arm. “We’ve protected you far too long from the world.” He glanced over at his wife. “I guess we didn’t do such a good job.” He looked back at Lucas. “You’re sixteen, almost a man now. You can’t continue to hide behind me and your mother when something goes wrong.” “I’m not hiding behind you,” cried Lucas. “I’m scared.” His father tightened his grip on his son’s arm. “Of course you are.” He looked over at me. “We all are.” I looked at Lucas and nodded my head. His father sat back and took a sip of coffee. “Okay,” he said. “I’ll make a deal with you.” Lucas nodded his head. “Let’s give school a try.” “You said we’d make a deal,” replied Lucas excitedly. “That’s not a deal.” His father continued undaunted. “You’ll go back to school for one month.” He then looked at me. “Woody will be there to help you.” I nodded my head. “If we decide after that time it’s too difficult, or dangerous, then your mother will home school you again.” He turned back to me. “Woody, that offer stands for you, too.” I nodded my head. Pastor Sparks stared at Lucas for his approval. “Agreed?” Lucas looked worriedly at me before replying. “Okay,” he finally said. “But only one month. No more.” His father looked at the clock on the wall. It was now almost eight. “I think we better get downtown.” My stomach started doing somersaults as we followed his father out the door. I had never been inside a police station before. Actually, it was a municipal building, according to the sign in front of the building. The police station, courthouse and several other government offices were combined into one building. I was surprised we had to go through a metal detector when we entered. Lucas and I nervously trailed behind his father as he walked over and read the location of offices near the elevator. He then pressed the button for the third floor. “Relax,” he laughed as he looked at our frightened faces. “She’s a detective, not an ogre.” “She might as well be,” replied Lucas with a slight squeak in his voice. “I’m so scared I could pee my pants.” I quickly glanced down at his crotch before laughing. Even though he probably meant it, his comment did alleviate some of the nervousness I was feeling. We entered the elevator, and when we came to the third floor, Lucas stepped out and scanned the long hallway. He smiled when he saw a men’s restroom about ten feet away. “I’ll be back, Dad,” he announced as he grabbed my wrist and pulled me away. Once inside the restroom, he locked the door and collapsed against it. “I can’t do this, Woody.” His chest was heaving, and he had a frightened look on his face. “It was one thing telling Dad and Mom what happened.” His eyes welled up with tears. “I can’t tell a complete stranger what Mr. Dewberry did to me.” I walked over and embraced him. His body went limp against mine. “I’m not strong like you are.” I gently pushed him away. “Why does everyone think I’m so strong? I’m more scared than you right now.” “But you can do this,” he cried. “I can’t.” I held him again as he leaned down and wept softly into my shoulder. I gently rubbed his back until he finally regained his composure. He looked down at me with tears still on his cheek. He smiled when I reached out and wiped them away. “We can do this, okay?” He nodded apprehensively. I leaned in and gave him a quick kiss. “Okay?” I asked more assertively. When he didn’t respond, I kissed him again. He smiled and nodded his head. I started to open the door, but he stopped me. “Wait!” he said urgently. “I really gotta pee.” I laughed when he walked over to the urinal, unzipped his pants and started to urinate. I wanted to walk around and watch, but I knew he was too timid. When he finished, he stepped over to the sink and began washing his hands. “I gotta take a piss, too,” I announced as I stepped to the urinal. I could see Lucas out of the corner of my eye furtively trying to watch as I pulled out my cock. I took a step back and started to piss. I giggled to myself when I heard him let out a muted, “Wow!” I was afraid to look over because I knew it would embarrass him. Besides, I was enjoying letting him see my dick. After washing my hands, I approached the door, turned and asked, “Ready?” He nodded his head. His father was still waiting for us by the elevator. We trailed behind his father as we walked the long hall until we came to a door that had the words, Criminal Division- Investigation Unit. We entered, and Lucas’s father informed the secretary that we had an appointment with Detective Davis. We were told to have a seat and she would be out soon to get us. Lucas appeared on the verge of a nervous breakdown. He kept fidgeting in his seat and wringing his hands. I wanted to reach out and hold his hand, but I was afraid his father might object. He didn’t seem to mind when we were in his home, but he might not like it if we did it in a public place. I turned my head towards the door when someone entered. It was my mother! She was dressed in the smock that she usually wears to school. She stopped and looked down at me. I lowered my head, wishing that I could disappear. "Woody?” I looked up. Her eyes were filled with tears as she attempted to smile. “What are you doing here?” I think my tone startled her. I hadn’t expected her or my father to be present. Pastor Sparks hadn’t mentioned that they would meet us downtown. He gently reached over and grabbed my wrist. “She has to be here,” he informed me. “You’re a minor and a parent must authorize that you can be interrogated.” “Does she have to be present?” I asked worriedly. If she did, then I wasn’t going to go through with it. The last thing I wanted to do was tell a stranger what I had done with my mother listening. “No,” he responded. “She only has to sign a form.” I was too embarrassed to look over when she sat down beside me. We sat for several more minutes in awkward silence before a small African American woman wearing a dark blue dress came out a door and stood before us. “Reverend Sparks,” she smiled as he stood and shook her hand. “And you must be Mrs. Fields. I’m Detective Jeanette Davis,” she said as she extended her hand to my mother. “Would you two follow me, please?” Lucas and I were left sitting alone in the waiting area. He continued to move around nervously in his seat. I looked at the secretary to see if she was watching us before I reached down and took his hand. He looked over and smiled worriedly. “I’m scared,” he said as he squeezed my hand tightly. “You think we could just leave before they come back?” “They’d probably send out a search party to find us,” I giggled. “I don’t know about you, but I’m scared of police dogs.” “Yeah,” he attempted to smile as he once again gave my hand a tight squeeze. We released our hands when the door opened, but not quickly enough for my mother not to have noticed. If it bothered her, she didn’t say anything. She walked over and gave me a hug as I kept my arms to my sides. “I’ll be going now,” she announced as she squeezed me gently. She stepped back and looked over at Lucas’s father. “Pastor Sparks will bring you home when this awful ordeal is over.” He walked over and opened the door for her. She left without looking back.
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    Chapter 19

    You're so right, dq. How forgetful of me.
  13. Ronyx

    Chapter 19

    My hand trembled as I took the phone. By the look on Ross’s face, I was pretty sure what was on it. I was right. It was the picture Brandon had shown me in class. Lucas grabbed the phone from my hand. “Is this you?” He looked over at me with an astonished look on his face. Ross reached down and took the phone from him. “I wish that son of a bitch had been in school today,” he sneered. “How did you know it was me?” I asked nervously. Ross hit a button on his phone and handed it back to me. I read the message sent with the photo. Woody Fields sends u a pic I looked to see who sent it. It was the same as appeared on Jon’s phone: unknown. “Damn!” I shouted as I got up off the bed and paced around the room. I stopped in front of Ross. “Do you know who else got this?” “I don’t know if Connor did. He’s still at football practice.” My phone started ringing. I reached into my pocket. I had a text message. I handed it to Ross. “You read it.” “Fucker!” He spat angrily and then handed me the phone. The text message read: Tell ur bro not to fuk with me. Lucas took the phone from me and read it. He was getting ready to hand it back when it started ringing. I took it and looked to see who was calling. It was Kate. “What is going on Woody?” I held the phone from my ear because she was shouting so loudly. “Is this really your dick?” I sat down on the side of my bed before I fell to the ground. If Kate had received the message, then it had probably been sent to everyone’s number to which Brandon had access. “Can we talk later?” I asked. “What is happening, Woody?” Her voice was filled with panic. “Who sent me this?” “I’m not sure,” I replied. “Listen, Ross and Lucas are here. I’ll talk to you later.” I then hung up on her. I had no sooner set the phone in my lap and it rang again. This time it was Jeff. “I know,” I said as I answered it. “Did Brandon do this?” “Probably,” I replied. “I’m going to fuck that bastard up,” he said angrily. “He’s got no right to be doing this.” “Can I call you back later?” I pleaded. “I just found out about this. Ross and Lucas are here.” “You’ve got to go to the police,” he insisted. “Let me think. Okay?” “Okay,” he responded. “But call me if you need my help.” “K.” I ended the call and looked up at Ross. “It looks like Brandon has sent this picture out to everyone.” Just then Lucas’s phone rang. He looked at the text and then closed the phone. He looked over and nodded. Ross sat down beside me. “You got to get an adult involved, Woody. This is getting out of hand.” He looked at me and frowned. “Can you go to your dad?” I jumped to my feet and yelled, “No!” I paced around the room. “He’ll kill me.” “What about your mom?” I looked at him and rolled my eyes. “Yeah, right,” I huffed. “She’ll just tell Dad.” “You can tell my dad,” Lucas suggested timidly. I walked over and looked down at him. “What?” “Tell my Dad.” “I can’t do that,” I replied. “I’d be outing you if I did.” “He already knows I’m gay?” “What?” I looked over at Ross’s astonished face. Lucas looked at him and then back at me. “I told him last year I am gay.” “What about Mr. Dewberry?” He dropped his head. “I couldn’t tell him about that.” “About what?” Ross asked excitedly. “Is that fucker messing with you too?” I looked at Ross pleadingly. “I’ll tell you later. Okay?” He nodded his head. I sat down beside Lucas and stared into his face. “We can’t just go up to your father and tell him what’s been going on?” “We have to,” he insisted as he looked worriedly at me. “Do you have a better plan?” Ross spoke next. “You’ve got to do this, Woody. That fucking Brandon is crazy. It’s hard to tell what he’s going to do next. And besides, you’ve got to stop Dewberry.” Lucas took out his phone. A few seconds later, I heard him say, “Dad?” I held my breath while he talked to him. He didn’t go into any details, but he asked his father if he had time to help him with a problem. When he finished, he stood, reached down, grabbed my hand and said, “Let’s go.” We said goodbye to Ross. I had to promise him that I would call him later before he’d leave the room. When he was gone, I turned to Lucas. “Now we have to come up with an excuse for me to go home with you.” He reached down and held my hand, pulling me from the room. “I’ve got an idea.” He continued to hold my hand as we descended the stairs. He released it when we reached the bottom. My mother was in the kitchen preparing dinner. “Would you like to stay for supper?” she asked Lucas. “No, Ma’am,” he replied politely. “But would it be all right if Woody went home with me?” She looked at me and then responded, “He’s on punishment, Dear. He’s not allowed to go anywhere.” “But this is church,” Lucas replied innocently. “Dad called and said he needed help cleaning the sanctuary for Sunday’s service.” He glanced quickly at me. “I kind of volunteered Woody to help. I didn’t think you would mind him helping my father at church.” “I don’t know,” my mother said hesitantly. Lucas reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone. “I’ll call Dad and tell him he can’t help us tonight.” “No,” my mother replied quickly, “I think we can let him out of the house to go to the church and help.” I let out a sigh as Lucas looked at me and smiled. If only I could lie as well as he could. My mother said, “Go ask your father if he’ll drive you to the church.” “It’s okay, Mrs. Fields,” Lucas responded quickly. “Dad will come get us.” He then turned and walked out the back door with me trailing behind him. When we got to the driveway, he called his father. “He’ll be here in ten minutes.” He had a worried look on his face. My heart started pounding when I thought about what might happen in the next few hours. One thing was certain- my life would never be the same “Now, what’s so urgent?” Pastor Sparks asked as Lucas and I sat across from his desk in his office at church. The room was large with an immense oak desk in the middle. On three walls were enormous bookshelves filled with various size books and Bibles. His desk was cluttered with papers and writing pads. An ornate Bible was open. It appeared he may have been working on Sunday’s sermon when Lucas called him. Lucas looked at me. My hands were trembling, and I had to fold them tightly to keep them still. His eyes were filled with uncertainty. He was about to expose our deepest secrets to his father. Since I had seen his father numerous times on the pulpit and spoken to him many times, I knew we could trust him. I just wasn’t sure how he would deal with the problem we were about to hand over to him. Hesitantly, I nodded my head. “Dad, something has happened, and we don’t know what to do about it.” Lucas’s voice was quivering. I wasn’t sure he would be able to finish. His father sat back and smiled. “All young men have problems,” he laughed gently. “It’s just a part of growing up.” I watched as tears welled up in Lucas’s eyes. “Not like this.” A concerned look appeared on his father’s face as he leaned forward in his chair. “What’s happened?” I held my head down as Lucas related to his father what had happened to him in summer camp four years ago. It was worse than I had imagined. Mr. Dewberry had been forcing Lucas to have sex on Sunday mornings in the basement restroom stall before service. I watched his father’s face as Lucas spoke. He didn’t interrupt him, but it was obvious he was becoming angrier as Lucas related his story. When Lucas finally broke down and started crying, his father came around from behind the desk and wrapped him in his arms. “God, Son,” he began to cry. “I had no idea. Why didn’t you tell me sooner?” “I was scared,” Lucas sobbed. “I didn’t want you to see those awful pictures.” Pastor Sparks looked over and saw me sitting alone with my head down. “Come here, Son.” He held out his arm and I walked over and let him embrace me. “I’m sure you have just as bad as story to tell.” I nodded my head as he held us tightly. After a few minutes, he stood and walked over to a built-in cabinet along the wall. “I need a drink,” he remarked as he pulled out a small glass, opened a bottle of whiskey and filled the glass. “I’d offer you two one. I’m sure you need it; but unfortunately, you’re too young.” He attempted a slight smile as he took a sip of his drink. He returned and sat beside Lucas. I scooted my chair nearer to Lucas so that our bodies were lightly touching. “I’m a Christian man,” Pastor Sparks stated angrily, “but at the moment I’m tempted to go to Nathan’s house and commit some ungodly acts.” He took another drink. He then turned to me and asked, “You want to tell me your story?” I nodded. “But first,” he replied as he got up and walked over to the cabinet and poured himself another drink. “Let me get myself prepared.” He then looked down at Lucas. “Would you go downstairs to the church kitchen and get you and Woody something to drink? I believe there may be some Cokes in the refrigerator.” Lucas got up and left the room. Pastor Sparks sat down and sighed. “I wish he had told me sooner. A father can’t help his son if he won’t tell him when something is wrong.” Tears welled up in my eyes from the love and understanding he had for Lucas. I knew that my own father would probably disown me when he found out what had happened. Lucas returned, sat down and pushed his chair next to mine. His father asked, “Want to tell me now what has happened.” Lucas looked at me and I nodded my head. When I began to relate my story to his father, Lucas reached down and held my hand. His father noticed, but he didn’t say anything. As I spoke, I realized how perverse my story was. It sounded like something that I may have read on an x-rated story site- A teenage boy looking for sexual excitement going into a gay sex chat room. He buys a webcam so he can let others watch him masturbate. It becomes a fun game until he is one day recognized. That person is a teacher, who is now trying to forcefully get him to engage in sex with the aid of another student. It seemed like an outrageous story. However, it wasn’t. It had happened. It had happened to me. I couldn’t at first read Pastor Spark’s reaction when I finished. He sat and stared at me. Finally, he looked at Lucas and asked, “Do you have the picture on your phone?” Lucas nodded and took his cell phone from his pocket and handed it to his father. I hung my head as he looked at my naked picture. He handed the phone back to Lucas and then leaned back in his chair. He folded his hands and began to speak, not as a father, but as a concerned adult. “I’m glad you came to me with this. It is quite serious. Mr. Dewberry and this young boy, Brandon, must be stopped.” I became nervous when he turned toward me. “I don’t need to tell you what you have done is wrong.” I hung my head in shame. “However, you’re a young man, and as a young man, you make mistakes. Mr. Dewberry, though, is an adult. He will someday have to stand before God and answer for his actions.” He then spoke to Lucas. “You have no blame in what you did. You were a child when this began. Your actions were out of fear- fear of a monster. I only wish you had come to me sooner with this.” I looked over as Lucas tearfully nodded his head. “I want you boys to go downstairs for a few minutes and wait in the kitchen. I have a friend who is on the vice squad of the police department. I’m going to give her a call and see what we should do.” Lucas stood, and I followed him downstairs. We sat down at one of the tables. I asked, “What’s going to happen now?” Lucas looked at me worriedly. “I don’t know,” he replied. “Dad’s pretty good about handling problems.” Tears welled up in his eyes. “I should have told him what Mr. Dewberry was doing to me when I came back from camp the first time.” I reached out and squeezed his hand. “You were young,” I assured him as his father had earlier. “You were scared.” “Yeah,” he hung his head. “I’m the stupid one,” I remarked angrily. “I shouldn’t have gone into that website.” He giggled. “You were just having fun.” He took out his phone, looked at my cock, then looked at me and grinned. “You were having a lot of fun.” “Shut up,” I laughed as I grabbed the phone. I looked at it and moaned, “Oh, God. I can’t believe the whole school is seeing this.” Lucas giggled again as he looked down at my crotch. “At least you don’t have anything to be ashamed about.” He started laughing. “Now, if it was mine.” I quickly looked down at his crotch. Just then his father appeared at the top of the stairs and hollered down. “Boys, come join me in my office.” I quickly grabbed Lucas’s hand. “I’m scared.” I said nervously. “What’s going to happen?” Lucas gave me a worried look. “I don’t know,” he replied, “but it probably won’t be good.” He squeezed my hand and held it tightly as we headed back upstairs. When we got to the top of the steps, he stopped. “I’m glad you’re here. I couldn’t imagine having to do this by myself.” He surprised me when he gave me a hug. His father was sitting behind his desk. He was talking to someone on the phone and motioned for us to have a seat. My heart started pounding when I heard him say before hanging up. “Fine, Mr. Fields. I’ll see you and your wife in about a half hour.” “You called Dad?” I asked nervously. “I had to, Woody,” he replied sympathetically. “You’re only sixteen and they are going to have to be involved in what happens next.” Lucas asked before I could get the words from my mouth. “What happens next?” Pastor Sparks got up, walked around his desk and sat on the edge before us. “I called a Detective Davis. You boys are going downtown in the morning and tell your story to her. Based on what I told her, she is going to prepare an arrest warrant for Mr. Dewberry, and he will be taken into custody.” “They’re going to arrest him?” Lucas asked excitedly. “Of course,” responded his father. “He’s engaging in sex with minors. And according to Ms. Davis, since he is your teacher, it makes it a more serious crime. She thinks he’ll be going to prison for a very long time.” I looked quickly over at Lucas. He stared back at me. I think we were both thinking the same thing. If Mr. Dewberry was arrested, then everyone would know why. It would quickly become a media event. Soon it would be learned who had told on him. Since Brandon had released my picture to other students, it wouldn’t take them long to figure out who was involved. Lucas looked back at his father and said what I think both of us had assumed. “I thought you’d handle this by talking to Mr. Dewberry and telling him to stop what he was doing. Do we really have to talk to the police and tell them?” His father looked sympathetically at us. “What Mr. Dewberry has done is a crime-a felony. It’s hard to tell how many other boys may be involved in this. It sounds like he could have been preying on young boys for years. He has to be stopped.” “But why do we have to do it?” Lucas asked pleadingly. “Can’t they just arrest him?” “Do I have to tell my parents?” I asked worriedly. I’d rather die than have to sit before Dad and Mom and tell them what I’ve been doing. He arose from his desk, approached us and put his hands on our shoulders. “You’re almost men now. Sometimes life hands us certain responsibilities. You’ve been given a responsibility. You have to save other young boys from a sexual predator.” He looked down and smiled warmly. “Can you do that?” We quickly looked at each other before nodding. “Good,” he replied as he sat back on his desk. “Woody?” I looked up and nodded. “I’m not going to ask you to repeat in front of your father and mother what you told me. I think it may be too much for you to handle tonight. I’ve counseled enough people over the years to know how they might react to something like this.” I looked up and nodded appreciatively. “I’ve called Mrs. Sparks and she’ll be here in a few minutes to take you to our home.” I quickly glanced at Lucas. “Lucas?” He looked up at his father. “Don’t tell your mother what has happened tonight. I’ll tell her when I get home?” Lucas nodded his head. “What I want you boys to do, is go home and relax. Tomorrow is going to be a big day. And don’t call anyone. No one can know what is happening until Mr. Dewberry is arrested. Understand?” “Yes, Sir,” responded Lucas. “What about me?” I asked. “Will I be going home later?” “Not unless you insist,” he replied. “I think it would be in everyone’s best interest if you stayed tonight at our home. That way it will give your parents time to digest everything.” Tears welled up in my eyes. “So, they may not want me to return home?” “I’m not saying that,” he replied quickly. “I just think it will be better to let the dust settle. Besides, it will be best if you go downtown and talk to Detective Davis without being emotionally drained by having to deal with your parent’s reactions. It will already be difficult enough.” “Are we in a lot of trouble?” Lucas asked. “No,” his father smiled warmly. “You’re not in trouble. However, the next few days may be very difficult.” Just then Lucas’s mother appeared at the door. Pastor Sparks walked over and kissed her gently. “Now remember, Dear. No questions. I’ll explain everything to you later.” She looked questioningly at her husband. “I know,” she sighed. “Professional confidentiality.” She looked down at Lucas and smiled. “You better not be in any serious trouble, Mister.” He glanced quickly at me before getting up and giving her a hug. It was a quiet drive to Lucas’s home. His mother was playing gospel music on the car’s cd player. Occasionally, Lucas would glance back at me and attempt a faint smile. When we arrived at this house, I was rather surprised. I assumed a pastor’s house would be large, but it was a small ranch-style brick house. There was some shrubbery in the front, but it was rather plain. When we entered the living room, Lucas pointed toward a narrow hall off to the right. “My room is the last one on the left.” I followed behind him until we came to a small bedroom. The room was a pale blue with a single bed and dresser. The plaid blue cover on the bed matched the drapes. It was neat, but not like Jeff’s room. “You can put your things over there.” He pointed to an empty space next to the dresser. When he sat on the side of the bed, I walked over and sat down beside him. “What do you think is going to happen now?” I asked worriedly. I looked at a clock on the wall. It had been a half hour since we’d left his father’s office. I figured Dad and Mom may have already arrived to talk to Pastor Sparks. Lucas reached down, took my hand and squeezed it. “It’s going to be all right.” He then released my hand. I hesitantly reached down and wrapped his hand around mine again. “I’m scared,” I replied nervously. He squeezed my hand tighter. “What if Dad won’t let me come back home?” Lucas looked worriedly at me. “He wouldn’t do that, would he? My dad was okay with it when I told him I was gay.” “My Dad’s not as understanding as yours,” I answered worriedly. “I don’t think he’s ever liked me very much. Jon’s always been his favorite.” “Maybe your brother can make him understand.” I fell back on the bed and started laughing. “Jon?” I replied as I sat back up. “He’s worse than Dad. He was going to hit me if Connor hadn’t stopped him.” “Who’s Connor?” “His best friend,” I replied. Lucas had a thoughtful look on his face. “Is he that football player?” His eyes lit up. “Really hot?” I smiled and rolled my eyes. “You’re worse than Jeff.” “Jeff?” Lucas gave me a puzzled look. “Is Jeff gay?” I shrugged my shoulders. “I really can’t say.” Lucas smiled. “I guess that means he is, then.” “I didn’t say that,” I remarked quickly. “You didn’t have to,” giggled Lucas. “If he wasn’t, you’d have told me no.” “You’re a wise ass, aren’t you?” I smiled as his playfully elbowed me in my side. We stopped laughing and stared into each other’s eyes. We didn’t say anything, we just looked at each other. Finally, he reached down and took my hand. “I’m not sure what’s going to happen, but I’m glad I told Dad what was going on with Mr. Dewberry.” He squeezed my hand tighter. “I’m glad you were with me.” "Me, too.” I smiled. We stared at each other for another few seconds. I think both of us were thinking about kissing each other. I know I was. After all we had been through, I felt a certain bond had been forged between us. And for the first time I’d been with another boy, it wasn’t a sexual feeling. It was more than that. We were startled when his mother hollered from the kitchen. “Boys! Are you hungry?” Lucas started to smile. “Are you hungry?” I nodded my head. He rose and put his hand out to help me up. When I stood, we were facing each other. He closed his eyes, brought his face to mine… And kissed me.
  14. Ronyx

    Chapter 18

    Jon was already out of bed when I awoke. I took a quick shower, dressed and then sat on the edge of my bed before heading downstairs. I knew today was going to be a big day. Things couldn’t go on much longer without something happening. Enough had already occurred, but it was probably just the tip of the iceberg, as I’ve heard my mother say when things could get worse. I lay awake most of the night deciding what to do. There seemed to be no way out of this easily, but I knew I had to talk to Mr. Dewberry. He had to convince Brandon to stop sending pictures to my brother. I didn’t know if he was aware that he was doing it, or if he was instructing him to. I hoped Brandon was doing it without his knowledge. When I went downstairs to the kitchen, everyone but Dad was at the table. Since he leaves before we get up, we usually only see him on the weekends or when he’s taken a day off. Glenn and Glenda were looking over at Jon and giggling. There was a massive bruise around his eye. The swelling had subsided, but it was obvious that someone had hit him in his face. He looked up and glared at me when I sat down across from him. My mother came up behind me and placed a bowl of cereal and a glass of milk in front of me. She gently patted me on my shoulder. “You must be more careful, Dear, when you are horse playing with your brother.” I heard Glenn and Glenda giggle as I quickly looked over at Jon. I couldn’t believe he had lied about what had happened. And it was obvious by Mom’s cheerful attitude, he hadn’t told her that I was gay. I quickly glanced back at him before responding, “Okay, Mom.” He didn’t even lift his head as he continued to eat. He didn’t say anything when he later got up and grabbed his gym bag. I trailed behind him, unsure that he even wanted me to ride with him. He didn’t say anything as I got in. He started his car and pulled away. I also didn’t know if he was going to pick Connor and Ross up. After last night, I was afraid he would still be mad at Connor for hitting him. I was relieved when he headed in the direction of their house. It was an agonizing silence as we drove down the side roads. I looked over at Jon a few times, but he peered straight ahead. For one thing, I wasn’t sure if he could even see me since it was his right eye that was partly swollen shut. I glanced over at him and muttered softly, “Sorry.” His body stiffened slightly when I interrupted the silence in the car. He peered ahead and didn’t respond. “I said I’m sorry,” I repeated a little louder. “I didn’t mean for you to get hurt.” He hesitated a minute before turning his head so that he could see me with his left eye. “Just shut up, all right?” His words were cold and stinging. “I ain’t got nothing to say to you.” He turned his head and we drove in silence the rest of the way. Connor and Ross were waiting in their driveway when we pulled up. Ross glanced quickly at Jon as he got in. He then looked at me and made a painful face. Connor got in the front seat, but he and Jon didn’t speak. It was a silent ride to school. Ross got out with me when we stopped in front of the building. “That was some shiner Connor gave Jon,” Ross hissed as we turned toward the building. “I didn’t know if he was going to let me ride with him this morning,” I said, “or if he was even going to pick you guys up.” Ross threw his arm over my shoulder as we headed into the building. “He’ll get over it. Connor talked to him.” I stopped and faced him. “He knows I’m gay now,” I responded sadly. “He’s never going to get over that.” Ross squeezed my shoulder. “I probably shouldn’t be saying this, but I will.” He stopped and turned toward me. “You know that you and Jon haven’t been the closest of brothers.” I nodded my head. “This may hurt, but I don’t think he cares one way or the other that you’re gay.” The words did hurt, though. I knew Jon and I didn’t have the best brotherly relationship, but I always thought he cared for me. I just always overlooked his taunts and rude comments as just being Jon. But now I knew what I had always suspected, he didn’t really like me. I guess being brothers doesn’t automatically guarantee that you’ll be close. I suppose Jon never hated me, he just never liked me. Sensing my sorrow, Ross put his arm back around my shoulder. “Hey, it doesn’t matter. You still have me and Connor. You can be our little brother.” I felt like crying. If we hadn’t been in a school hallway where students were beginning to arrive for school, I probably would have. We turned and continued walking down the hall. “Brothers have to protect brothers,” he said as he squeezed my shoulder tighter. “That’s why Connor and I are going to deal with that fucking Brandon Metzger today.” I stopped and turned quickly toward Ross. “No!” I looked pleadingly at him. “You can’t do that.” “Too late,” he replied. “Connor, Jon and I have already made plans to meet him after his third period. He’s in the room next to mine. After today, you won’t have to worry about him.” “You can’t do this!” Panic was overcoming me. If they confronted Brandon, then he would send out my picture to the entire student body. It suddenly occurred to me that he had mentioned my brother being involved. “Jon?” “Yeah,” he replied angrily. “He’s mad as hell at Metzger sending him those pictures. He may not like what you’re doing, but he’s really pissed because he sent those pictures to him.” “You’ve got to stop him,” I pleaded. “I can’t,” he replied. “Him and Connor already decided last night they were going to do this. A friend gave Connor Brandon’s email address, so he wrote him last night and told him they were going to kick his sorry ass today.” “Shit,” I muttered. Just then the bell rang. Ross said goodbye and headed to his homeroom. Jeff was waiting outside Mrs. Chapman’s room when I arrived. “How’s it going?” I shook my head and entered the room. Since other students were coming in, it wasn’t safe to talk. All during class, he kept looking worriedly over at me. As soon as the bell rang, he stood and walked with me outside into the hall. “What’s wrong?” he asked as we continued down the hall to our second period. “Trouble,” I replied. I then told him about my brother, Connor and Ross meeting Brandon after third period. “He’s not in school,” Jeff informed me. “What?” “He’s not in school,” he repeated. “He’s in my homeroom, and he’s not here today.” I let out a sigh. Jon’s warning probably scared him, so he decided to stay home. At lunch, I tried to listen to students’ conversations as I went through the cafeteria line. I didn’t hear anyone talking about a fight. Since I only shared one class with Brandon, I wasn’t sure if he showed up late to school. I felt a little better knowing that there had been no trouble. Lucas joined us at lunch. Again, he pulled up a chair and sat down beside me. Kate kept looking over at us and smiled. I could tell by her grin she already had us married. However, it was just last week that she had me and Jeff spending the rest of our lives together. Anna was worried about a sixth period history test, so Lucas moved his chair next to her and helped her study. I don’t know why, but it bothered me to see them together. Anna is shy and quiet like him. Sitting together, they seemed to fit. I thought that it probably wouldn’t be too long before they started dating. When the bell rang, Kate wrapped her arm around mine as we walked to our fourth period class. “Someone’s jealous,” she giggled. I scowled at her. I knew what she was going to say. Kate could read me like a book, and right now she knew I was upset. “Don’t you have a rock to crawl back under?” I removed her hand from my arm, but she quickly wrapped it back around mine. “Oh, come on, Woody,” she giggled. “You know you like him.” I rolled my eyes. “I’m a friendly person, I like everyone.” “Yeah, but some more than others,” she laughed as we approached her class. I took off running when a teacher hollered out that the bell was getting ready to ring. I started to get nervous about ten minutes before fourth period ended. In a few minutes, the bell would ring, and I would have to go to Mr. Dewberry’s class. I considered cutting it again, but I was too afraid of Mr. Calloway. If he caught me leaving the building, he would probably suspend me. However, a five-day suspension might be a temporary answer to my problems. But then again, facing my father after he found out didn’t seem like it would be worth it. He was already mad at me. It’s hard to say what he might do if I got suspended from school. I waited until the last minute to enter Mr. Dewberry’s class. I hurried back to my seat without even looking at him. I took notes while he lectured at the front of the room. After twenty minutes, he gave us an assignment out of the book. I immediately opened my book and started on it. I kept glancing at him as he walked around the room answering students’ questions. He eventually made his way over to me. He put his hands on my shoulders as he looked down to see what I was doing. “Are you having any trouble with the assignment, Woody?” I quickly glanced at the students around me to see if they noticed him gently massaging my shoulders. “No, Sir,” I replied as I leaned forward, hoping he would remove his hands. He didn’t. “We’ll work on any problems you have when you come for tutoring after school,” he said as he continued to rub my shoulders. “I can’t, Mr. Dewberry,” I replied. “Mr. Calloway has given me detention for three days.” He pressed his hands firmly on my shoulders. “I’ve talked to Mr. Calloway. He’s going to waive the detention as long as you show up for tutoring.” “Fuck!” I thought to myself. Mr. Dewberry had already plotted how to get me alone. Not only had he convinced my parents that I needed ‘special tutoring,’ but he had talked to Mr. Calloway about me receiving tutoring instead of detention. If I didn’t show, then he would surely suspend me. He gripped my shoulders tightly. “I’ll see you right after sixth period.” I didn’t even have to turn and look at him to know that he had a smirk on his face. He had won, and he knew it. I had no choice but to be left alone with him. I almost ran from his room when the bell rang. I didn’t want him to stop me and remind me again that I had ‘tutoring.’ When I entered my sixth period class, I looked around for Brandon, but he wasn’t there. I guess Jeff was right when he said he hadn’t come to school. I kept watching the clock. Usually, it seems like an hour class lasts half a day. Today, though, the minute hand seemed to fly. By the time class ended, I was frantic. I couldn’t avoid going to Mr. Dewberry’s room. Too many people knew I had to be there- Dad, Mom and Mr. Calloway. None of them were aware, though, that the ‘special tutoring’ I was to receive was my mouth around Mr. Dewberry’s cock. When the bell rang, I decided I was going straight to his class without even stopping by my locker. I was afraid Kate and Jeff would be there. I was already emotionally charged. Seeing them would probably make me break down. I had decided I was going to try and talk to Mr. Dewberry one more time to try and convince him that what he wanted to do was wrong- and dangerous. He was standing outside his door, looking down the hall. It was apparent he was waiting for me to arrive. He smiled broadly when I approached with my book bag over my shoulder. Before I got to his door, I removed it and placed it in front of me. At least if he looked down, he would only see a green bag. “Are you ready?” he sang out as I walked up to him. I brushed past him and stopped just inside the door. When he entered and closed it, I asked him, “Would you leave the door open, please?” He gave me a smirk and replied, “I don’t think so.” When he walked past me to his desk, he reached under my book bag and rubbed his hand roughly across my crotch. I jumped and took a step back. “Relax.” He smiled as he sat on the edge of his desk. He started rubbing his crotch. I tried to look into his face, avoiding looking down. “We need to talk, Mr. Dewberry.” I pleaded. “I don’t want to do this.” He unzipped his pants and snaked his cock out. “But you told me last week you wanted to,” he replied seductively as he stroked himself. “I..I..didn’t mean it.” I stammered. “I was just having fun.” He stood and approached me, still stroking his erect cock. “We can still have fun.” I took a step back, but he continued to approach. When I reached for the door handle, he grabbed my hand and pulled me away. He stepped up to me and said menacingly, “Look, Woody. Or should I call you Elmer Fudd?” He grabbed my hand and placed it around on his cock. “You’re going to do this.” “I can’t!” Tears started to well up in my eyes. “This is wrong!” He grabbed the back of my head and pulled it toward his cock. “Yes, you can.” His grip was tight as I tried to pull away. “Suck it, Woody,” he ordered. When I resisted, he grabbed my shoulders and forced me to my knees. I was too small to fight back. Mr. Dewberry was much larger than me. If I continued to resist, I was afraid he was going to hurt me. Tears were flowing down my face, and I could hardly see his cock as he brought it nearer my face. “Open your mouth, Woody,” he ordered as he pressed it against my sealed lips. I was getting ready to do as he instructed when there was a loud banging on the door. “What the fuck?” Mr. Dewberry hissed as he quickly pulled up his pants and tucked his erect cock inside. He looked at me and pointed to a chair. “Go sit over there. Quick!” I let out a silent prayer to the person who was pounding on the door. It wasn’t a rapping, but a pounding, as if someone were in distress. After looking around to make sure I was seated in a desk, Mr. Dewberry walked over and opened the door. I was surprised to see Lucas standing in the doorway. He anxiously looked over at me as he entered the class. He walked over to Mr. Dewberry’s desk, opened his book bag and pulled out a chemistry book. “What are you doing here, Lucas?” Mr. Dewberry asked angrily. Lucas looked nervously at me. “I was having a problem with a chemistry question and I stopped by to see if you could help me.” His voice quivered as he stood before a very angry Mr. Dewberry. “I don’t have time right now,” Mr. Dewberry replied angrily. “Can’t you see I’m tutoring someone?” Lucas, although very nervous, seemed like he wasn’t about to be dissuaded. “Good,” he replied as he walked over and sat down beside me. “I’m sure Woody won’t mind.” I couldn’t believe what was happening. I looked over in disbelief at Lucas. It was as if he had come to rescue me. His voice was quivering, and his hands were shaking as he sat down, but he seemed determined not to let me be alone with Mr. Dewberry. Mr. Dewberry looked angry as he huffed, “Very well. Let’s make this quick.” Lucas nervously opened his book and asked him to help him with a chemical equation. One problem led to another. Mr. Dewberry seemed to become more upset as the minutes on the clock ticked away. We looked quickly at the door when a girl entered. “Oh, good!” she exclaimed. “I’m glad you’re still here Mr. Dewberry. I’m having a trouble with a problem.” She sat at a desk opposite us, opened her book and pointed to a problem. Mr. Dewberry looked angrily down at Lucas and me before stepping over to her. Lucas glanced at me and nodded. “We’re going, Mr. Dewberry.” He stood and put his book in his bag. “Thanks for helping us.” I got up and trailed behind him. I was afraid to look back to see the look on Mr. Dewberry’s face. We were half way down the hall when I saw a boy’s restroom on the left. I quickly went in and collapsed against a wall. I covered my face with my hands and trembled. “Oh, God!” I shouted. Lucas sat down beside me. “Did he hurt you?” I shook my head as I looked into this concerned face. After several minutes, I sat back up. “Thanks,” I mumbled. He gave me a worried smile. “How did you know?” “I saw you go into the room and then he closed the door.” He looked angry when he continued, “It’s not safe for a boy to be alone with Mr. Dewberry. I just knew.” I reached out and gave him a quick hug. “I’m glad you stopped him.” He smiled and nodded his head. “We’d better get out of here.” He stood and extended his hand to me. When I got to my feet, I hugged him again. “Thanks,” I mumbled as I squeezed him tightly. Lucas had saved me from Mr. Dewberry’s attack. I didn’t understand how it happened, but I was glad he did. When we got out onto the sidewalk, Lucas stopped. “We need to talk.” I looked at my watch. Since it was getting late, I knew I had to get home. “I can’t.” I replied. “ I’m on punishment. If I’m not home on time, my dad will be mad.” “Can I go home with you then?” He looked pleadingly at me. “I think it’s important we talk about this.” He looked at me with a sense of urgency. I began to wonder just how much he knew about Mr. Dewberry. “Okay,” I said as we started to walk toward my house. We’d gone about a block when he asked me what had happened in Mr. Dewberry’s room. “He tried to get me to have sex,” I replied embarrassedly. “That’s what I thought,” mumbled Lucas. He stopped and turned to me. “How did he know, though?” “What do you mean?” Lucas looked nervous. He looked down at the ground as he spoke. “He doesn’t prey on boys unless…unless he’s sure.” He looked up into my eyes. “Unless he’s sure they’re gay.” I didn’t know what to say. As I looked into his face, I could tell he knew I was gay. At that moment, I realized he was too. I also sensed that Mr. Dewberry had sexually attacked him. I suddenly remembered the incident at church on the morning Lucas sang so beautifully. Mr. Dewberry had come out of the restroom where he was. Lucas had seemed nervous and afraid when I entered. “Has he messed with you, too?” Lucas dropped his head and seemed to be deciding if he wanted to expose a deep, dark secret. Finally, he looked up with tears in his eyes and nodded. I reached out and hugged him. He tentatively brought his arms up and returned my embrace. I know anyone looking out their window would be wondering why two teenage boys were holding each other on the sidewalk, but at the moment I didn’t care. We both needed to be held. After what I had just been through, I know I certainly needed it. I pulled away and grabbed his hand. “Come on. Let’s go back to my room and talk.” He let go of my hand and we headed back to my house. Mom was in the kitchen when we entered. When she saw Lucas, she started smiling. “Well, hello, Dear.” He looked down at the floor and timidly responded, “Hello, Mrs. Fields.” She then looked at me. “Woody, you’re on punishment. I’m not sure your father will be happy with you having company.” “Mom,” I responded pleadingly. “This is really important. We’re just going up to my room and talk. Okay?” She looked at Lucas and then me. “Well, okay,” she replied. “But no video games.” “Okay,” I said as I hurried from the kitchen before she had a chance to change her mind. Lucas followed behind me as we went up the stairs. When we entered my room, he looked around. He wrinkled his nose and giggle said, “No offense, but it smells in here.” I pointed to several pairs of gym shoes lying next to Jon’s bed. “It’s not me,” I laughed. “Blame my brother, Jon.” I walked over to my bed and sat down. Lucas hesitated a minute before he joined me. He gave me a worried look and then asked, “So what happened in Mr. Dewberry’s room.” “I’m not sure I can tell you,” I responded. “It’s kind of embarrassing.” “Did he try to force you to have sex?” I nodded my head. “Did he you, too?” I stared into Lucas’s blue eyes as he timidly nodded his head. I let out a deep sigh. Since Lucas knew of Mr. Dewberry’s perverted behavior, I had to take a chance and trust him. If he was going through something similar to me, then perhaps we could figure out a way to end it. “I was in a chat room,” I said. “There were a lot of men in it. At the time I didn’t know Mr. Dewberry was one of them.” He gave me a puzzled look. I was trying hard not to reveal what I had been doing, so I guess it didn’t sound all that bad. He asked, “So, what happened?” “Last week I accidentally showed my face,” I explained. “He knew it was me.” "That doesn’t seem so bad,” responded Lucas. “You were chatting, and he saw your face?” My face started to redden. “It was a gay chat room, and we were kind of doing things.” He gave me a puzzled look. “Doing things?” For Lucas to be so smart, he sure was playing dumb. I was becoming increasingly embarrassed trying to explain what had happened. Then it occurred to me, that maybe he didn’t know about chat rooms. After all, I hadn’t a month ago. “Okay.” I turned and faced him. “It was a gay chat room.” He nodded his head. “Guys had cameras and they do certain things.” “Certain things?” I again sighed deeply. “They jerk off and let others watch them.” His eyes widened. “Oh!” he exclaimed. “So, there was this guy I wanted to watch, and I joined the site,” I explained. “I watched him jacking off, and one day he wanted me to get a webcam so he could watch me.” “Oh,” Lucas said again as his face reddened. “I got a cam and started jacking off for him. Mr. Dewberry was in the room and he watched me.” Lucas’s eyes widened. “You let Mr. Dewberry watch you?” he asked unbelievingly. “I didn’t know it was him,” I explained. “Then the other day I accidentally moved the camera and it showed my face. He saw me.” “Now he wants you to have sex with him?” I nodded my head. “He also has pictures,” I informed him. “He’s going to have another student send them out to other students if I don’t do what he says. He’s already sent them to my brother.” The look on his face became filled with rage. “He’s doing the same thing to me.” “What!” I shrieked. I couldn’t imagine Lucas being mixed up in something like I had done. “You know how our church has camp each summer?” I nodded my head. “The first year Dad became pastor, I went on the first outing. I was twelve then. Mr. Dewberry was my cottage counselor. One day he caught me and another boy experimenting with each other.” His face started to redden. “Experimenting?” “Yeah,” he said embarrassedly. “We were behind the cottage and I was sucking him.” “Oh,” I replied. “What did Mr. Dewberry do?” “He took us to his room and threatened us. He told us if we didn’t do what he wanted, then he would tell our parents what he caught us doing.” Tears welled up in his blue eyes. “He made us lie on the bed and suck each other. He took pictures of us doing it.” “Fucker,” I hissed. “So, he’s been forcing you to have sex with him or he’ll show the pictures to your dad.” Tears streamed down Lucas’s face as he nodded his head. I reached out and hugged him tightly. He wrapped his arms around my waist and cried into my shoulder. “I don’t know what to do,” he cried. “I don’t either,” I admitted. “I don’t know how to get him to stop.” I tried to pull away, but Lucas clutched me tighter. I rested my head on his shoulder and inhaled. I could smell the lemon shampoo in his hair. We jumped apart when the door suddenly opened. Ross rushed in. He was breathing heavily, and he looked angry as he walked over to us. “Look!” He thrust his phone into my face.
  15. Ronyx

    Chapter 17

    “What is this shit?” Jon shouted again. I handed the phone back to him, afraid to look into his angry face. “What is your dick doing on my phone?” “It’s not me,” I answered, knowing he wouldn’t believe me. “Yes, it is,” replied Jon. “I’ve seen your dick enough to know what it looks like. Jesus, Woody, what have you been doing?” “I ain’t been doing nothing.” I got off the bed and sat down at my computer. Jon followed behind me. “You still haven’t told me why I’ve got a picture of your dick on my phone. You been sexting someone?” “No,” I replied as opened my computer and went to Youtube to watch a music video. I jumped when Jon snapped his finger. “I got it. You’ve been taking pictures of your dick and sending them to some girl.” I looked up at him and rolled my eyes. He started laughing. “She must not have liked what she saw, so she sent it to me.” He grabbed his cock and squeezed it through his shorts. “She probably wants mine instead.” I let out a sigh of relief. If Jon wanted to think I was sexting with a girl, I certainly wasn’t going to stop him. It was far better than him finding out the truth. He sat down beside me and opened his phone to my picture. “Who’s the girl? I bet it’s that one Dad saw you talking to the other day.” He moved closer. “Is she pretty? I’ll give it to her if she wants it.” He elbowed me in my side. “I know you won’t fuck her.” Since his mood was becoming more cheerful, I decided to play along with him. “Who said?” I elbowed him back. “My dick’s bigger than yours.” He elbowed me again. “Yeah, but I use mine. Just ask Debbie.” He jumped up and stood before me. “I got it!” he yelled excitedly as he handed me his phone. “Take a picture of my dick and I’ll send it to Debbie.” “I’m not taking a picture of your dick!” I shouted as I attempted to hand him back his phone. “Sure you can.” He pushed the phone back at me. “You’ve seen it hundreds of times. You can do it.” He went over to his bed and lay down, pulled his shorts to his ankles and started stroking himself. “Let me get it hard first.” I covered my face with my hands. I couldn’t believe what was happening. Actually, it was a comical relief. When Jon came bursting into the room, showing me my cock on his phone, I thought he was going to beat the shit out of me. Now, as I looked across the room, he was lying with his eyes closed, trying to get his cock hard. I looked over when he announced, “I’m ready.” He was grinning as he looked down at his hard cock in his hand. “Come on, hurry Woody, take a picture of it while I’m boned up.” I sighed, stood and walked over to the side of his bed. “I feel like I’m shooting porn.” He pointed his cock at me. “How’s this?” I laughed, held up his phone and took a picture. He sat up and grabbed the phone, looking at the image. “Hey, that looks pretty good.” He handed me the phone back. “Walk around to the front of the bed and take a picture.” He positioned himself and grasped his hard dick. He posed as I took two more pictures. When I finished, he looked at them and grinned. “I should do porn.” “Or not,” I laughed as I walked away. I jumped when he hit me in the back of the head with his pillow. I returned to my desk as he stood and pulled his pants back up. “This is going to be so cool. I wish I could see the look on her face when she gets these.” He started laughing. “Maybe she’ll take a picture of her tits and send them to me.” He sat on the bed and laughed as he sent Debbie the pictures of his cock. “This is so cool.” After several minutes, he got up and headed for the door. Before leaving, he stopped and said, “Thanks, Woody.” I nodded my head as he closed the door. I didn’t want to go downstairs for dinner when Mom called. I lay on my bed reading an assignment for literature, but she sent Glenn up to get me. “Mom said you better get downstairs.” I sat up. “Tell her I’m not feeling well.” He grinned and replied, “She said you’d say that. I’m supposed to tell you that if you’re not downstairs in two minutes, Dad is going to come up and drag you down.” He then ran from the room, slamming the door behind him. I knew I’d better do as he said. The last thing I wanted was Dad coming up to get me. He still hadn’t said anything to me about my little outburst in the truck. However, I knew Dad. He was waiting to cool off before punishing me. It was the first time I had ever cursed at him, so I didn’t know what to expect. Everyone was at the table when I entered. I took my seat without looking at anyone, especially Dad. I heard Mom speak, “Woody, would you say Grace.” Everyone bowed their heads as I said, “Bless this food, Amen.” “That’s not saying Grace,” Dad said angrily. “Now say it again and do it right.” I didn’t even have to look at him to know that he was angry at me. I could hear it in his voice. My voice trembled as I meekly said, “Heavenly Father, we ask that you bless this food that we are about to eat. Amen” I held my breath, afraid he would yell at me again. I let out a sigh when I noticed out of the corner of my eye that he picked up his fork and started eating. It was obvious that Dad was extremely upset because he kept stabbing at his food with his fork. When Jon tried to talk to him about Friday’s game, he completely ignored him. Mom then began to ask Glenn and Glenda about school. I couldn’t concentrate on their conversation because I was too scared about what might happen later. It didn’t take long to find out. As soon as Jon, Glenn and Glenda finished eating, Dad told them to leave the kitchen, go to their rooms and close the door. When I started to rise, he said angrily, “Not you, Woody.” To make the inevitable even more torturous, he sat glaring at me for about three minutes. Mom had removed my plate, so I couldn’t even pretend to be eating. I had to sit there and look down at a red stain on the tablecloth. I jumped when he finally did speak in a gruff voice. “What gives you the right to think you can talk to me the way you did in the truck?” I wanted to say that he swore at me first, but I was afraid he might hit me. He had never raised a hand to any of us before, and I certainly didn’t want to be the first. “Sorry, Dad,” I muttered softly without looking up. “Sorry isn’t going to do it.” He replied, raising his voice as he talked. “You’re the first of my children to disrespect me like that.” I jumped when he hit the table with his fist. “And goddamn it, it will be the last time.” My mother entered the room. “Now, Harold, you promised me you wouldn’t get upset.” I was relieved when she sat down beside me. “Let me handle this.” “Woody, we have decided…” “Look at your mother when she speaks to you!” barked my father. I quickly looked up into my mother’s face. She glared at my father before continuing. “We have decided that you are to be on punishment for three months.” I looked quickly at my father. “But you said two months.” His eyes narrowed. “That’s before you told me to get the fuck out of your life. If you keep it up, I’ll put you on punishment for a year.” He leaned toward me and looked angrily at me. “Got it, Mister?” I hung my head and replied meekly, “Yes, Sir.” My mother touched my arm lightly. “You’re to come straight home every day and do your homework before dinner.” Okay, that was easy. I already do that. “And you’re not to go to your little girlfriend’s house until you are off punishment.” I wanted to start laughing. If only Kate was here to hear this conversation. She would get a kick out of my parents thinking that we were dating. “You’ll also not be allowed to spend any more weekends with your friend, Jeff.” Okay, that one stung a little bit, but I already knew they would not allow me to spend the upcoming weekend at his house. I lifted my head and looked at her. “Is that it?” “There’s one other thing.” “What?” I held my breath afraid they were going to take away my computer and video games. It was going to be bad enough not being able to do anything for three months. My computer was the only enjoyment I had. “We got a call from Mr. Dewberry, your biology teacher.” My heart started pounding when she mentioned his name. He was the reason I was in this mess in the first place. “What did he want?” I asked nervously. “He was very upset that you were going to cut his class today,” she replied. “He says you’re not doing well in biology and you can’t afford to miss any days.” “I’m not doing that bad,” I insisted. “I’ve got about a ‘C’ right now.” “Yes,” she responded, “but you could do better.” “I will,” I replied. I thought the subject was closed until she spoke again. “He’s been generous enough to volunteer to tutor you after school.” I jumped to my feet and shouted, “No!” “Sit down!” My father hit the table with his fist. “Don’t you act like some brat. If this Mr. Dewberry says you need tutoring, then that’s what you’re going to do.” I looked pleadingly at my father. “But you don’t understand, Dad.” He leaned toward me. “I understand that he said you need help. You will go to his class each day after school until you improve your grade.” He gave me a menacing look. “Understand?” I sat back in my chair. My parents had no idea that they were falling into my Mr. Dewberry’s perverted plan to get me to spend time alone with him. He had intentionally called my parents and offered to help tutor me, knowing that I couldn’t refuse; especially since I had attempted to cut his class. “Well?” My father shouted again. “Yes, Sir.” I was fighting hard to hold back tears. They were sending me to my doom and they didn’t even know it. I looked over at my mother. “May I please be excused?’ She looked sympathetically at me. “Of course.” She reached out and touched my arm. “We’re only doing this for your own good, Woody.” I didn’t even reply as I got up from the table and went to my bedroom. When I entered, Jon was sitting on his bed looking at the pictures of the swimsuit models in Sports Illustrated. He held it up and buried his face in it. “I’d love to put my dick between those puppies.” I glanced over and then sat down at my computer. “What’s going on?” He dropped the magazine and looked at me. “Dad seemed really pissed tonight. What did you do?” “Nothing,” I muttered angrily as I put in a video game. He got up and sat down beside me. “Wanna play?” He started laughing. “It’s been a while since I’ve beaten your ass.” “You’ve never beaten my ass,” I reminded him. “You may be good on the football field, but you suck playing video games.” He nudged me in my side. “It’s on!” He picked up the control and we started playing Mortal Kombat. I knew from experience, that Jon had poor skills when it came to video games. You would think a guy who could run down a field and catch a pass forty yards away could use a video control. But Jon was horrible. I didn’t mind, though. It had been ages since he had shown any interest in doing anything with me. After thirty minutes, I was creaming him. The more determined he played, the worse he got. At one point, I looked over and said, “Relax, you’re trying too hard.” “Too hard this,” he laughed as he grabbed his crotch. Fifteen minutes later his cell phone rang. He jumped up excitedly. “That may be Debbie. I hope she sent me pictures of her tits.” He threw himself across his bed, grabbed his phone and opened it.” Seconds later, I heard him exclaim angrily, “What the fuck!” He sat up on the side of the bed and glared at me. He then got up, walked over and grabbed me around my neck, lifting me off the seat and to my feet. He stared angrily into my face as his hand gripped tighter around my neck. “Are you a homo?” My heart started pounding with fear. I knew that Brandon had sent him another picture of me. He had me pressed against the wall with his hand still around my neck. I tried to pry his hand free, but he tightened his grip. He then held the phone to my face. There was a text message: Your bro is a FAG Jon then hit a button on his phone and shoved it in my face. “Who the fuck is this?” I looked at the image on his screen. It was the picture of me and Jeff as we jerked each other off. He slammed my body against the wall before removing his hand from my neck. I dropped and fell to the floor. I heard him ask again as I lay curled on the floor. “Are you a homo? Why are you jerking this guy off?” I knew it was useless to tell him it wasn’t me. I figured in a few more minutes he would figure out it was Jeff, since he had kidded me all week about having sex with him. I picked myself up from the floor, headed to my bed and muttered, “Go to hell.” It only infuriated him even more. “You fucking faggot!” He picked me up and threw me on my bed. I jumped up and threw my body at him. We tumbled to the floor. “Fuck you!” I screamed as I started to pound my fist into this body. He managed to roll me over and sit on my stomach. When he raised his fist to hit me, I closed my eyes. Suddenly, I heard the door open. Seconds later, Jon was being tossed off me. “What the fuck is going on?” Connor was standing over us. His fists were balled tightly, and he looked like he was getting ready to hit Jon if he tried to get up. Jon pointed his finger at me and glared. “He’s a fucking homo.” He handed his phone to Connor. Connor looked at the image then looked down at me. Jon sat up. His chest was heaving as he spoke. “Little faggot probably got fucked when he spent the weekend with his boyfriend.” I kicked out at Jon, but he stopped me with his hand. “Fuck you!” Connor walked over and closed the door. When he did, Jon pounced on me again, hitting me in my side. Connor jumped on his back and pulled him off me. “Stop it!” he screamed at Jon. “Leave him alone!” Connor got down on his knees between us, protecting me from my brother. He turned and looked at me. “Are you all right?” I felt my side and nodded. Jon sat up and looked at Connor, then back at me. “You don’t seem surprised at all.” He gave Connor a questioning look. “Did you already know he was a fag?” Connor rose to his feet and looked down angrily at Jon. “What if Woody is gay? What difference does it make?” Jon stood up and faced him. He then reached out and pushed Connor back. He lost his balance and almost fell. “You knew he was a fag, didn’t you?” He pushed Connor again, but he was prepared and didn’t lose his balance. “What are doing,” Jon spat angrily. “Fucking him, too?” I gasped and closed my eyes when Connor balled his fist and threw a violent punch into the side of Jon’s face. Jon reeled backwards and fell onto his bed. Connor rushed over and grabbed his tee shirt and pulled him up. “You say one more word, and I’m going to knock the shit out of you again.” Jon winced when Connor pulled his fist back. Jon’s right eye was red and appeared to be swelling shut. Jon tried to get up, but Connor kept him pinned to the bed. He leaned down into Jon’s face and shouted, “He’s your goddamned brother, for Christ’s sake, Jon!” Jon turned his head away from me as Connor sat on his chest. “He’s your goddamned brother!” Connor repeated softly. I was still sitting on the floor. My arms were wrapped around my legs as I held them tightly to my chest. Connor looked over at me and asked sympathetically, “Are you hurt?” I shook my head. Since Jon was no longer struggling, Connor got off his chest, but he sat on the side of the bed ready to grab Jon if he attempted to come at me. When Jon stood, I looked up at the swollen mass on the right side of his face. His right eye was beginning to disappear into his reddened skin. Connor turned to me. “Go downstairs and put some ice in a freezer bag.” I nodded and rushed downstairs. When I returned, Jon and Connor were sitting on the side of the bed talking softly. I cautiously walked over and handed Connor the bag. Jon winced when Connor put it up to his eye. Connor looked at me and nodded toward the door, “Go downstairs and watch television.” I got up and went downstairs to join Mom and Glenda in the family room. Dad must have been in their bedroom, and Glenn was probably upstairs doing his homework. “Is everything okay, Dear?” My mother asked as I sat down on the sofa beside Glenda. “I heard some shouting coming from your room.” I wasn’t sure what to say. I was certain Jon would probably tell them later about the picture and me being gay. I was beginning to accept the fact that they would soon find out anyway. Too much was happening for them not to discover my secret. I guess if I was to be outed, it might be best if it came from Jon. I had also reached the point where I didn’t care anymore. For several years I had carefully guarded my secret. The list of people who now knew I was gay was increasing daily. Once Mom and Dad found out, then the list would be complete. I was pretty sure Mom wouldn’t be too upset. Sure, she would cry and try to blame herself for doing something wrong, but I knew she would eventually accept it. Dad, however, was a mystery. I wasn’t sure how he’d react. I suppose it would be similar to Jon’s response; although, I don’t think he would hit me. He’d probably be disappointed. However, he had seemed disappointed in me for years. While Jon had always been a tall oak tree, I’d been a scrawny sapling. He would now just have something else to blame for his disappointment. I shrugged my shoulders and responded, “Dunno.” I then lay my head back and closed my eyes. I was curious what was happening upstairs. I didn’t hear anymore shouting, so I figured they weren’t fighting any longer. I wanted to return to my room, but I decided to wait until Connor left. After about a half hour, Connor came downstairs and stood in the doorway of the family room. When I looked over, he motioned for me to follow him outside. “What happened?” I asked as soon as we had stepped out onto the porch. Connor walked over and sat on a small bench. I looked at the anguish on his face as I sat down beside him. “He’s going to need more time,” he said as he looked sadly at me. “Is he going to tell Mom and Dad?” I asked worriedly. Connor shook his head. “I don’t think so. He never mentioned it.” I looked into Connor’s face. He appeared exhausted. I guess the talk he had with my brother had been tense. “Did you tell him you’re gay?” “No,” he replied as he shook his head. “But if you want to tell him, you can.” “No!” I assured him. “I’d never do that.” “Good,” he sighed. “But if you think it would help your brother understand, then you can tell him. I came close to telling him, but I thought he already had enough to deal with.” “I won’t,” I assured him again. I stared into this handsome face. “I won’t tell anyone.” He sat back, closed his eyes and sighed. “Why does this shit have to be so complicated? He can bone Debbie and I have to listen to him talk about it. But if I do something with someone I like, then it’s something perverse.” He briefly ran his hand across the top of mine. He looked at the door before wrapping his hand around mine and giving it a gentle squeeze. He stood and extending his hand, lifting me to my feet. It surprised me when he pulled me into a tight embrace. When he released me, he stepped back and gave me a quick wink. “It’s going to be okay, Woody.” He attempted a smile. “I don’t know,” I replied sadly. “Too much is happening. Mr. Dewberry and Brandon Metzger know about me. Now Jon. I just have a feeling it’s all going to blow up soon.” “Let me and Ross deal with Brandon,” he hissed angrily. “See,” I replied. “That’s what I’m talking about. If you threaten Brandon, then it’s only going to make things worse. Look at what he’s already done.” “That mother fucker needs to be stopped,” responded Connor angrily. “He’ll be sorry he sent Jon those pictures.” I reached out and touched Connor’s arm. “Please,” I pleaded. “I gotta go,” he said as he turned and started descending the steps. “I’ll see you tomorrow.” I watched as he strolled down the sidewalk. When I entered the house, I went into the kitchen and took two sodas out of the refrigerator. I then put more ice into a freezer bag. When I went into my room, Jon was lying on his bed watching television. I winced when I saw his right eye. It was dark and bruised. The swelling had gone down slightly, but Jon’s eye was still not visible behind the swollen skin. He didn’t even bother to look at me when I handed him the soda and ice pack. As I walked away, I heard him mutter, “Thanks.”

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