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If the hand ain't up, I don't know the answer!

If I knew the answer to your question, do you really think I'd be slid so far down in my seat that the person in front of me can see my feet?   Nah. I'd probably be holding up a "pick me" sign desperate to sound kinda smart for once in my life.   Most teachers understand this. But my maths teacher hasn't seemed to take the fucking hint yet. I swear this guy has it out for me. He'll walk up behind me and look to see which homework question I wasn't able to do and make sure that he asks me t




I swear, if I do not get my own room in the next year, I'm moving the fuck out. Sam just marches in here like it's his room too. Well, I'm 2 years older, therefore the room is like... 80% mine. I'm 7 inches taller than the bastard, clearly I need more space than that midget fucker. But nah, he spreads himself out so he does. Thinks he fucking owns the place. Last night, he asked me to tidy up my side of the room. MY SIDE. My side is my side and I'll do what I like with it, mate. Apparently



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