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  1. JeffreyL

    Remembrance Day, November 11, 2018

    A beautiful tribute. Thank you, Tim.
  2. JeffreyL

    Chapter 16

    This was a sweet chapter, and I mean that in the very best way! I am happy for both, but especially Rory. He has been patient with his frustrations. I imagine Milan is over the moon! Romance with a guy he didn't think he could hope to have love him back. More good story! Thanks.
  3. JeffreyL


    What a big step forward for both of them! It makes me happy. I continue to enjoy this story. Thanks.
  4. JeffreyL

    Chapter 15

    Go Rory!!! Hooray!
  5. JeffreyL

    Chapter 10

    A great ending to this wonderful story! I really enjoyed Buddy's journey to discover his Native American self. Thanks.
  6. JeffreyL

    Chapter 7

    No apology needed. Wishing your sister a speedy recovery! Your story just gets better! I am really enjoying Avi, Lex, and company. Thanks.
  7. JeffreyL

    Innocent Sacrifice

    Once again Sasha Distan has written a most enjoyable story! Su Yin is chosen to be a sacrifice to the demon Zhihao. Zhihao has other ideas and takes Su Yin to Hell to be his lover. How Su Yin learns love love Zhihao and adapt to living in Hell makes a great story! Su Yin joins the ranks of my favorite GA characters, and the supporting characters are varied and intriguing. If you haven't read any of Sasha's "Best Circle of Hell" stories, you may want to read them first. Although you can enjoy this as a stand alone, you will enjoy and understand the supporting cast better if you have read their stories.
  8. JeffreyL

    Chapter 9

    Su Yin was a great character! I liked all the others, but he was a soft-spoken little pepper sprout (an oxymoron?). It's been awhile since I've read any of your "Best Circle of Hell" stories. I had a bit of a struggle keeping all the demons and others straight, but I still really liked this story. Guess I'll have to go for a reread. Thanks for sharing this. It was most enjoyable!
  9. JeffreyL

    Chapter 6

    I really loved "Crossing the Moon!" This story may give it a run for the money!
  10. JeffreyL

    Trek or Treat

    Great characters! I got a little lost in the sci fi versus real science discussion, but the boys were great and the plot was too. A most enjoyable story! Thanks.
  11. JeffreyL

    Chapter 1

    I enjoyed this first chapter and look forward to more. Thank you.
  12. JeffreyL

    Pale pleasures

    This is a great Halloween story! Well written with interesting characters, good dialogue, and an intriguing plot. Thanks.
  13. JeffreyL

    TC3 — Chapter 5: A Day to Remember.

    I love your characters in this series! Book 3 was as good or better than the other two. I look forward to the next installment. Thank you.
  14. JeffreyL

    Chapter 6

    I didn't find this story until today. I read chapter one and liked it so much I binged the rest! I'm caught up and anxious for more. I like the idea of canine shape-shifters that are not wolves! Avi and Lex are great characters, and their story is very entertaining! Thanks.
  15. JeffreyL

    Playing the hand you're dealt

    Thanks for this enjoyable story with a clever twist at the end!

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