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  1. Cia

    Chapter 75

    We’d shared some information I’d learned and what the team had compile so far, so there were more than a few murmurs when Bouncer made his little threat display. Of course, he’d promptly yawned and then lay down at my feet again right afterward. Lazy little shit caused problems and then left me to fix them. “Yes, he is dangerous, and he does have natural defenses that could harm others. But so do a great many aliens or creatures from their planets that accompany them among Galactic space. H
  2. Cia

    Chapter 74

    Those words rippled in my brain. Peace. We all claimed to want it, to come in peace or welcome others in peace, but both Garjah and I were dressed in suits; that didn’t show a lot of trust in their peace. Then again, I saw armed guards in alcoves. Standard practice, but would aliens unfamiliar with the Galactic Council or Institute know that? Probably not. There’s too much at stake to go off on an intellectual tangent about how capricious peace could be. It was why I was a biologist; animal
  3. Did you see Monday's blog with the ad feature for David McLeod's Pilots II? Dragons, people, dragons!! I love the way David describes the sighting in this scene so I had to share it. Want to read more? Click here
  4. Thanks for the heads up. I don't know why they were broken; they were in there when I posted and featured it. Hopefully everyone can see them now!
  5. This month I'm keeping the fantasy theme going and featuring the second of one of David McLeod's series that have one of my favorite mythological creatures, Dragons! The last ad was for Pilots, so I wanted to make this feature for Pilots II. I admit to indulging myself a little. Hopefully you'll join me (and continue to read on in the next story in this series too). Length: 50,999 Description: Two boys from Earth Analogue III awaken on World, and learn that if they ever will fly again they must find a dragon. You may recall that these boys, Paul and Larry, died when their plane crashed on a search and rescue mission north of J’ville, Wyoming. A reader said: You never cease to amaze me in the way you are able to weave the modern with the mystical or magical. Being able to weave the fabric of a story so well in both cultures is incredible and truly a gift. And I wait for the time when you weave all the stories together. So many dovetail already. Masterful! ~ricky If you want to spread the word about David McLeods's story, download the graphic below and add it to your signature! Make sure you come back on Wednesday to see the excerpt I chose to share!
  6. No, it's not M's story, which we got published way way back. She's currently working on the 4th Young (next generation) story from that series, btw (I proof/help her publish). You're thinking of Twisted Hilarity's story, The Last Pure Human, however please be aware this is NOT finished. You can find it on this old website, and Twisted posted to her livejournal in 2020 that she was trying to reset her websites and get a Patreon set up, but I haven't seen anything new in ages. Livejournal: https://twistedhilarity.livejournal.com/ The Last Pure Human: http://twistedhilarity.com/fiction/long/tlph/ch1.html
  7. "It wasn't me! Maybe it was Julie."
  8. Cia

    Chapter 73

    The tension rose inside me the closer we got to the meeting. I didn’t know exactly who would be there, but it was rare—very rare—to meet a race as technologically advanced as Garjah’s. I asked for more information about the ship we were traveling on, and it was good that it was smaller and less overtly threatening. Overtly. Garjah had tried to reassure me by showing me all the hidden defensive capabilities it had, the weapons shielded from scans that also protected their technology and
  9. You can just PICK a sub-genre you want to try! That's okay too.
  10. Cia

    Chapter 72

    The dark green markings on his body framed his face and graced his neck and shoulders. Some curved down across his chest and others curled over his belly and hips. I reached up and touched the edge of one over his hip where it pointed straight toward his straining shaft. That bobbed, the gravity pulling it down after the muscles in Garjah’s abdomen rippled at my touch. He pulled in a quick breath and shuffled closer. I closed my hand around his shaft, feeling the supple softness around the
  11. I tend to not overdo on the holidays, plus I faced the parents dreaded reality of a 17 year old senior having her last "kid year". Makes me wax nostalgic a bit. Lol And I will never, ever, enjoy shoveling snow. Course I hate sun too because (redhead) and it makes me have to mow grass more often. I like a nice drizzle that keeps me indoors to read on the couch in a cozy outfit with tea and prompts no outdoor upkeep. 😆
  12. Well, I don't know about you, but I sometimes have a hard time facing the rest of winter after the magic of the holiday season has ended. Now it's just extreme weather and no fun... so I thought we'd enjoy some magic of a different sort and the fun of a coming-of-age short story with Xfighter1984's fantasy tale Dragonborne. And for those who like their tales to continue... a little birdie (read: the author note at the bottom of the last chapter) says there more in store for this world. So if you fall in love, never fear, more to come! Dragonborne by @Xfighter1984 Length: 23,082 Description: Step into a world of magic, mystery, swords, and of course dragons. Young Levi doesn't quite know who or what he is, until one day a mysterious man shows up and everything changes A reader said: This is an exciting chapter. These are a well written series of chapters. The plot is interesting and the characters are well developed. I really look forward to the next chapter. ~JCtoGO2 Don't forget to come back to share your thoughts on Monday, January 31st!
  13. Just goes to show how prolific our authors are! Thanks for sharing all these stories and the links, Myr!
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