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Just a follow up :)

Hey everyone       Thank you all for the concerns and well wishes. Just got news from my dad; it’s now confirmed that it is indeed cancerous cells in his lungs. But, on the positive side, they are relatively new, so that means, the treatments will start ASAP and they won’t be chemo, yet.     *sigh* It’s really nice to be feeling relieved. Acc to the advice of several, I managed to stock up on power bars and lots of milk… lol therefore my eating irregularities didn’t really make me s



Apology... Explanation... Excuse... However you want to take it!

Okay, so... where to start....   Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start. lol   This is not a rant, merely sort of an info dump of sorts. I have been late in returning my edits and it might have seemed that I have been ‘Out of it’. Running around, and seemingly ditzy! (Well, more than normal, that is)   I am sorry for causing inconvenience to those I have, and I know I have been the reason for quite a few.   This is not an excuse, it’s just an explanation



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