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  1. Tristen himself is back and a new title. https://theboysofsunset.wordpress.com/0001-chapter-one/ posting about a chapter a day.

  2. ARBN'd resurrected as "The Boys of Sunset" http://skorrip.blogspot.com/ and the editor is confident he can finish it for Tristen. He also has an unpublished chapter.

  3. LOL Would he like cheese with that broccoli?
  4. As a non-christian American, I don't understand it either, but as often as they repeat the prediction I am sure we will figure it out eventually. Oh yeah. Very disturbing! I hope you didn't just happen to have them at the front of your mind.
  5. I just completed your story. You have nothing to worry about. Keep up the good work as I am looking forward to reading more.

  7. PC out twice in two weeks. Virus redux!

  8. For Allegheny County read Pittsburgh. Apparently, in PA point of sale is where the store is located. If I buy online, by phone or mail from a Pittsburgh or Philadelphia store, I pay the sales tax for Pittsburgh (7%) or Philadelphia (8%) even though I live in the 6% part of the state. The result is that I no longer buy from online sources located in either city. I used to be able to drop over the state line into Maryland and pay their 5% sales tax but they have raised it to 6% so I no longer make the drive. And thank you amazon.com. No sales tax. No shipping or handling over $25.
  9. That's certainly true for my mom. However, I started out more conservative and have moved my way to the left. Accepting my sexuality might have played a role.

  10. Spring. Come on spring. Come on.

    1. Tiger


      I agree! I am tired of winter.

  11. You've heard that old saw: the older you get the more conservative you get? Not always true.

  12. I'm glad you like it! Oh, and my political views are quite firm and thus unlikely to change.

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