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I have roughly 6 months left in my time in NJ, and its all happening way to fast. My mom told me that they have a real estate agent coming to give an estimate on the house and within two-three months, they're putting it up for sale. On top of it, they're going to be moving soon because dad got a job offer with his current employer to move possibly to Maryland. If he declines that he's going to consider the job offer he got in PA. Oh and they were also approved for another loan for a house where ever they move to. So yea, this all hit me today because they told me that today... so needless to say I'm a little stressed. I tried all of my de-stressing techniques and they aren't working so i'm gonna goto the bar and hang out with friends and enjoy (hopefully) karaoke night.


I know I bitch about being in NJ, but honestly I'm not ready to leave yet. I have to much that's going on and not enough time to work through it all.


Eric :S


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Hugs Eric. I hope you can work all this out with the minimum of stress. Have fun with your friends!

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Having lived in Maryland 40+ years and now living in PA, I gotta tell ya, its not so bad. I'll hope that you end up in MD as it is more gay friendly than PA. Actually just all around more friendly than PA. Good luck. And remember, Jersey is not going to be too far away to visit! cool.gif

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