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  1. Wow! 😳 That was really on point (if a wee bit obscure) I had to look it up. Thanks for reading and teaching me something new today. 🙂
  2. Basically it's author branding. My fantasy is fantasy with LGBT characters not LGBT Fantasy. I don't market it as LGBT Fantasy. I don't think we should have to do that because Fantasy is Fantasy. That said a few people who read it commented on it being "Gay" or to "Cut out the Gay shit." It became clear that to truly reach the general fantasy market, I needed to keep my MM Romance books out of my AQG author brand. Now those are being published under Andy Gallo, and my fantasy under Andrew Q Gordon. This story would fit the Andy G brand, not the Andrew Q. one.
  3. Andrew Q Gordon

    Chapter 26

    So much has changed since this started. Like I said in a previous response, all these comments have me thinking I need to revisit this once my life calms down a bit. Thanks so much for all the comments.
  4. Andrew Q Gordon

    Chapter 25

    Yep, totally there with you on this one.
  5. Andrew Q Gordon

    Chapter 24

    In a perfect world where literary fiction was something people really wanted instead of just said they did, I would love to write more about characters who are not in a romance or who are but are straight etc. The harsh reality is most MM readers want romance and romance means once you get the first kiss (which really means they walk off happy ever after - not literary the first kiss) readers lose interest and move on. Sure you'll get a small core, but it's not like it used to be where fiction was king and romance was in the wire racks at the grocery store check out. But who knows, right?
  6. Andrew Q Gordon

    Chapter 22

    lol No. Dean isn't even curious in my mind. Just saying.
  7. Andrew Q Gordon

    Chapter 9

    Funny enough I do not remember anymore lol
  8. Andrew Q Gordon

    Chapter 6

    No clue really. I think I used Tall Hot Guy in a novel I published last month, and I'm co-writing something that might have Deputy Hot Stuff.😇 I feel like I'm living in Dr. Suess's "Oh the thinks you can think" 🤓
  9. Andrew Q Gordon

    Chapter 5

    If I had been writing this as a romance novel to be published, they would be the second book in the series. The problem is the 'first' story is something like 3-4 romance novels long - so too long, but I do have thoughts for this going forward. As an aside, you're reviews and comments put the tickle in me to revisit this whole "franchise" to see what I can do with it. So thank you very much for that needed kick in the arse! 🤙
  10. Andrew Q Gordon

    Chapter 1

    I really need to revisit and clean this up. It's kinda a hot mess lol.
  11. This was hard to write, because I want to add EVERYTHING, but everything is REALLY boring, so it was a balancing act. But I still needed all the info to come out, so yeah, it was fun/ but hard.🤪
  12. I gotta keep mum on these questions
  13. not that I'm glad you cried, but I feel I did a good job with that if you did. 🤓
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