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  • Gay Author's Readers' Choice 2023

    Science Fiction (Sci-Fi) Gay Stories

    What are Sci-Fi Gay Stories? Science Fiction or Sci-Fi stories are a type of speculative fiction that ponders on the possibilities of what may happen typically in the near or far future. Of course, for Gay Authors, that means there are gay themes or relationships features in the story.

    In 2023, we asked the members of Gay Authors to recommend stories that they felt best represented Science Fiction stories hosted here on Gay Authors. We had 24 stories submitted. We then asked members to rank them on how strongly recommended they were. We had over 300 members help rank the stories.

  • Science Fiction - Readers' Choice 2023

  • Top 9 Science Fiction Gay Stories - Readers' Choice 2023


    1. The Degan Incident by Rob Colton - Lonely spaceport worker Devin McSmith meets Bastian Drago, an exotic and beastly alien from the planet Dega, and begins an adventure that takes him to the stars and beyond.
    2. Adrift by Mann Ramblings - Arad Ansari is a homeless street slug in the Grey District A-5 colony. Work is hard to come by and he has to compete with the animal/human hybrids called DemiShou, forcing him to make his way in less than savory methods. Getting off-planet sounds like a godsend, but fate has a way of complicating the best opportunities of a man with little luck.
    3. The Luxorian Fugitive by Mann Ramblings - Sergeant Liam Jacks has made a life for himself on the cargo vessel the Santa Claus to escape the memories on civil unrest on Alpha Centauri. Life should be simple enough, but one mysterious passenger can unravel the quiet in ways he hadn't imagined.
    4. The Falcon Banner by Topher Lydon - A lone man picks up a battle standard cast down three hundred years before. beginning a journey that will lead him to find the lost fleet, and a forgotten ship at the edge of nowhere. Darien Taine must accept his role, guiding his crew on the long road to free their people from Amsus tyranny. Uncovering along the way the sins that led to humanity's downfall, and reforging alliances long thought forgotten. Three hundred years of slavery, of persecution and of tyranny are at an end.
    5. Solcar by Carlos Hazday - An extraterrestrial condemned to a long exile on Earth is forced to experience pain the way humans do. A bittersweet story of rebellion, punishment, and eventual triumph. LIVES + LOVES + LOSSES = LESSONS
    6. Goon by dkstories - Micah was a goon. He knew it and everyone else knew it. But he had connections and it put him in the wrong place at the wrong time.
    7. Ouroboros, Inc by Dabeagle - Stanley lives a life of quiet desperation with nothing in his life having gone as he'd have wished. After a tragedy, a device shows up that could make everything better than ever, or worse than he thought imaginable. What would you do?
    8. Miah's Maze by Cia - Sure, alien shifters lost their planet lived on Earth. Miah'd never met one, so he ignored all the gossip. Then he moved to the city for school. After years of focus he let loose on the cusp of graduation and headed to a bar with his roommate. How could one conversation about shifters hunting humans would cause so much trouble? Ambushed and trapped, he refused to give in. His life, everything he'd ever wanted, is at risk. Will he find the right way out?
    9. The Experiment by Cia - Ryker thought he volunteered for an experiment that would help his government in a war against an alien planet. He didn't know he would become the experiment, or that he'd end up on a planet full of aliens that killed humans on sight. He wasn't exactly human anymore though.


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