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Of Pride and Power Chapter 27 is Live



Chapter 27

Major internal reactions are happening in this alternative version of English history, especially with the addition of Omegas in the mix. When reading Omegaverse stories, I've always wondered, how would the introduction of Omegas, essentially gay/bisexual men with the ability to have children with other men, affect a society? Then, I considered what would the big religious implications be for dominant belief systems, like Christianity. Due to how I set up my timeline, especially with the early encounter of Eli and John Knox, I had essentially killed Puritanism before it had a chance of gaining roots, wiping out a whole host of modern Protestant sects (many of whom have very negative fundamentalist foundations). In its place, an early version of Enlightenment Theism and idealism became central third faction within English faith factions. Nominally, both Protestants and this new upstart faction were allies against Catholicism, but they were natural foes as I have hinted at over the story. An important problem would put their difference into open view: Omega transitions. 

I am not a Trans person, but I do think it's worth exploring the issues of the issue in a fantasy context. Usually female and gay male writers of Omegaverse just leave the concept of Omegas without thinking deeper, but the transition of normal human males into Omegas raises a major species-wide issue on several fronts, including the ideas around faith. If Human beings can create a new gender without God, who defined only Male and Female, then it puts into the question the fundamental principle behind Judeo-Christianity itself. If man can essentially become God, then why have prayer, read books, or visit churches? Most importantly, why is society offering billions of dollars to an organization that offers wishful thinking, when other human beings can achieve the same thing with scientific knowledge and advanced technology. The reality of Omega transition is a scary proposition in a science fantasy setting, but in the real world, the idea of transgender people are just as scary, attacking the underlying concept behind belief systems that require absolute truths.

I know I left the chapter off in a cliffhanger, but students of history know what I am hinting at. Heck, even the movie Elizabeth made this an important plot point for the fictional reign of Queen Elizabeth I. Yes, Eli has an heir and these compromises seem to offer a momentary peace between various factions of England, but fundamentally, there's a lot weaknesses in a noble-based system. 

This week's law of Power is the 45th law of Power, "Preach the need to change, but never reform too much at once”. It has two meanings for this chapter, considering the need for religious settlement due to the discovery of Omega conversion technology at Avalon for public use and the religious factionalism in English noble society due to the split on the ideals of what can and cannot be allowed, like creating a new human gender.


1. Greenland really is one of the lowest populated landmasses in the world with just barely 60K population. It was settled in 1721, but it never really grew.

2. The historical Acts that Parliament passed for the settlement of Civil and Religious society in England were the Acts of Uniformity and the Acts of Supremacy. Interestingly enough, the new Act of Supremacy that Elizabeth I had passed through parliament changed the title of "head" of the Church of England to Governor, which differed from Henry VIII original act. There was definitely some gender bias in making that conscious decision to change the title. 


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