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  1. JeffreyL

    Chapter 14

    I was unclear about Alfie. As I read the section about his suicide (attempt?) I had the impression he died. Yet other readers called it an attempt implying that he didn't die. What is correct? Thanks. Oh, and good chapter! I didn't realize Kat was the puppet master behind everything, but I am not surprised. Thanks again.
  2. JeffreyL

    Chapter 38

    How nice to see Helen again, and I am glad she brought her magic wand to wave over Tyler! Isn't amazing how interconnected people can be. What is that game called? Six degrees of separation? It starts here with a phone conversation between Jacob and Tyler. Then we move to a conversation between Jacob and Kyle, and next a phone call between Kyle and Helen. Finally Helen and her husband show up at Sean's dad's party, and Helen helps Tyler realize he is not "less than." And of course woven through all this is your marvelous dialogue and these wonderful characters you have created! Thanks for a most satisfying chapter!
  3. JeffreyL

    Chapter 37

    Dad is certainly an interesting character! Tyler gets extra points for not being totally intimidated by him. It will be interesting to see how Tyler, Sean, and his dad get along in the coming days. I wasn't that impressed with Sean's friends. I wonder if we will see more of them. And then we have the wild card, Sean's stepmom. I bet there will be lots more of Tyler feeling like a fish out of water! I hope his relationship with Sean can survive. Thanks.
  4. JeffreyL


    Grant has taken a big step forward! Hooray! This was another great chapter! Thanks.
  5. I suppose having a fling with the doorman is not a good idea. Or Chris could have just grabbed the ebony god and drug him into the apartment. You didn't give us much of a clue about A, but Chris has perked up. That is a good sign. Thanks.
  6. JeffreyL

    A Neko for Blaine

    You did a great job with this prompt! I always marvel when an author gets you attached to their characters in so few words! I agree with Headstall. More story would be nice. Well done. Thanks.
  7. The teardrop in the reaction to the chapter was for the end of the chapter. For the rest I would have given a heart. Not being a lawyer, the Google School of Law was perfect for me! After Frank was a total douche, I was glad for the way the guys treated Margaret. If I remember correctly, she becomes an important part of the family later. I am enjoying this story as much this second time around! Thanks.
  8. JeffreyL

    Chapter 4 - Rush

    This has been a fun story so far! I am really enjoying these characters! Thanks.
  9. JeffreyL

    Chapter 4 - Rush

    The character from Stephen King's novel "Misery." She kidnaps and tortures her favorite author.
  10. JeffreyL

    Happy Hour

    Oh that Prime! Thanks for helping a sense reader!
  11. JeffreyL

    Peach Cobbler

    It was good to learn some more about Mark and his children. I am not certain what it will take, but I hope sooner than later Mark and his children can become a blended family with Joe and Thomas. Thanks.
  12. JeffreyL

    Chapter 20

    This is my second or third time reading this story, and I enjoyed it as much this time as before! The whole Carthera world appeals to my love of fantasy and shifters! The plot here is a nice blend of mystery, adventure, romance, and family. Oh, and some juicy sex! You have created interesting characters that feel real. I have gotten attached to several. Even the secondary characters feel real and are not just caricatures. Dialogue is always an important part of a story for me. Yours sounds real, never stilted or artificial. Thank you for sharing this well written and engaging story.
  13. JeffreyL

    Silent Requite

    What a fun chapter! Your excellent dialogue made it an enjoyable afternoon and dinner! Even better was the somewhat drunken camaraderie after dinner! 🥴😏😴☺☺🥴 It must be about time for another roadblock/misunderstanding. Let's get them over and move on to HEA. Thanks.
  14. I read this poem and really liked it. It speaks to me of people who have passed, and how we remember them. The last paragraph was especially powerful. Sadly our brain and our heart can't always agree. Thanks Tim.
  15. JeffreyL

    Chapter 15

    Nothing like building up the tension a bunch! Not just for the characters, but also your poor readers! Have you no mercy? Or are you in the background dry washing your hands and chuckling?!! Thanks.
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