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Lot's been going on, and it's been taxing really...


As some of you know I'm moving to the Philly Area around December if all goes well, and right now I've been working on jobs and the like, I have a few promising leads and should be able to get one (The one organization I applied for seems to really like me...).


I've also applied for the Fall 2011 semester to goto MonCo (Montgomery County Community College) and am getting a start on my loooong trek for my doctorate in Psychology. It should be interesting, but fits in well with what I'm doing now, where my strengths lie, and the like. I'm excited for it and it should be fun and hard but I'm up for the challenge :)


I've been slacking on my writing but once I get the general theme down, I should start posting my story soon... and also the blogisodes (the snippets I'm posting in my blogs) should keep you shivering with anticipation....


Well off to another day at work. Should be fun.





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Montco?? You mean 202 U? :P


I grew up a stone's throw from campus, learned to drive in the parking lot and played basket ball in the gym.


Best of luck with the PhD and the job hunt. Must be real pretty around there this time of year, there are a lot of trees around campus.

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Going for your PHd and still this messed up? Most people find their cure right around their masters. lol Just kidding

Good luck. Now I have to go find some of your stories and re-read them so I am up to date when the onslaught hits.


Cheers. No worries, it gets better.


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