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Us, For You - 4. Part 1: Summer Nights 4 (Japan)

Part 1

Summer Nights 4 (Japan)

It took me a while to make a plan to get rid of my family for a few hours. I mean, what could I do? We were on a family vacation after all and, besides, there was the matter that my brother, Chris, was still mad with me.

He bought new bento boxes for me but we didn’t say a word. In the end, the idea came when I was on the elevator and saw the button for the onsen, those hot springs at the top of the hotel. I went with my parents immediately.

“Hot springs?” My father asked, unconvinced.

“Hot springs,” I repeated. “It’s part of the culture,” I said everything I could think of, that my mother could use it as a moment for herself, that I had already gone and could use the moment to go and buy a new jacket for Chris. It took me half an hour but I, miraculously, managed to convince them. When the next day arrived, everything was set. We went out in the morning, took breakfast, and, for the afternoon, before five, they went to the hotel’s top floor while I ran down to the lobby.

“Alex!” Minakami stood when he saw me. “I didn’t think I’d…”

“There’s no time,” I said, pushing him out of the hotel. “They are at the onsen, I don’t think they take more than two hours and I need to buy a jacket.”

“A jacket?”

“For my brother.”


“I’ll explain on the way.”

We took the metro to get to that jacket; Japan’s subway was surprisingly quiet, no one talked, no one made noise, everyone had their faces glued to their phones, it was like being with robots. Minakami laughed when I pointed that out.

“Here,” I said when I got the jacket.

“Wait, Alex,” Minakami stopped me. “What about this one.” Instead of the plain, black jacket my brother had bought, he was holding a varsity jacket, a letterman, black and white, elegant but casual, you could tell it was miles better.

“I like it, a lot but look,” I showed him the label. “I don’t have that much money.”

Minakami didn’t ask, he took it and went to the line. “I’ll pay the difference.”

I smiled, it was a kind gesture but I asked myself if he knew it was for my brother, I had told him. It didn’t matter, back at home, I planned to wear it when Chris didn’t notice.

On our way back, we opted to visit a place near the hotel to have the biggest amount of time together possible, we went to Asakusa. It was an impressive place, right next to the street there was a big red gate, a giant door, with an enormous paper lamp, at least three times my size, and, to its sides, in green cages, there were two statues. It must’ve looked completely amazed because Minakami took his phone out of his pocket and, with a sudden movement, leaned to my side, kissing my cheek just when he pressed the camera's button.

“A souvenir,” he smiled when he noticed my face, both surprised and happy.

We crossed the door underneath the big lamp just to find a big outdoor hallway and an endless amount of little stores to its sides. I wasn’t the only one who was happy, Minakami was also smiling, seeing him was all you needed to know; he looked magnificent, his hair was splendid, combed discreetly, that sweet wooden color with a touch of amber and the clothes he was wearing made him looked relaxed and casual while also elegant. I looked in front of me again. “Don’t think about it, just do it, just do it,” I told myself and, with sudden courage, I did it. I reached out my hand and held his.

Minakami looked at me, surprised. In his face there was a shadow of disagreement, then concern, followed by a glimpse of bravery coved by joy, excitement, as if we were doing something forbidden.

We took more pictures at the stores, in the outdoor hallway, until we got to what looked like a smoking pot and then to a big temple, illuminating with the sunset, entirely covered with yellow lights, they were impressive, wide. All that time, I didn’t let go of his hand, of him. And, to my relief, he didn’t either.

“Come,” he told me then. “I know where we should go.”

I followed him, of course, the thought of an almost stranger guiding me through an unknown place in a city I barely knew crossed my mind so, you can imagine my puzzled face when we stopped in front of the hotel. I opened my mouth but Minakami put a finger in front, shutting me.

“You think your family finished?”

“I think they’ll still take about half an hour.”

He grinned at me. “That’s time enough.”

I wanted to ask but he didn’t let me, Minakami took me by the arm and we flew to the elevator. However, we didn’t go to the onsen nor to the restaurant, we went to the seventh floor.

“How do you know where…?”

“This is my floor.”

“His?” I thought. “All this time, we were on the same floor?” We walked through the hallways to the first door, 701. It was then that I understood what we were doing, the handsome Japanese boy was taking me to his room.

“Your father…?”

“Isn’t here and won’t be until after midnight.”

“I can’t stay that long,” I replied, which didn’t seem to bother him. “Half an hour.”

“Half an hour,” he repeated before closing his eyes and letting his lips fall against mine. This wasn’t like the first kiss, short, brief, ephemeral. No, this one lasted, it lasted and lasted, extending in my mouth. I was able to notice things, things I didn’t catch the first time. In the beginning, I stayed still, my lips unmoving, it wasn’t until I felt his moving that I started copying him, I felt his lips surrounding my lower lip, squeezing softly. It was a gentle flavor, poisonous, sugary. I detected something like strawberry, maybe cherry, I also felt the scent of his hair. It smelled like the pages of a new book.

Then I felt something else; his hands weren’t at his side like mine, they were in my hair, at my back, pushing my body into his. They wandered through the back of my neck, a soft touch, a caress, stopping to form little circles with the tips of his fingers. I moved my hands to his waist. I had never touched him like this, I had never touched anyone like this, I was able to feel the wideness of his torso, the curve of his sides; without realizing it, I raised his shirt a little and was able to feel the skin underneath. Our lips, together, parted when I doubted.

“Princes don’t just come to you,” I remembered. “You have to go get them.” I started kissing him again. “I have to go get them.” I gathered all the courage I had and slide my hand into his side. I felt his jeans, the underwear glimpsing on top, then I went up and found the space between his skin and the shirt.

Carefully, Minakami raised my shirt over my head. He took off his jacket. I was excited, a lot, I could feel it inside me, but then, why did a sudden fear come into my mind?

“Are you okay?” I heard him ask. I nodded, he seemed to understand. “Oh, first time, I remember,” I didn’t know if he was disappointed or not. “Come.”

I walked towards him and took off his shirt, letting myself fall between his arms. I felt the warmth of his chest against mine, how soft it felt, how intimate as if it were a secret, a little flame we both had to keep ignited. Slowly, his lips came to my ear, “We won’t do anything you don’t want us to,” he whispered and before I could answer, I felt his mouth on my earlobe, moving wickedly. I gasped in surprise. Was the earlobe a sexy part of the body? I had never thought so, but then, why did it felt so good? Why did it make me moan?

Our lips didn’t rest, yet our lips soon weren’t enough. I felt his neck in my mouth, every inch, every bite, just under the chin, between his collarbones, I tried his earlobe too. I wasn’t sure if I was doing it right or not but, if the noises he made were anything to go by, then Minakami was really enjoying it. I learned more, then, I learned that kissing wasn’t just a matter of lips or skin, it involved teeth too, tongues. I liked it. It was my first time tasting it, and I was loving it.

Then I felt something more, not with his lips but lower, with my body against his, it was impossible not to have felt the excitement he was keeping below his waist. Strong, firm, I was sure he was also feeling mine. His arms pushed me away, I took a step back and sat on the bed. Slowly, with his eyes on mine, he lowered his jeans until they fell to his feet, walking out of them.

“You’ve already seen him without clothes,” I told myself. I remembered the onsen, the bath, yet this was different, this felt different. Seeing him there, standing in front of me, wearing nothing but a pair of tight dark blue boxers, hugging his skin, creating a bulge, a treasure hidden between his legs, was more than I had ever imagined.

I stood up and got rid of my jeans too. “We won’t do anything you don’t want us to,” I remembered his words. The question was, “how much did I want us to do?”

Minakami took a step towards me. “How do you like it?” He asked, I didn’t understand. “Top or bottom?”

“I don’t know, I never…” He smiled, remembering. I smiled too. “We can find out.”

A glimpse of joy, of mischief, appeared on his face. Minakami took another step and reached out with his hand, kissing my chest while his fingers get ever so slightly near the middle of my underwear. It was a slight touch, then a firm one, completely surrounding my manhood through the fabric, gently squeezing it. I let out a small moan. That made him hungrier.

However, I wasn’t gonna let him do all the work. Without letting him go, I stood up and held him before me, caressing his sides until reaching the last piece of clothing he had. Then, I reached down too. In front of me, the fabric was the only thing separating my face from his manhood. It was hot. Why was it hot? I had no idea but I couldn’t take it anymore. Carefully, I took the fabric between his legs and, little by little I saw more and more of him until there he was, all of him, in all his glory, bigger and firmer than ever before.

I was never a brave person. “Well, look at me now.” I didn’t doubt it, I reached out with my lips and let it inside my mouth. I heard him gasp in pleasure. For a moment, I was afraid. What was I supposed to do now? I hid my teeth but, before I could question myself, my instinct took over. I started exploring every piece of him, moving up and down at different speeds, his cock was warm in my mouth, strangely soft but hard, oh so hard. I stuck out my tongue and played with the tip, he seemed to like that, I moved from the tip to the base, slowly then faster, faster. He started moaning, I covered the pillar and even further down, the stones. That was what he seemed to like the most.

A moment later, Minakami returned the favor. He got rid of my clothes, letting my skin be exposed to the air and drowned between my legs. It was unexpected, warm, and humid, I started moaning. It wasn’t on purpose, I had no control. Feeling someone’s mouth down there was nothing like I had imagined, exciting, yeah, but not as pleasurable as I had imagined. Still, I liked it. He then started licking the sides, then the space between my leg and manhood, took my waist firmly before sucking me again. I took the back of his head, my fingers in his hair, holding him, forcing him, not harshly, to suck me faster and faster.

In the end, I couldn’t hold it, I warned him but he didn’t listen or, perhaps, he did and just decided he didn’t care, that he wanted it. Without holding back, I let myself explode in his tongue, filling his mouth with that warm, sweet nectar. Minakami took it all.

Then he smiled. “How was your first time?”

I was speechless. “Wow,” that seemed to say it all. Wow.

We laid on his bed, still naked, and this time, working with our hands, we kissed. I held him tight, touching him until he came, exploding in between our bodies, all over our chests.

Just then we looked at the clock. The half-hour had finished fifteen minutes ago. I got dressed as fast as I could and ran to my room only to find it empty. In my parent’s room, no one answered.

Minakami, peeking and only in his boxers, called me from his room.

“They haven’t arrived yet,” I told him when I reached his side, the door still open. “If they stayed more than two hours I think they really liked the onsen.”

“Well, I also liked what I did with my two hours.”

That’s when we heard the ding of the elevator. Minakami pulled me from the room and closed the door. Through the peephole, I saw my parents and brother pass by, with red skin and wearing bathrobes.

“Is it them?” Minakami asked.

“Yes,” I nodded turning around. That was my penultimate day in the city, in the country. I hadn’t realized that until then, I mean, I knew it, yeah, but I hadn’t realized it and I didn’t notice it, not until I saw him there, standing next to me with his eyes on mine. “I really liked what we did, really, you are special.”

“The first one always is,” he replied, kissing my cheek. “I’m glad I was your first. And, even you weren’t my first, you’ve been the best, by far.”

I lowered my eyes, hiding the blush in my face but he didn’t allow it, with his index in my chin he planted a kiss on my lips. It was long, it was sweet and it was the most delicious thing in life. Just when I thought it may last forever, he backed down, took his phone, then came to me and pushed me into bed. His hands found my waist and got rid of my shirt, then my pants, and finally left me bare, naked. Only then, he took a picture of me.

“What are you doing?” I asked, trying to cover myself. Only a few minutes had passed, yet, again, I was excited, erect, and unable to hide it.

Minakami took off his boxers and passed me the camera. “If I won’t see you again, then at least we deserve a memory of the other, don’t you think?”

I looked at him, suspicious, thinking of the risk. Hadn’t I heard of the many disasters that had been caused by photos like this, naked? Although… “I’m in another country, with a boy no one in my family or friends know and will probably never know.” I took a photo with his phone, of him in all his glory, before me, and gave it back. Yet, he wasn’t finished.

He put on his boxer and gave me mine, sitting next to me for the last two photos. One of us, almost naked, on the bed, looking at the camera and another one, similar but we kissed for the camera.

“Here,” he said then, handing me a piece of paper. “It’s my phone number, so when you go back and your phone works again, you can send me a message and I’ll send you the photos. And, just in case, there you also have the accounts for my social media, so you have no excuse for losing touch and, if you ever find yourself in Japan again…”

I smiled at that. “There’s no one else I’d rather visit again,” I answered, understanding that what he had wasn’t a relationship nor the start of one, it was more of an encounter, maybe a friendship that began with an adventure.

The next day my family went to a museum and to visit the statue of the dog, Hatchi, before closing the day with sushi. It was a good last day, even my brother seemed to relax after receiving his new jacket. I thought he might get mad when he saw it wasn’t the same but he didn’t complain. On the trip back, the more than ten hours on a plane, everything seemed quicker than what it really was.

After we got home and I left the suitcase on the bed, I connected my phone. As soon as it got to its first 1%, I turned it on and pulled out the little piece of paper I had carried over a continent. When I send the first message I stared at the screen for several minutes before remembering it was three in the morning there.

“Did you like the trip, Alex?” my mother entered the room, checking that everything was okay.

“Yes, a lot,” I told him just when my messages loaded and the pictures of our date, our kiss, our bodies and the picture of us, Minakami kissing my cheek, in front of the big door with the paper lamp, arrived, followed by a hello.

“I’m glad,” she said. “First time in another country. Are you ready for the next trip? It’s still a year away but I was invited to a conference in Turkey and I think I’ll be able to bring you and your brother with me, your father too if he can manage to get a few free days. How does that sound?”

“More trips?” I smiled. “I can’t wait.”

I'd love to hear your thoughs 😄, you can find me at billy.alexander.wright@gmail.com

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This was a great chapter! The boys' day together was perfect; very romantic and sensual! It feels like the end of the story, but since it is labeled part one, it must just be the end of Japan. So what's next? Maybe an interlude and then Turkey? And more romantic adventures for Alex!? I am really enjoying this story! Thanks. 

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