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  1. ricky

    Chapter 20

    OH! How I've missed this. Thanks so very much Mark. I SO needed a fix. And it was like a fatman in a donut shop. Absolute nirvana!
  2. ricky

    Chapter 6

    Thanks so much. And that is how it SHOULD be, no? Thanks so much for your comments. Cheers
  3. ricky

    Chapter 14

    As always, a brilliant piece of work. I'm loving it. Now what we need is what Mark writes best. A GREAT BATTLE!
  4. ricky

    Chapter 11

    A completely enjoyable chapter Mark. I've never made it a secret that I thought Freddie was the right one for George. He owes his life to him more than once. Calvert was just too needy. It'll be interesting to see if George can mend the rift between Freddie and his father. Perhaps George's own father can help in that department. Now if Caroline could find a nice peer Lesbian for Cavendish to marry they could be beards for each other and all would be right with the world. We still have a Prince to prove his place in the storyline. Perhaps on this voyage he will be recognized and be able to save the day. Mark I KNOW how much work you put into this story. I just want you to know just how much it's appreciated. You made my day. Thank you.
  5. ricky

    Chapter 29

    THAT was an amazing chapter Cosmie. Loved it. I'll bet when Mom finds out all Hell is gonna break loose. And what about his mom's trying out for the chef's position? I can see this really twisting up. Like "Do me or I'll get your mom fired." And will Chris put the flames out when Tanner's mom explodes? That would be a real twist wouldn't it? Can't wait to see what cums next. Or WHO?
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  7. ricky


    A great story. I just marathoned all 10 chapters. Hopefully life is treating you better and you are back in the mindset to write. Loving it. Thanks for sharing your wonderful gift.
  8. Awesome. Can't wait. Thanks Mark. Hope all is well with you.
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    1. readandedit


      Thanks Ricky. But what are the things that I can do when the full site opens up?


  10. A great chapter and yes, I'm chomping at the bit to find out what the parlor holds in store for George. I think this chapter tied up the Guild/John company control issue nicely. Now if he can just get his ship back. Thanks so much Mark. Loved it.
  11. It's still your birthday in the midwest, so Happy Birthday! I hope it was a good day!

  12. Happy birthday ricky :) we share one so lets both have many more!

  13. Happy Birthday Ricky! :-)

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