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  1. Okay, so I usually do an intro, but seriously? Do you care about what I have to say? No.... really? I'm hurt! 😢 Bah! Fine, I'll just post this awesome interview where Rob gives some AMAZING news that has me rubbing my hands and will make all of you clamor with your comments about the story and his news below. What, you want to know what it is? Really? Should I share? Shhhhould I? 😛 If you were an animal, what would you be? That’s a tough one, but I think the easy answer would be bear, because I can gorge myself on sweets and then go hibernate all winter 😋 What’s one location you’d love to go to research for a story? There are so many places I’d love to go, but if I’m travelling for research purposes, I think at the top of my list would be a tour of castles in Bavaria, Germany. There’s something epic and romantic about them and I’ve been fascinated with them since playing the Gabriel Knight adventure games by Sierra back in the day. I think they’d play in well with a vampire story I have bubbling in the back of my head. What do you like to do when you’re not writing? To be honest, the current pandemic has derailed a lot of my activities. Before all this happened, I loved going to the movies with my husband, going out to dinner, and hanging out with my friends. These days, I’m spending my free time planning and outlining my next visual novel. If you had to only work on one project for the next year... what would it be? I’ve just started working on a new visual novel which explores some paranormal themes. I’m really excited about the story as well as the preliminary artwork. I hope people will be as excited as I am when I’m finally able to share some progress. High school. Hormones. Howling. Why werewolves as a paranormal theme? I wanted to explore a dominant/submissive theme (though not BDSM), and werewolves let you take that to the extreme. There’s something thrilling about losing control to a physical change, but the werewolf theme also allows you explore alpha/beta pairings, as well as biting and scent play. Do you like writing paranormal, science fiction, or contemporary stories the most? I think I like writing science fiction the most because I’m able to create worlds that are familiar but have new or unexpected twists, or I can just go crazy and create something totally new and different. Timber Pack Chronicles has a great flow between the chapters. Did you write this story completely before you posted it, or was it shared as a serial work? I’d say it was about 75% finished before I started posting the chapters. I staggered the chapter posts with about a week between if I remember right, and that gave me time to finish the ending and also incorporate some feedback I received. If you could pick one character to meet in person, Parker or Colton, which would you pick? I’d have to pick Colton for sure. I mean, who doesn’t want a big strong overly-confident man to take charge and show them who’s boss? 😋 Colton and Jed both have stories in Timber Pack Chronicles series. Do you think you’ll go back and write more for the pack? I have outlined a couple of plots for future stories in the Timber Pack universe, but honestly, they’ll likely end up as short stories or novella-length stories as opposed to full-length novels. I hope to have something finished later this year, maybe for Halloween or Christmas! Can you share anything else about your current or future projects with your GA fans? Currently, I’m re-editing a previously published novella for re-publishing, and also re-working an erotic short I wrote. My first visual novel Human Cargo is wrapping up, with only a few final pieces of artwork in the queue. Planning and writing has also begun on my next visual novel, and I’ll be spending the next few months working on that. As I said, the preliminary artwork is fantastic, and I hope people will be as excited as I am when I’m finally able to share some progress.
  2. Cia

    Chapter 29

    “What will we do?” Tinn asked. “Study the map first,” I said. Londe settled beside Marces. Colete was on the other side of him. With my family close to my side, our friends shuffled near and plopped down right in front of us like furry balls. They looked like boulders, which would help if there were any spies in the distance. I pulled the map out of my pack. Unfolding it carefully, I traced a finger. “We are here.” I showed our dots. All six of them. And the two I’d led us parallel to. They hadn’t moved, thankfully. But could they have minions who wouldn’t show up on the map? Two. I wracked my brain, but I could not think of who they could be. Enemies I’d made? Beings who were bent on evil the likes no one would speak of or tell me the result? No one used unicorn magic. No one. But they’d taken mine. Twisted it. Subsumed my soul with a taint that had been killing me before I gained the power to shift from a witch and cut off that leak. What kind of Beings would do that? Why would they need my magic? The magic of all the Beings they’d stolen? Three unicorns. A locus. Some pixies. And now that I thought about it… a dryad. “I hate to ask you to relive what you went through, but we need to know what kind of Beings were there.” “You think that had something to do with it?” “Like they needed a special assortment of magic, not just any and all magic they could get their hands on? They were trolls,” Londe said. “And we know they weren’t collecting for themselves.” “Dwarves. I remember you telling a story about them once,” Colete said. I remembered them. The two dwarf women, who were almost indistinguishable from the men, barring beards on their faces. They were strong, capable. Formidable, even, if they had weapons to hand. Their cage had been the hardest to open. “And a faun.” I’d released that too. “There were two fauns, before,” Marces whispered. Colete made a sound, and I stroked them both. I didn’t ask before what. There had been that… smell coming out of the cave. Not all of it had been the stench of the trolls themselves and the caged Beings. “Gnomes were hiding with the griffin, and he sheltered them. I thought they knew each other. Or they’d been caged together for a while. Sometimes the griffin would talk to me,” Marces said, after he’d lifted his head from my lap. He was so brave, always facing his fears head on. I ran my fingers through his mane. “You saw the dryad, but she was captured with a nymph from a small pond.” “Was the nymph there?” They really didn’t do well away from water. In a hot cave, with stinky trolls? She’d have been very, very ill. “No. That thing took her away right before you came.” Colete looked back the way we’d come. I sighed. A faun, a nymph. How many others had this evil Being harmed? “I wish I’d gotten there fast enough to save everyone.” Colete nudged me right as Marces plopped his head back into my lap. I couldn’t hold back a small smile. “You cannot protect or save everyone,” Londe said. “You are doing your best, Chasen, and don’t forget, you were hurt by these foul creatures too.” As always, his wisdom came when I most needed it. I closed my eyes and tried to let go of some of the guilt. I opened them and said, “Thank you, mate.” Through this conversation, Tinn and Wenn had studied the map I’d left on the ground between us. “They are moving, the dots.” “What?” Not closer, but not farther away, either. The dots were… circling. Tiny spins I could barely see were actual circles. “The circles are getting bigger.” Wenn bent closer, his ears quivering. “Watch.” It only took a few breaths to see he was right. The circles were getting bigger, but by tiny increments. “What do you think it means?” I sighed, pursing my lips, puzzling over it. How I wished Maize had been able to share more than just the map that tracked my enemies with me! The two circles got slightly farther apart, but their edges continued to overlap as they moved. Then it came to me. Moving. Tracking. They were tracking, or searching, for something. Or someone. Me? Us? Did they know about the Being we killed somehow? Were they looking for my family? I shared my theory quickly and was dismayed when the others agreed. “We need to find a place to hide the young. Then we need to prepare.” “Prepare?” Tinn asked. “They,” I gestured toward the map, “are coming to us. So let’s greet them with all the welcome they deserve.” The map did give us another benefit. “Do you see that?” I pointed to a small group of triangles. It was close to us, about the same distance we’d moved from the spot we’d been ambushed. “Something there?” “I saw those before. They’re rocks. Unless the Being is some sort of master Earth or Water manipulator, that should be helpful to protect the young. And we can use the surrounding landscape to make some traps.” Water lay on one side, hopefully deep. I saw some trees. We could make some stakes, traps. Weapons. “I think we have a day. Two at the most. We need to move.” The young were antsy but stayed close. Londe and I both touched them repeatedly, soothing them. Wenn and Tinn chittered. I wasn’t sure what they could do with their small bodies, but Londe was strong and I had some things I’d made in my pack that would help. And my human body had been honed with blacksmithing. These bastards were about to pay for everything they’d done.
  3. Did you catch Monday's blog featuring this month's Classic Author? Viv wrote a story of Halloween treats and troubles for teens that just can't be beat. Have you read it? Monday's reader comment was someone who enjoyed this story as a teen, who found it as their first and one of their favorite stories on the site. What do you think? Want to read more? Click here.
  4. May is a month of seasonal changes. Here in the northern hemisphere, the flowers and blooming and love is in the air. Time for a romance? Or maybe I can tempt you away to a darker pursuits with this Halloween short story, All I Wanted by @viv from the 2006 Fall Anthology. I know someone was certainly tempting someone in the tale.... Length: 9,732 Description: Okay so I can admit it, I’m a freak. It’s official, and I say that only because it’s true. Sitting here, waiting for the doorbell to ring again, or to hear some low knock on our heavy wooden door from some costumed children, accompanied by some less than enthusiastic adults who are constantly reminding their kids to say thank you, I had managed to separate all the candy bars in the bowl I held in my lap, by flavor. I mean what kind of head case does that? A Reader Said: This was actually my first story I ever read when I joined GA, and still remains my favorite piece on the whole site. I was 17 when I first read it, and the realism of the teenage characters rung so true to real life it totally engrossed me. Every once in a while I come back to reread this story and it never gets old. I love this short. If you want to spread the word about viv's story, download the graphic below and add it to your signature! Make sure you come back on Wednesday to see the excerpt I chose to share!
  5. I always imagine Sheldon from Big Bang Theory when talking about 'factoids' lol. He's all about sharing those tidbits.
  6. He's right up there with Wile E. Coyote, LOL! That was one of my favorite cartoons as a kid, right up there with the Gummi Bears.
  7. The notification is that Will Hawkins had reacted (used an emoticon) on a chapter comment you made on the first chapter of the Story Jimmy & Richie, not commented on that chapter himself. Also, for some reason, the author @CLJobe has unpublished the story, which makes all the chapters unpublished as well. This is something the author has done, not a fault of the system. That is why it is unpublished. I hope that helps!
  8. Cia

    Chapter 28

    I stopped, panting, my blade drooping in my grip as I stared at the dead Being. It wasn’t the first time I’d killed, not even close, but I had never done it in front of my family before. I didn’t want to look at them; didn’t want them to look at me. Death shouldn’t have touched my foals—they deserved to be home, safe from all the ugliness of the outside world. “Papa, I’m so sorry!” Colete rushed to me. “Are you hurt?” “No, no, I’m fine. Why are you sorry?” I was sorry. “Careful!” I quickly ran my blade over my cloak to clean the blood from the metal and sheathed it, then unbuckled my belt and dropped the filthy cloth to the ground. “I distracted you. It’s my fault she almost got you,” Colete sobbed. Her sides shuddered, and she pressed her forehead into my chest, her feet stamping the ground as her tail swished back and forth in agitation. I hushed her, stroking both sides of her neck. Londe watched us, his face blank, Marces tucked against his side. Wenn and Tinn looked on but stayed silent. Was my mate upset with me? “Nothing that has happened is your fault,” I told Colete. “And I would never be angry that you were concerned about me. You stayed with your pater, you stayed safe while I did what had to be done. I killed her, and she can never hurt you again.” “Thank you, Papa,” Colete whispered. I avoided the angry weals on her shoulders that were just now healed, hoping that one day the scars would fade inside and out, especially now that the damnable being was dead. Not that I wished that my young had to see me kill. “Can we go?” Marces asked. “It stinks.” Londe nickered nervously. “That’s an understatement.” “Yes, let’s go,” I said. I left my cloak there beside the stinking carcass, not wanting to put it back on. Casting back to where I’d seen the other two dots on the map, I led my family on a parallel course to them, not straight at them. We needed a plan, some time to recover, and I needed to speak with Londe, Tinn, and Wenn. What that wicked beast had spilled in her vitriol just might help us. An hour later, we found a small hill with tall grass. A good vantage point, some cover if we hunkered down. The ground was soft, dry, and green was all around us. Life. It was a good counterpoint to what we’d just faced. The foals sank down between me and Londe. Marces put his nose in my lap and I stroked his soft muzzle, the hairs tickling my palm. Wenn and Tinn chittered. Tinn looked at me. “What did you have, before that attack? You knew it was coming.” “I knew something I was coming,” I corrected him. But he was right. They had come on our journey to help us, and I felt I could trust them. “A friend, a dryad, gave me a map to help me. She couldn’t tell me anything about it, so I wasn’t sure what the symbols on it meant. If the markers were for a place, or people, enemies or friends.” “And?” Wenn prompted. “Definitely enemies.” Tinn’s ears quivered. “A dryad gave you a map. A map that warned you of an enemy right after we left the wildling’s wood.” That thought had honestly never come to me. I blinked slowly, but… he was right. That foul beast and the master she served were close to the woods inhabited by the wildlings cursed after they harmed dyads. I’d saved a dyad who’d been harmed by humans, preventing her death. What circuitous magical curse had combined all of these events over the years I’d been cursed with the loss of my horn? It felt like a whole new lifetime, but it had only been two passes of all the seasons. Long enough for something’s plans to come to fruition, I guess. ‘How long ago did all this start?’ Londe asked. My horn. The empty piece within me, the soul I’d lost. “The Beings stole my magic with my horn. Then they stole a lot of other Beings. They especially went after a locus young so they could use him to steal all that power. It’s more than just me. More than just the foals. This is something big.” “Of course it is,” Londe said. “It always has been. I know what you think, that your soul is gone. That your magic is gone. That you can’t be my mate anymore.” He slowly gained his feet, then stepped over to me, then knelt again. “If that was true, we couldn’t still be mates. I wouldn’t feel you deep within. I wouldn't know your name.” My heart surged. That had been taken from me, just as surely as my horn, when I’d been banished from my herd and my role as a protector removed. My family taken away. “Don’t. It’s forbidden.” He would lose his place with the herd. “There is no magic that could hide any part of you from me, Chasen. You are a protector. You have always been the best of us.” He touched his horn to my forehead, and I felt the love, the bond, as keenly as I felt the missing touch of his horn to mine. “We’ll find out who tried to take our family’s magic, and we will end them. Then we will go home.” “But—” He’d just broken the biggest taboo of all among the unicorns. “You won’t be able to go—” “Then we’ll find a new one. But we’ll be together this time. We tried apart. That doesn’t work.” “Together,” I agreed, looking around at my family and our new friends.
  9. Cia

    Chapter 27

    Oh yeah, I'm definitely sure the Being deserved it though. Being part of a plot to kidnap young, to use them, hurt them... so evil. And evil should NEVER win in the end! Yes! The warning was definitely helpful. Now he knows what the dots are--enemies. But they also need to go after whoever was behind the plot to steal the young or they'll never be safe. And now he can find them. Definitely the servant of the master, but a vicious one who hurt Colete. She deserved to die. And yes, time to go after the master. Muahahahaha! I have to get it in somehow. It's hard to move the plot along in 1k increments, but the story is definitely ramping up now.
  10. Cia

    Chapter 26

    Yet another example of the dangers of the world they live in and the crimes humans and Beings commit and the inherent magic that results. Any wonder the unicorns try to isolate themselves? So much evil in the world they keep encountering, yet then they find Beings who are helpful too.
  11. Cia

    Chapter 25

    Yes, they are an unexpected addition but they have skills other than fighting. Just wait... there's a lot to come. Well, there are more skills needed on an adventure than the ability to kick ass. At least in this quest, they will need that!
  12. Cia

    Chapter 24

    Yes, and goes against every instinct he has as a protector... but sometimes you have to chose the lesser of two evils. Don't worry, you will learn about the dots!
  13. Cia

    Chapter 23

    Londe is kinda a queen, but he's also super fierce. I love him as a character. Whoops, sorry! That 1k limit is sooo hard with this story. There's a lot to fit in with a fantasy tale, so it's hard to move the story along quickly. I hope you enjoy the rest of the chapters when you read them. They will definitely come into play later... so you won't wonder forever.
  14. Cia

    Chapter 23

    Yes, he was! And the big question is still what role will the furry little Beings have in the rest of the plot? MMM??
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