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  • Renee Stevens

    Reminder: Spring/Summer Anthology Due May 31st!

    By Renee Stevens

    If you have any questions, send me a message or you can always comment on the blog or in the forum thread! Roll Call: if you have an anthology entry, comment below!  If you want, you can even share your story name and description to make your readers drool in anticipation!    ~2021 Spring/Summer Anthology~ Now, let's take a look at the themes and guidelines for the first anthology of 2021! The themes of the 2021 Anthology #1 are: Top Theme #1: On the Ro

CD Collection

I have a bunch of CDs and I had to get them organized, so I'll know what I have and where they are. I'm working on my vinyl collection too but, it's a lot more work. I'm taking them out, cleaning them covering the outside in plastic and replacing the liners that need it with an after-market product. I wanted to have this list in a few different places. Anyway, gaze upon my works and despair. Yes- there are duplications (trade bait). Location is where they are. After getting this actually done I'


jamessavik in Music

April Classic Author Feature: NickolasJames8's Bodega Bay

This isn't an easy story to read, but sometimes that's what we need. Live the ups and downs with Kevin as he struggles to learn how to come to terms with life and all the uncertainty it can throw at a person, no matter what their age.    Length: 114,942 Description: Kevin has always had turbulence in his life, but things when suddenly go from bad to worse and he has no where to turn, he sets off to return to the one place where he was able to build good memories in his young


Cia in Classic Feature

Featured Story: Family

Happy Monday! Why is it happy? Because it's time to take a look at another review from our wonderful review team!  Enjoy! Family by Dabeagle Reviewer: spikey582 Status: Complete Word Count: 51,241 I’ve read quite a bit of Dabeagle’s stories over the years, and for one reason or another this is one I’ve found myself revisiting more than once since he posted it in 2019. In Family we meet Brandon Crosby, a man with very little going on in his life. He works in an IT depart

In Defense of Editing

Readers are a wide-ranging bunch and enjoy tons of different content. Some will read certain genres far more than any other - romance, sci-fi or only want happy ending stories. As a writer I can't possibly fit into all categories, nor should I. Rather than write something I wouldn't enjoy as a reader, I tend to write the strange things that flit across my consciousness and just hope someone else enjoys them too - that's the easy way. Then there's the complicated way, but to get to that I think I


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April CSR Feature: My Faceless Bus Stalker Alpha by Thirdly

Welcome to April! It's spring, love is in the air... so why not a story about a stalker alpha? How could that possibly go wrong? LOL My Faceless Bus Stalker Alpha by @Thirdly   Length: 38,016 Description: As if it wasn't bad enough that Avion was a Yorkshire Terrier shifter with albinism, he also had to deal with his impending birthday and a crazy Alpha.   A reader said: I missed my sassy doggos. Can't wait to see what you put out next ~Hellsheild   Don't


Cia in CSR

March CSR Discussion Day: The Elf's Hunt by Yeoldebard

Is your March coming in like a lion? Or how about an Elf Hunt? Because that was the story I featured this month, The Elf's Hunt by Yeoldebard. We went from space to soul searching fantasy. What did you think about the story? Share your thoughts in the comments below, but first! A Q & A for your enjoyment. Chocolate or Vanilla? It depends on the characters. The Elf's Hunt sticks to the vanilla, but doesn't really have much material to go off of. What brought you to GA? I


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2am Phone Calls

Brother [M] called at 1:44am this morning. Dad -- who would have turned 100 on Oct. 7th -- had been sliding a bit but not rapidly. We expected something soon - but not this soon. He was hurting quite a bit last night so Hospice gave him what M called "a very tiny amount" of morphine just to knock the edge off the pain.  Before he left they said his vital signs were really good.  He hadn't been sleeping that well. The morphine allowed him to relax enough to go into a deep sleep and...just di

Fae Briona

Fae Briona in Family


My husband and I had our first night out in over a year in a physically distanced, but indoor dining situation. We went to a spot we love - a little, intimate place with dark, burnt orangey walls, ferrous-stained concrete floors with these glorious cracks filled with rust, and of course a terrific menu. The servers all wore masks, and all the patrons did too until served. Between courses we masked up again, and were all more than six feet apart from other tables. To add a bit of security, I

Wayne Gray

Wayne Gray in Blog

Featured Story: Broken

As always, a huge thank you goes out to our review team.  Without them, I don't know what you'd review on these featured story days! Broken - A Camp Refuge Story by Wayne Gray Reviewer: Parker Owens Status: Complete Word Count: 38,510 Broken is the fourth story in Wayne Gray’s Camp Refuge series. The story revolves around Lee, a young man with a horrific past and who has drawn the interest of the police. Camp Refuge is the last stop, the last chance, before getting swallowed

March Classic Author Excerpt: Altimexis' The Cajun Asian

Hopefully you caught Monday's blog announcing this month's Classic Author feature is Altimexis' story, The Cajun Asian. Okay, so I don't do this often, but this section of the story just SMACKS for the title that grabbed my attention when I was picking a story to feature for Altimexis.  Usually I do an excerpt that has a big more of a vague aspect, something to just highlight a character or special scene. ⚠️ Just a warning... there's a bit of a spoiler about the characters if you're looking to r


Cia in Classic Feature

March Classic Author Feature: Altimexis' The Cajun Asian

Well, the title of this story is quite deceiving... and exactly describes it at the same time. I will say it drew me in and made me want to know more. Was it describing a character? The setting? Something else...? WHAT or WHO is the Cajun Asian? Hopefully this feature will help intrigue you too.  Length: 24,414 Description: Seth and Asher are two boys growing up on New York's Lower East Side. Nearly finished with their first year at Stuyvesant, one of New York's elite public spec


Cia in Classic Feature

When the news you get, isn't the news you wanted

When the news you get, isn’t the news you want… My Husband,  Phil, gets regular injections to his eyes for complications from diabetes. (DME) Yes, it's as bad as it sounds. It's been happening for over three years now. Two weeks ago He saw the doctor for His regular appointment. The doctor asked the staff to go ahead and scan both eyes, not just the left. It wasn’t good news. The swelling in that right eye was back. It’s been stable for two years; it’s just been the left eye being trea

Music - Ensembles

Stravinsky Suite Italienne  Stravinsky is a name that scares off many people, maybe thinking Rite of Spring, or The Firebird with lots of dissonance and it’s not for them. Which is not just a shame (both those pieces are incredible experiences with a full orchestra in a concert hall) but simply wrong. Stravinsky was not just an exceptional composer - the greatest of the twentieth century? - but wide-ranging and versatile, composing in many styles during his life and perfectly capable of wri


Zombie in Music

Just posted a new short story, Never Ending Struggle

Well, I have my old editor and I am writing again Today, I present for those who enjoy short stories of 5K words or less, Never Ending Struggle It's not a massive story with heavy plots or complex characters, it's just a straight forward slice of life story. I approach modern life and its issues with honest reflection in here. I highlight facts people don't think about from the lower paying and grinding work of teaching assistants, known as Paraprofessionals. That stuff is quit

Masetto, July 12th 2010~March 7th 2021

. I guess with death, a father’s wish is a simple one – To believe it’s an easy, painless one, because What is a father to do with the lifelong memory Of hearing the shrieks, the cries and pleading Begging in tones to “Take it away”; to “Make it stop”; To “Help me; help me; help me…”   And so, for a father to live through the death of a son And have these thoughts his constant companion To his own end is too cruel to imagine, and, naturally,

AC Benus

AC Benus in masetto

Featured Story: Desert Air

Hard to believe it's already March!  Then again, my days get all mixed up since we don't do a whole lot!  Anyway, hope you all enjoy this review from our review team!   Desert Air by quokka Reviewer: chris191070 Status: Complete Word Count: 134,256 Well if we fancy an escape from the cold weather that many of us are suffering from, what better than a visit to Perth, Western Australia. We meet Jexon Kendrick a veterinary student wh

Did You Ever Get The Feeling?

It's been a while since I last visited Blogland here at the ol' GA, so I might as well update you on how things are going in my little corner of the world. First off, my service-connected disabilities were reevaluated by the VA. I'm no longer rated at 50% for Bipolar Disorder. I've been rerated at 70% for Schizoaffective Disorder Bipolar Type. The only reason I wasn't rated at 100% (the next level) was because I wasn't frequently hospitalized, had many suicide attempts, or homeless. Also, m

March CSR Feature: Yeoldebard's The Elf Hunt

Welcome to March. Wow, the seasons are changing already. Well, I hope they are. And this story is about changing perceptions... are those you think bad really bad? Hmm Well, let's see. Have you read Yeoldebard's story The Elf's Hunt? Why not give it a shot this month, then come back on the discussion day to share your thoughts! The Elf's Hunt by @Yeoldebard Length: 37,827 Description: Hope is a rogue. But that doesn't mean he's bad. Not that the world cares. All they see is a



New Story idea and updated Editor/Beta request

As it appears, there was very little interest in an old school Wilderness survival story, I've discontinued work on it. It will just go into my pile of abandon story ideas. Even so, I have just updated my request for editor/beta reader based on a new concept: Modern Romance Fiction editor/beta request thread I got inspired by a question in my mind after reading a few more Romance gay stories: What happens next? Then, I reflect on my own life and wonder, would I have ended up


W_L in Writing Stories

February CSR Discussion Day: Warlords by Sasha Distan

February and we go on! This time we're back in space because... well, I can go to space if I want to two months in a row. Hopefully you enjoyed the scifi fest with me! What did you think about Sasha's story? Share your thoughts below after you enjoy this great interview! If you were an animal, what would you be? Is this a trick question? I am a wolf! What’s one location you’d love to go to research for a story? The Arctic circle. I want to see the Great Spirits and sit in the


Cia in CSR

Welcome to the CWB Groupie Awards

The “Most Promising Newcomer” award - @CaJu The “Hercule Poirot” award for Best Deduction Skills - @ReaderPaul The “Sigmund Freud” award for Best Character Analysis Skills - @NimirRaj  The “Awesome” award for Best Distillation Skills - @chris191070  The “Ghandi” award for Patience -  @Summerabbacat  The "Best Supporting  Award" All those who registered their reaction to the story.

few old lines

one must follow  their own ways with falling down not afraid to fall down getting up and start over is    the pilgrim experience        


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