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  1. JeffreyL

    Chapter 41

    Wow! I wasn't expecting most of what happened in this chapter, but I really enjoyed it! I haven't said it lately, but I love this story and the characters you have created! Good writing and more to come I am certain. Thank you.
  2. JeffreyL


    One chapter and you already have me hooked! As usual your writing is great! Good characters and dialogue, and an intriguing set up. Thanks.
  3. JeffreyL

    Circling The Drain

    This is a well written group of poems. I especially enjoyed the first one! Thanks.
  4. JeffreyL

    Chapter 5

    I am enjoying getting to know Jack and his friends better. This is a most enjoyable story. Thanks.
  5. JeffreyL

    my story

    This hauntingly sad short story is extremely well written. Thanks for sharing.
  6. JeffreyL


    This story was well written and very enjoyable! Your characters were interesting and their dialogue was realistic. I look forward to their next adventure. Thanks.
  7. JeffreyL

    Chapter 29

    I have gotten behind and am reading to get caught up. I just wanted to say how much I continue to enjoy this story and these characters! Thanks.
  8. What is this "do you think I should continue this story" nonsense? How do you feel about threats of physical violence? 😉 I think pitchforks, axes, and flaming torches will be carried by the crowd! You would never start a wonderful story just to tease your readers and then stop just as it was getting good. Would you? Obviously, my vote is don't (you dare) stop now. Thanks.
  9. This story has been enjoyable from the start! A visit from Charlie will be icing on the cake! Thanks.
  10. JeffreyL

    Chapter 27

    More great characters and dialogue! This was a most satisfying meeting of Father and Son! Thanks.
  11. A well written short story. I looked up the prompt, and you did a great job following it! I may need to look up O. Henry's version and read it. Thanks for sharing.
  12. JeffreyL

    Chapter 26

    The meeting between Lex and Ryan was better than expected. You did a good job writing Lex's nervousness and Ian trying to be supportive. It was interesting the way you revealed a bit and then misdirected a bit as the characters met. Good writing! I am anxious to meet Ryan's partner and see how things move forward. Thanks.
  13. JeffreyL

    Chapter 1

    It didn't "grab" me like some opening chapters, but I am curious to see where you are going with this story. Next chapter, please. And thanks for sharing.
  14. JeffreyL

    The Spark

    I just finished chapters one through four in one sitting. What great characters! Their story and their supporting cast are terrific! I like the pacing, the vocabulary (quotidian!?), the dialogue, and the way the story moved between present and past. Your writing makes Brody, Jace, and their friends and family feel real. I really like them (well maybe Trish not so much) and can't wait to see what's next. Thank you.
  15. JeffreyL


    Your writing was especially good this chapter. You really got into each character's mind and wrote their dialogue to fit their state of mind. Mom, Wren, Charles, and Caleb are lucky to have each other. Now that round one is over for Wren and Caleb, it must be time to bring on the uncles. Thanks.
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