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  1. JeffreyL

    Chapter One

    I like Corey and his "voice," or I should probably say your voice. I am intrigued with the set up of your story. I look forward to reading more. Thanks.
  2. JeffreyL

    Chapter 12

    Another really good chapter with these great characters! Lots of things were shared between them. Your dialogue was first rate! Anger, sadness, frustration, and compassion all rang true. I really enjoyed the conversation between Drew and Cole at the end of the chapter: flirty and fun! Thanks.
  3. JeffreyL

    Chapter 8

    So now we have two causes for worry: Katherine and Leon. And maybe Stratos himself will be the third? Gemini's story could be an analogy for race, gender, and/or ethnic relations. How long ago was it that people were usually hostile about someone who associated with or married a person outside their race, religion, gender, or ethnicity? I am enjoying this story as a good story, but these thoughts keep running through my head. You are doing a tremendous job! Keep up the good writing! Thanks.
  4. JeffreyL

    The Choice

    I had the pleasure of reading several chapters this afternoon to get caught up! I enjoyed finding out about Noah's new life in New York and meeting his new boyfriend! I have some mixed feelings about Noah and Sky being sexually active. I have to keep reminding myself they are not little kids anymore. These characters are wonderful! I like the way they love and support each other, just like the many characters in your other stories! Thanks.
  5. JeffreyL

    Last Words

    Even as a dick in the last story, Dorian was a fun character! To get to read his story and see him fleshed out as a character was great! It's too bad he had to die at the end, but in some ways it was the best ending for the story. I am hoping this is not the end, or that there will be a final chapter or an epilog. Thanks.
  6. JeffreyL

    Chapter 11

    Wow! Way to explode with action and drama! I think Cole's mom took lessons from Drew's mom! Good action and dialogue! I think Cole living with Dad just got moved to the front of the line. Great chapter! Thanks.
  7. JeffreyL

    Chapter 5

    Stratos is a most intriguing character, and a very complex man! I am really enjoying his story. Thanks.
  8. This story has been a lot of fun! You have created several really great characters! I will be sorry to see it end. Thanks.
  9. Fox's Animaniacs animated character aka Dot and Night Manager at the Boston Tipton Hotel (The Suite Life of Zack and Cody - Disney Channel). My first guess, Ricardo Montalban, was wrong. Thanks to Google I found the answer. Great challenge! I am too old to know either answer! 🙂
  10. JeffreyL

    Chapter 3

    Just finished the first three chapters, and I enjoyed how it started. Kevin and Uncle are interesting characters. I look forward to reading more. Thanks.
  11. JeffreyL


    More fun with Bailey and Harlan! Dinner was a big success! Part of that was the fact that Shawn showed up. I am glad he did. Less stress for Bailey, both at dinner and work on Monday. Thinking ahead, I am wondering if Harlan will be more truthful with Bailey if/when they are a couple. From what you wrote, I felt like he told the truth about himself, but painted with a broad brush. Many of the details he skipped over. I hate to sound like a broken record, but once again I must say I am really enjoying this story! Thanks.
  12. JeffreyL

    Chapter 10

    I am really enjoying seeing Stephen growing as a person and gaining self confidence! Thanks.
  13. JeffreyL

    Chapter 16

    OMG! I thought ending a chapter with Rick's sister's call was bad. I chuckled because I knew, being behind, I had a couple of chapters still to read. Now I am caught up, and I end with Aiden severely beaten! Aaaaaaugh! I want to cry No Fair! But I will stay calm and wait patiently for the next chapter. Thanks.
  14. JeffreyL

    Chapter 13

    I am reading a few chapters to get caught up. I have enjoyed getting to know Aidan and Rick. You have really ramped up the emotions and drama in these last chapters! I love the healing in Aidan's family, and now Rick's sister needs help! I have to get back to my reading! The good part of being behind is being able to go on to the next chapter without waiting! Thanks.
  15. JeffreyL

    Chapter 3

    It is great to see Stephen settling in so well. I can't wait to see how school goes for him! Thanks.
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