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  1. Ronyx

    Dancing on a Star

    @Talo Segura Thank you for pointing out my typos that came so thick and fast. Two in Chapter 29, two in chapter 32, and one in chapter 33. The horror! I've corrected them so my story isn't a complete mess. I've never claimed to be a professional writer, and the stories are offered for free. If the errors distracted you, you could have gone onto a more perfectly written story. I put over a year and countless hours into this story, so please give me the liberty to make a few errors. Besides, most readers inform me in an email or message, and I gladly make the corrections as they occur. You don't need to wait and mention it in a review.
  2. Dancing on a Star is now completed.  


  3. Ronyx

    Chapter 33

    “How does everything feel?” asked Dr. Vorhees as he examined my arm and leg. I replied, “Pretty good, Doc.” He smiled and patted me on my leg cast. “Are you having any trouble getting around?” he asked. I told him that I was able to walk better, and I used the cast only to keep my balance. For the past couple of weeks, I was getting around better. I hadn’t experienced any pain in my arm or leg. “I’m going to take X-rays,” he stated. “If I like what I see, we’ll take off the casts. How does that sound to you?” I responded, “Great!” I smiled and added, “I’ll be able to play basketball again.” He asked, “I thought you don’t play?” I giggled and responded, “I don’t.” I hit the cast off my leg. “But if you take this off, I may start.” “Not so fast,” he replied. “You’re still not fully healed. It’s going to be a while until you can be back to normal. In fact, you’ll be using a cane for a while until you get your strength built back in your leg.” I nodded my head. I was willing to do anything as long as it meant I wouldn’t be hobbling around on crutches. It had been a long five weeks. So much had happened, but my life seemed to be getting into a happy routine. I had caught up on my assignments in school, so I didn’t have to worry about failing any subjects. Things are also going great with Lyle. He comes over after school almost every night after basketball practice. We spend about an hour doing our homework. Mom fixes him a plate for dinner, and we eat together on the family room sofa. I think Mom and Dad are beginning to accept our relationship. We haven’t really done anything. A couple of times we’ve pulled down our pants and stroked each other, but we haven’t done anything else. I really want to lean over and suck him, but I don’t think he’s ready yet. Right now, I’m happy to take it slow. I don’t want to make the same mistake with Lyle that I made with Jeff. Jeff and Murray are becoming an item around school. Murray has told a few people that he’s gay, so word has gotten out. However, no one really seems to mind. A couple of guys have said something, but he ignores them. Some girls are also jealous of Jeff because they hoped that Murray would someday break up with Emily, and they would be there to take her place. I guess that won’t happen. And strangest of all is Jimmy and Tracy are dating. Jimmy hangs with him at school and walks him to classes. He hasn’t exactly come out, but he doesn’t answer when other students ask him what is going on. I heard him once tell Brian and Tyler to mind their own business when they asked him if he is gay. I’m sure Brian knows he is because Jimmy told me that he would suck him off sometimes. Brian never returned the favor, so I think he’s straight. I think he’s a little jealous of Tracy because Jimmy is having sex with Tracy and not him. They make a cute couple. Jimmy is very straight acting, and Tracy is, well Tracy. If opposites attract, then it hit its mark. However, they are like Ying and Yang. They fit, if you know what I mean. Jimmy comes over and complains because he doesn’t get to see Tracy as often as he likes. Tracy is still working with the basketball team after school. Then he has to rush home to rehearse for the Nutcracker. It starts in a couple of weeks, and he’s always a ball of nerves. They only get together on Sundays, but from what Jimmy has said, they spend it like rabbits in heat. He tries to act like it’s just about sex, but I really think that Jimmy is in love with Tracy. I know Tracy loves Jimmy because he’s told me. He’s just waiting for Jimmy to say the three words. If Jimmy doesn’t do it soon, I’m going to make him say it. I’m really looking forward to seeing Tracy dance in the Nutcracker. He’s talked about it so much, and he’s got everyone excited about it. He said he’s reserved the fifth row of the orchestra section for opening night. According to him, they are the best seats in the house. The performance runs for two weeks, and Jimmy is going to be there every night. If you had told me two months ago that Jimmy would be going to a ballet, I would have called you crazy. I can’t even imagine him seeing it six times. I bet after this, he’ll be telling Tracy he loves him. Although, he won’t have to. Tracy will already know. Three hours later, I was walking out of the hospital without casts. Even though my leg was weak, I felt free. My arm didn’t bother me so much because I had been using it quite a bit anyway. For the past few weeks, I was able to eat with a fork and spoon and write. However, walking without a cast felt different. Dad walked beside me just in case I fell. Dr. Vorhees told me to use my crutch for another week until I gained more strength. He told Dad to go to a medical supply company and buy me a cane to use for a few more weeks. I don’t think I will need one, but I do a lot of walking at school. One thing I’m going to miss, however, is Lyle being able to walk down the hall with his arm around me. Before, it appeared that I might need his help. Now, others will think that he is hugging me. I’m sure that Mrs. Alexander will also object. Since it was only 11 in the morning, Dad dropped me off at school. He had called ahead to let them know I would be late. He suggested that I could go home and rest, but I didn’t want to. After spending so much time recovering from my injuries at home, it is one of the last places I want to be. I made it to my third period class without any trouble. Several students smiled at me when I entered the room without my casts. When I sat down, the girl behind me whispered that it was good to see me. She said she was worried about me when I didn’t show up for class. When the bell rang, I exited the room and headed toward the cafeteria for lunch. I smiled when I saw Lyle and Jeff headed my way. “Hey,” grinned Lyle. “I wasn’t sure if you would show today.” “And miss not seeing you?” I smiled back. “Hey!” Jeff said excitedly. “Aren’t you glad to see me?” “Of course,” I replied as I leaned forward and hugged him. My relationship with Jeff had been rocky for a week or so. Even though he said he wasn’t mad at me, I still felt that he hadn’t forgiven me for ‘dumping’ him. That’s what Tracy said he called it once. However, as he and Murray grew closer, we seemed to renew our friendship. That is what I always wanted from Jeff. We jokingly called it friends with benefits, but we should never have tried to have a relationship when neither of us knew what we really wanted. Jeff seems happy with Murray. Murray treats him like a king. I’ve never seen them argue about anything like we used to do. They are always looking into each other’s eyes, and at times, I don’t think they even know that anyone else is around. Even Emily has stopped hanging around because she gave up trying to get his attention whenever Jeff is around. Jeff has never said much about their sexual relationship other than to say that Murray is a tender lover. I’m not sure what he meant by that. In a way, I guess it is a lot like how I feel towards Lyle. It’s funny to think that just a few weeks ago, Tracy, Jeff and I were having sex and talking about friends with benefits. Now, each of us has paired off with a different boyfriend. It’s like our lives have moved into different directions, but we’ve still managed to keep our friendship alive. One of the things that makes us stronger is that we are faced with the same situation at school. We are six gay boys in a high school. Everyone leaves us alone. I think Murray has a lot to do with that. After all, for years he was one of the most admired students in our school. When he came out, other students at first were surprised, but they slowly seemed to accept it. And since he is now dating Jeff, students’ attitudes towards Jeff have changed. He and Murray are always in the hallway with a group of students surrounding them. I think Jimmy had the hardest problem. He sat down with his parents one night and told them that he is gay. His mom took it well, but his dad didn’t. So, my parents one night called his parents and they went to Jimmy’s house and had an intervention like Jeff’s parents had with mine. Jimmy stayed with me while they were meeting. I swear he wore the carpet out between the sofa and the window. I laughed because I could remember doing the same thing at Tracy’s house when my intervention was going on. In the end, everything turned out okay. They were skeptical of him dating Tracy, but after meeting him a few times, they seemed to accept it better. Jimmy’s mom is excited about seeing Tracy dance in the Nutcracker. Jimmy’s still not sure if his father will attend the show. Tracy got him a ticket just in case he changes his mind. When we entered the cafeteria, the others were waiting for us. I hobbled over to the table holding my crutch to steady me. Lyle had his hand on my back to make sure I didn’t lose my balance. Jimmy, Tracy and Murray smiled when I sat down. I was surprised to see Emily and Kelly sitting with them. They had been eating at another table for the past week. “You’re walking pretty good,” said Tracy as I sat down. Lyle and Jeff rushed off to get us something to eat. I laughed and replied, “Yep. Maybe I can get a part in the Nutcracker.” “Shhh,” remarked Jimmy as he put his finger to his lips. “Don’t mention the Nutcracker.” He looked at Tracy and frowned. “He gets nervous whenever someone mentions it.” “You would too,” replied Tracy angrily. “It’s not you who is going to be dancing before four hundred people every night. The house is sold out every performance.” Jimmy looked around, and for a minute, I thought he was going to kiss Tracy in front of everyone. “You’ll do good, Baby,” he said as he lightly touched Tracy’s hand. Jeff and Murray met me outside my last period. Murray asked, “Do you want to join us to watch basketball practice?” I had joined them a few times, but I was usually tired when school ended, and I would head home by myself to rest until Lyle came to visit. “Sure,” I replied. Since I didn’t have to walk with a cast on my leg all day, I wasn’t tired. Besides, it would give me a chance to see Lyle practice. A couple of times he had mentioned that he wanted to see me sitting in the bleachers. Tracy, Jimmy and Lyle had made special arrangements for us to watch the practices. Normally, others were barred from attending. I guess his coach was so appreciative of how Tracy had helped the team, that he couldn’t say no. We were warned that if we were seen taking pictures or taping what was going on, we would be asked to leave. I guess the coach didn’t want other teams to know what we were doing. He wanted to surprise the opposing teams. As I sat in the bleachers, Lyle kept looking up at me and waving. Several times, when no one was looking, Jimmy blew Jeff a kiss. Jeff would playfully catch it, toss it back and Jimmy pretended to catch it. Lyle did it once to me, and I acted like it went over my head. Jeff and Murray laughed uproariously when Lyle frowned. However, the team looked great. As I watched them, I couldn’t believe the difference I saw from the previous year. They seemed to be in sync with each other’s movements. They didn’t look like a bunch of boys doing ballet. When they finished, Coach Warren had them sit in the bleachers opposite us. Lyle waved at me when he sat down. I blew him a kiss and he caught it and pressed it to his heart. “Okay, Guys,” said the coach as he paced in front of them. “Our first game is in two days. I’m impressed with what I see.” He looked at Tracy and gave him a thumb’s up. “You’ve done everything that Tracy has asked you to do, and more. Friday night, I don’t think the Sinclair Eagles are going to know what hit them.” The team rose, started shouting and high fiving each other. When they finished, the coach continued. “I’m proud of you guys. When I announced what we were going to do several weeks ago, you could have walked away. But you stayed and learned.” They boys started applauding again. “Win or lose Friday, you’re all winners in my book.” He clapped his hands and shouted, “No practice tomorrow. Now hit the showers!” The boys rose and again high-fived each other before heading toward the locker room. Lyle, Jimmy, Brian and Tyler came strolling across the court about twenty minutes later. Lyle’s red hair was still damp and clinging to his forehead. He looked so cute. I started smiling when he approached. “Hey, Guys,” said Tyler as he threw up his hand and waved. It was the first time he had said anything to any of us in weeks. I felt that he was trying to avoid us because we are gay. Brian, however, did speak in classes we shared. He also was friendly during basketball practice. “How about going to Mickey D’s for some Big Macs,” asked Jimmy as he looked around to see how we would respond. I looked up at Lyle to see if he wanted to. When he smiled, I knew he wanted me to join them. I nodded my head and looked at Jeff and Murray. They both said they would like to go. It was strange hanging out with Brian and Tyler. They seemed uncomfortable at first, but after sitting in Mac Donald’s for about a half hour with us, they began to enjoy themselves. Jimmy looked over at me a couple of times and shrugged his shoulders. He was even surprised by their behavior. A few times they mentioned how much Tracy’s help had been in improving the team’s skills. “I just know we’re going to kick ass Friday,” remarked Tyler as he high-fived Jimmy and Lyle. “Thanks, Tracy,” added Tyler. He looked down when Jimmy reached for Tracy’s hand and gripped it. I held my breath because I was afraid he would say something and make Jimmy mad. He looked away and pretended like he hadn’t noticed. On the walk home, we began to split up. Brian and Tyler headed to Tyler’s house. Jeff grabbed Murray’s hand and told him he had something to show him in his bedroom. We started laughing because we knew what that something was. When we arrived at my house, Tracy and Jimmy darted off across the street to Tracy’s bedroom. I blushed when I looked at Lyle and noticed him staring at me. “What?” I asked as my face reddened. “Nothing,” he replied. “Can’t I just stare at the guy I...” I was surprised. For a minute it sounded like he was going to say, “For the guy I love.” “Come on,” I insisted, “Tell me.” He turned and headed toward the house. I stopped when I entered the family room. The bed in the corner was gone, and the furniture had been rearranged. My mother came in, stopped and smiled. “Where’s my bed?” I asked. “Where’s a bed supposed to be?” She laughed. “In your room.” “Really?” I said excitedly. She explained that now that my leg cast was off, I could probably use the stairs again. If I had a problem, she and my father could bring it back downstairs. “That’s okay, Mom!” I said as I grabbed Lyle’s hand and headed for the stairs. I closed the door and locked it. I didn’t want my mother to enter unexpectedly and catch me and Lyle kissing. Lyle walked over to the bed and sat down. I sat beside him and toed off my shoes. I then scooted and leaned against the wall. Lyle toed off his shoes and moved beside me. Lyle reached down and gripped my hand. He smiled as he asked, “So, what do you want to do? You want to play a video game?” “No,” I replied nervously. “I want to do this.” I then began to kiss him. It was gentle at first, but as we kissed, it became more passionate. I pushed Lyle down on the bed and straddled him. “Wait, Jack,” he pleaded softly. However, he made no attempt to stop me. I could feel our erections rubbing against each other. I don’t think I had ever been as hard before as I was as I kissed Lyle. I raised myself and remove my shirt. It surprised me when he removed his. We again kissed passionately as our bare chests touched. I thought Lyle would resist when I reached down and pulled his erection free from his sweatpants. It was hard and red. Drops of precum was flowing from the tip. He moaned when I leaned down and licked him clean. “Oh, God, Jack!” he moaned lustily. I sat back and removed his sweats and underwear. He lay naked before me. I leaned forward and continued to kiss him. He squirmed and moaned as we kissed passionately. My heart stopped when he whispered softly, “I love you, Jack.” “I love you, too,” I replied as I leaned down and took his entire dick into my mouth. He thrust upward and moaned loudly. I had to pull off and tell him to be quiet or my mother would hear us. He nodded, and I continued sucking him. Because of our foreplay, it didn’t take him long to shoot a load down my throat. I started to gag because he came so much. When he stopped cumming, I pulled off and kissed him passionately. He stuck his tongue in my mouth and licked what remained of his cum. I had never been so turned on in my life. Making love to Lyle was nothing like having sex with Tracy or Jeff. It felt special, and I didn’t want it to end. I climbed off the bed, stripped naked, straddled him and began jerking off. He watched a minute and then removed my hand and started masturbating me. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensation. Suddenly, I felt a warmth around my dick. I looked down and Lyle was sucking me. He grabbed my ass and pushed me closer to him. I continued to slowly enter his mouth. I knew from our previous conversations that this was his first time. I felt so special because I was his first. I also felt guilty because I wish that I had waited so he could have been my first. Like Lyle, it didn’t take long to get that feeling. I didn’t want to cum in his mouth because I didn’t think he was prepared for that. Instead, at the last minute, I pulled out and came on his chest. He watched as I shot out all over his chest. “Wow,” he giggled. “When was the last time you came?” I didn’t answer. I wanted to feel Lyle’s nakedness against mine. We continued to kiss passionately for several minutes before I rolled over and stared at him. “Do you really love me?” I asked. “Yes,” he replied as he kissed me. I pulled away and responded, “I love you, too.” We lay for several minutes just holding each other and making out. It felt so special being in Lyle’s arms. He may not have been as attractive as Jeff or Tracy, but he was much more to me. Waves of happiness swept over me that I had never experienced before. “Boys!” my mother hollered upstairs. “Dinner will be ready in fifteen minutes.” Lyle jumped and grabbed his sweats. I stopped him and started laughing. “Relax,” I assured him. “I think Mom knows what we’re doing.” His face reddened as he asked, “How do you know?” “She would have knocked on the door and come in to make sure we weren’t fooling around,” I laughed as he gave me a puzzled look. “She gave us a fifteen-minute warning. She’s never done that before.” I grabbed his hand and pulled him off the bed. “Come on, let’s go take a quick shower before we go downstairs.” I giggled and added, “We smell like sex.” Friday was a tense day. It was our first game of the season, and the entire basketball team was nervous and edgy. I tried a few times to talk to Lyle and Jimmy, but I could tell they were concentrating on the game. At lunch, the pep squad held a small rally in the cafeteria, and it seemed to ease some of the tension. I think we were all nervous because no one but the team knew about the special practices that had been taking place. I think some of the players were afraid that they would be the butt of cruel jokes on Monday. I kept looking over at Tracy and hoping that if things backfired badly, he wouldn’t be blamed. I couldn’t help thinking that the entire student body would make fun of the sissy ballet dancers who had been taught how to dance by a faggot ballerina. Even though I had watched them practice, and they didn’t seem like ballerinas on the court, I still wasn’t sure that others wouldn’t see them that way. The team could be the laughingstock of other schools for years if this didn’t go well. The gymnasium was packed when Tracy, Jeff, Murray and I arrived. Emily, Kelly and other classmates had saved seats for us. Mom and Dad, as well as Mr. and Mrs. Craft were somewhere in the stands. I finally saw them sitting across the court from us. Dad saw me looking and waved. I held my breath when the team ran onto the court to practice. I thought they would do some of their movements, but they didn’t. They passed the ball around like they normally do. I figured they wanted to surprise their opponents and they didn’t want to tip them off during warmups. Tracy gripped my arm tightly when the teams came out onto the court for the tip-off. I looked into his face and saw pure fright. I am sure that he was thinking that he had made a terrible mistake teaching the team to incorporate ballet movements into their game. Our team received the ball, and Tyler grabbed the ball and dribbled down the court. He saw Jimmy open to his left and passed him the ball. Two defenders surrounded him, and Jimmy pivoted to his right, gracefully maneuvered around the defender and made a basket. The gym erupted into cheering. The two defenders looked at each other, shrugged their shoulders and the game resumed. The rest of the night played out the same way. Each time one of our players received the ball on the offense, they were able to evade their opponent by using one of the moves that Tracy had taught them. Even Tracy’s nervousness subsided after the first half, and he was cheering loudly the second half. Halfway through the second half, the Sinclair coach stopped the game and met off to the side with the referees. By his body gestures, it appeared that he was making a complaint about the way our team was playing. The gym started booing him, and he threw up his hands and stormed off to the bench. At the end of the game, the score was 96-72. We had won! There was loud applause as our team left the court and headed to the dressing room. They gave high-fives to awaiting hands on their way out. Tracy let out a deep sigh when the game was over. I don’t even think he expected our team to do as well as they did. The team had played exceptionally well without looking like ballet dancers on the court. I’m not even sure that most spectators were even aware of what they had witnessed. People around us were talking about how well they had played, but I didn’t hear anyone remark that they looked like ballet dancers. Tracy, Murray, Jeff and I headed toward the dressing room and waited outside for Lyle and Jimmy to come out. They exited with the team following behind them. They circled Tracy then lifted him high into the air. Everyone around started applauding. “Let me down!” screamed Tracy.They finally let him down, and all the players patted him on his back. “Thanks, Tracy,” they said excitedly. All the apprehension they had felt prior to the game was gone. Their fears of being called ballerinas didn’t materialize. Most fans noticed a difference, but I don’t think even they were aware of what they had witnessed. We went to a local Denny’s to celebrate. Even Coach Warren and the assistant coaches joined us. People in the restaurant applauded us was we entered. As we were eating, a young woman entered, looked around and noticed Tracy. She made her way over to our table. “Tracy Craft?” she asked. Tracy nodded his head. “I’m Myra Randolph with the Daily News.” She reached in her pocket and handed Tracy a business card. “Can I interview you?” Tracy looked at me, and I shrugged my shoulders. Tracy rose and walked to a table across the restaurant and sat in a booth with Myra. “What’s going on?” asked Jimmy. He was carefully watching Tracy. I responded, “I don’t know. It must have something to do with the game.” We continued to watch them talk. Tracy seemed very animated with his hands. It appeared he was describing some of his dance movements. Myra would smile and write something on a notepad in front of her. After twenty minutes, they stood and embraced. She waved goodbye as she exited the restaurant. “What was that all about?” asked Jimmy when Tracy sat down beside him. He smiled and replied, “She’s going to do an article on me.” Jimmy gave him a puzzled look and asked, “For what?” We laughed when Tracy pointed to his face and replied, “Because I’m charming.” “No, seriously,” responded Jimmy. “What is she going to write about you?” Tracy then explained that she had attended the game and noticed the movements our players were doing. She told Tracy that she had studied ballet as a girl, and she recognized what the players were doing. After talking to one of the assistant coaches, he told her about Tracy’s training after school. Now, she wanted to feature him in the sports section of the newspaper. Everyone at the table was excited. I think Jimmy would have planted a big kiss on Tracy’s lips if there weren’t so many people watching. Tracy announced proudly, “She’s even going to come to a Nutcracker rehearsal and take some pictures. This may be my big break.” Coach Warren came up behind Tracy and placed his hands on his shoulders. “You deserve it, Tracy. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate what you’ve done for our team.” He held out his phone. “I’ve been getting text messages all night from alumni who enjoyed the game.” He laughed and added, “We may finally have a winning season.” The players started high fiving each other. No one said anything when Jimmy leaned over and kissed Tracy on his cheek. Jimmy’s teammates had known for several weeks that Jimmy was dating Tracy. Even though they tried hard not to show their affection in public, several of the players had asked if they were boyfriends. Jimmy would never deny it, and he would generally respond by saying, “Something like that.” I think they appreciated Tracy so much for what he had done that they didn’t care that he and Jimmy were gay. Coach Warren had also warned the team that he wouldn’t tolerate any disrespect. At first, he had to warn a couple of players who had used derogatory words when talking about Tracy, but after a visit to the coach’s office, they stopped. The next few weeks centered around basketball and the Nutcracker. It is all any of us talked about. The team was on a winning streak. They had won four games in a row. The stands were packed at each game. After the Tracy’s article in the paper, people wanted to see the team play. Occasionally, someone would make a remark about the ballerinas on the floor, but most saw it as a fun experience. Before the third game, Coach Warren even told the players that a coach from a nearby college was in the stands to watch the team play. He was thinking about incorporating ballet movements into his practices. Tracy became more nervous as the opening of the Nutcracker grew nearer. “What if I mess up?” he often worried aloud. Jimmy would try to calm him, but it didn’t help. I tried not to imagine him falling during a dance, but even I was worried. He had spent his entire life waiting for this moment. One mistake could end his dreams. Opening night finally arrived. Jimmy, Jeff, Murray, and I spent the night at his house with him. He kept us up by pacing around the room all night. Myra had been at the rehearsal that night. She interviewed Tracy and the other cast members. Tracy said she spent the evening taking pictures of him and writing in her notebook. He was disappointed when she left at the end of rehearsal without saying anything. “She hated the performance,” he cried. “Why else did she leave without saying anything?” We tried to assure him everything would be okay and that maybe she rushed out to finish the article. He finally fell asleep around four, but he was awake a few hours later. I was afraid he might be too tired to dance later. We arrived at the theater at seven. The performance wasn’t until eight, but we hoped we could see Tracy before the show. His father had taken him at six so he could get dressed and put on his makeup. We filled up an entire row. Besides his parents and grandparents, there were several other family members. Lyle, Jimmy, Jeff, Emily and Karen sat together. My mother and father were there, as was Jimmy’s mom and dad. I was surprised because I didn’t think Jimmy’s father would attend. Stephanie, Darren and Clayton took the weekend off to attend the performance. It was the first time I met Clayton. He was even hotter than Darren. Murray and Jeff got in a brief argument because Jeff wouldn’t quit fawning over Clayton. I laughed because I remembered how he first reacted when he met Darren. I was also surprised to see several members of the basketball team attending with their parents. Coach Warren and his wife were also there, as were other assistant coaches. Mrs. Alexander and a few teachers were also present. There wasn’t an empty seat in the auditorium. Myra had written a really good article about Tracy and the show. Dad showed it to me at dinner. I’m not sure Tracy had even seen it yet. She was really impressed with Tracy’s dancing skills. The article centered mainly around his views about dance and the stereotyping of a young man dancing ballet. She even briefly discussed his involvement with the basketball team. She had included several quotes from the coaches and players. It was obvious how much they admired him for how he had helped the team play better. At eight, the lights dimmed, and the orchestra began to play. My heart started pounding when the curtain went up. I looked for Tracy onstage, but I didn’t see him. It started with a lot of people in someone’s house celebrating Christmas. A man gives a girl a nutcracker, but her brother breaks it and she starts crying. Then, everyone leaves the party and she goes to bed. I’m not really sure about what happened next. I think she had a dream or something. A bunch of rats start fighting with the soldiers and nutcracker. I thought Tracy would be the nutcracker when he removed his mask, but it was another boy. After that, there was a bunch of dancing. Then, Tracy and a really pretty girl came onstage. I held my breath as the beautiful music started playing, and they danced. I don’t think I had ever seen anything so wonderful. It didn’t even seem like Tracy on the stage. He was beautiful. He had on a beautiful outfit and makeup. I sat on the edge of my seat watching him dance. One thing kept running through my mind- Tracy is dancing on a star. His performance was flawless. When it ended, the audience rose and gave him and the girl a standing ovation. It seemed to last forever. Tracy held her hand and they approached the front of the stage and bowed several times. Once, he looked down at me, and I could see tears in his eyes. I gave him a thumb’s up, but it seemed like it wasn’t enough. Inside, I wanted to rush the stage and hold him. I wanted to share the moment with him. It had been his dream since we first met to dance before a live audience. Now, he was being recognized for his years of dedication and practice. The second act was fun. People danced from various countries. I laughed at the tall woman who came out, opened up her skirt, and a bunch of girls came out and danced. Tracy also came out and danced again with the girl. He did as well as he had the first time. When the show ended, the dancers came out for a bow. When Tracy ran out, the audience again roared with applause and cheers. Jimmy, Jeff and I were the loudest. Tracy looked down at us and blew us a kiss. Jimmy caught it and placed it to his chest. We waited in the lobby until Tracy came out. He was talking animatedly with other dancers. When he saw us, he ran over to us and hugged everyone. It took about five minutes until he was finally able to rest. His mother and father couldn’t contain their pride and excitement. He looked at me once and mouthed, “Help!” when his mother was hugging him tightly. It took about an hour for us to leave the theater. Audience members kept approaching Tracy and telling him how well he had performed. Myra walked around and took pictures and interviewed several cast members. She tried several times to talk to Tracy, but someone would always interrupt. Finally, we were able to leave. It had been a long night, and we were exhausted. As I was entering the house, Tracy hollered out and came running across the street. I walked out onto the sidewalk, and he embraced me tightly. “I love you, Jack,” he cried as he held me. “If it hadn’t been for you, this night wouldn’t have been possible.” “I didn’t do anything,” I replied tearfully. He pulled away and stared into my eyes. His green eyes were twinkling with tears. “Yes, you did,” he smiled. He took my hands and held them. “When I said let’s dance on a star, you did. You believed with me.” He looked up in the sky and pointed to a star. He then grabbed me around the waist, twirled me as we danced under a full moon. THE END.
  4. Ronyx

    Chapter 32

    I still can’t believe that Mom and I talked earlier. We even talked about me having a boyfriend, and she seemed to be okay with it. I guess she did need time to adjust to me being gay. I hope she doesn’t go in the opposite direction and try to find me a boyfriend. Now, that would be funny. I went into the family room and worked on my homework. I figured it might be a couple of hours until Jimmy showed up at the door. With basketball practice, and Tracy helping the team with their dance moves, I would probably not get to see them as often. Lyle asked if he could stop by after school, but I don’t know if he will. I was reading a short story for literature when the doorbell rang. I looked at the clock. It was too early for basketball practice to be over. Mom answered the door, and I could hear a boy’s voice, but I didn’t recognize him. Soon, Mom entered with Murray trailing behind. She asked, “Do you feel like company?” My face reddened when she grinned and winked. I’m glad Murray didn’t see her. “Yes, Mom,” I responded. She smiled and left the room. Murray stood looking down at me. “How are you, Jack?” he asked. “I’m okay,” I said as I cleared away my homework assignments from the bed so he could sit beside me. I held up my literature book. “I’m trying the read The Mask of the Red Death.” He sat down, laughed and said, “Spoiler alert. They all die in the end.” “Thanks,” I giggled as I closed the book. “I guess I can stop reading it now.” We sat a few minutes in silence. I assumed he stopped by for a reason, but he seemed nervous. He kept twiddling his thumbs like my father does sometimes when he’s deep in thought. Finally, I broke the silence. “What brings you here?” He shrugged his shoulders. “I dunno. I thought I’d stop by and see how you are.” I laughed and responded, “You just saw me a couple of hours ago at school.” I sat and stared at him. “Is something bothering you?” He again shrugged his shoulders and replied, “I dunno.” I giggled and said, “At least we’re getting somewhere.” He sat up and looked at me. “How well do you know Jeff?” I was surprised by his question. By the tone of his voice, it seemed like he might be interested in him. “Why do you ask?” “I dunno,” he said again. “I was just wondering, is all.” Suddenly, I realized where this was heading. Murray liked Jeff! I don’t think he had heard that Jeff was my boyfriend, or he wouldn’t be asking. Besides, after our conversation this afternoon, I’m not sure Jeff was anymore. I know it is wrong, but I thought I saw my way out of the situation with Jeff, and we could still be friends. I could hook him up with Murray! Murray was a good-looking guy. Jeff might even like the idea. “He’s a pretty nice guy,” I said. “He’s had a tough time at school, so he’s careful who he talks to.” Murray’s face reddened as he asked, “Do you think he’d talk to me?” “Why?” Murray became extremely nervous. “I…I…was just wondering if he might want to go out with me sometime.” I started giggling. “You’re cute when you get nervous.” His face reddened even more. He asked, “So what do you think? He’s your friend. Do you know what kind of guys he likes?” “Those with a heartbeat,” I laughed. When I finished laughing, I said, “I can’t speak for him, but I think he might like the idea. The only way you’ll know is if you ask.” His face reddened, “I was hoping you would do it for me.” “Why?” “I dunno,” he replied. “I’m just not used to this. Emily says I should, but I’m not sure. What if he says no?” “He won’t,” I assured him. “I’ll tell you what.” He nodded his head. “He may come by later. I’ll kind of mention that you like him. Okay?” He smiled and responded, “Okay. Thanks, Jack.” He got off the bed and looked down. “Let me know what he says, okay?” “Yeah, sure,” I responded. “See you tomorrow at school.” He nodded and left. A few minutes later, my mother entered the room. “Who was that? He’s really cute.” “Mom!” I shrieked. “Stop it! And no, to what you’re thinking.” She laughed and left the room. ********** I was working on a homework assignment when someone knocked on the door. My mother answered the door, and then Jeff entered the room. My mother looked in and gave me a puzzled look before leaving. Jeff approached and looked down. In an angry voice he asked, “What the fuck is wrong with you? Why did you talk to me like that at school?” I looked over to see my mother peek into the room. “Shut up, Jeff,” I snapped. “My mother can hear you!” He looked over at the door and responded, “I don’t care. Let her hear.” I rose from the sofa, grabbed my crutches and headed toward the door. Jeff followed behind me. I wanted to leave so my mother couldn’t hear our conversation. I knew we would probably get into a very heated argument. “Where are you going?” Jeff asked as I hobbled down the sidewalk. I turned and replied angrily. “Trying to get rid of you. Why don’t you just go on home.” He grabbed my arm to stop me. My first instinct was to raise my crutch and hit him with it. Instead, I continued down the sidewalk. He pleaded, “Talk to me, Jack! What is wrong with you?” “You’re an asshole,” I said angrily. “That’s what’s wrong with me.” “Why? What did I do wrong?” I looked around at the neighboring homes. I was afraid someone would be watching us arguing on the street and call the police. I asked, “Are your parents home?” He shook his head and told me they were still at work. “Good. Let’s go there and talk.” I trailed behind as we headed to his house. He wanted me to come inside, but I thought it would be best if we sat on the porch stoop. That way I could leave quickly if things got out of hand. He sat beside me and tried to grab my hand. I pulled it away. “What’s wrong, Jack? I thought we were boyfriends?” he asked sadly. “No,” I replied sarcastically. “I’m a boyfriend when no one else is around.” “What’s that mean?” I looked him directly in the eyes and replied, “It’s just not going to work. I told you we were too young for this.” Tears started falling down his cheeks. “But I love you, Jack.” He tried to hug me, but I held up my arms to prevent him. Tears started to form in my eyes. “I know you think you do, Jeff. But it takes more than just words.” “What’s that mean?” “I mean if we are going to be boyfriends, then we have to be able to commit completely to each other.” Hesitantly, I reached out and gripped his hand. “Neither of us are really ready for that right now.” He replied tearfully, “I am. I promise.” “What about Tracy and Jimmy?” I asked. “What about them?” I replied, “Can you honestly say that you won’t have sex with them anymore?” When he looked away, I knew I had won my argument. “You can’t say it, can you?” He looked tearfully at me and shook his head. “And I can’t promise you that I can’t have sex with someone else.” He hung his head and started crying. “Jeff,” I said tearfully as I squeezed his hand tighter. “We’re just not ready for this boyfriend thing. I don’t want us to keep fighting. I care to much for you to keep doing that.” He looked tearfully at me and asked, “But you don’t love me?” “Yes,” I assured him. “I do love you. I just don’t think I love you enough. Do you understand?” He nodded and replied, “I think so.” He wiped his eyes and asked, “What about still being friends with benefits?” I chuckled and replied, “Sure.” He grinned evilly and asked, “What about being friends with benefits now? My parents aren’t home.” “That’s not a good idea,” I explained. “I think we need to think about this for a few days.” He frowned and agreed, “You’re probably right.” “Besides,” I informed him. “I have something to tell you.” He gave me a puzzled look. “You know Murray, right?” He smiled and replied, “Everyone knows Murray. He’s one of the hottest guys in our class.” “You gotta promise me that you won’t say anything.” “About what?” “Murray wants to date you.” Jeff shrieked, “What! Are you serious?” I explained to him about Murray’s visit and how he had asked me if Jeff would go out on a date with him. “Are you shitting me? Murray Reynolds wants to go on a date with me?” I giggled and replied, “Well, that is if you’re not my boyfriend anymore.” His face saddened. “You won’t be mad?” “No,” I replied as I gave him a hug. “I won’t be mad.” As funny as it seemed, we spent the next fifteen minutes talking about him and Murray. When we left my house, I was expecting to have a horrible argument. It ended up with us talking about him dating another boy. I guess it just reinforced that we really weren’t ready for a committed relationship. I was just glad that Jeff and I were still going to be friends. However, we still had to work out the friends with benefits thing. ********** After dinner I was sitting on the porch. Tracy came home earlier, and I thought he would stop by and see me. However, he later got in the car with his mother and they drove away. I guess he was going to rehearsal. I noticed Jimmy and Lyle walking toward the house. Jimmy was talking animatedly, and Lyle was laughing at something he said. “Hey, Dirtwad,” greeted Jimmy with a laugh. I ignored him and spoke to Lyle. “You know you’re judged by the company you keep, don’t you?” Jimmy shot back, “Then I guess he keeps good company.” I roared with laughter when Lyle said, “Don’t bet on it.” Jimmy sat on my right and Lyle sat down on my left. Jimmy asked me how everything was going. “Okay, I guess,” I responded. “How was practice?” “It’s going great,” answered Lyle. “We’re starting to come together as a team. Usually that doesn’t happen until about halfway through the season. I think what Tracy is teaching us is beginning to play off.” “We’ll know in a couple of weeks when the season starts,” remarked Jimmy. We spent the next half hour just chatting. Most of it was about school. Jimmy tried to talk about a couple of boys, but when Lyle and I didn’t seem interested he stopped. “I guess I better head home,” he said as he stood and stretched. “I’ll leave you two love birds alone. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.” We laughed as he headed off down the sidewalk. We sat uncomfortably for several minutes without speaking. Finally, I asked Lyle if he would like to go inside and get something to drink. “Yeah, sure,” he answered timidly. Lyle held me around the waist as I hobbled into the house. I was getting around much better, but I didn’t want to complain. His arm around me felt good. My mother turned when we entered the kitchen. She took one look at Lyle’s embrace and looked into my face. I know I was blushing brightly. She gave us a puzzled look, and I asked her if we had any soda in the refrigerator. “Sit down, Boys,” she said as she motioned for us to sit at the counter. She grabbed two Pepsis and placed them in front of us. She then pulled out a big bag of potato chips and poured them into a bowl. She poured a cup of coffee and sat down across from us. She looked at Lyle and asked who he is because she had never seen him at the house before. “I’m Lyle Landers, Mrs. Craft,” he answered politely. She responded, “Please, Dear, call me Helen.” I was astounded. Except for Jimmy, she had never asked any of my other friends to call her by her first name. Yet she asked Lyle as soon as she met him. “Yes, Ma’am,” he replied as he looked over at me. She began asking me how school had gone, and if the boy who had shoved me yesterday had given me any more trouble. I told her that he had been suspended for ten days. “Did you see what happened?” she asked Lyle. He replied, “Yes, Ma’am. I protected Jack.” He looked over at me and smiled. My mother watched the exchange and asked, “How did you protect Jack?” “I…um…kinda got in a fight with Clayton.” “My husband said that Jimmy and another boy did some serious damage to the boy who hit Jack. Were you that boy?” “Yes, Ma’am,” replied Lyle as he again glanced at me. My mother sat back and smiled. She rose and said that she had to begin dinner, and she asked if we could go into the family room. She grinned when she said that she wouldn’t disturb us. “Mom!” I said excitedly. “Stop it!” She laughed as she turned and opened the refrigerator door. It was strange to see how she had changed in just a week. Before, she hated me and didn’t want me as a son. Now, it was as if she was playing matchmaker. I guess Lyle had made a good impression on her. However, in a way it seemed unfair. She immediately didn’t like Tracy and Jeff. I think it was because she saw them as effeminate. Lyle didn’t act that way. Unless you knew he was gay, you would probably not expect him to be. He appears like the boy next door type. I began to wonder if she was encouraging me to date Lyle so she wouldn’t have to explain to others why I was hanging with a gay boy like Tracy or Jeff. “What was that all about?” Lyle asked as we sat on the sofa. He pressed his body next to mine and our legs rubbed together. Any other time, I would look at the door to see if my mother was watching and quickly move away. With Lyle, I didn’t feel I had to do that. I replied, “I think my Mom likes you.” He gave me a surprised look and asked, “Does she know you’re gay?” I laughed and said, “Yes, but it has taken a while.” “What do you mean?” he asked. “Long story,” I responded. “Maybe another time.” “Okay,” he answered. I turned on the television and we watched a rerun of LA Law. A couple of times he brushed his hand against mine, but he would look at the door to make sure no one walked in. He spoke nervously, “Can I ask you a question?” I gave him a puzzled look and told him he could ask me anything. It surprised me when he asked, “Can we go out sometime?” “You mean like on a date?” His face blushed a bright red. I couldn’t help but laugh at how cute he appeared. “What’s so funny?” he asked. “You’re cute when you get all nervous?” He gave me a serious look. “You think I’m cute?” I grinned and said, “Yes. I think you’re cute.” He blushed and replied, “I think you’re cute too.” “And to answer your question,” I replied. “Yes.” “Yes?” “Yes,” I said. “I would like to go out on a date with you.” “Cool,” he replied. I reached down and held his hand as we watched the show. Lyle rested his head on my shoulder, and it felt comfortable. I never felt like this with Jimmy, Jeff or Tracy. If they had done it, we probably would have ended up naked on the floor and sucking each other. With Lyle, it was different. I think it would have broken the mood if we did try to do something. He looked up into my face and asked, “A penny for your thoughts?” I smiled and kissed him on his cheek. “I don’t know,” I replied. “I’m feeling kind of good.” “Me too,” he grinned as he kissed me on my cheek. He sighed deeply and rested his head again on my shoulder. We jumped apart when the front door opened. I could hear my father’s voice in the kitchen talking to my mother. A few minutes later, he entered the family room. He stopped suddenly when he saw Lyle sitting beside me. “Your mother said you had company,” he said. “I thought it was Jimmy.” “No, Dad,” I replied. “This is Lyle Landers. He’s in my class.” My father reached out and shook Lyle’s hand. “Lyle Landers?” he asked. “You Ken Lander’s son?” Lyle responded, “Yes, Sir.” My father started laughing and said, “Well I’ll be damned. Ken Lander’s boy.” He again started laughing. “Your father is one of my attorneys.” “He is?” Lyle asked in amazement. “He’s also a good friend,” my father added. “We play golf on Saturday mornings.” Lyle’s face reddened as he asked, “You’re Jerry?” Dad gave him a puzzled look. “Yes. Has your father mentioned me?” “Uhh,” stammered Lyle. “I’ve heard him talk about you.” A mischievous grin appeared on Dad’s face as he asked, “What has he said.” Lyle tried to avoid the question, but Dad kept insisting that he tell him. Finally, he admitted that his father says that Dad sometimes changes his score in the middle of a game. “What?” laughed my father. “Ken’s the one we have to watch out for.” Dad sat down beside Lyle and they started talking. He asked Lyle if he played sports, and he seemed interested that he played basketball. When he asked Lyle how the team looked this year, Lyle explained how Tracy was helping them learn ballet. “Are you serious?” asked my father excitedly. He looked over at me. “Did you know about this, Jack?” I nodded my head. “Well, I’ll be damned,” responded my father. “A boys’ basketball team learning ballet.” Lyle asked worriedly, “You don’t think it’s wrong, do you?” “Hell, no,” replied my father. “I’ve heard of the college teams sometimes doing things like that, I just didn’t think high school boys would do it.” I said, “They’re really getting good, Dad. I think they are going to surprise a lot of teams this year.” “No doubt,” laughed my father. “I’ve seen Tracy practice. If they add some of his moves on them, they won’t know what hit them.” “That’s what we’re hoping, Sir,” replied Lyle. My father rose and patted Lyle on his leg. “You’re welcome by here anytime, Lyle.” He looked over at me and winked. “We hope to see more of you.” “Dad!” I said excitedly. “You’re worse than Mom.” He left the room laughing. A minute later I could hear them talking in the kitchen. I couldn’t make out what they were saying, but I did hear Lyle’s name mentioned a few times. Lyle looked at the time on his phone. “I better be going,” he announced. “Mom will be expecting me home for dinner soon.” “Okay,” I smiled. We stared into each other’s eyes. I know he was thinking the same thing as me. Should we kiss goodbye? “Well,” he sighed. “I guess I better go.” “Okay,” I replied hesitantly. When he started to stand, I grabbed his arm and pulled him back onto the seat. “What?” He asked, “What do…” I leaned in and kissed him on his lips. He pulled away with a surprised look on his face. I panicked thinking I had made a mistake. Then he smiled, leaned forward and kissed me.
  5. Ronyx

    Chapter 31

    When I headed out to the car with Dad, Tracy came running across the street. “Can I get a ride, Mr. Woolery?” Dad nodded his head, and Tracy jumped into the backseat. As we pulled off, we saw Jimmy heading our way. He playfully stuck out his thumb for a ride. Dad slowed down and acted like he was going to stop, but at the last minute he sped away. Tracy and I roared with laughter. Dad suddenly stopped, backed up and waited for Jimmy. “That was mean, Jerry,” he admonished my father. He had been calling my father by his first name since we were little. I also called his father Dave. They said it was ridiculous for us to always be referring to them as Mister. As we drove to school, I glanced into the backseat and noticed Jimmy and Tracy holding hands. I quickly looked over at my father to see if he saw them. His eyes were on the road, so I guess he didn’t. I looked into the backseat and scowled at them. I didn’t want to try and explain to my father why they were doing it. He knows Tracy is gay, but I don’t think he suspects Jimmy to be. If he keeps holding Tracy’s hand, though, he will soon know. It also surprised me because Jimmy and Tracy seem to be getting closer. Just a few weeks ago, he hated Tracy. Now, it seems like he is risking everything by associating with him. I wasn’t sure, but by looking at them in the backseat sitting closely to each other, they appeared to be boyfriends. When Dad let us out in front of the school, Tracy helped me out of the car. He put his arm around me as we headed into school. I was getting stronger, and I really didn’t need help. However, it felt good to know that my friends still cared. We went to my locker to get the books for my morning classes. Classes were getting back to normal. Since Jeff had brought me my homework assignments while I was at home, I was caught up with most of my work. I had a couple of tests to make up, but even then, most teachers told me they wouldn’t hold me accountable for them. I guess they felt sorry seeing me struggling around school on crutches. Second period was tense. I shared that class with Jimmy, Jeff, Tracy and Tyler. Jeff was late to arrive. When he did, he sat down without even looking at me. Jimmy gave me a questioning look. I didn’t tell him about our little fight over Lyle. I still hadn’t seen Lyle. I looked for him in the hallway going to my classes, but I never saw him. Maybe he was trying to avoid me like Jeff. I was on my way to third period by myself. It was one of the few classes I didn’t share with anyone. Tracy had offered to help carry my books, but I told him I could manage by myself. As I walked down the hall, someone kicked my crutch from under me, and I fell to the ground. When I did, my head hit the floor. I grabbed my head and screamed out in pain. When I looked up, Clayton Crawford was standing above me with his arms folded and a wide grin on his face. “This is what we do to faggots like you around here,” he hissed. I started to get back up, but he put his shoe on my shoulder. “Stay on the ground, Fag,” he warned. “That’s where you belong.” Tears welled up in my eyes. Besides my head pounding, I was embarrassed because others had circled around me to watch. Suddenly, someone grabbed Clayton’s shoulders and tossed him across the hallway. Others moved away quickly as his body slammed against the lockers. Lyle rushed over to him and started pounding him unmercifully. “You piece of shit!” he screamed. Clayton covered his head to avoid the severe punches. “If you ever touch Jack again, I’ll fucking kill you!” he screamed. Out of nowhere, Jimmy joined Lyle and began kicking Clayton. They stepped back, and Clayton recoiled in fear. Hesitantly, he rose and ran off down the hall. Lyle rushed over to me and knelt. “Are you okay, Jack?” he asked worriedly. His eyes were filled with tears. Soon, Jimmy knelt and held me tightly as I cried into his shoulder. “I’m so scared,” I sobbed. “I thought Clayton was going to kill me.” We heard shouting in the background, and students parted to make way for Mrs. Alexander and two school security officers. “What is going on?” she asked as she knelt beside Lyle. “Clayton Crawford tried to hurt Jack,” Jimmy informed her. “He tripped him and then tried to beat the shit out of him.” Mrs. Alexander looked around and asked, “Where’s Clayton now?” “We took care of him,” hissed Lyle. Mrs. Alexander asked, “What did you do?” When Lyle grinned, she shook her head but didn’t say anything. She stood and asked Lyle and Jimmy if they would help me to her office. They lifted me and held me tightly as I hobbled behind her. We followed Mrs. Alexander to her office. She told us to sit while she left. Lyle looked sadly at me and asked if I was okay. I started to assure him I was, but before I could speak, he kissed me on the lips. “Damn!” giggled Jimmy. I wiped my lips and asked, “What was that for?” Lyle’s face reddened as he responded, “I don’t know. I was scared you were hurt.” Jimmy giggled again and responded, “You kissed him because you thought he was hurt?” He held his finger out to Lyle. “I got a boo boo on my finger. You want to give me a kiss?” “Shut up,” laughed Lyle. His face was scarlet red. He turned back towards me. “Seriously, Jack. Are you okay?” I rubbed the back of my head. “I hit my head when I fell,” I informed him. He stood and examined the back of my head. I started to stiffen when he gently rubbed his hand over my head. Jimmy watched me rearrange my shorts and started laughing. “You guys are going to make a cute couple,” he laughed. Lyle looked into my eyes. We stared at each other. I think both of us were wondering if what Jimmy had just said was true. We had just met, but I think we were sensing that something special was happening. Mrs. Alexander entered with the school nurse. She walked over and inspected my head. She asked me how I felt, and how hard I had hit my head when I fell. I told her it hurt at first, but it was beginning to feel better. She asked if I thought I should go to the hospital, but I insisted that I was alright. She turned to Mrs. Alexander. “We’ll keep an eye on him the rest of the day. Inform his afternoon teachers what happened and have them call me if they notice any sudden changes.” She then left the room. She spent the next ten minutes going over what had happened. She was more focused on Clayton’s actions and what he had said to me. She didn’t appear interested in what Lyle and Jimmy had done to Clayton. I guess she figured he got what he deserved. When we finished, she assured me that Clayton would be suspended for his actions. She also told me that she had spoken to my father. She asked if I would like him to come get me and take me home, but I told her I would like to stay in school. She looked at the clock. “Lunch is going to be in ten minutes. Why don’t you boys stay here until then.” She rose and left the office. Jimmy asked worriedly, “What do you think will happen now?” Lyle responded, “I don’t think we’re in any kind of trouble. Mrs. Alexander didn’t say anything about us beating the shit out of Clayton.” “You guys were crazy,” I laughed. “I couldn’t believe you kicked his ass like that.” “He was hurting you,” replied Lyle as tears welled up in his eyes. “We couldn’t let him do that.” “Yeah,” agreed Jimmy. “If he messes with you again, he’s dead meat.” “Thanks, Guys,” I responded appreciatively. I wasn’t sure what would have happened if Lyle and Jimmy hadn’t jumped in. The look on Clayton’s face showed that he intended to hurt me. Jimmy started giggling. “If you guys want to kiss, I’ll turn my head.” He laughed louder as he turned away from us and faced the wall. I was surprised when Lyle leaned toward me and kissed me again. “I knew it!” laughed Jimmy. “You did it!” “So?” smiled Lyle as he leaned in and kissed me again. I quickly looked at the door to make sure that Mrs. Alexander wasn’t watching before I returned his kiss. “Damn,” giggled Jimmy. “You guys are serious.” I looked over and watched as he rearranged a growing erection inside his shorts. Good old Jimmy. I guess anything turns him on. He looked at the door and warned, “You guys better be careful, though. Alexander might come in and see you. If she does, it’s a ten-day suspension.” We smiled and scooted away from each other. Jimmy kept staring at us and shaking his head. I couldn’t stop looking at Lyle. He doesn’t have the looks of a hot teen boy. In fact, I had never really noticed him until yesterday when he showed up at my house with Jimmy. However, in the brief time I’ve known him, he appeals to me. He seems down to earth. There is nothing arrogant about him. Tracy and Jeff are good looking, and they know it. The times we’ve been naked together, I feel embarrassed because I don’t have their bodies or good looks. Jimmy is athletic, and even though he’s not as attractive as Tracy and Jeff, he is still appealing. He could have several girlfriends if he wanted them. That is why I’m surprised I never picked up that he is gay. I should have known it when he kept rejecting girls’ advances. I used to hear him say so often, “I’m a player. I don’t want to get tied down to one girl.” However, he never showed any interest in any girl. Lyle is different, though. I can’t really put my finger on it. When he smiles at me, I feel comfortable. It’s not like Jimmy’s grin when I know what he’s thinking. He wants to tackle me, strip me naked and suck me until I’m dry. Tracy and Jeff also only seem interested in the sex we have. When I look at Lyle, I don’t imagine us having sex. I think of sitting on the sofa holding hands and watching a movie or taking a walk with our arms wrapped around each other. It is a strange feeling. I’ve never thought of anyone like this before. I even think I could walk into the kitchen holding hands with Lyle and not be worried about what my mother or father might say. I just think they would take one look at us and know… Wait a minute. I’m not thinking what I was just getting ready to say. Jeff wanted us to be boyfriends; however, I never felt that way about him. I suppose he senses it and that is why he’s mad at me. Maybe he picked up on it yesterday before I even did. Maybe that is why he stormed out of the house and hasn’t spoken to me today. I’m not even sure he is aware of what has happened. “Hey, guys!” Jimmy laughed as he snapped his fingers. I blinked my eyes. I hadn’t realized that we had been staring into each other’s eyes. “You two need to get a room,” he giggled. “If you don’t stop, you two are going to be fucking here in the office.” Just then, the bell rang. We stood to leave. I looked down and noticed a large bulge in the front of Lyle’s pants. I smiled knowing that he had been thinking of me. As we left, I let my hand brush gently against it. He opened his hand and I placed mine in his. He looked at me and grinned. We were careful to unwrap our hands before we left the office. The cafeteria was buzzing when we entered for lunch. Everyone stared at me as I hobbled across the cafeteria where Tracy and Jeff were sitting. Jimmy and Lyle headed for the lunch line. Jimmy knew what I wanted. After eating lunch together for so many years, he knew what I liked- and didn’t like. How anyone can swallow a slice of dry cheese pizza is beyond my imagination. Tracy spoke, but Jeff looked away and ignored me. I was beginning to get tired of his attitude. He thinks he can do anything he wants, but I have to be Mr. Perfect for him. Screw him. “I heard about your fight,” said Tracy. Jeff looked over and I could tell he hadn’t heard what had happened. “Are you okay?” “Yeah,” I replied. “I’m okay.” Jeff asked, “What happened?” I responded sarcastically, “As if you care.” Jeff rose and pushed his chair away and it crashed to the floor. Several students sitting nearby looked over. “I’ve had it!” he hissed angrily. “What is wrong with you, Jack?” I looked around as others stopped eating to watch our argument. “Shut up, Jeff!” I remarked as my face reddened. “Everyone is looking at us.” “I don’t care!” he shouted louder. “Let these fuckers listen!” Several girls let out a gasp. Tears welled up in his eyes as he looked down sadly at me. “I’m outta here,” he cried as he wiped his eyes and rushed away. “Damn!” I exclaimed. “What’s his problem?” “Did you guys have a fight?” asked Tracy. “He’s been bad-mouthing you all morning.” Before I could answer, Jimmy and Lyle approached and sat down. Lyle sat closely beside me. Tracy gave us a questioning look. “Tracy,” I said. “This is Lyle Landers.” Tracy held out his hand and fist bumped Lyle’s fist. “He’s a friend of Jimmy’s,” I explained. “You may remember him yesterday from the basketball team.” “Yeah,” responded Tracy as he stared at Lyle and me. “I remember.” Jimmy tried to get every to talk, but we didn’t. Tracy kept staring across the table, and Lyle was unusually quiet. Jimmy laughed and asked, “Did someone’s grandmother die or something?” When we didn’t respond, he finished eating lunch without saying anything else. When the bell rang, Jimmy and Lyle headed for their fourth period history class. Tracy grabbed my arm and steadied me as we went to biology. “What’s going on?” he asked as we made our way down the hall. “What do you mean?” “First, Jeff is pissed at you,” he replied. “And at lunch it looked like something is going on with you and that Lyle guy.” When I didn’t respond, he asked, “Is there?” I shrugged my shoulders, “I don’t know.” He stopped me and remarked worriedly, “Be careful, Jack. Jeff isn’t going to like it if you see another guy. He’s really into you.” I laughed and replied, “Sure he is. That’s why he’s fucking around with you, Jimmy and any other guy he meets.” “It’s complicated, Jack,” he replied. “Jeff may mess around with other guys, but his heart belongs to you.” I started laughing uproariously. “His heart belongs to me? What kind of shit is that? He can do what he wants, but if I look at another guy he gets pissed.” I turned and headed off down the hallway. When Tracy grabbed my arm, I brushed him off. I looked at him and said, “Tell Jeff to kiss my ass.” I turned and hobbled quickly away. I was in a bad mood the rest of the afternoon. I tried to pay attention in class, but my mind kept going back to what Tracy had said. The more I thought about it, the angrier I became. It was as if he agreed with Jeff. He saw no problem with Jeff messing with other guys as he kept me as a boyfriend. I began to wonder if this was really how gay relationships are. I knew from the start that I didn’t want a steady boyfriend. I knew I would be attracted to other guys, and I didn’t want the burden of trying to mask how I felt. For a while, I thought Jeff felt the same way. I was even going to give it a try. However, he decided to change the rules. I was supposed to be the faithful boyfriend while he played around behind my back. By the end of the day, I had decided that Jeff and I were through. I no longer wanted to see him. Jimmy and Lyle met me in the hall at the end of my last class. “You going to the gym and watch us dance?” he giggled. “No,” I replied rudely as I brushed past him and hurried away. Lyle ran up beside me. “Are you okay, Jack?” he asked. I turned and started to yell at him, but the concerned look on his face prevented me from getting angry. Lyle had nothing to do with how I was feeling. “I’m okay,” I assured him. “I just need to be alone.” “Alright,” he replied. He looked down at my hand, and I thought he was going to reach out and hold it. “Can I stop by after practice and see you.” “Yeah, sure,” I tried to force a smile. “I’d like that.” He nodded and hurried back to where Jimmy was standing watching us. Jimmy threw his arm around Lyle’s shoulder as they headed toward the gym. I walked home by myself. I needed to clear my head. Things were beginning to return to normal. I was adjusting to what was happening at home. Mom and Dad seemed more supportive. Mom hadn’t said anything bad to me in a week. We still didn’t return to that special bond we had a month ago, and I had accepted that we probably never would. Dad seemed happier that the tension in the house had subsided. Even Karen remarked a couple of times how much better it was at the dinner table. But now I felt that things were getting out of control again. I realize now that I made a mistake by leading Jeff on just so my mother would accept me being gay. I still think it helped. After I fell and called him, she seemed to have changed. She seemed to like Jeff, and I think she was accepting that we were boyfriends. What would I say to her if he doesn’t come around anymore? I’m confused about my feelings about Lyle. He likes me, that I’m sure. However, I’m confused how I feel about him. We only met yesterday, but there is something special about him. I don’t think he’s had the sexual experience that I have had; although it is limited to just Tracy, Jeff and Jimmy. I get the feeling that he may have never been with a guy. What if he begins to like me, and I can’t like him back? I’m still not sure I want a boyfriend. I’m in the situation I’m in now because of my reluctance to give myself entirely to Jeff. But staring into his eyes in Mrs. Reynold’s office, I think I might be willing to take a chance. What if he doesn’t? What if he turns out to be like the other guys? What if he only wants me for sex? Again, I keep returning to the same question. Is this what gay relationships are all about? Will I ever find love? Okay. I said it. I’m only sixteen, but I know what I want. I don’t want random sex with friends with benefits. I want someone I can trust. Jeff wanted to be that someone, but I don’t think he can be. For so long, he was on the outside looking in. No one would talk to him. He’s found friends now, and he’s enjoying that. I understand, I really do. Doors have opened up for him that didn’t exist before. He’s probably sat alone many nights crying because he thought no one wanted to be his friend. Now, he has several. Tracy and I are his friends. Jimmy has become a friend, as has Murray. I don’t want to hold him back. I just have to find a way to talk to him. That is, if he’ll ever talk to me again. I was exhausted by the time I got home. I plopped down in my chair and immediately fell asleep. I must have slept for about an hour when I heard someone opening the front door. My mother peeked in and asked if I was alright. “I’m kind of tired,” I replied. “It’s been a hard day.” She came in and sat beside me. “Your father called me and told me about the fight.” She examined the back of my head. “Are you sure you’re alright? Do you need to see the doctor?” “No, Mom,” I assured her. “I’m okay. Just tired is all.” She rose and told me to get some sleep. I closed my eyes and rested for another hour. When I woke, I heard her in the kitchen making dinner. Without my crutches, I hobbled into where she was. She turned when she heard me. “Shouldn’t you be using your crutches?” she asked worriedly. “I’m trying to not use them as often,” I explained. “I need to build my muscles back up for when they take this stupid cast off.” I lightly hit it as I sat down at the counter. She went to the refrigerator, poured some orange juice into a glass and handed it to me. “Thanks, Mom,” I said appreciatively. She smiled and continued preparing the baked pork chops. When she finished and was peeling potatoes, I asked, “Can I ask you something?” “Sure, Honey,” she replied as she stopped what she was doing and looked worriedly at me. “Never mind,” I said as I took a swig of orange juice. She asked, “Is it important?” I shrugged my shoulders. I was hesitant to talk to her about what was bothering me. It was only the past week we had been getting along better. I didn’t want to upset her again. She sat in the seat beside me. “What is on your mind, Jack?” I sighed and hesitated a minute before responding. “When do you know you’re in love?” She appeared startled by my question. I guess she thought I was going to complain about my pain. She rose, walked around the counter and began peeling potatoes. I sighed again and said, “Never mind, Mom.” She placed the knife on the counter, wiped her hands off with a towel and responded. “It’s okay, Jack.” She laughed nervously. “I figured we would have this talk someday; I just didn’t think it would be today.” “It’s okay, Mom,” I replied as I stood. “Nothing’s wrong.” “Sit down, Jack,” she insisted as she sat beside me. She took a deep breath and said, “I can handle this. I had this same talk with your sister three years ago.” She laughed nervously and added, “I guess it isn’t much different, is it?” I shrugged my shoulders and said, “I guess not.” She asked softly, “Do you think you’re in love?” I shook my head, “I don’t think so.” “Is it Jeff?” she asked. “No,” I sighed deeply. “I don’t think I’m in love with him.” “I see,” she said. “Then what is the problem?” “I’m not sure,” I replied. “Jeff wants me to be his boyfriend, but I’m not sure.” She laughed and said, “I thought Jeff was already your boyfriend.” “He wants to be,” I said, “But I’m not ready yet. I think I’m too young to know what love is.” She smiled and replied, “You’re a smart boy, Jack. When all this happened, I didn’t know what to do. It really confused me.” “You?” I laughed. “It wasn’t easy for me, either.” “I know that now,” she admitted. “I think I’m ready for the next phase.” “What phase?” Tears welled up in her eyes as she replied, “You falling in love.” “I’m not in love,” I responded emotionally. “At least I don’t think so.” “Then why are we having this conversation?” My face reddened. “Well, there’s this boy I met.” “I see,” she smiled. “And he’s not Jeff?” I shook my head. “And now you’re afraid of hurting Jeff?” “I think so,” I admitted. “Does the boy have a name?” I giggled and said, “Of course he has a name.” “Who is he?” “I’d rather not say. I’m not sure yet.” “Yes, you are,” she smiled gently. She stood and ran her hand through my hair. “When the moment comes, you’ll know what to do.” She picked up the knife and continued to peel potatoes. I rose and started to leave. Before exiting the door, I stopped and said, “Thanks, Mom.” She winked and replied, “You’re welcome, Jack.”
  6. Ronyx

    Chapter 30

    When we got home, Tracy, Jeff and Murray headed across the street. Tracy said he had something he wanted to show them. By the way they had flirted with Murray all afternoon, I had an idea of what he wanted to show Murry. In a few minutes, he would probably be dancing naked in front of them. I sat in the chair by the window and stared up into Tracy’s room. He looked down at me and then shut the blinds. Suddenly, I felt alone. I had spent a week in the hospital often with no visitors, but I didn’t feel as lonely as I did now. It seemed like all my friends had abandoned me. I was mad at Jeff and Tracy. A good-looking guy comes along, and they instantly forget about me. None of them even considered helping me into the house. At school they fought each other to help me. Now, it was like I was invisible to them. So much for friendship. I heard a car door slam outside, and I knew my mother had come home. She entered and peeked into the room. “Hello, Dear,” she sang out. “How was school?” “It was okay,” I answered sadly. She entered the room and sat down on the sofa. “Is every think okay?” she asked worriedly. In the past I probably would have talked to her about how I was feeling. Now, I wasn’t sure. She had recently seemed to be accepting I was gay, but I didn’t trust her. She could go from hot to cold instantly. I think sometimes she saw me as the old Jack. Then, I could see a change in the expression on her face. She probably realized that I was no longer her little boy. I was becoming a man- a gay man. It would probably be some time before she could completely accept him. “I’m fine,” I sighed. “I’m just bored.” “Where is Jeff?” I looked up at the drawn blind on Tracy’s bedroom window. I wondered if the three of them were naked and sucking each other as we had done several times. I shrugged my shoulders and replied, “Don’t know.” My mother rose and headed toward the kitchen. “I have to start supper. If you need anything, just holler.” “Sure, Mom,” I replied as I looked once again up at Tracy’s window. I went over and lay down on the bed. I was tired from hobbling around all day on my crutches. I was okay at school because someone was ready to help me. However, the long walk home exhausted me. I fell asleep for about thirty minutes when I was awakened by someone ringing the doorbell. My mother answered the door, and I could hear Jimmy’s voice. He came into the room with another boy trailing behind him. I recognized him as someone on the basketball team, but I didn’t know his name. “Hey,” Jimmy smiled as he approached the bed. “You okay? Your mom said you were tired.” I sat up in bed and wiped the sleep from my eyes. “Yeah. Just a little tired after going back to school.” “I suppose,” responded Jimmy. “Where’s the other guys?” I frowned and replied, “Over at Tracy’s.” “What are they doing over there?” “Dunno,” I said. I looked at the boy behind him. Jimmy looked back, grabbed his arm and pulled him toward the bed. “This is Lyle Landers,” he informed me. “Do you guys know each other?” We shook our heads. “He’s on the team. When I told him I was coming here, he asked to come with me.” I vaguely remembered him practicing earlier. I looked up at Lyle as his face began to turn red as he looked down at me. There really wasn’t anything about him that one would describe as special. He had long strawberry blond hair that reached just beyond his collar. And freckles. I’m surprised I never noticed him before because of his freckles. He was about my height but ten pounds thinner than me. Overall, I guess you could say he was an ordinary boy next door guy. He looked like the kind of guy a mother would trust with her daughter. “Lyle’s a forward on the team,” explained Jimmy. “Although he sits on the bench most of the time.” I giggled when Lyle quickly responded, “Beside you, Bitch.” Jimmy playfully pushed him on his shoulder. “Anyway, we were heading to my house, and I told Lyle I was coming by here first.” He pushed him again. “He didn’t have a choice but to come with me.” “It’s okay,” Lyle replied as his face reddened again. It appeared that with his reddish complexion, it was something he did often. “I don’t mind.” “So, what are the guys doing over at Tracy’s?” Jimmy gave me a slight wink. I shrugged my shoulders. “I don’t know. Probably dancing.” Jimmy laughed and said, “With or without clothes?” I quickly looked at Lyle. I couldn’t believe that Jimmy had said something like that in front of him. His face reddened and he looked away. Jimmy rose and said, “I’m going over to see what they are up to. If I’m lucky, I might get a blowjob.” He grabbed Lyle’s arm and tried to pull him away. “Come on. You’ll have fun.” I stared at Jimmy and Lyle in amazement. Jimmy’s invitation seemed like something he felt comfortable saying. I was beginning to wonder if he and Lyle were friends with benefits. If they were, I’m surprised I had never met Lyle before. Although, since Jimmy hadn’t come out, it was possible that they met when no one knew about it. “I think I’ll go home,” remarked Lyle. He turned and headed for the door. “Okay,” replied Jimmy. “We’ll stay here and keep this bonehead company.” He looked over and grinned. Lyle walked back over and sat beside Jimmy on the sofa. “Why don’t you join us,” suggested Jimmy as he patted the empty space beside him. I rose and walked over. When I did, Jimmy scooted and left a seat between him and Lyle for me. We sat for a few minutes and talked. Jimmy asked me how my day went, and then he excitedly talked about what had happened in basketball practice. “I’m so glad Tracy is going to help us,” he stated. He looked over at Lyle. “What do you think?” Lyle shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t know,” he responded skeptically. “Other teams are going to laugh at us if we start dancing like ballerinas on the floor.” “We’re not going to look like ballerinas,” insisted Jimmy. “Once we learn the moves, it will look natural. We look stupid now because we’re just learning.” “I guess,” agreed Lyle. I could tell by the look on his face he wasn’t as impressed as Jimmy about learning ballet movements. Honestly, if I were on the team, I would probably be just as worried. Someone knocked on the door, and my mother answered it. I could hear Jeff talking to here. A minute later, he entered the room followed by Murray. Jimmy asked, “Where’s Tracy?” Jeff giggled and said, “Your boyfriend will be here in a minute.” He quickly looked at Lyle and his face reddened. I don’t think he realized that he was sitting beside me when he said it. “Um, hi,” Jeff waved timidly at Lyle. Lyle waved back. “I’m Jeff.” “Hi, Jeff,” replied Lyle. “I know who you are.” Again, I noticed Jeff flirtatiously studying Lyle. Jimmy rose from the sofa. “Hey, Guys,” he said. “Let’s go outside and shoot some hoops.” Jeff shook his head. “Is that all you think about is basketball?” His eyes widened when Jimmy grabbed his crotch and pointed it at him. “Nope,” laughed Jimmy. I quickly looked at Lyle to see his reaction. He shook his head and headed for the door. Jeff, Murray and Lyle headed outside. Tracy came running across the street and joined them. Jimmy stayed behind to help me. I was glad because I was tired, and I was afraid I was going to have to hobble down the stairs by myself. When I stood, Jimmy reached down and squeezed my dick. I quickly looked at the door to make sure my mother hadn’t looked inside. “What are you doing?” I asked excitedly. He did it again. “I’ve been wanting some of this,” he giggled. I batted his hand away. “Jimmy,” I whispered softly. “Stop it. Someone is going to see us.” “Let ‘em,” he giggled as he rubbed my hardening cock. “Someone’s getting excited,” he laughed. He put his hand around my waist as we headed toward the door. “What is going on with you?” I asked as we exited onto the porch. He asked, “What do you mean?” “What’s going on with Lyle? You said some things in front of him that surprised me.” He grinned and asked, “He’s kind of cute, isn’t he?” “Is he gay?” “Yeah, sure,” he replied. I looked out at Lyle shooting hoops with Murray in the driveway. Jeff was sitting in the grass watching them. “Have you had sex with him?” “Naw,” replied Jimmy. “Not yet. He just told me he was gay this afternoon.” “What?” I asked excitedly. “Why did he do that?” Jimmy frowned and replied, “He wants to meet you.” “What!” “Yeah,” explained Jimmy. “As we were getting dressed, he asked me about you. When I asked him why, he said he would like to get to know you.” “What!” I squealed again. “When I asked him why, he says he thinks you’re a nice guy, and he’s like you for a while.” I pointed to a chair on the porch. “Help me sit down.” After sitting Jimmy knelt in front of me. “Yeah,” he continued. “I’ve kind of suspected he was gay, but we never talked about it. We’ve checked each other out when we shower.” He grinned and added, “He’s got a big dick. I licked my lips once when we were alone in the shower, and he boned up. That’s how I knew he was probably gay.” “God,” I replied as I looked at Lyle. He had taken off his shirt and sweat was beaded up on his freckled back. “You’re a lucky shit,” said Jimmy. “Lyle is a great guy. I’m surprised you don’t know him.” “He’s been in a few of my classes,” I replied, “but we never talked.” Jimmy grinned and said, “Your ass had better talk to him now, because if you don’t I will.” I asked, “What did he say about me?” “Not much,” answered Jimmy. “He just asked if we were friends, and when I told him we were best friends, he asked if I would introduce you to him.” “Hey, Guys!” hollered Murray as he motioned for us to join them. “Come on, we’re waiting.” “We better get down there,” said Jimmy. “You got to meet your boyfriend.” “Shut up, Jimmy,” I laughed as I nudged him in the shoulder. Lyle turned and grinned when we approached. His strawberry hair was plastered to his forehead. I was beginning to find him cute. I sat in the grass while the guys played. Everyone watched Tracy as he showed them dance skills. It was quite funny, a bunch of teen boys dancing around shooting a basketball. Several times I lay back on the grass and roared with laughter. After about a half hour, Tracy announced that he had to get ready for rehearsal. He waved goodbye and hurried off across the street. The others came over and sat down beside me. Jimmy pushed on Lyle and forced him to sit beside me. After a minute, Murray rose and said he had to go home before his mother came in from work. He waved goodbye and headed home. “I’m tired,” said Jimmy as he wiped sweat off with his tee shirt. He asked, “Do you think your Mom has any juice in the fridge?” I shrugged my shoulders. “I dunno. Probably. We usually have something.” “Good,” responded Jimmy as he rose. He grabbed Jeff by the arm and pulled him up. “Come on, you can help me bring the juice.” He grinned before he and Jeff headed off toward the house. We sat a few moments without saying anything. Lyle cleared his throat a few times as if he wanted to talk, but he said nothing. Finally, I asked, “Do you think what Tracy is doing is going to help?” He answered, “Yeah, maybe.” I looked at him and our eyes met. There is something special about a boy with bright blue eyes and freckles across his nose. I wanted to look away, but I couldn’t. His face blushed brighter than it already was. “Quit,” he giggled as he looked away. Afraid I had upset him, I apologized. “Sorry.” “No,” he remarked as he nudged me in my side. “It’s okay. I’m just not used to this.” “Used to what?” His face reddened as he replied, “Liking another guy.” “You like me?” I asked, although Jimmy had already told me that he did. “Yeah,” he responded as he stared into my eyes. I felt the same way I did when I first stared into Tracy’s green eyes. “I’ve kind of had a crush on you since about the seventh grade.” I squealed, “You have?” He looked toward the house to see if anyone heard me. “Shhhh,” he warned. “Someone’s going to hear you.” “Sorry,” I said softly. “Why didn’t you say anything?” “Right,” he laughed. “If I had said something, you would have told everyone. Then what happened to Jeff would have happened to me.” “No, it wouldn’t have,” I said. He frowned, and I added, “Okay, maybe.” “This is crazy,” he said. “What’s crazy?” “It’s like me, you and Jimmy.,” he giggled. “We all were gay, but we couldn’t say anything because of what happened to Jeff.” He nudged me and asked, “Do you think there’s any more of us?” I laughed and replied, “I read once that ten percent of people are gay.” “They are?” asked Lyle in astonishment. “Don’t know,” I replied. “But if it’s true, there are about four hundred in our class. So, I guess that would be about forty.” “Forty!” “Well, statistically,” I laughed. “Not sure it would be true.” He laughed and said, “Rebecca and Jasmine are supposed to be lesbians.” “They are?” “Yeah,” he replied. “Some kids saw them making out once in the theater.” “Really?” “I guess that makes at least seven of us,” he stared at me and smiled. “Yeah,” I replied dreamily. His face reddened and he giggled, “Stop it. You’re doing it again.” “Sorry,” I replied. “But you’re cute.” “No, I’m not,” he insisted. “I’ve got this head of red hair and all these fucking freckles on my face.” “I still think you’re cute,” I said as I stared into his blue eyes. I couldn’t believe I was being so bold with a guy I had just met. However, I felt a connection to Lyle that I didn’t feel with Jeff, Tracy or Jimmy. It wasn’t a sexual feeling. It was like I wanted to know more about him other than what he looked like naked. Although, I wasn’t ruling that out. “You are too, Jack,” he responded. He started to say something else, but just then Jimmy and Jeff came out of the house carrying cans of soda. “Here, Dirtwad,” laughed Jimmy as he sat beside me. He made sure he sat close enough so that I would move away and rest against Lyle. Jeff had sat on the other side of Lyle, and he noticed our legs slightly touching. He leaned forward and gave me a dirty look. I thought of moving my leg away, but I didn’t. He didn’t care the other night when he was sitting in Jimmy’s lap and letting him feel on him. So, I didn’t care if he saw me and Lyle rubbing legs. Jimmy downed his soda quickly, and then he announced he had to leave. Lyle hesitated before he rose and stood beside him. “I better be going too,” he said. Before leaving, he asked if he would see me in school tomorrow. “Yeah, sure,” I giggled. “I’ll be the guy on crutches.” He frowned before heading down the sidewalk with Jimmy. Jimmy threw his arm around his shoulder as they walked. Jeff scooted closer to me. “What’s going on?” he asked angrily. “What do you mean?” I knew where this was going, and I was ready for the fight. I was getting tired of Jeff pretending like he was my boyfriend and then flirting with other guys right in front of me. “You know what I mean,” he replied angrily. “What’s with you and Lyle? You two have been looking at each other all afternoon. I passed him the ball several times and he dropped it because he was staring at you.” “Oh,” I asked sarcastically. “Someone jealous?” “Hell yeah, I’m jealous,” he responded. “You’re supposed to be my boyfriend.” “Oh yeah,” I replied angrily. “I’m the boyfriend when no one else is around.” “What’s that supposed to mean?” “Fuck you, Jeff,” I hissed. “You’ve been screwing around with Jimmy behind my back.” “I have not,” he insisted. “Then what were you doing in Tracy’s room when Jimmy came over the other day?” I asked angrily. Jimmy had mentioned that he had been in Tracy’s room with Jeff, but he didn’t say they had done anything. Jeff’s face paled. “We was...um...watching Tracy dance.” “With or without clothes on?” I knew the answer when his face reddened. He rose and brushed off his clothes. “I gotta go,” he announced as he turned and headed off. “Fuck you, Jeff,” I hollered as he turned and flipped me off. So, I guess that’s it. Jeff and I are broken up before we even had a chance to try and be boyfriends. I knew when he asked me that we were too young- and horny teenage boys. I had sex with Jimmy behind Jeff’s back. He had sex with Tracy and Jimmy. I knew it wouldn’t work. We should have just stayed friends with benefits. Things were working fine then. Now, he’ll probably never speak to me again.
  7. Ronyx

    Chapter 29

    Emily walked me to my first period class. She helped me to a seat and then she sat down beside me. “If you need anything, Jack, just ask.” She smiled, opened her bookbag and took out her literature book. I leaned down to get my book. When I did, another student lightly bumped into my head. I looked up, expecting it to be someone who would threaten me for wanting to suck his dick. Instead, Murray was grinning down at me. He slipped into the seat behind me and started talking to Emily. When the bell rang, Mrs. Dawson stood at the front of the room and took attendance. She smiled when she noticed me. “It’s good to have you back, Jack. We missed you.” My face blushed as everyone turned in their seats and stared at me. Murray patted me on my back. I wasn’t getting the reception I expected. I thought I would be teased and threatened by students. Instead, everyone seemed genuinely happy that I was back in school. After a twenty-minute class discussion about a short story they had read last week, Mrs. Dawson gave us a handout and told us to complete it by the end of the period. Emily scooted her desk nearer to mine. “Since you weren’t here last week, I’ll help you with the assignment,” she volunteered. Murray scooted his desk until he was on the other side of me. “I’ll help too,” he smiled. It was a short story by Nathaniel Hawthorne. I was glad Emily and Murray volunteered to help me because the story was boring, and I probably would have fallen asleep at home trying to read it. As we worked on the handout, Murray kept looking into my face and smiling. Emily noticed and gave him a glare. I stopped breathing when he stretched out his leg and then rested it against mine. I wanted to scoot away, but I couldn’t. I quickly looked at Emily to see if she noticed, but she was reading over the short story. I started to get hard when he rubbed his leg forcefully against mine. Murray was trying to make a pass at me! When I gave him a surprised look, he smiled slightly and looked quickly at Emily. When he saw that she hadn’t noticed what he was doing, he rubbed his leg harder against mine. I looked down at his crotch and noticed that he was hard like I was. He looked down and grinned at the erection poking through my sweatpants. Since I couldn’t wear jeans, I still had on the sweatpants Dad had made for me by cutting up the side so they would fit over my cast. They were thin, and my erect dick was very noticeable. “Hey, Guys,” Emily asked, “Have you completed…” She let out a gasp when she looked down at both of our erections. She hissed, “Jesus Christ,” she warned, “You guys better be careful.” Murray grinned and nodded his head. At that moment, I realized that Murray was gay, and that Emily knew it. She didn’t seem at all shocked by what she saw. She was more worried that we would be caught if other students noticed. Murray chuckled and said, “Yes, Mother.” He scooted his chair a foot away so that our legs were no longer touching. “Better,” smiled Emily. She leaned toward us and again warned, “I’m serious Murray. You guys be careful.” I couldn’t believe it. In all the years I had known him, I never expected Murray to be gay. In fact, I think everyone in our class thought like I did that Murray and Emily were dating. They had been close friends since the fifth grade. We just assumed that they were now ‘doing it.’ “Okay, Class,” announced Mrs. Dawson as she rose from her desk and looked around the room. “Hand in your papers when the bell rings.” Emily handed us her paper, and Murray and I quickly copied the answers. We finished just as the bell was ringing. Before standing, I glanced quickly at the front of my sweatpants to make sure I wasn’t showing a bulge. Murray giggled, and I glanced down to see if he was still hard. I felt relieved when he wasn’t. At least no one, except Emily, would know what we were doing. Murray put his arm around my waist and helped me from the room. I wanted to tell him I could walk on my own, but it felt nice. Murray is a really great guy, and he’s extremely attractive. He’s not like a guy you would admire on the beach in a speedo. He’s like the all-American guy. He’s the guy next door that a mother would wish her daughter would date. He’s handsome with short blond hair and blue eyes. He has slight dimples that only adds to his boyish appearance. While most guys wear shorts and a tee shirt, Murray usually comes to school wearing khaki pants and a dress shirt. I’ve had a crush on him for several years, but I never thought that he might be like me. If he is gay, which I’m beginning to think he is, then he has hidden it better than me. Now I’m beginning to wonder if Emily was his cover. It’s obvious that she may know he’s gay. Maybe she’s gone along with the act all these years to protect her best friend- her gay best friend. “What’s your next class?” he asked as we headed down the hall. “Old Man Glicker,” I informed him. “Shit,” he mumbled. “I got chemistry.” He tightened his grip around my waist. “I’ll help you to class, but I gotta book to make it to my class.” When we approached Mr. Glicker’s class, Jimmy Tracy and Jeff were waiting outside. They gave us a puzzled look as we approached. Murray laughed and removed his arm from around my waist. “He’s all yours, Guys.” He turned and started running to class. “What was that all about?” Jimmy asked angrily. “Looked just a little too cozy to me.” “Yeah,” Jeff chimed in. “You not telling us something, Jack?” “What can I say,” I giggled as I patted my face. “I’m too charming.” “Yeah, right,” mumbled Jeff as he put his arm around my waist and helped me inside the room. He continued to look at me throughout class and frown. I know I think too much, but I’m really confused. Now, I have four guys interested in me. A couple of weeks ago, I was afraid that I would never be happy because I am gay. I’m out, and my life is even more unstable. I was becoming comfortable with Jeff being my boyfriend then Jimmy enters the picture. I don’t think he wants me as a steady boyfriend, but he does want us to have sex. Even then, I’m curious because he seems to get jealous if Jeff or Tracy show me any affection. Now Murray. I don’t even know what to think. If he had shown interest in me in the past, I probably would have come out years ago just to be with him. But I don’t want to hurt Jeff. I know he already is wondering what is going on when he saw Murray and me approaching Mr. Glicker’s class. I could see the worry in his eyes. He’s dealing with Jimmy liking me, now he’s concerned that Murray may take me away from him. I don’t think he worries about Tracy. He knows that Tracy is no more than a friend. He hasn’t mentioned it yet, but I don’t think he would care if we had another threesome with him. Tracy is a good friend, a friend with benefits. I don’t think he sees Jimmy, and now Murray, that way. Mr. Glicker gave us a test, so we couldn’t talk. He called me to his desk after handing it out and told me that I didn’t have to take it. I told him I would try. I don’t think I did too bad on it. If I did make a bad grade, I hope he won’t count it against me. My next class was algebra. Fortunately, I didn’t share it with anyone except Kelly and Emily. Kelly sat beside me and stared at me. I’m not sure, but I think Emily told her about what happened earlier. If she’s like Emily, she’s probably a mother hen and she’s wondering if I would make Murray a good boyfriend. Lunch was strange. Jeff met me outside the classroom when I exited. We hadn’t made it halfway down the hall when Jimmy approached. Tracy was waiting by the cafeteria door. When we entered, Murray stood, hollered out my name and told me to sit with him, Emily and Kelly. They pulled up another table so we could all sit. Jeff insisted on getting my lunch. He headed to the cafeteria line before anyone could stop him. He returned with a ham sandwich, fries and a chocolate milk. I didn’t want to hurt his feeling by telling him I preferred regular milk. Murray did most of the talking. Since he didn’t know Tracy, he found it interesting that he danced. At one point, they got into a discussion about some ballerina they both enjoyed. It surprised me that someone our age knew about something like that. He explained his mother dragged him to a lot of operas and ballets. Of course, Tracy had to invite him to see him perform in the Nutcracker. Emily and Kelly said they would be there also. Before leaving, Jimmy reminded Tracy that he was supposed to come by the gym after school and meet his coach. He was excited about the team learning some of the moves that Tracy had taught him on Saturday. “I can’t stay too late,” Tracy reminded him. “I have to go home and get ready for rehearsal downtown.” “Okay,” replied Jimmy. “I just want you to meet the coach and the guys. I already spoke to Tyler and Brian about it.” When he frowned, I knew they didn’t like the idea. I asked, “Are they cool with it?” Jimmy shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t know,” he replied. “They think it may be too gay.” I laughed and said, “You thought that last week.” “Yeah, well,” remarked Jimmy. “I think it will make us better basketball players. If they don’t want to do it, then that’s their problem.” Jeff laughed and asked, “What if they think you’re a poof?” Emily and Kelly started giggling. “That’s their problem,” replied Jimmy. Just then the bell rung, and we headed for the exit. Murray tried to put his arm around my back, but Jeff forced him out of the way and hugged me tightly. Murray frowned and walked away. The afternoon classes didn’t go too bad. Several students asked me how I was doing. Most, though, just stared at me like I was some kind of freak. However, no one called me a name. Jimmy was in most of my afternoon classes. I think he would have gotten into a fight with them if they had. Tracy and I shared sixth period, so when the bell rang, he walked with me to the gym. He didn’t put his arm around me like the others had. He walked closely to my side in case I started to fall. As we approached the gym, he said, “I’m not sure I want to do this.” “Why?” “I like to dance,” he explained, “but I don’t think other guys our age will like it. Jimmy already said two of the guys didn’t want to do it because it’s too gay.” “Jimmy seems pretty sure the guys will go along with it,” I said. “He wouldn’t have suggested it if he thought they wouldn’t like the idea.” Tracy shook his head and replied, “I don’t know if this is a good idea.” Jimmy, Jeff and Murray were waiting outside the gym door. I was surprised Murray was with them since he didn’t play basketball. “Hey, Guys,” smiled Jimmy. “Let’s go talk to Coach Warren.” He grabbed Tracy’s arm and pulled him inside. They walked across the floor and headed toward the coach’s office. Jeff, Murray and I sat on the bleachers and waited for them. Jeff and Murray at first engaged in small talk. They discussed teachers and classes. I stopped breathing when Jeff asked Murray if he was gay. Murray gave him a surprised look. He then grinned and asked, “What do you want me to say?” Jeff’s eyes widened. I think he was expecting Murray to deny it. Finally, he asked again, “Are you?” Murray leaned back on the bleacher, looked at me and responded, “Maybe.” “Damn,” hissed Jeff as he stared at him. “All these years I’ve wanted your ass, and you mean I could have had it?” Murray laughed loudly, winked and replied, “Maybe.” They continued to stare at each other. Now, it was my turn to become jealous. Jeff was confusing me. He claimed he wanted to be my boyfriend, but he flirted with Jimmy in the car and let Jimmy feel on him. Now, he seemed interested in Murray. Just when I was beginning to accept the idea of having a steady boyfriend, it seems like Jeff may not be interested anymore. Maybe he just reacted like that because I was lying in a hospital bed, and he was worried about me. Now that I’m getting better, maybe he has changed his mind. I sat quietly while Murray and Jeff talked. Instead of teachers and classes, their conversation turned to who they thought was hot in our class. I felt good when Murray looked at me, winked and replied, “Jack’s pretty hot.” It disappointed me when Jeff laughed and said, “He’ll do.” Suddenly, the locker room door opened, and fifteen guys came running out. They dribbled the ball and tossed it around. Someone would then run toward the basket and shoot. This went on for about ten minutes. I still hadn’t seen Jimmy and Tracy come out. They emerged from the locker room with Coach Warren. He blew his whistle and hollered out that he wanted the team to sit on the bleachers across from where we were sitting. Tracy and Jimmy stood next to him. “Okay, Gentlemen,” hollered the coach. “We’ve been practicing hard for a week, and today we’re going to try some new drills.” He put his hand on Tracy’s shoulder. “This is Tracy Craft. He’s new here so you might not have had a chance to meet him.” I watched as several guys started whispering amongst themselves. I had a pretty good idea what they were saying. He continued, “Jimmy brought Tracy to practice, and we’ve been in my office discussing this. As you know, last year we didn’t perform very well.” Someone laughed and yelled, “We didn’t perform at all.” “Yes, well,” smiled Coach Warren as he cleared his throat. “One of the problems we had was protecting the ball on offense.” “And defense!” Someone else hollered out. Coach Warren put his hand on Tracy’s shoulder again. “This young man came to me with an idea.” He paused before adding, “I think it’s a damn good idea. I’ve read about it, but I have never considered doing it.” “What is it, Coach?” A player asked loudly. “Tracy is a dancer. A ballet dancer,” explained Coach Warren. The team immediately groaned and started talking among themselves. “Listen up, Men,” chastised the coach. “I’m not talking about turning you guys into ballerinas.” He started laughing as the boys stared at him. “It’s just that some dance movements can be helpful in handling a basketball.” “How can ballet help us?” asked Tyler. “Isn’t that a little bit gay?” “Not at all,” replied the coach. “Don’t any of you guys dance?” “Yeah,” replied Tyler again. “But we ain’t no homos.” “That’s enough!” screamed Coach Warren. “Any more remarks like that, and you hit the showers. He walked around and stared at each player. “Understood?” The boys mumbled and nodded their heads. He approached Tracy and hollered out, “Taylor and Smith. On the floor.” Jimmy was already standing beside Tracy. Tyler reluctantly rose from the bleachers and strode toward them. Coach Warren tossed Jimmy the ball. “Smith, I want you to guard Taylor. If he makes a basket, then get down and give me 25.” “But Coach,” protested Tyler. Before he could say anything more, Jimmy started dribbling the ball toward the basket. He put up his arms and tried to stop Jimmy from shooting. Suddenly, Jimmy swung around him using one of the dance techniques that Tracy had taught him Saturday. He easily approached the net and made a layup. “What the fuck?” asked Tyler. Coach yelled, “Give me 25, Smith.” “But Coach,” remarked Tyler. “That wasn’t fair. He pulled some shit I ain’t ever seen before.” “Exactly,” laughed the coach. “Now, give me 25.” Tyler reluctantly got on the floor and did pushups. The coach scanned the bleachers. “Horowitz, you’re next.” A tall boy rose from the bleachers and approached Jimmy. He towered over Jimmy by about a foot. I whispered to Jeff, “No way is Jimmy going to get around him.” We watched as the tall boy guarded Jimmy. His lanky body prevented Jimmy was approaching the basket. Suddenly, Jimmy turned and swirled around the boy. It reminded me of one of the movements I had seen Tracy perform while practicing for the Nutcracker. He must have practiced that with Jimmy when they went to his bedroom. Jimmy broke away, ran toward the net and again easily made a layup. The tall boy stared at Jimmy. “What the fuck are you doing, Jimmy?” Jimmy roared with laughter. “Taking you to school, Horowitz.” The coach blew his whistle and told all the boys to come to the center of the floor. “Tracy is very busy rehearsing for something,” he explained, “but he has agreed to come by after school to teach you some drills.” He put his hand on Tracy’s shoulders. “You just saw what Jimmy was able to do with Smith and Horowitz with techniques he learned from Tracy. By the time we play our first game, I want each of you guys to master the skills Jimmy has learned.” He looked around at the boys. “Any questions?” Tyler asked, “What if we don’t want to do it?” “I can’t force you to,” replied the coach. “However, if someone outplays you on the court during practices because they did what Tracy teaches you, then you’ll be doing a lot of bench warming during the games.” The team manager tossed five balls onto the court. For the next twenty minutes Tracy moved around on the floor showing the players certain movements. Most of them seemed pretty simple. Even I could have done them. Coach Warren blew his whistle. He then divided the boys into two teams. The rest walked over and sat on the bench. “We’re going to play a quick practice game,” he said. “I’m going to watch to see if you do what Tracy just showed you. I don’t expect you to be good yet, but I want to see that you try. If you don’t, I’m taking you out and replacing you with someone who will.” He blew the whistle and they began to play. It was fun to watch. I had never enjoyed basketball, but it was interesting watching ten guys trying to do the ballet tricks that Jack had taught them. A few of the guys picked it up easily and scored repeatedly. They would smile widely and high-five each other. Coach Warren kept rotating guys into the game. When he blew the whistle for them to stop, all the players had managed to play. He asked the players to sit on the bench as he paraded in front of them. “I had given up any chance of winning a game this year,” he laughed, “but what I just saw on the court is giving me hope.” He asked Tracy to join him. “I know Tracy has a busy schedule, but he has agreed to come by for about a half hour every day to work with you.” He reached out and patted Tracy on the back. “If you guys pick up what he’s teaching you as fast as you did today, we’re going to surprise our opponents this year, and we may win a few games.” “We’re going to win them all,” hollered Brian. They agreed and high-fived each other. Coach Warren blew his whistle, and the guys rose from the bleacher and headed nosily to the locker room. Tracy trotted over to us. “What did you think?” he asked. “You did great!” Murray responded excitedly. “I never thought I would see the day a basketball team would act like a bunch of ballerinas and enjoy it.” “I’m still not sure this is a good idea,” remarked Tracy skeptically. “It may help them win some games, but everyone is going to laugh at them. Then I’ll get the blame.” I reminded him, “Coach Warren thinks it’s a good idea. I’m sure he’ll get most of the heat if people don’t like it.” “I guess,” replied Tracy as we rose from the bleacher and headed toward the door. Jeff and Tracy walked beside Murray and talked excitedly while I trailed behind. “Oh, well,” I thought to myself. “It was good while it lasted.” I sighed and followed behind as we left the building and I hobbled home.
  8. Ronyx

    Chapter 28

    When we arrived home, Jeff hurried to help me out of the car, but I batted his hands away. Darren helped me up the stairs as Jeff and Jimmy stood watching. I took my seat by the window. Stephanie grabbed Darren’s hand and said, “Come with me. I need to get some things from my room and put in the car.” She smiled at Jeff, Jimmy and me and warned, “Be good, Boys.” Jeff and Jimmy pulled up chairs and sat beside me. I looked out the window and refused to talk to them. I was still mad because of what I had seen in the car. Jeff asked sheepishly, “Are you mad, Jack?” He glanced quickly at Jimmy. I replied angrily, “Wouldn’t you be mad if you saw your so-called boyfriend getting felt up by his supposedly best friend?” I looked angrily at Jimmy. Jimmy rose from his chair and stared angrily at me. “Oh, knock it off,” he hissed. “Like you’re a saint.” “What’s that got to do with me?” I shot back. “You know what I mean,” he replied sarcastically. “You sit there all hurt because you think Jeff and I did something behind your back.” I couldn’t believe it when he walked over to Jeff, reached down and squeezed his dick. Jeff batted his hand away. “What are you doing?” he shrieked. Jimmy walked over and stood before me. “Jack thinks he’s never done anything before.” He leaned down and looked into my face. “Did you tell him about that time in the bathroom?” My face drained of blood. I couldn’t believe that Jimmy was telling Jeff what we had done. Jeff knew that Jimmy had sucked me, but he didn’t know the details. I looked at Jeff when he said, “Yes, he has.” “He told you?” he asked Jeff. Jeff smirked and replied, “Yeah. He says you suck a mean dick.” I started laughing uproariously at the look on Jimmy’s face. He thought he was going to make Jeff angry, but instead Jeff had managed to embarrass him. Jeff started giggling, and then Jimmy joined in. We continued to laugh as we looked at each other. Jimmy grinned at Jeff and said, “I heard you give good blowjobs too.” Jeff laughed and replied, “You’ll never know.” “Bet I will,” challenged Jimmy. “Okay, Guys,” I interrupted. “That enough.” I felt that things were beginning to get out of hand. The way Jeff and Jimmy were staring at each other, I was afraid they might strip naked, lie on the floor and start sucking each other at any minute. I stood and announced that I had to go to the bathroom. “I’ll help you!” Jeff and Jimmy volunteered. “No,” I insisted as I rose and placed the crutches under my arms and hobbled away. “I can do it myself.” As I closed the door, Jimmy shouted out, “If you shake it more than three times, you’re playing with it.” I slammed the door shut. Things were again getting out of hand, and it was all because of Jimmy. Now that he was coming out, it seemed like all he wanted to do was have sex- with my friends. Now, he was showing an interest in Jeff, and he knew how we felt about each other. It was as if he was becoming a different person. I’m not sure if I can handle it. When I go back to school, I was worried how Jimmy, Brian and Tyler would be able to hang around me without other students questioning them. Now, I may have to worry how I’ll explain hanging around Jimmy. If he’s as bold at school as he is at home, it could cause major problems. After using the bathroom and washing my hands, I opened the door and made my way across the room. Fortunately, Jeff and Jimmy were sitting apart from each other. It didn’t appear that they had done anything while I was gone. Jimmy giggled and asked, “Did you shake it more than three times?” I grinned, shoved my hand in front of his face and replied, “Yeah. Wanna smell?” I thought he would push my hand away. Instead, he stuck out his tongue and licked it. Jeff was laughing uncontrollably. “Ew, you fucker!” I shouted as I wiped my hands on my sweatpants. “You’re fucking gross!” “Then keep your hand out of my face,” he laughed. I sat down and looked out the window. “Oh, no,” I sighed. Tracy had opened his front door and was heading across the street. Jimmy saw him and said, “Hey, Cool! Here comes Tracy.” Jeff jumped up, went to the door and opened it. “Hey, Guys,” he smiled as he walked across the room. “Watcha doing? Did you start without me?” he laughed. Jimmy laughed and said, “Take your clothes off! It’s party time!” When Jimmy jumped up and removed his shirt, I hollered out, “Stop it! Stephanie and Darren are upstairs.” “Hey, cool!” giggled Jeff. “Maybe we can get Darren to play.” He looked at me and smiled, “We’ll get Stephanie to go get a pizza.” I shook my head. “You guys are perverts.” Jimmy high-fived Tracy and said, “What can we say. We’re growing boys!” “More like sex-crazed rabbits,” I responded. Jimmy. Tracy and Jeff high-fived each other. I looked around and asked, “So, what do you guys want to do? I’m bored.” “I know what I’d like to do,” laughed Tracy. He looked at me and added, “But Mr. Sourpuss won’t let us.” “Hell, yeah,” giggled Jimmy as he high-fived Tracy again. I moaned and said, “I’ve created monsters.” “Nope,” laughed Jimmy. “Sex-crazed rabbits.” I sighed and said, “Seriously, Guys, I’m bored. I want to go outside.” Jimmy laughed, looked at the cast on my leg and said, “We could go play basketball.” “Basketball?” asked Darren as he and Stephanie descended the stairs. “I’m in!” “Naw,” replied Jimmy as he glanced at me. “It wouldn’t be right. Jack can’t play.” “No,” I insisted. “I’m cool watching you guys play.” “You sure?” I nodded my head and said, “Yeah. It will be nice going outside for a while.” I placed the crutches under my arms and hobbled to the door. Jeff opened it, and I went outside. I have a basketball rim above the garage door. Dad put it there when I was about ten. He thought I would be a better shooter if I practiced with Jimmy and some of the neighborhood boys. Stephanie and I would play horse occasionally, but it never improved my skills. I still missed more shots than I made. Jeff and Darren helped me to sit on the ground far enough away that I wouldn’t get hit with a stray ball. Stephanie sat beside me as the others chose sides. Jeff whined when he was stuck playing with Jimmy. “I’ve seen you play,” he remarked, “and you suck.” Jimmy grabbed his crotched and replied, “Suck this then.” “You wish,” Jeff shot back. “Come on, Guys,” insisted Darren as he picked up a basketball and tossed it at Jimmy. “Let’s decide teams.” He looked down at me and said, “I chose Jack.” I picked up a crutch and waved it at him. “Toss me the ball, and I’ll put it in.” The guys formed a circle and tried to decide who would be on each side. Jimmy kept complaining because he didn’t want Jeff or Tracy playing with him since they didn’t have any experience. Darren kept insisting that it wouldn’t be fair if he and Jimmy were on the same team. “I have an idea,” suggested Stephanie. She leaned over and whispered one and three in my ear. She turned to the guys. “Jimmy, pick a number between one and four.” Jimmy picked three. She then had each pick a number. Darren picked two. Jeff picked one, and Tracy picked four. She then asked me to call out the two numbers she had whispered in my ear. “One and three,” I replied. “Darren,” she replied, “You and Tracy are on one team. Jimmy, you and Jeff are on the other.” “That’s not fair,” muttered Jimmy as he picked up the ball and tossed it at Darren. “You can have first out.” Stephanie and I watched them play for several minutes. It was obvious that Tracy and Jeff had probably never played. Most of their shots were air balls. Darren was good, and it was apparent that he was holding back from scoring. As they played, I began to watch Tracy more closely. The more he dribbled the ball, he began to move like I had watched him dance in his room. Several times, it seemed like he floated around Jimmy and tossed the ball to Darren for a layup. After he had done it about four times, Jimmy yanked the ball from his hand. “What the hell are you doing?” he shouted. “I can’t guard you when you’re pulling that shit!” “That’s the point,” laughed Tracy as he grabbed the ball from Jimmy, did a twirling movement around him and tossed the ball to Darren. Darren then made an easy layup. “Would you quit doing that!” yelled Jimmy. Darren ran up and praised Tracy. “You don’t have much of a shot, but man can you move. I’ve never seen anything like that.” “Fucker is crazy,” hissed Jimmy. “He doesn’t play fair.” Stephanie jumped up and moved over beside Tracy. “Hand me the ball,” she ordered. She gave it to Jimmy and told him to guard her. She then imitated the movement that Tracy had made, dribbling around Tracy and then tossing the ball to Darren. “What the fuck?” remarked Jimmy as he stared at my sister. “What are you doing?” Stephanie took the ball from Darren and handed it to Jimmy. “Now, you do it,” she dared him. “Do what?” “Dance around me like Tracy does you,” she told him. “I ain’t going to look like a sissy,” he responded. “That shit looks weird.” “Shut up, Jimmy,” said my sister. She pushed the ball at him. She told Darren to come closer. “Guard Jimmy while he does it.” Jimmy dribbled the ball and complained, “This is stupid.” Darren guarded him closely while Jimmy tried to dribble around him, but he was unable to break free and make a shot. “Do what I told you!” hollered Stephanie. Jimmy then planted his feet, dribbled the ball and then twirled around Darren. He then tossed the ball at the basket. We watched as it went in. “What the fuck?” asked Jimmy as he stood with a confused look. “Do it again,” insisted Stephanie. Darren guarded Jimmy as he again imitated the movement. He did this several times, and each time he was able to score. “Damn!” he said excitedly after he had made several baskets. “I’ve never been able to shoot like that.” He walked over to Tracy and fisted him. “You think you could teach me some more moves?” “Yeah, sure,” replied Tracy. He giggled and added, “You’ll still suck playing basketball.” Jimmy lightly hit him. Darren and Jeff sat beside me as we watched Tracy and Jimmy. For the next twenty minutes, Tracy gave Jimmy lessons on how to move around the court in a graceful manner. It was strange to watch, but it did appear that Jimmy was playing better. Darren got up and joined them. He guarded Jimmy while he practiced his new movements. “That is so cool,” Jimmy said as he finally took a break and sat down. He looked at Tracy and asked, “Do you think you can work with me again sometime? I want to surprise my coach and players using the movements you’ve taught me.” “I’m not sure how much time I’ll have,” replied Tracy. He then explained how busy he was practicing after school for the Nutcracker. “It’s taking up all my time.” “Please,” begged Jimmy. “I really want to learn. Maybe I’ll be good enough to make the starting team.” After several minutes of begging, Tracy said that he would try to find time. Jimmy leaned over and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Darren looked at his watch and suggested to Stephanie that they should return to school. Tracy said he had to go get ready for practice. “Can I go with you?” Jimmy asked Tracy. “Maybe I can watch and get a few more ideas.” Tracy glanced over at me, shrugged his shoulders and replied, “Yeah, I guess so.” He warned Jimmy that he would probably get bored, but Jimmy still insisted on going. Tracy jumped up and headed across the street with Jimmy following him. Jeff and I were left alone. “Do you believe that?” asked Jeff. “Two weeks ago, he wanted to kicked Tracy’s ass because he dances. Now, he wants to learn.” I giggled and replied, “I guess pigs learned to fly.” ******* I couldn’t sleep. When morning came, I was wide awake. I tossed and turned all night wondering what would happen when I returned to school. I’ve heard the phrase, ‘Today is the first day of the rest of your life.’ I felt this couldn’t be truer. In a couple of hours, I would be taking my first steps back into school after my accident. Well, I guess I wouldn’t be taking steps. I would be hobbling into the school on crutches. However, it would be a big day for me. Two weeks had passed since I was there last. Since then, I’ve been outed, and I was hit by a van because of that. Everyone would be staring at me. Before, I wasn’t popular. I just kind of went along with the program, doing whatever was expected of me. I had a lot of friends, but I could only count Jimmy, Brian and Tyler as close friends. I knew they always had my back. Now, I’m not sure. I know Jimmy will be there for me. However, I’m not sure how he will be at school. When we’re alone at home, he is still my best friend. But what will he be like today at school? Will he ignore me? I already told him it is okay, that I would understand. However, it would be nice to have my best friend by my side when I need him the most. And, I’ve still not talked to Brian or Tyler. They haven’t come around in two weeks. I’m kind of resigned to the fact that they no longer want to associate with me. Jeff and Tracy will be by my side. I know that. I don’t think you could take a crowbar and pry Jeff from me. Tracy will also be my friend. But then I worry that we will be the three gay boys at school. When it was just Jeff, everyone left him alone. Now, I’m not sure how students will react when they see the three of us together. We could see us as a triple threat. One thing I’m certain, it won’t be good. I’m now out, and I can’t change that. Jeff has indicated that others know. When I talked to Murry, Emily and Karen in the food court before my accident, they also indicated that everyone knew about it. They did try to reassure me that no one cared. That’s easy for them to say. They won’t be around when others call me names behind my back or shove me into a locker like they do sometimes to Jeff. I was taking a shower when my father stuck his head in the bathroom and told me to hurry up or I would be late for school. “Good,” I replied after he closed the door. Reluctantly, I dressed and went to the kitchen. I had no appetite; however, my mother had prepared a big breakfast for us. I gagged when I saw the bacon, eggs and toast piled on my plate. “Mom!” I moaned. “I can’t eat that.” She turned and frowned. “I didn’t spend an hour fixing you breakfast so you would have enough strength to get around school.” She told me to sit. “It’s already going to be hard to get around on crutches all day.” I wanted to argue, but I didn’t. She appeared ‘motherly.’ I wasn’t used to that. She was starting to treat me better. At least when I looked into her eyes, I didn’t see disappointment or anger. My father kept telling me to be patient, so I guess it was starting to pay off. It had been almost a week since we last got into an argument. Several times, we started to say something, but we would catch ourselves. She could leave the room. It was much harder for me. I would usually bite my lip and keep quiet. It still seemed to work, and we were getting along much better. I didn’t know how I was going to get to school. Normally, I would walk with Jimmy and the guys. However, school was about ten blocks away, and there was no way I could make it on crutches. As if he read my mind, Dad said, “Hurry, Son. I’m taking you to school.” I smiled and replied appreciatively, “Thanks, Dad.” As we were heading to the door, my mother approached with my backpack. She handed it to me and kissed me on the cheek. “Be careful, Dear,” she warned. “I will, Mom,” I replied. I considered returning the kiss on the cheek, but I didn’t. For one, I didn’t know if I wanted to. And secondly, I’m too old to kiss my mother on the cheek anymore. As we were getting in the car, Tracy came running across the street and asked Dad if he could ride with us. “Sure,” replied my father, and Tracy jumped into the backseat. Then as we headed down the street, we saw Jimmy heading our way. He grinned when he saw us, threw out his leg, pulled up his pants leg and stuck out a thumb. Tracy started laughing hysterically. He rolled down the window and told Jimmy, “Cash, grass or ass, no one rides for free.” My dad roared with laughter. “Ass,” Jimmy whispered to Tracy as he jumped into the car. I glanced over at Dad to see if he heard him, but if he did, he didn’t say anything. Jimmy asked, “How’s it feel to be going back?” “How do you think I feel?” I replied sadly. “It’s going to be okay,” Jimmy assured me. “I’ll be with you in case you need anything.” At least one of my worries had been answered. Jimmy wasn’t going to abandon me when I needed him the most. “Me, too,” said Tracy. He and Jimmy then bumped fists. I was beginning to feel a little better. I wouldn’t have to face things alone. “See,” my Dad remarked. “You’ve got nothing to worry about, Jack.” “Yeah, sure Dad,” I responded skeptically. When we pulled up to the front of the school, my heart starting pounding. Students were already lining the sidewalk and entering the building. Tracy jumped out and helped me out of the car. Jimmy rushed around the car and put his arm around my back. “Call me if you need anything,” my father hollered out as he leaned over and looked out the window. “I’ll be okay, Dad,” I assured him as Jimmy and Tracy led me away. A few students stopped and watched us pass. No one said anything, but I could see them starting to gather in groups, point at us and speak softly. The hallway was already crowded as student made their way to the cafeteria. I continued to hobble on the crutches. Jimmy held me tightly around the waist to make sure I didn’t fall. I could tell that Tracy was upset, but he walked quietly behind us. Jeff was standing outside the cafeteria doors. He approached with a wide grin. He looked at Tracy and Jimmy and waved. Jimmy and Tracy moved aside when he stepped beside me and put his arm around my waist. When we entered the cafeteria, I looked over to my right at a table where several students were seated. Murray looked up, rose from his chair and rushed over to me. “Jack!” he exclaimed loudly. “God, it’s good to see you back!” He pushed Jeff aside, put his arm around my waist and led me over to the table where he was seated. I looked back at the bewildered look on Jeff’s face. When I sat down, everyone started to ask me questions. They seemed genuinely worried about me. What was funny was that no one seemed to care that I was gay. Not once did anyone ask me about it. When Jeff and Tracy joined us, they treated them like they had been friends forever. I was overcome with emotion, and I had to hold back tears several times. I knew that things might chance later, but for the moment I was enjoying the friendship. I was also beginning to wonder about Murray. He sat across from me, and several times I looked over and he was just staring at me. Emily had to nudge him a couple of times to get his attention about something she said. He would smile and ask her to repeat it. Then, he would look back at me. Jeff also seemed to notice. He scooted nearer to me and it appeared that a few times he had scowled at Murray when he noticed him staring. It didn’t help when Jeff reached down and attempted to hold my hand, but I pulled it away. When the bell rang, four guys grabbed my arm and tried to help me up. I had to shout and warn them to be careful. I was afraid one of them would pull me too hard and I would fall. Emily swatted them away. “You guys leave him alone,” she warned. “You’re fighting over poor Jack like jackals fighting over a carcass.” I had to smile as she gripped me around the waist and led me from the cafeteria.
  9. Ronyx

    Chapter 5

    AG is right. This is his story. He has no inside information on where I am going In Dancing. You're doing a great job, AG!
  10. Ronyx

    Chapter 27

    @NimirRaj I write about teens and I try to get inside their heads It can be a muddled, baffling and confusing place to go. 🙃
  11. Ronyx

    Chapter 4

    @chris191070 I know you're a sucker for sad chapters.
  12. Ronyx

    Chapter 3

    Haha. You've got people hating Sebastian. Of course @Wesley8890 loves the bad boys.
  13. Ronyx

    Chapter 27

    I awakened Saturday morning when my mother came into the room and sat down on the side of the bed. She announced, “Your father left earlier for a meeting, and he won’t be home until after midnight.” She looked at her watch and added, “I’m going shopping with Karen. I’m taking her to the mall for new shoes, and then we’re going to see a movie.” She reached out and patted my hand. “Is there anything you need?” I replied, “No, Mom.” “But you’re starting school again Monday,” she said. She looked at my bare feet and asked, “Do you need new shoes?” I was surprised how cheerful her mood was. I think it was the first time she had spoken to me like we used to talk. She was almost motherly again. Perhaps, everyone was right. Maybe she did need time to sort things out. I knew my next question would test her acceptance. “Can I invite Jeff over to stay while you’re out?” She sat back and looked off in the distance. I think even she knew this was an important moment. If she refused, then she knew I would blow up and become upset. She probably even knew I would invite Jeff over as soon as she and Karen left. And agreeing would show a degree of acceptance. She was beginning to accept that Jeff might be more than just a friend. However, was she ready to accept me having a boyfriend? If she did, then she would accept that I am gay. We sat in awkward silence for what seemed like an eternity, but it was more like twenty seconds. She reached out and patted my hand. “Of course, you can invite Jeff to keep you company.” I smiled and nodded until she asked, “Can I trust you?” My eyes narrowed. “Trust me? Why?” I felt ready to explode again. The good feelings I felt earlier began to disappear. “Never mind,” she replied angrily as she rose from the bed. “You’ll do it anyway,” she muttered as she left the room. She hollered out and told Karen to hurry. A few minutes later they left the house. She didn’t even look in the room to say goodbye. I waited about fifteen minutes before calling Jeff. It was a little past ten, and I wasn’t sure if he was out of bed yet. Before my accident, I sometimes slept until noon, especially if I had been up late watching movies. When Jimmy would sleep over, it wasn’t unusual for us to stay up until 2 or 3 watching scary movies. When we were younger, we would be so afraid that we sometimes couldn’t fall asleep for an hour or two. Naturally, we would never admit to each other that we were scared. I still can’t believe that Jimmy and I spent almost every weekend during the summer together without mentioning what we were both feeling. From what Jimmy has said, it sounds like he thought about sex more than I did. When we were lying in bed, I never had an urge to do anything with him as we grew older. We did suck each other when we were eleven or twelve, but it was usually as a dare. Thinking back, Jimmy always seemed to be the one to initiate the playfulness. He would first pull down his underwear, showing his little erection. Then, he would dare me to do it. He was the first of us to grow hair, and we would check to see when I would. By the time we were thirteen, both of us had a small tuft of hair. Around that time, Jimmy also was the first of us to produce cum. Three months later, I was able to do it. For a few months, we would have ‘races’ to see who could cum first. However, I was beginning to question that I might be gay. Even though Jimmy didn’t seem to care, I was afraid that he would learn my secret if we continued. One night I told him that we should stop since we were getting older, and I didn’t feel comfortable doing it anymore. He seemed disappointed, but he agreed. But now I realize that we could have continued, and we probably would have enjoyed it. Jimmy confessed that he wished we had. As he said, we could have been having fun all these years. However, we were too afraid to confess that we might be gay. From what Jimmy has said, it appears that he and Brian may have continued even as we got older. Now, I’m confused if Brian might be gay too. Jimmy seemed to indicate that it was nothing more than just teen experimenting, but maybe it is more. However, Brian has been showing an interesting in dating girls. I suppose I’ll find out if Jimmy does come out. If Brian comes out too, I’m not sure what I’ll do. All these years we’ve been friends, and then I find out that we all kept the same secret. Jeff was up when I called. However, he said he couldn’t come over because he was helping his father move furniture in the basement family room. His mother had bought a new sofa, and he had to help him carry the old one outside, load it on his father’s truck and take it to Goodwill. He said he would stop by when they finished, but it would probably be a few hours. I sat and looked out the window. Tracy’s curtains were still closed, so I assumed he was still asleep. He was now spending most evenings after school practicing for the Nutcracker. I guess since he had a bigger part in the show, it was going to take up more of his time. He needed his rest, and I didn’t want to wake him just to come over and keep me company. I closed my eyes and was almost asleep when I heard a car door slam. It couldn’t be my mother and Karen. They had only been gone about thirty minutes. I heard a key in the door, and then Stephanie and Darren entered. My sister came over and hugged me tightly. “How are you, Jack?” she asked. I smiled and replied, “I’m okay. I’m bored as hell, though.” I looked at Darren when he said hello and fisted me. “What brings you home?” I asked. “Don’t you have classes?” “It’s Saturday,” said Stephanie. “We don’t have Saturday classes.” She looked around the room and into the hall. “Is Mom home?” “No,” I told her. “She took Karen to the mall.” “How are you and Mom getting along? Are things any better?” I explained that she seemed to be accepting that fact I’m gay. I told her about my fall and how I had called Jeff to help me. I also told her how she seemed to be treating him and Tracy better. “It takes time,” responded Darren. “We told you that last week.” “Yeah,” I nodded. “I just hope it doesn’t take too long.” I looked out the window and exclaimed again, “I’m bored.” “Let’s go do something,” suggested Darren. He looked at Stephanie for approval. “We didn’t just spend three hours in the car to come here and sit.” I patted my leg and giggled, “How about some basketball?” “How about let’s go to the mall,” he said as he handed me my crutches. “We’ll eat in the food court and then catch a movie.” He looked at Stephanie. “Remember, you wanted to see that new movie with Bradley Cooper.” “Me?” laughed Stephanie. “You’re the one who is always talking about him.” “He’s hot,” replied Darren. He added quickly, “But not as hot as Clayton.” My sister asked if I wanted to invite anyone else to go. I explained that Jeff was helping his father, and Tracy was probably still asleep.” “Then it’s just the three of us,” replied Darren as he helped me from my seat. As we headed to the door, someone knocked. When Stephanie opened the door, Jimmy was standing outside. “Hi, Jimmy,” my sister said as she opened the door wider for Jimmy to enter. “It’s been ages since I last saw you.” She scanned his body. “You’re a lot taller now.” “Hi, Steph,” replied Jimmy. He glanced quickly at me. “I just stopped by to see how Jack is doing.” Stephanie explained to him that we were heading to the mall, and she asked if he wanted to join us. “I don’t know,” replied Jimmy as he looked nervously at me. I think he was waiting to see my reaction before he accepted her offer. He smiled when I nodded my head. “Yeah, sure,” he said. “I’m in.” On the way to the car she introduced Darren to Jimmy. She told him how Jimmy and I had been best friends since we were little. I was afraid she would say something about the accident, but she didn’t. And as far as I knew, Darren wasn’t aware that I was hit by the van because Jimmy was chasing me. As we were driving to the mall, Stephanie turned and asked Jimmy if he was ready for basketball season to begin. She had gotten a chance to watch him play when he was a freshman. He sat on the bench most of the time, but he did get a few minutes later in the season. He had been suspended ten days. However, he told me a couple of days ago that he had talked to his coach, and he told him as long as his grades didn’t suffer too much, he could be eligible to play. The coach told him he could practice, but he might not be able to play until his grades improved. He shrugged his shoulders. “I guess,” he replied. “Football season just ended, so we’re just starting to practice.” He sighed and added, “It don’t look too good right now.” My sister asked, “Why?” He shrugged his shoulders again. “I don’t know,” he explained. “We just don’t seem to be getting things together. Maybe it’s because we got out of shape over the summer.” “You’ll get better,” she assured him. He looked at me and replied skeptically, “Maybe.” Walking around the mall on crutches was difficult. I would go a little way, and then I’d have to stop to rest. Darren and Jimmy stayed beside me to catch me if I got too weak. A couple of times Jimmy held me tightly around the waist to steady me. One time when he did it, Darren looked over at me and raised an eyebrow. I think he was beginning to wonder if something was going on other than friendship. We arrived at the Food Court around noon. Stephanie saw Mom and Karen sitting at a table and led us over to them. After embracing and explaining that she and Darren had come to visit me, we sat down. Jimmy took my crutches and helped me into the chair. I looked over at my mother and Stephanie. They were watching us intently. I began to worry that perhaps Jimmy might be outing himself to them. He kept holding me tightly around the waist when I really didn’t need his support. I was afraid it looked like he might be hugging me. Then after I sat, he offered to get me whatever I wanted to order. After looking at my options, I told him I would like a chicken tender basket at one of the chicken restaurants. It surprised me when my mother opened her purse and handed him a ten. “Get what you want too, Jimmy,” she ordered. He and Darren headed off to get our food. Stephanie and my mother chatted while they were gone. Most of the conversation was about her college classes. However, I noticed my mother look over at me, and then she would glance over at Jimmy and Darren as they stood in line to get our order. When Jimmy and Darren returned, Jimmy placed my chicken tenders in front of me, and then he sat down and scooted his chair nearer to me. His action didn’t go unnoticed by my sister, Mother and Darren. Darren looked at me and again raised an eyebrow. I think he was beginning to assume that Jimmy and I were boyfriends. After eating, my mother and Karen left to finish their shopping. When they left the area, Stephanie asked excitedly, “Are you guys boyfriends?” Darren nodded and agreed with her. “What?” Jimmy stammered nervously as he glanced over at me. “Why are you asking us that?” Darren laughed and responded, “If you guys get any closer, you’ll be getting naked and having sex right here on the table.” Jimmy’s face whitened, and it looked like he wanted to jump up from the table and run away. I put my arm around his shoulder and told them to leave him alone. “We’re just friends, that’s all.” I knew Jimmy didn’t want to come out, so I was trying to protect him. Darren laughed and said, “Yeah, okay. Sure.” He then leaned forward and said softly, “You guys better be careful. You’re going to blow your cover.” It surprised me when Jimmy looked over at me and then told Darren, “You’re right. We better be careful.” “Yes, well,” said Stephanie as she looked at her watch. “We should head over to the theater or we’re going to be late.” Jimmy reached down, gripped my arm and helped me to my feet. Again, he held me around the waist as we headed away. We had entered the theater and was standing in line when my cell phone rang. I looked at the caller ID, and it was Jeff. “Where are you?” he asked. “I stopped by your house, but no one answered the door.” I explained to him that I was getting ready to see a movie with my sister. I didn’t mention that I was also with Darren and Jimmy. “I’ll be there in a sec,” he said. “I’ll get Dad to bring me.” He hung up before I had a chance to tell him that Jimmy was with me. Jeff is insecure when it comes to Tracy and Jimmy. I was afraid he might make a scene when he arrives and sees Jimmy with me. “Who was that?” asked Jimmy when I finished. “Jeff,” I replied. “He wants to join us.” Jimmy asked angrily, “Why?” I glanced quickly and Darren and Stephanie. They were listening to our exchange. To them, it probably sounded like Jimmy was the jealous boyfriend. I told him that Jeff was supposed to come over and spend the afternoon with me, but since I was at the movie, he decided to join us. “That’s wonderful,” responded my sister. “I’ve never met Jeff. Mom has told me all about him.” I held my breath because I was afraid that she would ask me if Jeff was my boyfriend. However, she didn’t. Jimmy put his arm around me as we headed toward the theater where our movie would soon start. Jimmy was making me uncomfortable. It seemed like he couldn’t keep his hands off me, and it was becoming obvious to everyone else. Stephanie and Darren quickly noticed, as did my mother. I know she was curious what was going on. Jimmy had stayed overnight at my house so often over the years, that Mom and Dad thought of him as a son. Now, she was looking at us differently. Now that she knows that I am gay, she will probably assume that every boy I talk to is also gay. I’m sure she’ll ask me if Jimmy is gay because of the way he acted today. The coming attractions were showing when we sat down. Jimmy sat beside me and leaned toward me so that our shoulders were touching. Darren sat beside him. The show was getting ready to start in about five minutes when Jeff entered the theater, squinted his eyes and looked for us. I waved, and he smiled and approached. He squeezed past the others, and then he took a seat beside me. He leaned forward and said hi to everyone. He frowned when he noticed Jimmy pressed into my shoulder. I thought Jimmy would sit straight in his seat, but he didn’t. It was as if he wanted Jeff to see him. I moved away and leaned toward Jeff. “What are you doing with him?” he whispered in my ear. Before I could answer, the lights dimmed, and the movie began. Jeff reached over, grabbed my hand and squeezed it. “I missed you,” he whispered in my ear. It surprised me when he kissed my cheek. Jimmy saw him and muttered something, but I couldn’t understand what he said. Fifteen minutes later, Jimmy leaned toward me and rested against my shoulder. A minute later, I froze when he placed his hand on my right thigh. I glanced quickly at Jeff, and he was looking at what Jimmy was doing. Jeff then placed his hand on my left thigh. I sat frozen for several minutes while they caressed my thigh. It was as if they were in a battle to see who could arouse me more. I gasped when Jimmy moved his hand up my thigh and rubbed my erection. Jeff ran his hand up my thigh, pushed his hand away and gripped me tightly. “Stop it!” I muttered softly as I batted both their hands away. “What do you think you’re doing? Both of you just stop!” Jimmy removed his and sat up straight. Darren looked over our way. He was probably wondering what was going on. I don’t think he saw what was happening. I could hear Jeff sniffling, and then he rose and moved a seat away. I could tell by the light the movie was casting on his face that he was crying. “Shit!” I mumbled. I rose and sat beside him. He leaned toward me until our shoulders were lightly touching. We sat the rest of the movie that way. We didn’t say anything, but I could tell that he was happy because he thought I had chosen him over Jimmy. If he had only looked into Jimmy’s face to see the angry looks he was giving both of us. I was becoming really upset with Jimmy. He knew that Jeff and I wanted to be boyfriends. I had discussed it with him. Besides, just yesterday, he seemed to like Tracy. I now couldn’t understand why he was having a silent battle with Jeff for my attention. I liked Jimmy, but there was no way I wanted him to be my boyfriend. The movie didn’t end soon enough. I couldn’t concentrate on what was happening on the screen because I was afraid that Jeff and Jimmy might get into a shouting match at any time. When the movie ended, I grabbed my crutches and hobbled out of the theater by myself. I think Darren sensed what was going on, and he put his arm around me and steadied me while I walked. When we got to his car, Jimmy told Jeff that there wasn’t any room for him in Darren’s small backseat, and that he would have to walk home. “There’s room,” Darren insisted as he looked inside the car. “Jeff, you get in first. You’re small and can fit in the middle.” I looked over at Jimmy as he was muttering something to himself. Darren took my crutches and helped me in. Jimmy reluctantly climbed in beside Jeff as Darren put my crutches in the trunk. The ride at first was tense. No one said anything. Then Jeff began squirming around and moaning that he was uncomfortable. “I’m sitting on the seatbelts,” he complained. Stephanie turned and told him it wouldn’t be long until we got home. “Would you sit still,” hissed Jimmy after Jeff continued to shift in his seat. “It’s hurting my ass,” complained Jeff. “I’m going to have butt marks.” Darren started laughing in the front seat. He turned and said, “I know what you mean.” He looked at Stephanie. “I’ve gotten stuck in the middle when Clayton, Steph and I go out with friends.” Jeff smiled and nodded. He then started shifting in his seat. “Sit still!” insisted Jimmy again. He then spread his legs and told Jeff to remove his seat belt and sit between his legs. I thought Jeff would refuse, but he unbuckled his seat belt and positioned himself between Jimmy’s legs. “Better?” grumbled Jimmy as he looked over at me and frowned. Jeff replied, “Much.” I held my breath because I wasn’t sure what would happen next. However, Jeff remained quiet as he looked out the window. Stephanie and I talked for a few minutes about starting school on Monday. I was still reluctant to go back, but she tried to assure me that things would be okay. “You’ve got a lot of good friends who will be there to help you,” insisted Darren. I thought that Jeff and Jimmy would agree, but neither said anything. When I looked at them, Jeff was pressed back against Jimmy, and Jimmy’s hand was resting on the front of Jeff’s pants. It was obvious that Jeff was hard, and Jimmy was feeling on him. When Jeff saw me staring, he shifted, grabbed Jimmy’s hand and removed it. I couldn’t believe it. Jimmy was feeling on my boyfriend, and Jeff seemed to be enjoying it! Earlier, he had gotten mad because Jimmy had put his hand on my thigh. Now, he was doing much more. I clicked my tongue and stared out the window the rest of the way home. It was my turn to be jealous.
  14. Ronyx

    Chapter 2

    Hahaha, AG. You're a real rascal! I'm loving this story! You're surprising me with your writing skills and story telling. As you mentioned above, we've been friends since I started writing. You've motivated me, and I hope to be able to return the favor. You're doing an excellent job, and I will admit much better than I did when I first began. I enjoyed your description of NYC. You made me feel like I was there. You are also mastering the art of leave them wanting more as you did with dropping Sebastian in at the end of the story. I'm a big fan of cliff hangers even though readers sometimes get upset because they have to wait for the next installment. You're off to a great start, and readers are enjoying the story. Good luck!
  15. Ronyx

    Chapter 1

    AG, I love the start of this story! I'm also flattered that you have taken a few of the characters from Dancing on a Star and created a completely different story line. It's very imaginative, and I enjoyed reading the first chapter. I can't wait to see what direction you take TJ and CJ. Don't get hung up with some of the criticism about editing. You have skills, and the rest will come. Some of my first stories contained numerous errors, but readers helped me. You're smart and a fast learner. You'll do well. Hugs, Ron
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